Temporarily pausing my anti-abuse efforts while SBD is off the chart.

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It is currently too contentious to flag people self up-voting.

I believe the current reward from SBD are so far off what contributions should earn that it is not sane to not allow large investors to benefit equally.

I've been expending most of my SP to support Steem ecosystem development / education and fight vote-collusion - self rewarding abuse for the last two years.

Those who know me personally know I am also paying developers to build projects benefiting Steem with scope and costs far beyond what an announcement post could generate.

All fund I earn through self-voting will be used toward such initiatives. I will come up with a mechanism for disclosing where the money will be spent in the upcoming days. Suggestions?

Those willing to counter my self-upvotes on comments are more than welcome to do so.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Nice, enjoy the benefits! A big dose of freedom and mind your own business is overdue on the site.


Yes, leader. @whatsup
Freedom is the most important thing
The world has become amazing by this rare technology and creativity in all the business magazines, economy and many ... The list is long


you said well.
BUT he takes a good step
so we should support him.

Why should the amount received dictate whether self voting is allowed or not? I’m pro self voting but I see no reason a rise in return should sway a person’s opinion.

If the value rises to an unbelievable amount and you can’t see sense in not voting your own up maybe people who were previously self voting just had a lower amount to hit their threashold at.

Just something to consider. Good on you for announcing it though!


I believe the rewarding dynamic should be allowed to change artificially depending on the current need of Steem. Right now I believe Steem need more software development and maybe more marketing than expending money to incentivize content at the constraining rate of 1 vote every 2.4 hours and payout after 7 day. The 7 day windows doesn't allow to direct the reward efficiently at the most needed contributions and create a lot of ephemeral initiatives like softwares that end up unsupported and initiatives that fade out.


Fair enough. I guess I’d like a static set of rules regarding self voting but to each their own.

In regards to criticism for voting on your own posts you’ll find none from me. If you want your content to be seen self voting can be a useful tool. Thanks for spending SBD to improve the ecosystem though :)


There is a LUDICROUS payout right now, for articles and blogs that wouldn't possibly [in most cases] make 10% or even 2% that in the open market. I don't know nearly enough, but there's something certainly not right there.

Do you know anything about what the deal is with people being able to accept paying votes only for 7 days, and if that will change?

There is NO direct democracy of any kind in steem right? We'd have to elect witnesses, and have them act as representatives?

At what point does it make sense to spend time and contribute here, but to work on further appropriation of so many good open source ideas, and to invent on top of that until we get to an UUCC. An Ultimate Use Case Coin. [i assume that there could be, in some circles at least, "ONE COIN" to rule them all.

What's the deal with "ONE COIN"? I could google that. I'll google that. Alx.


yeah i also agree with you..

Since you allied yourself with this dude, it is worth posting it here:
No idea how busy you are and if you are aware of this:
Your old friend went on a crusade to destroy the STEEM blockchain.

For everyone who have stuck with steem throughout the fall whilst the Bitcoin train went right up without taking steem with it, this seems only like a fair end of the year treat to the community.

I would not have anything against it, assuming the person is responsible also in what type of comments/posts they self-vote. I.e not leaving half empty comments saying "nice" or "cool" on posts or comments made by others that they don't even upvote, but then put their own comments to the top.

Also I think that this period of high SBD price is a good opportunity to reward the active members of the community in a way that can be good for the platform. As more new users come onto steem, having a larger number of users with 500+ STEEM that at least then makes for a few cents worth of upvotes means that there will be a higher correlation between the number of votes you get and the rewards. This will help offset a problem I see on steem where people don't care about the number of people they attract to their content, but only whether they can secure the auto-votes from a whale or two. This prior mindset has, in my mind, been very harmful for the organic growth of the platform, which is what any social platform needs.

Selfvoting for stopping selfvoting.
Nice joke:)
Being a good person will not allow you to explain your self voting. You can do that, then you should not stop others from selfvoting.

You have been doing well so far. If you decided to put a stop for now is ok.
Most self voters do what dey do to earn and get reward for what they invested. Although some do is selfishly without spreading the vote.
I really do admire what you do. Keep up the good work.

