STEEMPLUS UPDATE: Block intrusive resteems! + Chose your voting weight (Chrome extension)

in steem •  2 years ago

Resteems can be annoying and hide good content in our feeds.
SteemPlus new feature will allow you to let them disappear on command from your favorite social network.
Here is how:

  1. If you are new to SteemPlus, download and install the lightweight Chrome extension here. If you are using Opera or Firefox, there are ways to install Chrome extension on it, just check online.

  2. You do NOT need to input your username and WIF for hiding the resteems. These are only required to use SteemPlus when you're a minnow and want to upvote with less than 100%! Check out our first post to see how.

  3. Just check the "Hide Resteems" box, and tadaaa... no more resteems, except your owns when checking your blog.

Since not all Resteems are bad, the next update will add a whitelist/blacklist system.

New tools coming soon so be sure to follow to receive the updates! Suggestions and comments are welcome.

Upvotes and Resteems (paradox?) are greatly appreciated and will keep me going.

I hope this will help ;)

@stoodkev for SteemPlus

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Is the steem-plus extension open-sourced, because I couldn't seem to find it on github (though it's possible I missed it)?

Just as an FYI, there are a few other scripts and extensions that have been released by others (including myself) with similar functionality. My scripts (released a few months back), for example, are open-source TamperMonkey scripts that don't require you to again share your private keys:

Link: Ultimate STEEMIT: Minnow Post Vote Slider and Past Payout Monetizer Script... and next, here comes SteemTUBE!!! 😲

Link: "Hide ReSteems": TamperMonkey Script Toggles Feed & Profile ReSteems, now for GOLOS and STEEMIT!

For those who might not be as comfortable using a Chrome extension with STEEMIT (especially if it's not open-source), this might be another option to consider.

@steem-plus got you a $8.03 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice!
@steem-plus got you a $8.03 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice! (Image:

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Sounds useful, I'll try it. Thank you!


you re welcome! hope this helps !

Nice work!


Thank you, hope this helps!

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I read this because of a resteem!

Although I agree. A lot of them are annoying.


Yup that's why I ll push the whitelist/blacklist asap :) Stay tuned

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Nice. I'll try that out. Too much Resteems can be very annoying sometimes. Then it can get difficult to find the good content.
Thanks J

Yes! This is one of the most commonly requested features on Steem, you are awesome for implementing it. I'll probably wait until the whitelist/blacklist feature is added... some resteems are good, when they are not too frequent.


Thanks for your comment, I ll implement it asap, stay tuned! :)

Nice feature, I am going to check it out. This is a solution to something that has been a problem for me since I joined Steemit. Thank you.


You re welcome. What s your feedback


I always wanted a view with just my posts and not the resteems. This solves my problem.

Great program @steem-plus (@stoodkev),
This is an upvote for your good work in steemit from one of your MAW fellows :)
I look forward to the addition of the white/black lists.
Thanks for sharing :D


You re welcome! The resteem parameters will hopefully arrive in a new update this week, stay tuned :)

This is great, @steem-plus. will put the extension on our desktop. I am also using chrome for mobile most of the time. Does this thing work on mobile browser?


Glad you will be using the service! Sadly, there is no way that I know of to use extensions on mobile. Chrime developers stated that they don't plan to develop that :/ Sorry


Oh shame... at least the desktop version is there.

Thanks @stoodkev


My pleasure :)