Steem Alliance Townhall Meeting with @Ned - TOMORROW (April 3rd) at 8pm UTC

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Town Hall Meeting with @Ned

Tomorrow, Wednesday April 3rd at 8pm UTC (1pm PST/3pm CT/4pm EST)

in The Steem Alliance Discord Server

You can find the recording HERE

Come meet us in the Steem Alliance Server to discuss where we are in this process of establishing a community foundation and what will be happening next.

Ned will be on to chat how he feels about the process so far, as well as why he feels this election, and the future foundation, is such an important addition to the Steem ecosystem.

We also will be announcing the decided upon voting method and explaining how that will work. We may be able to go over a few of the different structure ideas on the table to understand what are choices are currently, if time allows.

Come join us and be a part of the discussion


How to register

Voter Registration Feedback Needed

Our initial cut off for registration was set for a two week time period ending on Thursday, April 4th.

We have heard a bit of feedback that this was the first time many have even heard of this foundation, and that therefore this registration period (set nearly two weeks ago) would not allow for optimal participation.

The Working Group is considering pushing back the registration cut off a few days to allow anyone who wants to participate in the future election to be able to do so. We wanted to hear the community's thoughts on this though.

Do you feel an extended registration time is needed?

Let us know in the comments below or in the discord server itself.

Current Structure Proposals

The below is the current list of proposals (in order received) that have been submitted at this time. These are ideas on how this community foundation should be designed and the upcoming election is to decide what structure will be chosen.

Please take a look at them and ask questions, give feedback. The goal here is to build the best foundation, rather than have a competition.

@jackmiller Proposal: Steem United


@valued-customer Proposal: Evergreen Funding

@upheaver Proposal:

The foundation structure proposal made by @upheaver focuses on making Steem the leading blockchain for decentralized apps and communities worldwide. Structure presents the foundation as independent and jurisdiction compatible legal entity governed by a board of directors and a professional leadership team, with on-chain advisory elements. Foundation will be able to sustain itself long-term through corporate membership programs and support a variety of functions including a project incubator, development grants, direct investment, training and events.

@alexvan Proposal:


@bluefinstudios Proposal: Grow the Chain


The Mission and Purpose of the non profit, GROW-THE-CHAIN, will be to raise capital, call for proposals, and provide Funding for Projects to make the general public, governments, and corporations, more aware of Steem Blockchain, enhance Steem value, and showcase Steem’s overwhelming advantages among cryptocurrency. The Non Profit will advocate for Steemians, and educate regulatory agencies and Governments worldwide.

The Non profit will work alongside hand-in-hand with other blockchain initiatives, such as the Worker Proposal System (DAO's), with the Non Profit focusing on the marketing, business, and regulatory sectors of the Steem Blockchain, and not focus on software and code initiatives.

@aggroed Proposal: Stars Align


The Stars Align foundation design is intended to decentralize the work necessary to mainstream Steem from Steemit Inc to the entire community. The plan allows the public to approach a board consisting of subject experts approved by the stakeholders with a proposal request for funding. A board of experts meets, reviews the proposal and gives it a vote. Proposals that have been approved go to the Executive Board to balance priorities and make sure everything about the proposal is kosher. From there the Board of Directors, comprised of Steem Stakeholders, approves the budget and the projects this community believes will help spread Steem receive funding.


@impactn Proposal: Decentra-Steem

Communities make Steem attractive and unique in the blockchain world. Thus, the purpose of the foundation, designed in this proposal, is to focus on and strengthen communities on Steem blockchain. Strengthening communities begins with the structure design itself. Decentralise it and you’ll strengthen the community as long as the setting is not dysfunctional. How to keep it functional? Organisations research shows: a network of working circles, driven by a strong purpose and supported by good rules is more efficient and effective than any centralised structure.

Thus, this proposal shows how such a decentralised structure may be set up for Steem-foundation. Working circles may cover any task: strategic and operational issues, software development or marketing, distribution or allocation of funds. A set of rules supports these working circles in interacting in favor of the common purpose: strengthening communities. Further rules ensure accountability and transparency.

@guiltyparties Proposal: S+

S+ is a professional yet decentralized model that leverages the strong audit, tracking and control mechanisms built into the Steem blockchain to create a cohesive, inclusive and ethical Foundation. It recognises that widespread collaboration and large amounts of funding will be processed by the Foundation. It also supports the existing collaboration models already in place and approaches a decentralized task-force from the perspective of long-term stakeholders and community members. Additionally, it aims to be universally inclusive and break down the barriers amongst community members, providing an avenue for the application of the existing professional skill-sets of members. The S+ model takes into account both the historical and existing conflicts of interest and avenues for exploitation and attempts to bridge those gaps through the existing strength of the Steem blockchain and ecosystem.

@thehive Proposal:


We will continue to gather proposals as this process progresses. You can always find the current proposals in the Steem Alliance Discord Server to stay up to date.

Community Feedback Needed

Those working on these proposals want to hear from you, the community. Ask questions, give suggestions and feedback. Let them know what you want to see in this Community Foundation.

Don't forget to go Register To VOTE and tell your friends to do the same!

