The Integration of TRX and Steemit is Coming, Stay Tuned!

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In February 2020, Steemit and the Tron Foundation entered into a strategic partnership.

As a result of that partnership we are delighted to announce the integration of the TRON token, TRX, into the Steem ecosystem, which will be live in a few hours!

Users will now be able to earn additional TRX rewards alongside Steem Power when posting content on the Steem blockchain.

This is a major step forward in the mutual growth and development of the Steem and TRON blockchains.

TRON is an advanced decentralized blockchain platform, dedicated to the establishment of a truly decentralized Internet and its infrastructure.

The TRON Protocol, one of the largest blockchain-based operating systems in the world, offers public blockchain support of high throughput, high scalability, and high availability for all Decentralized Applications (DApps) in the TRON ecosystem.

Steemit has redefined social media by building a living, breathing, and growing social economy – a community where users are rewarded for sharing their voice. It is a new kind of attention economy.

The integration not only makes Steemit users to earn more benefits and join the TRON ecosystem, but also Steemit can provide TRON users with a platform for communication and sharing, which will enrich and develop ecosystems of both parties much more.

Let’s take some time to look at the exciting new features before it is online!

TRX Rewards

TRX rewards will be distributed in direct proportion to the amount of Steem Power earned, at the ratio of 1 TRX : 1 SP.

For every 1 SP earned, 1 TRX will also be awarded.

No TRX will be given for STEEM or SBD earned.

Posts set to Power Up 100% which get all their rewards as Steem Power, will therefore receive twice as many TRX as posts set to 50% SBD/50% SP.

TRX will also be earned in the same 1:1 ratio from curation rewards. So if you have more Steem Power to vote with you will earn more TRX from curation as well.

How to claim TRX

To be able to claim TRX you will need to have a TRON account associated with your Steem account.

New Steem Users

For new users joining Steem, a TRON account will be created automatically, and the TRON address will be connected to their Steem account.

New users will then be able to earn TRX alongside Steem Power, SBD and Steem as they post, comment and curate.

As with the Steem keys, users will need to download the PDF and keep the TRON keys safe.

Please note...

The PDF with both the Steem keys and the TRON keys can only be downloaded once, after that the PDF available for download will only include the Steem keys.

Steemit will not be keeping the TRON keys, so if the keys are lost access to the TRON account and the TRX in it will also be lost.

If a user does lose access to their TRON account they can generate a new one via the ‘UPDATE THE TRON ACCOUNT’ function in their Steemit Wallet. Any TRX collected in a previous account will not be carried over to a new TRON account.

Existing Steem Users

To create a TRON account existing Steem users will just need to log in to their Steem account on
You will be presented with a pop-up window asking you to Agree to setting up a free TRON account...


Just click on Agree and your TRON account will be created automatically.
Make sure you download the PDF with your TRON account keys and keep it safe !


To confirm your TRON account has been created log in to your Steemit Wallet and you will see a TRX balance displayed.

Please note…
You must log in to to create your TRON account the first time. After that you can post on any frontend to earn TRX rewards.

Even if you do not create your TRON account straightaway your TRX rewards will still accumulate and will be distributed to your wallet when you do set up the TRON account.

Display of TRX Rewards

The pending TRX rewards on a post will be displayed alongside the SP and SBD. Just click on the down arrow next to the post payout total to show the rewards.


Your TRX total balance will be displayed in your Steemit Wallet.


Note: This address is only used for claiming TRX, please don't transfer any assets into this address.

How can you use your TRX rewards

There are several ways you can use your TRX rewards...

  1. You can contribute to the TRON ecosystem by freezing (staking) your TRX and voting for Super Representatives. This should earn you over 8% APY (Annual Percentage Yield).



  1. TRX can be traded on Poloniex for other cryptocurrencies.
  2. TRX can be transferred to other Steem accounts or TRON accounts.
  3. TRX connects the entire TRON ecosystem. You can send TRX anywhere, anytime.

If you want to do more with your TRON account then try the TronLink wallet and import your TRON account there.

Tell the world on Twitter

If you are on Twitter please retweet our announcement on @steemit.

