World of Xpilar Curation Trail, now with an Effective Power of 880K

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WORLD OF XPILAR Community is growing fast, now there are 2124 subscribers and 535 active posters.


If you are looking for passive income and do not even have time for manual curation, you can join our trail

The World of Xpilar curation trail has 92 followers and we thank you all for the trust you show us.

You can now join our World of Xpilar Curation Trail and help support users with quality content.

I would like to thank by the Witness @Steem-Supporter who has re-created autosteem. It is a very important tool for us.


Go to the page, you will get this options, click on Login/Register:


Next, you will be asked for your username and your posting key to log in, click on Continue and set this information on the dialogue that comes next:


Here you enter your username and posting key. Click Login to access SteemAuto, you will be able to see this requirement in order to authorize the application to do transactions on your behalf, click on SteemLogin


Click Continue and set your username and active key, once you set them click Authorize:





Now you can Follow the worldofxpilar trail



The Settings button, on the Curation Trail Tab
you can adjust your voting activity on the @worldofxpilar trail




Hola saludos, me parece una buena opción para nosotros los nuevos usuarios, me gustaría unirme y seguir participando.

 2 years ago 

Appreciate it, thank you for supporting us

What is my benefit if I join this auto curation?

 2 years ago 

Your reward may be a little higher than usual when we vote from our trail. And you are voting for quality posts

 2 years ago 

This is very good infroamtion for me. What percentage can be voted in this ?

 2 years ago 

You choose how big% you want to participate in of your Steem Power

Hi @worldofxpilar and @xpilar

Thank you for supporting. Excellent initiative and excellent community .

 2 years ago 

Appreciate it, thank you for supporting us

I have been posting in your community for several weeks I hope that one day they will vote for me again. =(

Congratulations for the 800K SP

 2 years ago 

Hi @imagen

We do not reach everyone every day, but you will see us again

me parece muy bien. Me registrare

 2 years ago 

Appreciate it. Thank you @pelon53

Thanks a los for this post!
I took a look at it a couple of days ago, but I wasn’t really sure if it was safe or not, since it asked for my keys! But great to know it is in fact safe!!

 2 years ago 

Yes, it's safe, nice that you want to join


WORLD OF XPILAR Community is full of activities, highly interesting, and supportive. This is the same reason for more active posters.

This community will keep growing more and the number of active posters will keep increase.

 2 years ago 

Hi @stream4u

Thanks for your feedback, appreciate it

That's amazing...! i am happy to be the part of this community , so much new to learn.

 2 years ago 

Thank you @kamranrkploy

You are most welcome...

I have tried several times, but I don't see anything there like your screenshot, what should I do?

Go to the page, you will get this options, click on Login/Register:

It's a great opportunity to improve performance by curation, I hope that more and more will join in to form a great Trail.

New winds are coming, as my friend @leveuf would say.

 2 years ago 

New winds are coming,
yes that is right and more and more people are joining

The World of Xpilar community has grown rapidly, all thanks to the good work of your team, we join this great cause of curation.

 2 years ago 

Appreciate it. Thank you @criollitos

I am relatively new to this community, I hope one day to be voted in by you as I try to join the healing trail.

Excellent initiative and excellent community .

 2 years ago 

Thank you @littlegremlin

Great thing for the community. Can reward more people much better.

 2 years ago 

Yes, we hope to reach even more users in the future

The future looks bright.

Thanks WORLD OF XPILAR I am very happy with you.Thank you very much.

 2 years ago 

What wonderful news, I feel very happy to be part of this great family, we all do a great job! Greetings!

Yes, that's great.
Our community and curation trail is growing fast

Hi @worldofxpilar and @xpilar

Thank you for supporting everyone, I feel very lucky about that .. I am going to join your excellent Trail.

 2 years ago 

Hi @lanzjoseg

Appreciate it, thank you for supporting us

i have signed up now, with traces of auto curation today.

 2 years ago 

Appreciate it, thank you for supporting us

 2 years ago 

Glad to see the work you are doing to curate good content on Steem. I will follow your trail very soon.

 2 years ago 

Hi @ammonite

Nice that you want to join our Curation Trail

Good post. I never thought there was such a way. I am really happy to get something new like this. Thanks @worldofxpilar

Gracias por la iniciativa y la información..

 2 years ago 

Nice to hear, thanks @wilmer1988

Muchas gracias amigo por siempre mantenernos informados, me encanta la manera que esta gran comunidad trabaja siempre al pendiente de sus seguidores, felicidades muy buen trabajo!!!

Thank you @yurimar
and I want to continue to thank our moderators who do a great job:)

Hola estimados amigos ya me uní a vuestro trail, abrazo!


 2 years ago 

Thank you @renataboreal

Hola amigos ya me he unido a su trail

 2 years ago 

Thank you @sincroniadivina

Hola estimados amigos ya me uní a el trail, abrazooos!

Captura de pantalla 2020-09-17 a la(s) 1.30.57 p. m..png

Im a newbie! I have just started an account here at Steemit and now subscribe to World of Pixar Community. I will be posting more of my travels from time to time.

Hi @worldofxpiler, Thank you so much for your good information.I opened my account according to your information.

I tried to register, but an error message like this appears.

Hi @johnion

Yes, it is true that there was a problem registering.
the certificate has been updated and now it works normally again

What's the actual benefit after i joining this auto curation contest ??? sir @worldofxpilar

Hi @brendonbat

Currently with your steem power of 23.23 SP (16.46 + 6.77) your vote will not be visible in the accounts because it is less than one
$ 0.01. I see you have $ 3,551 steem dollars. You can easily switch them to STEEM by using the service and then increase your steem power.
And now it's profitable to switch SBD to steem

Very very thanks to sir @worldofxpilar for informing this important information, and sir I really don't know about this. I hope you will definitely helping me always all about this.

I've done it, it's time to wait for a miracle ...

I've done it, it's time to wait for a miracle ...

It's not easy to be new to steemit, you joined August 2020.
there is a lot to learn here and I have taken a look at your posts.
See that you got good answers from @ josevas217
Joining a trail is not the same as automatically giving you votes back if that was what you were thinking.
Hope you are patient and develop on steemit, build friendship and trust

Thank you @worldofxpilar for your advice, I will try to survive and learn

happy to being a part of that great community we work togather with great affert

my contents are not enough? nobody giving upvote?

Hi, how do I get voted? are there any guidelines or anything? since I publish and don't drop a single vote I don't know what happens

Hi @littlegremlin

I see that you have more votes on your posts and that's great or did you mean that you did not get votes from our trail?
The important thing here is that you get votes from society

Yes I joined the trial but how I can use it.

Joining a trail is not the same as you can use it.
You agree that we give manual upvote to posts

Holaaa, me parece una gran idea, yo ya me registré!

Hola saludos. Los apoyo y quisiera unirme. Te invito a ver este link Espero que te guste 🤗💗🎄

Wow... All your information is overwhelming to my Brain...
December 2.9 Hollywood Time...

Apakah ini aman? Saya sedikit kurang yakin?

Hola mis amigos de esta hermosa comunidad donde me siento muy comoda soy relativamente nueva en esta bella plataforma pero dia a dia pongo lo mejor de mi para aprender de este mundo de informacion,

ayer recibo esto que quisiera tratar de entender mejor y agradezco su ayuda amigos.

si pueden revisar mi estatus yo agradecida.

I want to try this .

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