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2019 is here, and it is time to make those resolutions right?
This is not the time for wishful thinking.
This is the time of the hunter.
This is not the time to tuck your heads into your shells like turtles.

This is the time to devour anything that moves like real wolves. (no pun intended :)

Like a giant boulder, Steem is sitting on top of a hill, and at the bottom is centralized social media. All the Steem boulder needs is a little push to roll down the hill and crush them. No one can push this big rock alone, we all need to help. With Steem I look to it as a dead-weight blockchain. Steemit is no and far from a ConsenSys. Steem doesn't have billions of dollars being thrown at it to succeed. Right now being under the 100mil market cap is what draws any blood seeking shark. There is excellent potential here, but also knowing that there isn't some Superman coming to save us is a healthy mindset; we must become our own heroes in this story.


Take a good look around, especially at the witnesses and take notes of who is putting in work right now and who is not. Opportunities of a lifetime don't come glittering like gold, but all scams do. Remember all that glitters is not gold; no, the chances of a lifetime usually come covered in shit from everyone attacking from all angles. That is the game we play. The good stuff is mixed with the bad and painted all one color, and it is up to every one of us to think for ourselves and come to our conclusions.

We still have what most don't, a useful, unique project that works. Let's not get the stench of desperation and start making bad decisions. Don't let price dictate fundamentals. thedarkoverlord and many others like them will continue to flock to the Steem blockchain to have their voices heard.

Let it be known far and wide this is a haven; you can create here censorship free! Since when did our voices hold so little value? Why is everyone up in arms for censorship-resistant money and not censorship-resistant platforms in which to speak? Does one not need the other? What good is money when the masses become programmed robots through centralized social media consumption? They already believe up to 60% of the worlds social media is filled with bots and fake users to promote whatever agenda. Let them try that shit here where rep matters and single lined hate speech is not tolerated. It is easy to get trolled on Twitter by bots but brings that shit here, and I'll downvote you into oblivion.

I wrap this up with saying I have not lost an inch of conviction in this blockchain. I say this because that is the biggest question I get since the prices have gone down, "Will Steem survive?". I could give you a simple, "yes, IMO. Not financial blabby blah." Or you can simply look around at what others are doing. You can see my public account balance. My actions do the answering for me. My reasons for being here have not changed, and the price is just Fugazi, like a bunch of half-researched speculators are going to guide by fundamental beliefs.

Very few people can sell the tops and buy back the bottoms. The Winklevoss twins bought up almost 1% of the circulating supply of bitcoin in 2013 for around 120$ a pop. They did not sell when bitcoin almost hit 20k. One could say this was a mistake, but they did not sell bitcoin when it peaked at over 1k back in 2013 either. And if bitcoin ever hits 100k or 1 million, will not selling at 20k be a mistake? You see my point.

Keep in mind Facebook alone is worth 400 billion. There is a hell of a lot more fiat out there then there are Steem tokens, and if everyone on Reddit alone decided they wanted at least one Steem each, they couldn't have it.

They say once in a lifetime opportunity only come by... well once in a lifetime. Best to keep a keen eye during these times of dramatic change for this is where once in a lifetime opportunity are made.


I agree, the community must step up... like you said, we are our own super heroes! 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

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'Opportunities of a lifetime don't come glittering like gold, but all scams do'.This really got to me never really understood this until today, nice post we are the heros in our own story 👍


We, Steem community should be kicking all the DApp collection/review websites and exchanges to add Steem. Moreover, who can afford to buy Steem at this low price should do so, because premium could be over in no time. It took 3 days for Steem to go from $1 to $8.5. Similar growth may be over optimistic, but Steem is too undervalued for a long time.

Yes you are right we are own super hero and Superman not coming to save us. We have to be a community and have to work together for our future or we can say sorry steem future because we are steem.

Well some folks here are really pushing, I power up close to two steem each day and I've been doing that, sometimes being on top means having to realise one below, and taking the responsibility to climb, to the height we all want, many have deserted the platform I hope they don't come back soon when the hard work of some others begins to materialize

THANK YOU for writing this post!!!!!!!!!

Loved everything you said and agree with it all. What is about "long term" that people don't understand? Why do people think they should get everything now?

waves Steem flag

I hope more people read this. Thank you once again!

What is about "long term" that people don't understand?

What @snook said. Also, this whole post!

You've made some excellent points that are the reasons I haven't skipped a beat during the crypto roller-coaster plunges. I've got an eye on the witnesses, an eye on the people who keep showing up, and an eye on the evolution of this blockchain that has already surpassed any social media or blogging platform I've found—and the blockchain is SO MUCH MORE than a blogging/social media platform. I hear people chewing on FUD, and I'm like, "Really? All I see is a new technology emerging into a world where it is needed, and a lot of amazing individuals coming together to make it grow and thrive."

Good to have you here @theycallmedan you are a very honest fellow. And your actions reflect that.