A little message to the users who think @transisto is just going from flagging to self-upvoting for max-profit here:

He delegated 13k SP to my service @welcoming without me even asking him and has even declined receiving his share of curation rewards. See more details here: Update on @welcoming, over 400 intros resteemed

And @welcoming is not the only thing he supports, I see him having delegations to other great projects (@utopian f.e.) as well

Definitely not the move he would be taking if he was going for max. money at the moment!

Just wanted to leave this information to the ones who might not be aware of that!

Upvoted this myself for a little visibility!


Nice to know, thanks @theaustrianguy. Interesting initiative to help new Steemians feel at home.


Thanks :) Posted the above linked update yesterday, you can check it out and tell your opinion on the open questions I posted there - Would love to see the voices of some bigger accounts as well, in the end it's something which will effect our investment! Greets

I think accounts should not be able to upvote their own content but that will only lead to users having separate accounts for posting and curating.

The only other option I can think of is having accounts upvote their own content, both posts and replies, by default so that users do not have to make the conscious decision to upvote themselves.

PS: I will be upvoting this reply when the 7 days is about to elapse so that I don't offend anyone but still get the few cents from my upvote.

I think for now this is a way for all of us - investors and authors alike - to increase our SteemPower as quickly as possible. I power up over 90% of my SBD earnings and will continue to so as long as the ratio SBD to SP is so great. It will allow all active Steemians to become more powerful and strengthen the network through diversification. Self-upvoting is a means to speed this up. I have not upvoted most of my posts and missed a bunch of money. I am glad I did but I will sneak in more this week again because I know I will put the additional SP into good use in the future.


Out of curiosity @flauwy, why do you not upvote your own articles?

I read a post one time by an active member who stated, upvotes are for quality content and I focus on writing quality content so my stuff deserves a post.

This made sense to me. I dont post youtube videos or stuff like that...I try to produce quality content that people will enjoy.

Just curious as to your reasoning.


Yeah, you are right. Self-upvotes are totally justified if you create good content. It was just an experiment of mine because @fulltimegeek has delegated Steem Power to me for free and runs an analysis of all his delegees. I wanted to get a better ranking and see how it goes. I did that for a week but that is over now. LOL


Hello! Its really just a philosophical stance, since self-voting doesn't give any real information to the coming to agreement on quality, I really don't think it should be allowed.

But it is! And since it is, it can be done, and probably no one should complain about it. But I masterbate in private. Usually.


Upvoting is tied to reward. The problem is that reward is heavily tied to influence and visibility. Loosening the relation between reward and visibilty easily solves this problem.


Agreed @flauwy, for those of us who joined in June when the price was up, we have endured a sustained bear market. It is only recently we are reaping the rewards of our persistent belief in steam to such an insane degree! Who knows how long it will last, but it is a Happy Holidays indeed! Wishing all Steemians great success, both current and those who flock to the platform in this time of abundance!



Ah the great June rush. That’s when I started as well!

It is always interesting how some approach things on here. There are some who are very open about what they are doing and telling everyone their plans, like @jerrybanfield, and their actions. I think he writes a post each time he puts an ad on youtube.

Then there are those who quietly go about their business. I know there is a ton of software/app development taking place on this blockchain and I cannot tell you who is doing it at all. I guess it is a difference in personality....coders and programmers put their heads down and go about there business while marketers and sales people need the attention.

I am glad you are helping to create/develop/fund those projects that help this blockchain. We need a lot more of that (I think since I am not sure what is being done).

Anyway, the future of Steemit and STEEM is bright if we dont screw it up....LOL


Totaly understandable!

It's difficult to fight against a broken system and I guess this is a downhill battle if you get nothing from it due to the nature of downvoting.

But I do find it interesting that you are sponsoring steem-projects. Which are those?

And I'm very much interested about your thoughts and views where steem needs more 3rd-party/app- development.


Transisto has been a big supporter of @steemreports and Steem software development in general. He is delegating to Utopian too. He really cares about this as a long-term endeavour, nurturing development expertise in the Steem ecosystem, and rewarding innovative development. Thanks man!


Thank you for the 411 @steemreports.

It is always good to know what people are doing and what they are creating.

I understand many do not seek the spotlight, instead quietly going about their business....however, we often hear the bad about people and not the good.


Oh man - steemreports is amazing! Super useful!

