SteemPlus extension now available on Chrome, Opera and Firefox

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SteemPlus is a browser extension that lets users hide resteems (whitelist system coming soon) and minnows chose their voting weight.

SteemPlus is originally a Chrome extension but with the appropriate tools, you can also use it on Opera and Firefox.

On Chrome

If you're using Chrome, it's very straightforward, you just have to install SteemPlus from the Chrome Store here and enjoy!

On Opera

  • Add and install the Download Chrome Extension from the Opera add-ons gallery.
  • Select Add to Opera in here.
  • Accept the disclaimer.
  • You'll be shown the extension manager page, select Install in front of SteemPlus.
  • Enjoy!

On Firefox

  • Install Chrome Store Foxified.
  • Select Add to Firefox in here.
  • If you wish to install the add-on permanently, you need to login to and have your cookies enabled!

Hope this help!
New features coming soon, comments and requests are welcomed!

@stoodkev for @steem-plus


I've just added your extension to SteemProjects database:



SteemProjects is not officially released yet, but developers like you are already able to add/edit information about own projects. I will contact you on about the details :)

Great, thank you =)
I ve just sent you a message on the chat!

Is the steem-plus extension open-sourced, because I couldn't seem to find it on github (though it's possible I missed it)?

Just as an FYI, there are a few other scripts and extensions that have been released by others (including myself) with similar functionality. My scripts (released a few months back), for example, are open-source TamperMonkey scripts that don't require you to again share your private keys:

Link: Ultimate STEEMIT: Minnow Post Vote Slider and Past Payout Monetizer Script... and next, here comes SteemTUBE!!! 😲

Link: "Hide ReSteems": TamperMonkey Script Toggles Feed & Profile ReSteems, now for GOLOS and STEEMIT!

For those who might not be as comfortable using a Chrome extension with STEEMIT (especially if it's not open-source), this might be another option to consider.

Not on github yet.
Everything is written in javascript and not obfuscated, so the source is easily available and the private key is stored locally.
I'll check out your work.
Thanks for pointing out that what I should have precised =)

please open source it. And also... as far as I know, chrome extension can be updated remotely, so it doesn't matter whether it is right now secure, because an evil developer can deploy an exploit later.

All Steem Extensions should be installed in developer mode.

Done, I'm going to post about it now =)

Hi @steem-plus (@stoodkev)
I liked your post a lot, so I reviewed it in my curation #8

I hope you will have the time to visit and let me know what you think :D

I just did =)

Glad you like it! New update coming soon =)

Good job, Made a listing for your tool to

Thanks a lot for your help and upvote =)

This deserves some attention. Upvoted and resteemed :]

Thanks a lot! Glad you like it =)

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it ain't easy to get @steemplus on Opera, luckily, resolved

Nice post, very beneficial for us

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