Tweet out about it yourselves as well to your friends and followers.

You can also share this great news on your other social media.

If you post screenshots, links and your number of followers in the comments below we will be giving out some extra votes.

The integration of TRX into the Steem rewards system is a great new benefit for all active Steemians.

We hope you are as excited about this advance as we are.

Look out for more great developments coming in the future,

Thank you,

The Steemit Team


Hi guys, one quick question - is there a way to check users TRON address knowing his STEEM username? I'm going to need it to distribute the rewards to investors :)

It’s very useful info, thank you!

You guys are still alive too? Awesome!

You are asking a very important question!

Once you finish set up with trx account creation, you will get a pdf file which include your address and private key

Thanks for the info

Thanks for running such a great service, :)

@tipu so kind of you, hope your distribution bring lots of profit, good luck 😊

It's always Good News when we hear of another way to Earn on Steemit! :) I tweeted this to my 2360 Twitter Followers.


Funny that the Hivers freaked out over unrealistic rumors that Steem would be turned into a Tron token and here you are doing the exact opposite. I like it, it's a good method of adding value to Steem while doing very minimal development work on the Steem side.

I think you're going to end up with a lot of frozen TRX with the key-burning policy, though. Historically people here don't hold onto their keys as well as you might be used to on other chains. Maybe a lot of those went elsewhere but I think you still will end up with a lot of people here as their first crypto. Might be a good idea to have some sort of recovery system.

Looking forward to this feature for a long time. Nutbox also Integrated Steem with Tron in defi field a month ago.

This is one of the greatest news in the recent days. Great Job!!

Awesome news @steemitblog

Already resteemed. We will share this news with all our members and tomorrow we will post an article about this integration on our profile - hopefully it will help to get some reach.

Small question:

  • based on our understanding, only authors will be rewarded with additional TRX tokens? Curators won't be receiving them? Just wanted to clarify that part.

I will reply this:

TRX will also be earned in the same 1:1 ratio from curation rewards. So if you have more Steem Power to vote with you will earn more TRX from curation as well.

Cheers, Piotr

I confused on where the Tron is coming from?

My guess is it's minted

Anyone who earns SP is entiltiled to 1SP:1TRX reward. That's it.

This is such a wonderful announcement and such amazing innovations makes steemit a better place and I am sure that this will also encourage more users to post with 100% power up that will help the overall steem staking.

When more people hold steem then it will lead great growth to the platform. thanks for sharing this wonderful update team and its such an awesome milestone.

shared it on Twitter for more attention.

Hello friend. It:s been a while. How Are you doing? I miss you guys on Actifit.

Hi buddy,
Yes, it's really been a long time. I am good and how are you doing .

It's nice to hear that you are doing great. I'm also feeling good here. Have a lovely day.

Good to know that you are good and safe, Have a great Friday

Thanks buddy

I will be setting up my Tron wallet now and once I am done, I will post it on my social media and encourage my fellow steemit friends to start becoming active again. Thank you for making steemit alive and great again. Cheers fellow steemians!

Does this work for anyone? I have my TRX account setup. Still not getting any TRX after claiming rewards. What's going on?

This sounds merrier to me. What a day and what an achievement. Tron and Steem are natural allies in terms of scalability and with this announcement, now we are interoperable with the Tron ecosystem. This definitely factors in with its fundamental value and thank you so much for the continuous improvement and development.

We stand out when it comes to such a development in the earliest possible time.

I would also like to express my gratitude to the Tron foundation.

Steem on.

Things can not get better than this.
Such a great announcement and i am sure now many users would be encouraged to power up theur posts yo 100% more often.
I have been powering up for a long time but seems like now it is going to be more than ever.
Going to get this done as soon as possible.
Resteeming right away to spread its reach.
Great work and excellent partnership.
LongLive Steemit❤️
#onepercent #pakistan

I agree ... it's an interesting thing that could restore STEEMIT to its former glory

It's here at last. This is amazing. I love the simplicity of creating the TRX account. This is a great opportunity to invite people.

Great work and kudos to all those doing a great job to make the steemit platform boom. I'm all for steem.

