New Addition to the Steemitwallet - linking to an existing TRON account

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We have a lot of great new developments planned for Steemit during 2021.

First up we are pleased to announce an important new addition to

Now we have rolled out a new version that will allow users to link an existing TRON address to Steemitwallet.

How to link an existing TRON account

When you login to you will now see two new buttons in the TRX section…



To start the process of linking an existing TRON account click the lower of these two buttons.

You will then see this message pop up...


Once you press Confirm, another box will come up.

Enter the TRON account address you want to link and again press confirm...


In the next ‘Sign to link’ box input your Active Key to authorize the linking...


Once the authorization has finished you will then see your new TRON address in and the linking process is complete.

How to create a new TRON address also provides a facility to create a new TRON address.

This only works though for users who do not already have a TRON address in their steemitwallet.

The TRON account creation window will only pop up five times. Once the account has been created the popup will no longer appear. If the user does not create a TRON account within these five occasions, then the window will no longer appear.

Creating a new TRON address here only requires the use of the Posting Key.

The process is straightforward and similar to that in…

Once the TRON address has been created, all operations with it must be done through

Note that a TRON address change requires the Active Key, the Owner Key or the Master password. If you attempt this with the Posting Key a warning will appear in red on the popup window...


Official Steemit Feedback Community

To help with communications we have now set up the Steemit Feedback Community...

The Community is open for anyone on Steemit, from community leader to total newcomer, to post with reports of bugs, issues, questions, suggestions and feedback.

We will do our best to respond to all posts, and fix any problems reported as far as we can.

We hope you will find the new TRON account linking feature useful.

And we look forward to reading your posts in our new Feedback community.

Thank you

The Steemit Team


Maybe a BTT integration will be added soon!🧐

Было бы не плохо!

This will help us a lot!

I'm really glad to see all these new updates and the unity between Steem and Tron. I hope everybody here grows tremendously on both platforms. Free speech is very important and finding alternative sources of income will do wonders for journalists and pundits alike! Thanks for continuing to support the project!

This is a great update and a perfect addition to start off the 2021.

Steem on

excelente noticia cada vez vamos en crecimiento

This is great news. You no longer need a new tron account for steeming. This would make it easier for existing tron users/holders to keep track of their earnings.

Thanks so much @steemit team!!

This is a great update and a perfect addition to start off the 2021, this will serve as a gateway for Investors to spread their assets across both Blockchain.

Hi steam I have have registered my Tron account but now I am having trouble with linking it.

My activation address does not want to display and I did a transfer from my new tron account to Steem XRT account it's active but I am afraid I won't be able to get anything from there once I get to be active will I be able to receive my rewards without linking the account? Please help urgent.

To donate XRT try my new wallet:


Looking forward to hearing from you...🇳🇦

Sorry, I did not quite understand your issue here.

  1. Checked your steemitwallet, currently, TNWRtbfMoXDMH7QgKJSD4YDT5pCyqXtiLq is linked to your steemitwallet, all TRX reward will be distributed to this account if you do the claim operation.
  2. You can always manage your TRX in TYdr5UxAQqfNeJha2yHZ8S39ipR7SdtM5E if you have the private key of this TRON address.

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I still don't understand how to use TRX...
January 31, 2021... 17.9 Hollywood Time...

Awesome. It’s super easy to transfer TRX to Poloniex and stake there for more TRX rewards. Tron is awesome.

Sir, you will be very kind. Support me too. May Allah reward you and fulfill your legitimate intentions and grant you long life. Amen.

Hey @booming04 ,hope all is well Am giftbenon a fellow steemian how can we make up with you to help me understand steemit and TRX then if its about promoting Steemit I can help you, or whatsoever that you may want I can do it.

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Thank you Steemit team.

Thank you steemit for this wonderful work am really impress about this development.

This is a great development, now i can link my existing Tron to my Steemit Tron wallet.
Thank you Steemit for this wonderful development.

Thanks steem

Nice! Can't wait to see more development news coming 🤩

Wow, I am happy for this development. I had personally told myself earlier that work is still ongoing to solidify the tron wallet to avoid incessant loss of tron. Thank goodness for these additions. It is truly for my best interest. Steemit to the moon and beyond.

#twopercent #nigeria #affable

What a great news..!

I love the way things are moving. Big brains are at the steemit backend doing a great job. This is hilarious. It burst my brain.

Isn't a TRON address already connected with out steemit wallet?

It's an biggest collaboration. If someone have existed tron account , she/he easily connect it to the steemitwallet.

