Official Byteball Airdrop to Steemians

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Hello Steemians, we’re the core team behind the Byteball project and we’re excited to announce the BIG plans we have for Steemians! We’ve been learning a lot about your platform lately and are extremely impressed, not only with the technologies you have developed, but the community that has assembled around Steem. We think it’s amazing and we want in!

That’s why we’re so excited to announce that we will be offering the 1,000,000+ Steem users free Byteball Bytes (the native token of the Byteball DAG) and more. This will be accomplished through our latest innovation: the Byteball Steem Bot. This is something we’ve been working on for a while now, which is why we’re happy to announce that this will all be happening … TODAY!


If you are one of the 1 million+ Steem users this bot offers you the following benefits:

  • Connect your Steem username to your Byteball wallet. Your username will be stored on the Byteball DAG as an attestation (basically proof of your Steem identity).

  • Byteball will pay you a reward from our undistributed funds for proving your Steem identity. We will also pay you for referring other users (see the ‘Rewards for Steem users’ breakdown below).

  • Send Bytes and Blackbytes to a steem/username instead of less user-friendly crypto wallet addresses. For those not familiar with the Byteball platform, the main currency is Bytes, whilst Blackbytes are the private currency. The feature to send money to usernames will also work for other Byteball-issued tokens.

The attestation record (proof of Steem identity) will also include the user’s Steem reputation score. Applications on the Byteball platform will be able to offer some privileges to attested users depending on their reputation score.

For example, the ICO bot (Byteball is also an ICO fundraising platform) will include an option to offer a discount to users with high Steem reputation. Similarly, Steem users with high reputation that connect their real world identity to their Byteball wallet will also receive a discount on the attestation fee.

Rewards for Steem users

Byteball will pay you based on your Steem reputation score and for referring other users. The stronger your reputation the higher the reward.

The attestation rewards are as follows:

Steem reputation above 30: you get a $10 reward
Steem reputation above 40: you get a $20 reward
Steem reputation above 50: you get a $40 reward
Steem reputation above 60: you get a $80 reward
Steem reputation above 70: you get a $160 reward

All rewards are paid in Bytes and may be subject to changes particularly for the lower reputation scores.

Your reward is split 50/50 between cash and a smart contract, much like rewards are split on Steem between Steem Blockchain Dollars and STEEM.

This means that 50% of the reward is spendable immediately after attestation. The other 50% is paid to a smart contract that can be unlocked after one year. Once this time period is reached you will be able to withdraw the remaining 50% of the reward.

The referral reward depends on the reputation of the referred user, not the referring one and the reward for referring is split 75% to a smart contract and 25% immediately.

Why is Byteball doing this?

We want to engage large communities and bring crypto adoption to the masses through easy-to-use applications that are only possible on crypto platforms, and Steem is the largest, most vibrant crypto community out there uniting projects like Steemit, and We hope that Steem’s huge community of amazing content producers will help achieve this goal.

To our knowledge, this is the very first time that Steem and its huge community is going to become an airdrop platform.

The Byteball team greatly admires the significant real world traction that Steem has achieved in such a short period of time. It is fair to say it is one of the few crypto projects that has managed to achieve significant real world traction.

We are determined to do for smart contracts and commerce what Steem is doing for online publishing: mass crypto adoption. We believe that Steem integration will help move us closer to our vision, which is why today’s announcement is only the beginning of our Steem journey. We look forward to building more projects with the Steem community and creating even more opportunities for everyone.

How Steemians can participate in this first-of-its-kind airdrop

Download a Byteball wallet and follow these simple steps:

  1. If you installed your wallet previously, make sure you selected a single address wallet. If you just installed the wallet, the default wallet will be a single address wallet.

  2. Ask a fellow Steemian who already successfully completed the attestation, if you can borrow 0.0006 GB (Gigabytes) and have him send it to your wallet. As the user sending you the funds will receive the referral reward, it shouldn’t be hard to find willing donors.

  3. Click the “Chat”-button to the bottom right.

  4. Click the “Bot Store” tab to the top right.

  5. Scroll down to find the bot named “Steem attestation bot” and click that.

  6. When added, the bot will greet you with a message explaining the process:

First it will ask you to enter the address of the wallet you want to attest. Simply click the small icon at the bottom left and choose “Insert my address (Small expenses wallet)” and press the send button to send it to the bot.

The bot will now generate a link to Steemconnect. Click this link and follow the login procedure.

Click Continue

Click the account you wish to use and proceed to login to prove you are the owner.

The bot will then ask if you want to store your username private (in your own wallet and only a hash i published) or public (details visible in the Byteball DAG). To enable others to send funds to your username instead of your wallet address, you must choose public.

Finally, the bot will ask you to pay the attestation fee to cover the transaction fee of storing the attestation (private or public) on the DAG. Simply click the “Payment request 0.5 MB”-link and send the funds.