One ❤️

Tron itself is very concise and user-friendly. Take any official application and take a look at the FAQ: very clear and beautiful, nothing more. Justin compared Ether to Apple, but the only similarity between Ether and Apple is the price. Tron is similar to Apple in aesthetics, speed, and convenience.

I knew this was coming and I have been preparing myself by learning more and investing in TRX, but this is much more than I expected, what excellent news, thanks @steemitblog this is something really BIG! 🤗

It's great to see that the Steam community has grown to be nice to Tron. P.S. I am one of the Tron community. Do not pay attention to the reputation, she suffered just the same for Tron - you can see for yourself after reading my posts.

This is just super great, wow I love this, merging two blockchain gaints is just super cool and mutually beneficial. I love this and believe this is one step closer to a truely decentralised internet. Steem to the 🌒.
#trx #steem

Wow, so Nice!. The whole is process is so easy to understand. All of us will be benefited from this integration. Thanks a lot to Steemit team. Love you.

It’s really exciting news. We're so happy
#trx #steem ❤️

This is very nice and BIG good news. Good integration. Now have a strong reason to set Post and Comments to 100% Power Up.

How To make the default setting to "Power Up 100%" For All Your Post and Comments?

Check the post made by @sapwood, below is the same.

How do I make the default setting of my post payout "Power Up 100%"?

Very Big Bull run in SBD and STEEM.




#onepercent #india #affable

Wow some extra rewards on the way for all the active and dedicated steemians.

Loved this news now willing to see this going live.

Steemit getting more interesting.

Hi the Steemit Team,

It is a great update and a motivation for many who were not active to re-start as well as for people who did not know anything about Steem at least to pick in.

Two positive news noticeable today:

  • the Steem Price is still above 0,20 and looks at trading volume of $105,176,115 USD


  • Steem Dollar Price is: $4.23; 258.5%


Steem on!

Are you able to claim TRX tokens?

Nope. I can claim, but I actually get nothing whenever I claim

Yes, that is our from today:


Maybe my initial claim won't go through, I was able to claim the recent one. @stef1

It is a great news!

Wow amazing news,so happy

I knew it, I knew it, yeah I knew this had to happen, I really love it!!!!

Translation for the benefit of the Spanish community.

Traducción en beneficio de la comunidad hispanohablante

La integración de TRX y Steemit está llegando, ¡esten atentos!

Gracias @mariita52 por facilitarnos la traducción, de todas formas esperare a mi hijo para que lea y me ayude, no me gusta meterme en nada sin su ayuda adicional u orientación. Parece muy bueno de gran crecimiento.

Soy muy lenta para aprender @steemitblog y me gusta ver los pasos que tengo que hacer de la mano de mi hijo. Parecen muy buenas noticias.

I'm very slow to learn @steemitblog and I like to see the steps that I have to do with my son. It sounds like very good news.

Thank you @ mariita52 for facilitating the translation anyway I will wait for my son to read and help me, I do not like to get into anything without your additional help or guidance. It seems very good of great growth.

This is really great news. we were waiting for such a news. It was clear from yesterday's incident that a great opportunity was coming.

Thanks The steemit team.


An extraordinary announcement, surely this certain integration will bear abundant fruit in a permanent harvest.

Blessings to the Blockchain Steem and Blockchain Tron

Good vibes

This is great news.. The partnership of tron and steem is really beautiful move to provide a much much better ecosystem. Thank you for for this team. Much appreciated.!!

Wow that's amazing so happy and proud to be a part of Steemit platform

Wow... Greatest news ever. This is nice

Im so excited for that . I will tell my friends and fly back to the moon.

Wow @steemitblog this is great.Steemit is going higher.
#onepercent #nigeria

It's the greatest announcement that what I've seen this year!

It's really big news for us... waiting for a big opportunity for everyone...I just loved this and very happy for this beautiful news..

it is great news for us, i saw one dream that i also wrote about it few month ago, so i will rewrite my that dream post that i wrote many month ago, about trx steem, good news for steem

I want to say a big thank you to the great job you all do

I can't claim the TRX tokens, it won't go to my TRX balance.

