The Steem News @ 16 June 2021 - Crypto Academy - new Professors

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Steemit have announced seven new Crypto Professors.

Power Ups are working and the Dolphins are still growing.

Today's Steem News also includes news and updates about SPUD4STEEM, Steemit Weekly, Steem Business Magazine, Steemit Pakistan, PLAY STEEM, SteemAuto, SteemCoffee Shop, some useful guides and how-to's, and many more contests...

1. Steemit Crypto Academy - new Professors

Steemit has announced seven new Professors for the Crypto Academy.

@allbert (Venezuela), @asaj (Ukraine), @awesononso (Nigeria), @cryptokraze (Pakistan), @lenonmc21 (Venezuela),
@reminiscence01 (Nigeria) and @wahyunahrul (Indonesia) will be joining the team for Season 3 which starts next week...

2. Power Ups are Working !

Power up are still going strong and #welovepowerups is a common sight.

This is definitely working as the latest stats from @steemchiller show. Minnows, Dolphins and Orcas are still increasing...

CategorySP02 Jun '2114 Jun '21%
Redfishunder 500SP1,534,1101,544,425+ 0.67%
Minnows500SP - 4,999SP5,9275,994+ 1.13%
Dolphins5,000SP - 49,999SP1,0881,106+ 1.65%
Orcas50,000SP - 499,999SP221224+ 1.36%
Whalesover 500,000SP2626+ 0.00%

Please also note that in the table above the Steem Power values for each 'sea creature category' are only approximate, as the 'raw data' supplied by @steemchiller is based on Vests not SP.

For example 'Minnows' refer to those people with 1,000,000 - 9,999,999 Vests, and 'Dolphins' refers to those with 10,000,000 - 99,999,999 Vests.

Many individuals and communities are holding contests to encourage people to power up.

@irawandedy, for example, runs a weekly Steem Investing Contest with a 30 STEEM prize pool...

@irawandedy also regularly posts the 'Steem Investing and Power Up News'...

3. SPUD4STEEM gets bigger...

Organiser @kiwiscanfly has announced the 1 July Steem Power Up event will have an even bigger prize pool.

@alejos7ven and @fjjrg have joined as sponsors and @randulakoralage has increased her prize delegation.

The total prize pool now stands at 23,500 SP...

4. Steemit Magazines

@papi.mati has released the first edition of his promotional Steemit Weekly...

He also running a contest for people to help promote the magazine...

Promo-Steem Promoter @oscarcc89 has also just released the first issue of his new Steem Business Magazine...

Maybe @papi.mati and @oscarcc89 could collaborate on a joint magazine...?

5. Pakistan Developments

Country Rep @haidermehdi reports on significant new developments for Steem in Pakistan.

He has opened a Steem office and secured agreement to use a large hall for meetups.

New City Representatives have also been appointed - @jawad101 (Rawalpindi), @salmanwains (Lahore) and @dabeerahmed (Karachi)...


Developer @etainclub has posted to inform iPhone users that the iOS version of the app is not currently available as it has expired. A new edition with added features will be made available shortly...

7. SteemAuto Update

@xpilar has posted clarification about the use of active keys when using the SteemAuto service that he has recently taken over...

8. SteemCoffee Shop

Project Advisor @el-nailul has published an update on progress with the SteemCoffee Shop.

The second adjoining piece of land that they wanted to rent is no longer available. Instead they have switched to a separate third patch of adjoining land.

They will now be getting started with the construction of the Coffee Shop...

9. Guides & How To's

Witness @unbiasedwriter has posted about how you can schedule posts using @xpilar's new SteemAuto service...

Uganda Country Rep @yohan2on has given details of how to do various operations in the Steemit wallet...

@cherub27 has published a step-by-step guide of how to buy Steem on Binance and transfer it to your Steemit wallet...

10. Contests, Contests, Contests...

@masumrbd has produced a compilation of current contests on Steem...

KEY DATA [ from CoinMarketCap ]

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Page views ( 1,187,126 / day 16 Jun '21 7.27pm UTC

This is #370 (16 Jun '21) of this daily news service.

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Thank you for including Business Magazine on SteemNews.

Hello, how are you? I follow you. And I would like you to announce the competitions in the steemwomen club community and the ONE CHILDREN'S THOUSAND HAPPINESS project that we started yesterday. Maybe thanks to you we will see a curator and help many children. We will show the good around the world. Please also consider the event for babies with sma in the Steemit turkiye community If you want to know the details, I can tell you on the discord channel. :)

Best regards @pennsif

Steem women club founder @svm038

Collaborating with @oscarcc89 might be a good idea. It would be great to talk about the details if he is interested in connecting our two projects.

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