Mini contest - share the newspaper in social media

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First edition of "Steemit Weekly" is available to read and download. The most interesting articles selected in multiple contests were gathered in one place and now we would like to use them to promote steemit platform.

That's why we are announcing mini contest "Share the newspaper in social media".

Rules are quite simple:

  1. Copy the link to PDF with "Steemit Weekly":
  2. Paste it in at least one social media platform (it can be Facebook, Twitter even Instagram or some group on WhatsApp)
  3. It's not obligatory but you can add some description:
    ✅ You can write what this newspaper contain
    ✅ You can invite to register on
    ✅ You can mention that every new user who will tag @papi.mati in Achievement1 and write that they heard first time about steemit from "Steemit Weekly", will get my Up-vote and resteem.
    ✅ You can add to the message photo of the cover to make your post more attractive IMG_20210614_182123.jpg
  4. Make the screenshots of your posts and publish it in the comment below
  5. Tag at least three other users in your entry comment
  6. Like and resteem this post

Contest ends on:

 24th of June 2021, at 18:00 (GMT-3)


One participant will be rewarded with 5 STEEM
Like in the previous mini contest, I will use the website to choose the winner.

Good luck!


Great job, thank you!

This post has been featured in the latest edition of Steem News...

Thank you. Are you going to participate in the contest?

No, the account is just spamming on random posts with "great post" comments (or "nice post").

Sir this is a wonderful initiative. I am glad to be part of it, as a Communication student, this is a wonderful opportunity. This is my entry to the mini Contest.

I tag @confydence, @iamvictorious to take part of this contest.

Well done! Thank you for your entry!

Buenas tardes, esta es mi entrada


Spanish. Good work

Perfecto, muchas gracias!

Good job, thank you for your participation!

You’re welcome...I’m delighted!

I equally call on my friends @zackie @ebedossantus @preciuz @JoelMaxwell to equally join up on this contest

Greta, thank you for your entry!

Thank you article

please follow : @rizkysh

Hi @papi.mati thanks for this contest... I am happy I could be of help this community dough my instagram account had a problem I was able to post on facebook

I gladly invite @hydra1 @Massachusetts @abdul0011 and @princes01
To participate

Thank you very much for your participation!

You are welcome. You do good work and we have to support

This is a really bright idea 😍👍 The newspaper looks informative and fun. Congratulations to all those who contributed 👏👏

Thank you for your kind words! I hope it will bring some new users to the platform and give a lot of joy to all old Steemians :)

I hope it will achieve these aims soon 👍

Here is my entry link and screen shot



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There are many forms of Advertising. We have – word of mouth, town criers, radio, newspaper, billboards, social media, banners, handbills, videos etc.

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Thank you very much!

Sir @papi.mati I share it on my Facebook page.

Perfect, thank you very much for your entry!

Mention not! 🥰🥰🥰

Hi @papi.mati, this my entry


Plz join the contest

Perfect! Thank you very much!

Am greatful sir

good luck with a useful blog

Thank you very much!

Thank you for participating in the contest.
I don't check achievement tasks so I can't help you with verifying.

Thanks for considering. I am talking about achievement 1 , 2, 3 and 4 tasks . I want to complete task. Please let me tell which task you were saying ?

This is a Unique thinking 🤔 concept to Promoting Steem...
Great job dear @papi.mati ..

Thank you very much!