Steem is a much needed idea 💡 and very important for the future of freedom of information.

The @darkoverlords prove that we are ready and the most resistant platform to the powers that be.

I am not confinced with the high supply of the coin. I would like a lower inflation as well, but steem is extremely powerful tool.

The high amount of SP steemit holds is worrying.

We have a great thing here and I hope that it succeeds. But we are still mostly speculators and that is what I will continue to do. I want more steem and BTC.

Quite agree with all this.

But it looks like Steemit Inc have just taken down @thedarkoverlord...

But still available for example on

It is available through all other UIs: Steempeak, SteemKr etc.

It is kind of censor-resistant unless all the UIs take action!

Interesting. I hope they know to login and post from or any of the other UIs that connect to the Steem blockchain.

Yeah, imagine they blocked their account... that would be unprecedented.

Ohh maybe we should invite Al Qaeda or ISIS too, let's get them some accounts.

Those dark web sewer rats don't belong here.

One day I hope a Satoshi creates a UI that connects to the Steem blockchain, then disappears and the UI can exist without fear of attack from govs. The issue with saying who and who shouldn't be here is it always winds up just how it is with Facebook. Give an inch, and they will take a mile. I am not saying I agree or disagree, but I rather downvote hate content then censor it, because censorship isn't a one-way street, the good people can get censored too.

But it looks like Steemit Inc have just taken down @thedarkoverlord...

Steemit Inc has not really blocked their account or removed it. Only in its not seen.

Yeah, imagine they blocked their account... that would be unprecedented.

GDPR blocking is existing for a very long time. So its not really "unprecedented"

One day I hope a Satoshi creates a UI that connects to the Steem blockchain, then disappears and the UI can exist without fear of attack from govs.

This is actually possible. All we need to do is remove a file from the "condenser" application that powers

Also the alternate front ends thats not implementing GDPR / DMCA support is already showing these accounts.

😃 👍

Damn. I have been following this closely. Seems steemit is a problem.

YES! I love this statement! I feel the same way! Push yourselves! I am hard core into Steem Monsters and pushing everyday to try to get brand new players and some even great Steemians! The STEEM blockchain is here to stay and so am I. I love this place, it is home.
021 - Hydra (752px, 5fps).gif

You really bring back the motivation inside me to collect as many steem as i can although i am doing it so but still a little motivation is always appreciated as well as needed, thanks buddy.

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Good afternoon

As you say, it's time for everyone to do their part, so that steemit can become a great platform that continues to grow and expand to millions of users around the world.

In particular, in addition to doing my daily publications, I have been commenting through my social networks and trying to get different friends to join this platform. Unfortunately, the registration process is extremely tedious and it takes a long time to get the registration.

Here we continue and we will continue trying to promote this platform, I am sure that sooner rather than later, the value of the Steem will increase and will serve to help many people who are really having difficulties, like my Venezuelan compatriots.

Regards ...

I rather come out of this with a strong decentralized platform than a somebody pouring millions to take over what we are trying to build in what is so far the best ecosystem and community available right now.

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Great call to action man!

How are you going about it? What's your opinion about the best way of getting the word out far and wide?

Everyone has different talents and offer various ways to help. However you think you can add value and if what you think is most important. I am simply doing what I want others to do, Signing up friends, creating content, going to events etc. Does not matter how much value you can bring, think of it as one big BBQ, bring a 6 pack or even just some napkins to the table :)

Excellent perspective. I find it easy to not be concerned with price as this is all geared to the future for myself. So right now I focus on building and strengthening those I align with, support a project that I believe in and the rest in mostly out of mind.

I do allow myself to get concerned over the idea of projects realizing how great Steem would be as a processor for them, given the speed and low costs associated. Hoping that word gets out to those who have the financial and technical means and a vision to utilize these attributes to give them an edge over their current competition.

Hello my dear friend, @theycallmedan
At first take my loved and pray.I hope you are good and healthy.I want you to be happy forever.
At least your post always is good and nice. I loved you all post.Your recently post story is great and I like it very much.

@theycallmedan, I can write the usual comments as let's hope for the best and Decentralisation is freedom. But for sure without action single stone cannot be moved, Decentralisation is not about waiting for someone, in Decentralisation everyone have to play their role.

Sometimes opportunity brings fear of action too, and if we stand with the fear of action that's the time when we wait for Superman and think that if i will not do then it will not make much difference and someone will come and going to make the change. We are standing on low because we are moving slow. So let's play the practical roles and in my opinion we will see Giant Celebrations if we are willing to act in real world and not in thoughtful world. Stay blessed brother. 🙂

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Nailed it once again Dan. Really inspiring writing. In fact so inspiring that the moment I finished reading your post, I bought a few hundred more steem tokens and powered them up. This is commitment. This is me - like many others too - who want steem to succeed and they are not in a hurry.

Not many understand the possibilities and the potential.... We have everything required to push steem fly high, we just don't know how to promote it properly.

