Welcome Byteball to Steem!

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In our recent blog post “Censorship: Why all Blockchain Projects Should Join Steem we said:

As one of the most mature projects in the space, we have proven through action that we believe in blockchain, cryptocurrency, decentralization, and censorship resistance. That’s why we want every project, regardless of whether they are powered by Steem, to feel welcome on this platform we have created.

That’s why we’re so excited that Byteball is joining the Steem community! You can see more about their plans here.

More Than an Airdrop

What we find so exciting about the Byteball Team’s plans for Steem is that they go well beyond a simple airdrop, or even just posting announcements to Steem. They are creating a “bridge” from Byteball to Steem and using it to improve their own platform. For example, one of the things every Steem user will be able to do today is link their username to their Byteball address which will enable Byteball users to send Bytes (and other Byteball-issued tokens) to human-readable Steem usernames instead of the less user-friend addresses typical of cryptocurrencies.

User-Friendly Protocols

This highlights the potential of this project as it combines the strengths of both projects without requiring that either one change! One of the things the Byteball Team feels is special about their platform is that their smart contracts are human-readable, making it an especially user-friendly experience with respect to developing apps. Of course, developing on Steem is also incredibly simple. After all, it is by leveraging SteemConnect that the Byteball Team was able to quickly and easily program all of their innovative plans for Steem integration into their platform.

The SteemMonsters Team recently sat down with Steemit Inc.’s Content Director (@andrarchy) and one of the things they discussed was just how easy it was to get their dapp up and running on Steem.

Steem is literally built for websites to use it ... I’m not a blockchain developer. I’ve never done a smart contract. I don’t know cryptography, or any of that stuff. I’m a web developer. There’s tons of web developers because the internet’s been the biggest thing for the last twenty years and that’s what Steem is built for. It has everything ready to go for you to use the skills you already have as a web developer and get the benefits of a blockchain. Which you don’t have on Ethereum…

  • @yabapmatt, Co-Creator and Developer of Steem Monsters

Common Goals

All in all, we found that the Byteball Team’s history and goals were tightly aligned with our own. Like us, they have been in the space for a long time, beginning their development in 2014 and releasing their software just a few months after us on Christmas of 2016. Like us, they pioneered a novel consensus algorithm that flew in the face of the blockchain status quo, and like us they have survived all the vicissitudes of this challenging space.

An Ecosystem of Opportunity

The Byteball Team desires to create a platform in which everyone can play a role--not just those capable of setting up mining rigs--and that is capable of powering real apps that can a make a difference in people’s lives today. At Steemit, we believe that Steem is the Blockchain of Opportunity, and we hope that the bridge between Steem and Byteball will manifest entirely new opportunities for both Steemians and Byteballers.

We hope you’ll join us in welcoming the Byteball Team, and the Byteball community, to Steem. We look forward to seeing them leverage Steem’s powerful resources (including its amazing community) to progress toward a user-friendly dapp development platform and through its integration with Steem, increase even further the opportunities available to Steemians.

Steemit Team


That's so interesting! Excellent news. These constant developments help buoy my optimism for the potential of the STEEM blockchain during the cryptocurrency bear market. It's just the beginning! Welcome to the whole Byteball team/community.

exactly! i can feel some excitement and hope entering the steem ecosystem and that is very good news indeed!

Look what I got when I tried to install it:

" Uncaught exception: TypeError: Cannot read property 'find' of undefined"

And then it threw me out and went off.
This is after I uninstalled it, because previously I got the same, and when it worked, it was not properly, because I could not get my own receive address, only my device address, and it did not seem the same to another user's screenshot.
After the uninstall and repeated installation, it requires my password, but quits on the exception that I mentioned before or when I try to type my password.
So far the help that I got is as bad as the help that I got when I tried to install Bisque, to join BitShares and to commit a trade on Blocktrades.
I hope that this time it will not stay as bad, but my experience predicts that I will probably stay outside this time too.

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Please install wallet version 2.4.0
The bug is fixed there

This is the version that I installed that causes me problems.

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Great post brah

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I have a similar issue. Installed the wallet, received bytes from someone. The wallet was syncing forever, but seems synced now. However, when I open the Steemit attestation bot and chat, I only get the blank screen, nothing else. I installed the wallet from the site...

This is not a similar issue at all.
You managed to receive bytes, while I can not even get an opportunity to log in to my wallet.
I could not get to where you did.
Did you see my screen capture on my root comment?
It persists on version 2.4.1.
The previous version was 2.4.0 and had the same problem.

So, no answer for this so far? Did you choose to install the full version as well or did you choose the lighter one?

Eventually I got helped by more than one people, but x888 was the one whom put it in a way which struck me the best and made me succeed.

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Ah okay.
Have the same problem. But if it is so complicated to solve...
byebye byteball. There are tons of other cryptos.

Did you manage to install it?
If not, Byteball is too good an asset to forfeit so easily.
I got my share since then.
If you never got any dark bytes or another private asset on the Byteball database, then there is no danger to attempt the solution that helped me.
If you have ordinary bytes or other non private asset, then you should perform a backp from seed or something.
IDNK, because in my case I never had anything on the Byteball database until I installed it.

The solution in English:

la solución en español:

Inform me if you still fail to install it after deleting that folder and reinstalling again.
And boost your reputation to 50 using bidbots from my list in my thread about it, plus lrd , onlyprofitbot, steembotup (when I am asleep).
Avoid bots with negative reputations (they appear as rep 24 or below on steemit and busy), because they do not increase your reputation when they upvote you.

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Byteball is some seriously cool crypt0 .... awesome news. @steemitblog

And because you said so @thejohalfiles, I will definitely join the drop...thanks !

I agree @thejohalfiles ! And this is the first airdrop and community joint of many more in the future for the Steem Blockchain!

Regards, @gold84

Transactions will be a lot less intimidating to newbies with a simple username as an address. Everyone’s nervous about sending money to the wrong address, even veterans.



Welcome byteball
Please I just downloaded the app now, what's the next step please cus I've got my receiver address

Comment your wallet address and I'll send you the registration fee



someone sent me too, give me your adress sent you back

please sent

byteball:TRLROZFM3AOOL622MSHEV7SVOE2VHZ5F my wallet address









me also @gamsam

Comment your wallet
Address and I'll send you the
Registration fee

                 - gamsam

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


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wow, hope that @gamsam can also help me with my registration fee

here is my byteball address: 7KL5IZ4A4KNLAESEGWI35LHIFHWSVXO7

Neat story. I liked the part about the monsters too!

Amazing news! Welcome Byteball and its community! I've heard much good of your currency and distribution!

They've had great airdrops in the past!

Sure. Splendid Evening

Wowsome!! Warm Welcome Byteball to Steemit. Thank you so much. Cheers!!

Hi, can someone send me some bytes for registration fee thank you.


Hye @carlpei..
DM me at zamifara#3121

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