Proposal #39 - DevPortal Documentation Update - Tutorials / Fixes

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This week, in addition to intermittent power outages, I had four new pull request for Steemit, Inc. to merge:

  • PR#434 - Search fix
  • PR#435 - Combine Broadcast Ops Section
  • PR#436 - Get Transaction Node
  • PR#437 - Updated Testnet Quickstart

Get Transaction Node (Preview: Tutorial)

I'd like to highlight the "Get Transaction Node" tutorial. There has been an ongoing issue ever since the original RocksDB implementation of Account History RocksDB plugin. That version of the plugin omits the ability to call *.get_transaction. Once MIRA was released, we essentially got a RocksDB backed version of Account History with *.get_transaction. But I still recommend the original ChainBase version for this purpose. Meaning, if all you want is a minimal node that supports *.get_transaction, your best bet is to continue using -DENABLE_MIRA=OFF.

This all depends on how much hardware you want to throw at the problem and how long you're willing to wait for a replay. This new tutorial should be able to get you running on the minimal hardware. But it's not a magic bullet.

I don't speculate why in the tutorial. Only how. I plan on writing a similar tutorial for exchanges, similar to, but like this tutorial (without docker). This will be the actual light-weight way use *.get_transaction on minimal hardware because it will focus on only on a whitelist of accounts to track.


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