Rambling Radio Show Schedule Update -- Time Changes

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Now that both Europe and North America have completed their fall time changes, it’s time to update the Rambling Radio Schedule:

Creatives Coffee Hour — Monday - hosted by: @ArtemisNorth

Hosted by @ArtemisNorth of the Fiber Ramble curation project, the Creatives Coffee Hour is a relaxed drop in where chat is about projects completed and posted or pictures of projects underway. A place for creatives of all stripes to hangout for an hour swapping stories and to share some laughs.

Time: 1pm EST / 6pm UTC - (UTC time has changed)

Curation Corner — Tuesday — hosted by: @ArtemisNorth & @shadowspub

Manual curation, people seeking out quality posts and sharing them with others, plays an important part in bringing to light good content creators who are often overlooked in the sea of posts on the platform.
What does it take to produce a post which will get the attention of the curators? @ArtemisNorth and @shadowspub, along with their guests, will discuss posts they have currently curated and what factors in the post contributed to them getting notice.

Time: 2pm EST / 7pm UTC - (UTC time has changed)

Hungry Hungry Hump Day — Wednesday — hosted by: @crazybgadventure

A show for the foodies talking about all things culinary. Future topics will be talking about quick and simple recipes, for the hungry foodie, or foodies in a hurry. There will be an ingredient of the week where a particular ingredient is explored, looking at its origin and foods it works well with.

Time: 1pm EST / 6pm UTC - (EST time has changed)

Pimp Your Post Thursday — Thursday — hosted by @shadowspub

This live curation show where people get a chance to promote their own posts or the posts of others. It’s a great networking opportunity and some interesting conversations have been known to break out and connections made for future projects. There are two sessions to cover as many time zones as possible.

Times: 11am & 6pm EST / 4pm & 11pm UTC - (Morning UTC has changed, Evening EST has changed)

Barbarella — Fridays — hosted by @Ravijojla & @anutu

These two graduates of the @welcomewagon program bring us not one but two great shows on Fridays with segments including; Steemit Trends, Author of the Week, The Big Fish (special guests) and always the Final Word.

Times: 10am EST & 3pm EST / 3pm & 8pm UTC - (EST has changed for both shows)

Words With Witty — Friday — hosted by @enginewitty

This Witness runs @thealliance a group of Steemians dedicated to quality content and engagement on the platform. He’s going to be talking about his favourite subject, the STEEM platform and what’s been going on.

Time: 2pm EST / 7pm UTC - (UTC has changed)

Next Witness Chat — Saturday November 17th starting at Noon EST / 5pm UTC

Shows are streamed on Vimm.tv follow https://www.vimm.tv/@ramblingradio

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Thanks, @shadowpub. I am going to put these times in my calendar and try to listen in, though the next two weeks are going to be extra busy for me. Looks like a lot of learning and making it fun. Thanks for the link and thank goodness for social media and connections truly set up for people.

it really is pretty amazing how we can connect and interact with each other. We have some good times and convo on those shows. Will be nice to see you when you can join us.

This is the first night I can join. I'll be listening but I can't sign in because I can't remember how to get to my passwords.

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