I will not participate in any consensus fork or true fork designed to remove stake from Steemit Inc.

in steem •  29 days ago

I am not a witness, much less a consensus witness, so I suppose this statement has little utility. But with discussions out there and top witnesses implying their butts off that a true fork might be something they would pursue if Steemit Inc. continues to power down, I feel the need to make it anyway.

Just two days ago I made a post talking in part about how I believe in developing multichain projects, that my approach is going to be to spread my risk across multiple platforms, and that I like a lot of the Steem-code-based blockchains out there and see them as a great opportunity for multichain development.

Chains with a new approach or a new philosophy appeal to me; I like the idea of trying a bunch of different things. I participate a bit on Whaleshares, and have a presence on several other chains, although time constraints have kept me from being very active on any of them. Subject to my own limitations, I'd be happy to join and participate and multi-chain develop on any idea anybody has for a new chain. Except for this one.

Not because I'm in love with Steemit Inc. They make a lot of mistakes, they appear to have no strategy, their decisions are rarely well-thought-through, and they just put out a vision statement that reads like it was written by a sixth-grader with a business jargon thesaurus. I firmly believe that Ned ought to find an adult to run his company for him, and am sad that doesn't seem likely.

Why, then? Because defining yourself by what you aren't isn't a sufficient philosophy to support a blockchain. This loosely-proposed Chain of No-Homers has nothing going for it. Steem's philosophy is already nebulous enough without splitting off a new chain whose purpose is merely getting rid of Ned. A chain founded on the principle of No-Homers can only ever be a Chain of No-Homers, nothing greater.

And that's not worth my time, or yours.


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I am not a witness, much less a consensus witness.

I stopped reading here

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You put that well. Although I'd happily participate on a chain without steem inc if I had a choice, realistically any kind of fork is not ideal. Look what happened with ETC...

Steem is one of a kind right now, but if any forks outshine steem, it will be because they are rebuilt with a purpose stronger than steem, not in spite of steem.

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While not a witness, an influential leader which is sometimes as important as not only does it take our votes to determine witnesses, but also information and knowledge to help others understand the implications of the options mulled over the past couple of days. Great to see you sharing your thoughts!

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Oy vey. I'm only in favor of a hard fork if they name it Spite.

It starts with excluding one, then on the new chain there is someone that is disliked and then they start with that one and then start another chain. A chain of broken chains. Once the road to madness is taken there is no easy off ramps or do over buttons available.

I agree with you in this matter. There is no need to break the chain and travel the path that some want. But if they wish to do so I guess they can. And I know steemit Inc can not tell other front ends what to do, but would not be surprised if they block all the post form the breakaways from being seen on steemit inc. I know that would not happen, because @ned does not really seem to be that overly petty.

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Targeting STINC specifically, no, but a STEEM reboot/real-fork (With a brand new codebase) that corrects for pre-mining would actually be the only reboot I'dd think would be fair.


I'm not sure how you "correct" for pre-mining. You can't really go back and unwind all the witness rewards received for being voted by pre-miners, because other people's votes were made in response to them. Similarly what happens to the rewards received by those accounts in the meantime, the votes bought from them and the middleman profits made thereby?

It would be easier to start a brand new chain and airdrop the coin on whichever Steem accounts you wanted to, either by forking the current chain history or just starting fresh.

Personally I'm interested in what would happen if you did that and excluded everyone with more than 50k SP, but not enough to actually try it right now.


I was looking into exactly that, on a bit broader scale. Basically running all blocks since user 1000 against a graph database representation of blockchain state. Ran into the limitations of asyncsteem with API node stability, and now I'm doing a rewrite of asyncsteem in a new set of libraries before trying again.

The idea was threefold:

  • Really stress test my library (what it did)
  • Find out "what would happen"
  • See if the arangodb final month snapshot could serve as a contingency node. Create a contingency reboot coin, part blockchain part graph dB, just in case STINC really goes belly up, leaving their (poorly documented) codebase orphaned.

Think I'll give it an other try when the new libs are up.


Currently floating an idea of something like a Sword Of Damocles reboot option for witnesses to use at their discretion. I'dd be interested in hearing your views on something like that.

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Fully agree. If this happens you will see my exit along with all projects I run. (@thedarkhorse speaking...thought I was on my account but same difference)