You are one of the few whales who is trying to improve this platform. Thank you for that.

Yes we understand... I think the contribution you give to steemit can be followed by a lot of others... thank you again.. I never forget the support you gave me once.. this is really wonderful

hey.......i believe price of SBDs and Steem will still rise a lot since the market cap value of steem is 700 millions while Bitcoin's is 300 billions ....by the way, i know it's not well related to the subject but we are creating a group of autistic adults in Portugal....and this steem account will support it....if you could at least follow us so that you have access to our posts in the future it would be great....and if, in the future, you would see any good post from us and upvote it even with a small percentage of you SP it would be even greater....all the best

i think so this rule is ok

Do not express why they curse
I'm just paused due to certain reasons
There are some people I wonder about
We must get up at
Tnank you

your thinking is good.
i m really appreciate your thinking
and i don't wanna say about your post.
and really thank you for your intention that u want to pay for developers to build projects benefiting Steem with scope and costs .far beyond what an announcement post could generate.
thank you very much
may god help you



😂😂😂😂😂😂 LOL 😂😂😂😂😂😂

So are you trying to say that the biggest self voting abuse fighter is going to start self voting abusing?

That is funny sir. So your intentions depend on SBD price?
You know nobody is going to flag you sir, because nobody here wants to waste VP in flags now, because self voting sockpuppets has better value.

Man you have some double moral there. One day you fight abusers and when it is convenient you start abusing yourself?

Am I missing something?


It's one way to see it but it's more nuanced that just having double morals. When I look at self-reward abuse I also subjectively consider what the user is contributing to assess the likelihood of them just cashing out or re-investing and whether they are voting with their own stake or if they are renting it out.


You could totally be self voting with this prices to get more STEEM in the market so you can power up al the liquid steem and then be able to control the abuse with more SP maybe.

nothing to say about your post.
really you are big minned man.
thank you #boss

This is rich @transisto. You mean to tell me that you are now doing the exact thing you have been flagging people for, for weeks/months now?

"It appears his hypocrisy knows no bounds"

I don't think this quote has ever been more applicable.

Glad to know your "rules" ebb and flow with the price of steem. Noted. Too bad all the smaller guys you were hurting didn't get to play by their own rules as well and instead had to abide by yours...

you are right @transisto

I am very new to Steemit, but I can see why minnows like myself would like to upvote themselves. For example if a guy, who rewards every comment on his post, regardless the content, and the ones up top get the majority of SBD. If comments, which are well-thought and well written get the same as "good info, thanks" Where is my incentive to NOT upvote myself for visibility. Obviously that is a pretty isolated case, but still.


I think you should always consider upvoting yourself for visibility and that it's the main thing backing the value of Steem.
Where it become contentious is when you up-vote yourself way beyond what would give you more visibility or way beyond what the contribution is worth.


Thank you @transisto.

Where is the line for visibility?

I upvote my posts because I spend time on them....I rarely ever upvote one of my comments unless I happen to be in a thread where the first comment is just so blatantly ridiculous.

I see many of the whales who post upvoting their comment, which I dont have a problem with...what is considered past the line of visibility?


The line for visibility is hard to draw, if there would be a way to vote like sniping auction on ebay it would make our life easier. For example I could issue a vote with the following instructions : "Keep my vote to the top unless countered with a vote of max 10$" Meaning if someone upvote a comment below me to 6.00 my vote would automativally become 6.01 and if someone then downvote my comment by 5.00 it would become 2nd at 5.00

This could be simulated off blockchain consensus by allowing transactions that increase voting power without having to remove a before issuing a new one. (because voting power doesn't come back).


Exactly, its hard to draw but the solution is simple. (SP should not i
heavily influence reward). Reward should be influenced by other factors.

I would self-upvote myself everyday and anyday for visibility. This the actual advantage here.

Very nice of you to support steem developement.

Yes we understand this ...this is really post, Steem ecosystem development is great work. thanks for sharing

Upvote Resteem

We know and we appreciate your work.
I respect any decision you make.