I already logged in using my posting key in steemitwallet. @steemitblog


Same here

go to wallet page and retry

I tried.... still won’t work...

Same Here! I can't claim my TRX too.

will forward this message to someone who did this part

I was wondering where these TRX rewards came from. In TRON, there is only two sources for new TRX: block rewards and vote rewards. Is it sustainable methods? or are you going to allocate new trx pool in TRON system to support these TRX rewards on steemit? and how much amount of TRX is allocated for this purpose?

I knew something like that would come 👏👏👏
Now we have amazing possibilities for the future, not to think about that Hive thing never happened...🤦‍♂️
But anyway, real great news for Steem, thanks to J.Sun and all the people who made it possible..


I agree, I think that’s good for STEEMIT and for TRON too. finally TRON is now linked to a valuable dApp

This is indeed great news!

I hope this will bring some more traffic from Tron community members to Steemit. I feel that it is still recovering from the Hives mutiny episode.

Let's see more Tronics come and embrace @Steemit and let's make Steemit greater :-)


Go TRON, go Steemit!

Account creation doesn´t work.

Not after minutes and even not after hours.

What is the reason?

Dear @steemitblog

Many people were wondering how will this partnership work out and surely many users were worried and concerned. However, it seem that those concerns were unnecessary and I'm glad to see that this partnership is going in right direction.

I can only hope that it will bring more traffic and exposure to both blockchains. I wish all the best to TRON and STEEM and will keep my fingers crossed for this partnership to evolve in the future.

Post resteemed and upvoted already :)

Yours, Piotr

This is really interesting. Steemit has a lot of potential even with the hive departure, and this be interesting with the dlive and TRX tie ins to steemit. Can't wait to see how this progresses.

Shared on twitter to my 20.8K following:

А у меня не отображается tron


Зато рассказал в твиттере

gracias por la orientación .muy buen tema

I'm glad that trx added to the wallet section, this sounds awesome

Made my first Tron wallet with steemit today look forward to further integration

This is interesting, but i think the steem community still needs to make arrangements for everyone to be a beneficiary of the community. steem started on a good note and was a blessing to me and I believe to everyone. We need to return steem black to the days of glory and this initiative is a great one. This can get more people back

Jay Sun once said "there will be no millennial left behind".

Survive 🇳🇬 first though. Inch by inch, play by play.

очень полезно и увлекательно)))

Where is the Tron coming from?
I assume privately and if so how sustainable is it?

Не так страшно, как пугали в слухах. Действительно крупное интересное обновление для стимиан.

The truth is, past witnesses have ruled Steem and milked the members like a cow. When Justin showed up and offered to unite, they feared losing power and started a war. In the end, they realized that they would lose and took the sheeps with them to Hive.

This is awesome news! Steem is back

Hola, estoy reactivando mi cueta steemit y me aparecio la creación de la cuenta TRON, pero no me deja hacerlo, me pide que me logee con la cuenta activa o propietario y al hacerlo no me da ingreso a steemit; me da un error.


The world of crypto is catching me) New knowledge is coming, nice. New opportunities )

Awesome news! Looking forward to earn with steemit!

@steemitblog, First of all i want to appreciate this decision team.

This sounds Advanced Integration and hopefully new Developmental Path.

Here one more vision is visible and that is Potential User Intention Rate and Potential New User Account Creation.

Hopefully Old Steemians will come back after this Positive News.

Good wishes from my side and stay blessed team.

Finally! The long-awaited Steem-Trx integration is live. I just made my TRX account and I'm already looking for the button to import my Steem-Trx account to my Tronlink account.

Anyway, thanks a lot Steemit team for bridging the Steem ecosystem to the Trx ecosystem.

Well done. Kudos!

Great, well done!

I don't visit Steemit that often, but I must point out that the site has become much faster since the last visit.
This is undoubtedly pleasing.

If you add a basic visual editor for text, pictures and multimedia, I will undoubtedly appear here more often.