Hello Steem 🌫️

This was much needed, thank you for adding this linking feature.

Thank you.

Steem on.

Great update ! now we can directly connect our existing tron account will reduce 1 transaction when we withdrawing trx rewards. I love to see trx - steem pair in Steem wallet exchange too. Which will help us to convert trx rewards to SP easily.

You may be able to help me reference the comment bellow 👇...

Wow, this is a great development. I had seen the new integration, but didn't know how to go about it.
Thanks for this detailed explanation @steemitblog.
Best regards

Thanks team steemit for the useful information..I didn't know about this!

Many thanks

It's great to be back post again!
I've missed Steemit!

A great development... We are heading back to the top👍🏼

Hi @steemitblog, beberapa waktu yang lalu saya melakukan upgrade dompet Tron karena TRX tidak masuk kesana dari steemit wallet, dan saya memasukkan alamat Tron tersebut atas anjuran anda namun sayangnya semua TRX di dompet steemit saya telah hilang dan tidak masuk ke dompet Tron.

Apa yang harus di lakukan untuk mendapatkan kembali TRX saya ?

Sebelumnya saya memiliki 500 TRX lebih dan sekarang telah hilang


Nice and resteemed :-)

Thank you so much #steemit team 💗

Thanks. Its helpful

Greetings @steemitblog I have a question to ask you. I signed up @steemit in 2017 and after few months I get into some other job and quit #steemit recently I came back in December 2020 and trying to grow up and sharing quality contents. Recently something unexpected thing happen to me and that is all about delegation. I was delegated my 50% SP to upvu but some said if I delegate to upvu I won't be able to get support from steemcurator01 and others. I need a confirmation about it. I need support to grow and I work hard for it. Please provide me the correct information I'm not so knowledgeable about all this. Thank you
Stay blessed!

Wow it is a wonderful update from steemit to facilitate its users. AS steemit team always try to facilitate its users and this is also a valuable update to link your existing tron account. And it is now more secure than before.
Steemit is developing day by day and soon it would be a biggest social media platform in the whole world where people can get rewards by posting here simply.
I am the founder and admin of Steemit Tigers and looking for your support. And i thank to the steemit team for giving me chance to become part of this amazing platform. And i again thank to the steemit team which gave us the chance of making community.
Wishing Steemit Best !

Cc. @steemitblog @steemcurator01 @booming04

Hola @stemitblog este es mi caso y tengo dias buscando orientacion para que me ayuden. cuando acepte la billetera de TRON nunca me genero un archivo pdf no se que paso alli, y de verdad no sabia que esa billetera cuando se aceptaba generaba un documento pdf porque jamas lo vi. allí comenzó acumularse mis TRON ganados en steemit ahora quiero convertirlos en steem y me pide una clave la cual no tengo porque nunca se genero, ahora me informaron varios amigos que les pedi ayuda que sino tengo la clave no puedo hacer uso de los TRON . que tengo que abrir otra billetera TRON esta bien si eso es asi acepto que perdí los TRON . mi pregunta es ¿por qué no puedo generar una nueva billetera tron.? cuando le doy a esa opción no me genera claves . que puedo hacer?. Gracias

This is a great implementation. I just tried yesterday.

If you are planning to link your other active TRON account under Steemit wallet, before process this make sure you have transferred the TRX from Steemit Tron account to your other TRON account that you will be going to link.

Great idea for creating Steemit Feedback Community, now we can reach directly when come across any issue.

Thank You.
Moderator: Steeming India Community

#india #affable

Nice finally I can do something with my tron wallet thank you @steemit

@steemitblog Disculpen mi ignorancia, pero no entiendo mucho sobre este tema de la billetera ¿Para que es una cuenta TRON? por favor si me pueden explicar. Yo aun no estoy segura, pero creo que tengo una cuenta, pero no he visto el PDF de las claves.

excellent innovation hopefully this 2021 brings a lot of positivity for steemit very good information the linking of Tron account to steemit account thank you for sharing blessings !!

Hello I imported my tron account. But trx is not visible in my tron wallet. Also, I have two tron accounts. How can this be?

@hassanabid, look i told you about it yesterday. Steem is surely gonna go across the moon soon :)
Love live Steemit Long live Steemit Pakistan :)
Steem On!

I have created a new Tron "account" but have not received a PDF with the Kays.

What can I do ??

Awesome and Great @SteemitBlog

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What kind of Benefits should I expect to see...???
December 4, 2021... 5.6 Hollywood Time...

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