PROPOSAL "STEEM UNITED" 1.0 by @jackmiller (witness)

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In accordance with the "Request For Proposal (RFP)" posted yesterday I am posting my first submission via this post.


You can download the file by clicking on the above logo, which will take you to .

Simply click on the download button on that page and the pdf will open in a new window.

I sincerely hope that my proposal inspires others to get onboard and contribute to this brilliant opportunity that we have. It will definitely help make Steem become the dream if we all pitch in.


If anyone is interested in a MS Word version of the file, please contact me via the messages below or directly on Discord.

My name there is as it is everywhere, @jackmiller.

Any and all of the materials and texts are up for grabs, take it, use it, work it, hope it helps.

As a (backup) Steem Witness, am pleased to be given an opportunity to express myself openly and to contribute to the efforts wit this endeavour.

BTW if you like any of my visions and ideas that you read in the proposal, don't hesitate to show it by casting a witness vote for me @jackmiller , every vote counts because every person counts & matters!


Yours truly,


After reading the Steem United Proposal document, I am extremely impressed. Thank you for your hard work. I salute you, sir.

"Sir", don't call me "Sir", I worked and work and always will work for a living SSgt.

;) don't take this comment to heart, you know that I have to reply with this "answer", I do appreciate the gist of what you said.


Reading it over @jackmiller in the process of doing a proposal too.

Sure, take whatever you believe can be used to make a better proposal or add to it, or do whatever you feel is best.

Teamwork in action!


Unity is strength, thanks for this refreshing message.

I like the umbrella as a visual. This foundation should not be thought of as an institutionalised centre of power, but rather as a sheltered gathering point for the whole community. Thanks for your good work. A lot to think about in progressing further.

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I see a lot of people with many constructive ideas out there, this is a perfect opportunity for everyone who is willing to express those ideas to put them out there.

A perfect opportunity to show how all of us can communicate and work together as Steemians in the best interests of our Steem.

Can't wait to check out what people have to suggest and to see the second round of proposals which I believe will be absolutely fantastic and maybe very compatible in various ways, making the idea of multiple teams of people getting together and working on various projects and programs all in the spirit of this endeavour we are trying to get going here.

Getting others to work for the community without gaining big profit for themselves is the hardest it seems.

Thank you so much for participating in the Partiko Delegation Plan Round 1! We really appreciate your support! As part of the delegation benefits, we just gave you a 3.00% upvote! Together, let’s change the world!

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Thank you for contributing to this whole process. Upvoted & Resteemed

Keep up the great work. I love that this community is made up of so many talented and generous people. Ultimately the community is the greatest strength of Steem.

An excellent proposal, Jack! Thanks for all the time and effort you put into it!

I believe that the most important part of this proposal is the communications and coordination centre.

No matter what all proposals end up turning into foundations one day, we have HF21 just around the corner and the DAO.

Without a place for comms, we are literally "buggered".

2019 is beginning to look very promising to me. 👍