This is the community's foundation, we just have to come together to build it first.

Thank You,

The Steem Alliance Working Group

What is the Steem Alliance?

The Steem Alliance is an idea of a community coming together to build a foundation with the collective goal of improving Steem as a whole.

The goal of this future foundation is to be the combined “face of the chain”, working alongside additional groups as well as Steemit Inc. to better the Steem platform together. With a main focus on helping to push Steem into the mainstream arena with focus on marketing, upkeep of, development of steemd, outreach and Steem events. Funding would need to be fundraising/profit based but also with large seed from Steemit Inc. itself.

The goal of this Working Group is to oversee the establishment of the future foundation while ensuring transparency, fairness and that the community's voice is heard. Once the foundation is established, Working Group is disbanded.


Can someone explain these proposals to us like we are 5 year olds? I know some of them are important, but if I don't understand many of the proposals.
I have a tendency to either not vote, or being a skeptic just pick NO if I don't know what I am deciding.

Edit: I am going to register anyway and I may try to make an idiot's guide to voting myself, but I was wondering specifically if there is something out there.

Totally understand the need to break the proposals down to compare them more easily, we are working on that. The questionnaires were the first step to that and possibly a good place to start.. but we will be working with the teams to the to get a better explanation as well.

Understanding the proposals even for a relatively technical users is still way to difficult to understand. I hope this will be solved when they are broke down...

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Sounds good. Can't wait to see it and compare with my own thinking.

It is difficult to imagine a lot of people even registering to vote when looking at the above post.
It is informative and helpful and seems important, but it look scary and difficult.

I mean people won't even wash their hands after going to the toilet and the sink is right there.

Hmm that being said maybe in future ability to delegating someone to vote for us would be cool. Then again probably half the people on the platform dont even vote for witnesses.

Sorry if I sound negative, I promise to vote but I am also aware of how dismal voter turnout and voter registration tends to be.

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another way of accomplishing this is to go to the proposals.. and bombard the writers with questions. They think no one is even looking at them due to the lack of feedback they are receiving. The ones writing the proposals should be able to answer your confusion and provide some clarity.

I honestly hope the best idea wins and not the best salesman or populist.

I just published a post tagged #steemfoundation trying to explain. i invite anyone to simplify the proposals to 2 tweets or less answers what and why.

Edit: We know it's a foundation, non-profit, etc. Why is it one of the 10 proposals?

I honestly hope the best idea wins and not the best salesman or populist.

I agree. That is one of the several reasons for the need to register for voting. It will reduce the ability of someone going on a popularity campaign to boost a proposal with popularity over substance.

I just published a post tagged #steemfoundation trying to explain. i invite anyone to simplify the proposals to 2 tweets or less answers what and why.

Awesome.. thank you for doing that. I think that is a fantastic challenge for the proposers to undertake. Basically what's their elevator pitch.

Edit: We know it's a foundation, non-profit, etc. Why is it one of the 10 proposals?

I don't understand this question. The proposals are for the form the future foundation/non-prof should be. Is that what you're asking?

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It's All About Community!

We know it's a foundation, non-profit, etc. Why is it one of the 10 proposals?

What I meant by this is pretty much every proposal in its description focuses on what is their goal and it is all the same or very similar.

I want to know what distinguishes it from the other proposals. It wasn't a question aimed at you. It is more of a question for the people with the proposals.

I don't even care if they post on my post or make their own. But I think keeping it down to two tweets to distinguish their proposal and describe it is important.

I want to narrow my choices down to two or three and then read their full proposal. I don't want to read 10 in their entirety. Well, even if I do, I want a summary that doesn't start with once upon a time in the beginning, we the people, blah blah.

It looks like nobody has commented upon extending the voter registration deadline... yet 😀

OK, let's extend it for a week. And ask established Steem communities to tell their members about it.

When I remember correctly there were about 450 voters in the Discord when this thing was started. There should be more people actively present for the first real voting. I think 😀

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I also want this explained better. I want to be involved but its confusing if you want to make a division instead of do what your told

Yes, the questionnaires on each proposal were part of the idea of how to explain the complex proposals in an easier way. We are continuing to work on a way to continue to break them down though so they are easy to understand. Thanks for the feedback!

Good to hear @ned seems half way interested in such an important thing like this. This is our future here at Steem

This specific foundation project was his idea actually and he has been somewhat involved (while letting the community take the lead) the whole time.

Why does no one EVER give me AEST time?

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Because I can barely convert UTC to PST.. let alone CT, EST.. and now AEST?!?! :P

6am AEST hope you can make it!

Lol.. thanks darling... xxx I'll try my bestest but only coz it's you x

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@Ned Thanks for organizing the community.

Recently new to Steemit. I was already working on an article, below, when I signed up. Will investigate further and vote.
Happy to find many efforts consistent with my intents. These proposals appear exactly what I would hope for a group to work within to develop governance and currency.

After a month in vacation I missed the development of this initiative.

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If you can make it to the meeting, hopefully that will help. There have also been a few videos and posts made by individuals to help explain the foundation itself, maybe those would be a good place to start.

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