The Steem News @ 1 November 2019

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New SMT Testnet deployed.

There are last minute updates from SteemFest, more updates from TravelFeed, and THIRSTEA takes STEEM.

And there is news and discussion about The Road of Rich, Atheist Republic, Kani Bot, the Steem Proposal System, Natural Medicine & Inner Blocks, and NOBEL & the Decentralized Football Academy...

1. New SMT Testnet deployed & Steemit Inc at SteemFest

Steemit Inc have announced that a new SMT Testnet has been deployed.

Several of the Steemit Inc team will be flying to Thailand for SteemFest 4 next week.

@elipowell, @vandeberg, @roadscape, and @andrarchy will be opening the conference with a group presentation. @vandeberg and @gerbino will be giving a separate presentation on Smart Media Tokens and @roadscape will be presenting Hive Communities...

2. SteemFest 4 last minute updates

SteemFest organiser @roelandp gives some last minute updates for next week's Steem event of the year in Bangkok...

If you haven't booked yet and have a last minute urge to go to SteemFest @saramiller of the @gardenofeden project has posted that they are unfortunately now unable to go and are therefore offering their 5 tickets at a discount...

3. TravelFeed updates & SteemFest

Steem travel app @travelfeed will be presenting on day 2 of SteemFest, as well as hosting three post-fest meetups in Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

In the run-up to this major event in the Steem calendar they have released a whole raft of updates to their app including automated rewards claiming, post scheduling, improved drafts view, and password reset for EasyLogIn.

They have also launched a newsletter and an improved refer-a-friend feature...


@waybeyondpadthai has announced that she is accepting payment in STEEM in her new boba tea shop in Bangkok, Thailand.

The shop is called THIRSTEA. If you are going to SteemFest make sure you check it out...

5. The Road of Rich progress update

The economic strategy simulation game Road of Rich has spent the past month since launching bug fixing, balancing, and adding new features.

Shortly they will be starting the distribution of the RORS token, and then the next step will be PvP...

6. Atheist Republic produces exclusive content for 3Speak

Armin Navabi @arminnavabi, founder of the Atheist campaign group @atheistrepublic has announced that they will increasingly be producing exclusive content for the Steem/3Speak platform.

Atheist Republic has over 2.3million followers on Facebook, over 110K followers on Twitter, and over 94K followers on Instragram...

7. Introducing Kani Bot for Steem-Engine tokens

Developer @bala41288 has launched Kani Bot - a Discord notification bot for Steem-Engine token activities...

8. Steem Proposal System updates

@inertia has published another update on his DevPortal documentation work that is currently being funded by the Steem Proposal System (SPS)...

The daily funding budget in the SPS currently stands at almost 1250 SBD.

At the moment only about a third of that is being allocated with just @inertia (130 SBD/day), @emrebeyler (12 SBD/day), @steemchiller (77 SBD/day) and @howo (180 SBD/day) having qualifying proposals.

The Return Proposal threshold currently sits at 13.4 million SP. The next closest, the SteemFest Travel Reimbursement Fund proposal, only has 8.5 million SP of votes and so looks unlikely to receive funding support before SteemFest ends...

9. Natural Medicine & Inner Blocks Challenge

The Natural Medicine tribe and the Inner Blocks community have launched a joint challenge with a prize pool of 60 STEEM plus LOTUS coins...

10. NOBEL helps Decentralized Football Academy

The Decentralized Football Academy @dfacademy in Nigeria has written about how the NOBEL charity tribe founded by @achimmertens has helped it obtain new footballs and shorts for the project...

KEY DATA [ from CoinMarketCap & @arcange ]

(change on previous day in brackets // n/c = no change)

Steem price US$ 0.153 02 Nov '19 0.17am UTC
SBD price US$ 0.714 02 Nov '19 0.17am UTC
CoinMarketCap Ranking #82 (-2) 02 Nov '19 0.17am UTC
FCAS Score 813 (+3) / A / #18 02 Nov '19 0.17am UTC
No. of Whales 40 (n/c) 31 Oct '19
No. of Orcas 357 (n/c) 31 Oct '19
No. of Dolphins 2192 (-1) 31 Oct '19
No. of Minnows 9245 (+1) 31 Oct '19
Alexa rank ( #11,927 (-5) 02 Nov '19 0.17am UTC
Unique visitors ( 276,711 / day 02 Nov '19 0.17am UTC
Page views ( 719,449 / day 02 Nov '19 0.17am UTC

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