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I am excited for this feature. It is biggest announcement in the steem history till yet and also people will hold more SP and Tron because of this. thanks

Shared on twitter ►

This is absolutely a big news
This news was worth the wait
#0nepercent #pakistan

Wuao esto si que parece ser super interesante como siempre @steemitblog sorprendiendonos con sus nuevos proyectos y desafíos esto tendrá mucho éxito con los miles de seguidores que aquí habitamos , con nuestros gran esfuerzo unión y esmero esta plataforma crecera cada dia mas estoy segura que si. Exitosos para los creadores y bendiciones para todos los que hacemos vida en esta comunidad.!!

A seguir dando todo de nosotros como lo hemos estado haciendo conciente estoy de que el trabajo de todos a sido valorado..!!


Post successfully shared on Twitter


Steem all the way

How about delegated steem? Do you get the airdrops?

What a great news that I've heard recently!

Congratulations! we've been waiting for a good news like this for a long time 🙂

Wow, this is awesome! I was hoping for something like that for al long time, thank you very much! I'm pretty sure this will give the community and all its members a big boost :-)

this man this is really amazing step love steemit every day more and more

eu ainda nao sei usa

Great news!

@steemitblog, this is very beautiful.
I am super excited on seeing this post. Steemit is the future.
I love steemit. We steem to the moon.
I can't wait to share this with some of my friends.
Thank you so much for all you do for steemit, i never imagined this. I am happy that i am a part if steemit.

Que genial🤗
Es una excelente noticia del ecosistema Steem, una unión que refleja la fuerza y el crecimiento...
Vamos por más!

How cool This is excellent news from the Steem ecosystem, a union that reflects strength and growth ... Let's go for more!


pretty awesome update now we can earn both cryptos at the same time!

Here is a screenshot of my tweet.


Great! I made a full translation into Russian

This is so amazing....steeming is very sweet, I have trons account already.
I'm going to download my tron wallet right away....I'll make sure I tweet on to the moon.
Steem steem on to the moon!!
#onepercent #nigeria

I made repost of Russian translate of this article on Golos social network

Where will TRX come from for the award in Steam? Will Tron Foundation pay for it?

I was restlessly waiting for this big announcement followning yesterday's tweet made by Justin Sun.

Music to my ears 😍.

This is big news for Steemit!!! Thank you so much. Thank you for your support!!!

Something to SMILE about :>) Looking forward to it happening...

This is an awesome news for us to movitate to be active again. We loved $TRX and surely we support this great development @steemit posted at twitter my old account sweetcha69 is restricted, I use imdhine15 account to spread the big news.

This is great new for the community and i believe this will further see our growth and our integration as a family. Thanks to the steemit team for this great initiative

This is absolutely awesome, and I am really happy about it! Fantastic work, and you are making it all the more fun and inspiring to publish on Steem! One simple question - is it so that the balances doesn't show up yet? I have tried to claim my Trx rewards, but nothing really happen and they do not show up in the balance, and it seems like this is the same for everyone else as well.

Keep up the great work!


I tweeted this announcement here

Someone had said it...and he was right!!

Super Exciting News, which is shaking the market and which will lead us to be the most innovative blockchain ever!!

Really big congratulations to the whole Team...let's keep dreaming!!

I translated the post for the Italian Community:

P.S. I downloaded TronLink and I noticed that there is still no possibility to trade Steem and SBD.
Are you planning to implement this feature?

Thanks a lot

It’s really exciting news! I made a resteem for 47105 followers.

Wow. Great news for steem and Tron holders!

QUE BUENas noticias

Hello. About 9 months ago I was blacklisted because I am a member of the Tron community and started writing positive posts about unification, you can see this in my posts. Tell me who to contact to remove this mark?

Awesome... here is my Tweet to 196 followers ....


Did you actually get your wallet to work!? I tried and it won't create a Tron account for me!? I also switched to 100% power up and still doesn't work, how do I do it!? 😕😕😕

I already had a Tronlink wallet.

Amazing. Great Move!


It is a great step. We are excited about this step and by this we get to know that roots of our community are deepening.

This is the coolest news from you @steemitblog, thank you for this great news. Upvoted, resteemed and tweeted. Here's my tweeter snapshot


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