There are flaws too. But who hasn't? We have the power of a whole community and that alone is something many would envy. Just like you said:

Like a giant boulder, Steem is sitting on top of a hill, and at the bottom is centralized social media. All the Steem boulder needs is a little push to roll down the hill and crush them.

I'll drink to that;)

Dan the man!!
This is exactly the type of content we need to see.
Been here a while, will be here for the long term. Trying to get that Steem power!
I can't dev on steem yet, but ill continue doing my part by telling all my friends to get over here.

All I can do is just remain active on the steem blockchain since I don't have the fiat to invest.


"Opportunities of a lifetime do not come glittering like gold, but all scams do". Yeah, I know that, I've been in hundreds of scams so far. I'm glad and I am surprised that Steemit resists and I hope these moments will strengthen it. We, too!
I think it takes those who know the best way to go before helping others. To understand!

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You could personally push yourself and not sell votes and manually curate instead. The top two trending #deutsch (german) posts f.e. are silly low effort posts by a user who probably doesn't even speak german and you are the top upvoter on both. See:

The great thing about Steem is the ability to earn passive income even when you are away. I take advantage of @smartsteem and use their whitelist to sell votes when I know I will not be curating for a few weeks, like recently when I was gone for the last two weeks for the holidays. Sometimes the whitelist misses a few people, so thank you for pointing out the quality of content I was upvoting. When I am not on vacation, I spend most of my upvoting power every day manually upvoting, FYI. However, when you spend over 1 million dollars of your money on Steem, what attracted me to buy that much in the first place was the fact passive income was here if I choose not to be active on Steem.

Term "passive INCOME" IMO doesn't really make sense for not stable-coins, because it doesn't matter that if you had 100 STEEM and now you have 110, if a price of Steem was $1.00 and later it was for example $0.90. Despite earning through passive income 10%, you actually lost money.

First and IMO main concern of all investors should not be how much of tokens they have, but how to increase value of them.

From my point of view, basically... people earn money always when they can predict the future. And IMO the easiest way of predicting future ... is actually creating it.

Steem has a great community and Steem truly belongs to all users. That is why I am pretty that we will figure out all the problems sooner or later :) We will create our future Steem together :)

Sure, the possibility to earn passive income is great. But with great power comes great responsibility, so it would be cool if you could checked the highest sold upvotes from time to time and contact @therealwolf in case you see crap getting upvoted, so that he can adjust his blacklist :) Or you even can set your own one!

I'm with you and each of the words you said makes pure logic.

Yup, STEEM can become the most favorite if WE will to make it one! As the kind of tech on which STEEM is built, the other social medias lack. This is a major plus point for us and if we all team up, we can surely CRUSH em' all!

Definitely each thing has a good side and a bad side as well and this comes in a mixed up form. Its completely up to us which one we would segregate and utilize.

I also have noted significant drop in the activities on the STEEM blockchain since the price went down. Majority of the people believe that the monetary side should be given care to and they left or used this a bit lesser than they previously did but the thing they didn't realized that the potential in the platform is present in tons, it will for sure flourish in the coming future for sure and if it flourishes ,the Price would automatically rise up!

We all should just keep in my Two thing -



And simply,


Great Words sir! I'll surely keep an eye on all your future posts ☺


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Take a good look around, especially at the witnesses and take notes of who is putting in work right now and who is not.

Our wise-team is currently working hard to add new features to Engrave, and to prepare a final release of Wise Protocol :)

But what is even most encouraging... there are tons of projects which are still developed and improved everyday. In a month or two I believe onboarding process of new users will stop becoming an issue because of one ongoing project which I am aware of.

More and more people are realizing the fact, that Steem interfaces can use own methods for recommendation and content discovery... and not just "showing trading page".

There is increased effort to show to the world how active and vibrant our Steem community is...

And there are hundreds of very dedicated people which took advantage of Steem low price to become a Steem middle-class citizens.

IMO currently we are much more productive than before. Why? Because there is much less noise, and we can just focus on hard work. I am very confident, that we will see the results of that very soon.

Yeah, he's talking about the keyboard warriors, more commonly known as

Thank you for tagging me so I saw this, Snook!


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Hey @dan I agree with you and you are the Superman I think..
So thats Avery informative post .
Thanks for sharing and I will support your all post..
Keep it up and carry on your activities..

Woww really awesome words :)

@theycallmedan, very well articulated post. I like your thoughts. I think STEEM is a good choice among the many projects that exist nowadays in the crypto world. I will stick to Steem ecosystem, will Steem on, and enjoy my journey...
Keep on Steeming! ;)

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Really nice words!
Long term mentality!

Thanks for reassuring us folks who believe in steem and steemit.

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By the way thumbnail is batman

Ya, if I were a superhero I would be a lot closer to Batman then Superman lol

Wise words indeed!

Thank you for giving me an excuse to post this track ...

Let's hope apathy does not kill Steemit.

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