Do not express why they curse
I'm just paused due to certain reasons
There are some people I wonder about
We must get up at

Appreciate what you do for the community, you've earned a little time off.

you are doing good job @transisto ...there of need of reporters like you on this plaform....and this is good decision for now

i think you are a good man

Agree with you contentious indeed the self voting..
Sorry still newbie to steemit, but why must one have self up-voting to begin with... every post an author posting is already reaping 75% rewards right, then what the need of the extra more on self up-voting?
Sorry just curious..

I've been expending most of my SP to support Steem ecosystem development / education and fight vote-collusion - self rewarding abuse for the last two years.
Respect what you are doing and I also understood it couple of days back! SMT is coming, so collect those funds to build a token which can be useful to all Steemians to fight against abuses!


Nice, enjoy and keep supporting

Good decision , stay blessed

I appreciate your self-vote collusion as you wish @transisto. informative blog post.


I am a newbie from Uganda and promoting Steemit...there's something that I think is not good for the community...

There has been so much whale flag wars..what do you say about it and it undermines the community giving Steemit a bad reputation.

I recently wrote a post and if you have time check it on my blog...I asked if all of you whales and witnesses can sit and pave a way forward.


hahaha, fuck yesss, I'm gonna counter your self-votes with my 2c flag :DD

Seriously: To me the prices right now offer fair payment of my energy I put into steemit for the first time I'm on this lovely platform. It was kind of frustrating to put a lot of effort into an thought-provoking article and get about 5 $ (or even less) reward for it. But on the other hand YES, it can take on ridiculous dimensions for the dolphins and whales.

It's like an infinite game, no matter what exactly changes, it causes unfair conditions for somebody.... :P

Thanks for what you do man. People that use large amounts to flag are some of the most selfless people on the platform. I know that I miss out on curations with the amount if flagging I do. I cant imagine how much is missed on a grander scale. Protect your investment for now and get these SBDs while theyre hot haha

His work steemit will soon be worth more than $ 100, according to some experts in this area

I also strongly support the development of steem, so that the future becomes more meaningful for a better day. Keep Spirit !! :)

All fund I earn through self-voting will be used toward such initiatives.

well didn't know about this and glad to know

Although with current and steady increase in the price of sbd, if it continues will you stop flagging or come back after some time and living investors to benefit from the reward is quite generous of you.

Thats living them to earn the total reward just hope they don't abuse the system too much now.

Although I know the owner of steem has every power to do with it, what so ever he/she sees fit.

Fair enough, as long as you dump those SBDs and power up Steem :) The network can do with more SP to fight abuse.

i agree with you sir ... i like your thinking ...i want resttemed your blog

Forget to say another point you are initiating and no one has the right to speak to you
You are free and do whatever you want
And whoever wants to speak bad about you
But do not bother me to order them
I always say a wonderful phrase
Kill them with success and bury them with a smile
Greetings. @transisto

Merry Christmas


very good post

ok how about an upvote for me?! That'll make my happy face happy!

i think i will be keeping an eye on your posts, im new here and still struggling to get a grip on how this system works and suspect i will learn something from your content ?

Ooh! I hadn't thought of upvote my own comments because I didn't have an exact purpose to enpower more my account... But actually I am trying to create a community to support visual artists... Would it be valid to selfvote more today to upvote them better tomorrow?

you should do this to flag those people.

you take a project.god bless you so that you can succeed

"I will come up with a mechanism for disclosing where the money will be spent in the upcoming days. Suggestions?"

To be very honest, It's not really a problem if you're going to upvote yourself.

You obviously invested a lot of money into the platform including your time so there's really no need for explanation as long as you're going to use it for the betterment of the community. Simply making a weekly post about the usages of the funds should suffice. What is the blockchain for after all if not for transparency?

you do the right thing when you fight with this for 2 years already. blushing with your effort, many users open their eyes to how rewarding is rewarded. I fully support your initiative that the current need for incentives in Steam requires an artificial change. it is required to spend means in development and in marketing, in my opinion it will give a big positive effect on the whole system and poltozateley in general.
You push us to the right thoughts and for this you are a special thank you.

I think many of us appreciate the honesty and I know that you will make good use of what is going on right now.

From what I've seen you've always been a helpful individual to SteemIt. Not only to the people but with helping develop software/initiatives for this platform.

Again, thank you for the honesty, best of luck and thanks for help SteemIt Grow!