As soon as the payment is confirmed, the bot will let you know it received the payment and transfer your reward based on your Steem reputation. It will also show you the link to your attestation, so you can see how your attestation looks on the Byteball DAG. Clicking the link will take you to the Byteball explorer and show you the attestation unit.

Useful links

Byteball website
Invitation to join Byteball Slack
Extensive wiki on Byteball


i just remind myself how i wrote post about gettign free GBYTE in dec 2016 - :)

So you're a first-rounder? :)

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I am :)

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Thank you in advance


Everything well received.

If you need to be sponsored, just reply to this post, like this I will receive notification.

Post in your reply your adress that you can find it in "Receive".
I will send you the Bytes immediatly if I'm connected.

If you could send me some Bytes that would be much appreciated :)


What does it mean ?

Received a payment but it was not sent from the expected address. Make sure you are in a single-address wallet, otherwise switch to a single-address wallet or create one and send me your address before paying.

You gave us the bot address. You have to give us your address (you can find it in "Receive").

Sorry for the mistake guys.

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thanks...let me continue procedure

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Is this today only? I ask because my rep is like 59.9 and I would like to wait till I am 60 rep so I can get the extra $$$

Well done mate, that 60 level was fast :)

thanks. I had to dump some coin on bots but a man has to do what a man has to do. lol

congratulations friends did not know that technique. You have to use intelligence many times

I tried all the steps but I didnt get the Steem Connect login.

remove the bot from the contacs and try adding again. It will work instantly!

i am new in steemit and have lower reputation please any one suggest me what to do ....??

You can invest by buying steem and then using them for Bidbots. check @upme on how to use one. It's the fastest method I know besides posting a lot while being in a group with lots of whales.

Keep on posting. Start with posting pictures of things you love. Write about your hobbies. Then you will get a hold of it. Wish you best of luck!

As punqtured said earlier, there is no time limit for the airdrop (but the undistributed funds are limited so don't wait too much...)

i am working on it as fast as I can lol

Once you're done, can you sponsor me or anyone here willing.

I dont think I have enough to qualify for this. Any help much appreciated. Thank you very much!!!


Hey! You should be my sponsor too :) nothing would make me more happy EOFTL2KN2U4YUPIPAS4GXHNDLLF7WNZC (I hope this is the address and not some private keys :P )
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Hehe, this should be the public address. Thanks for choosing me as a sponsor. The Bytes are on their way :-)

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Arleady got it, thanks!

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I'm sorry, but the Byteball network is currently overloaded...maybe I can send it later.

It's fine. Thanks for the reply.

network seems to work fine again!

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hey @devrasinghrawat ! you can complete the procedure now ! check your wallet and you will find the coins to complete the attestation

I m not able to complete as bot is responding after I provided my Pub key in chat, no link generated further


contact me on discord please and i will help you out electronicsworld#0829

the bot is working again! if you get no response click back in the chat the contacts and remove the device button to delete the bot and then open it again! should work instantly!

it says it is sending. hopefully it works

i can't get this piece of shit to work

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Well done @doomsdaychassis! I'm at 59 too but only 59.163. Is it possible to get that to 60 fast enough do you think? Seems like a big ask to me. 😂

i droped about 60 SBD in bots to move mine as far as I did so you would probably ned about 2.5 or 3 times that amount to get to 60 from where you are right now

am at 49.983 REP.....can you push me to 50? please

Thanks for the information @doomsdaychassis.

I don't know how to use the bots so it's not a route I'll be going down, especially for that amount of money.

I went ahead in the end with my reputation as it was but I've not been able to receive the transaction a couple of people sent me so I'm a bit stuck.

@tarmo888 has looked at it for me and doesn't know what the problem is either so I'll wait until next week and if the funds don't appear I'll maybe try with a new wallet.

Thank you for getting back to me. I appreciate it. 😊

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hey buddy :D you can proceed with the attestation...if you need help contact me on discord i will help you out electronicsworld#0829

Hey. Could you sponsor me? Need some help.

the bot is working again! if you get no response click back in the chat the contacts and remove the device button to delete the bot and then open it again! should work instantly!


sent u can proceed the next steps in the chatbot

nicely done!

That's probably the news you were talking about yesterday ;-)

exactly ;)

I have reputation 26 can i get this airdrop?

This airdrop looks nice. How do I get more reputation here at steemit? Thanks for the answer in advance!

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I just put you over the top, now you're above 30. Enjoy!

Guess, I can't qualify for this yet. :(

Got this message now what?

Please pay for the attestation: Payment request: 49000 bytes.

Alternatively, you can prove ownership of your address by signing a message: [Request to sign message: cityguides HD7DNLIWGEHGJ5KWRNU2DT5QDGZ7OTD6], in this case your attestation reward (if any) will be 80% of the normal reward.

I got this message too...can you help me what I'll doing??
Everyone Help to answer it

You have a choice, pay the attestation fee or sign a message. If you sign a message then your attestation reward will be only 80% of normal reward.

people can help with a reply

Hello, could you help me reach above 50?:) I miss 2rep points :)

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It's currently under extremely heavy load. Just give it some time.