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This morning I was shoveling snow and listening to State of Steem Forum 3 recording that @pennsif published. The theme was about DApps. I haven't yet finished listening to it all but what already stood out for me was the discussion with @prc, the founder and developer of DSound. @pennsif at one point asked him the question about what they would do if Steemit Inc would remove its delegations?

Now that was BEFORE the news that Steemit Inc removed delegations from some of the accounts, started powering down and moving their stake to Bittrex exchange.

Among DApps affected was DSound. Good thing they knew that Steemit Inc's support might be temporary and they always had plans to continue to operate without it.

So today I'd like to think about what does it mean not only for DApps but for everyone in the Steem community.

Imagine you have been active on this platform for some time, posted valuable content, commented on other people's posts and your community and SP began to grow. Little by little of course.

And then one day one of your posts got attention of a whale or two who started upvoting your posts.

Despite of low Steem prices those larger upvotes feel very nice, don't they? Especially when you see them upvoting you time after time. Almost regularly. Maybe even automatically. Of course, they don't comment on your posts, maybe they don't even read them, but who cares because you got the upvote...

Life is good. You start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You think, "If only I found a few more whales, then my situation would improve."

But then one day, just like that these upvotes disappeared. One by one, maybe not all at once. You started wondering what did you do wrong? Did you offend them in some way?

Probably not. Probably these whales are too busy upvoting other authors. Or their friends. Or themselves. And you are left with what you had before - a pocket change, really.

Now because of this, you might begin to feel angry at the whales in general. You feel they SHOULD upvote you. Maybe they should. Maybe they shouldn't. Who knows what people are thinking when they have that much SP.

It's nice to feel the support of the whales from time to time but in general, we shouldn't be dependent on one or two large upvotes.

If you continue to relentlessly provide value for the community, the time might come when you will get many medium-sized upvotes. Some of them would stick, some of them not. But in general, your account value will grow at a much steadier pace and you feel more secure.

This is because of diversification.

It's like in any area of our lives. It's best to have multiple streams of revenue so that if one stream dries-up, then your have 6 or more left.

The same goes for jobs. The minute you get a new job, start looking for a new one or even better - creating one. By the way, we all creators on Steem are doing just that.

So I hope if we have one or two large accounts upvoting us won't relax and continue working diligently. Creating interesting posts, commenting on other people's interesting posts. Responding to the replies to your own comments. Day after day. Week after week. Month after month.

If we do this, sooner or later more medium sized accounts will start noticing us and whales won't make or break us.

The worst thing I could do is to quit now.

What about you? Are dependent on whales? Please share your thoughts in the comments.


Personally I never had whale support. Literally never.

I am here a full year and during this period a couple of whale upvotes landed on my posts (probably by accident :P)
But I don't mind nor I am jealous of those who have whale support. Some of them work hard and deserve it some others don't (always according to my judgement)

In any case I keep building my network and powering up almost daily. And do what I enjoy most. Reading as many blogs as I can, upvote as many people as I can and comment when I feel I have something useful to add

Then the future looks bright for you here...

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I have been fortunate to have support and lose support for various reasons and while it is nice to get the votes, it should never be relied on. The tendency here is to feel entitled very fast, whether it be votes or something like very high prices of sbd. When the good situation changes, many feel loss with many expecting the situation to continue, not putting any aside or powering up. Lots of the 2016ers found themselves lacking support as the ecosystem developed and got quite bitter. After having hundreds of thousands in steem rewards, many have nothing left. The good life on the grace of others only lasts so long and attention span is short. I have powered up almost all and bought more because i don't want to ever be forced into a position of reliance after squandering opportunity. You are right on the money here, don't ever get comfortable receiving support.

Yes! In my opinion it's best to find a balance between powering up and cashing out, if one has to eat out of Steem earnings. Better power up more than to cash out.

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I agree with you, in fact there is a person who votes for me, and I am very grateful to him ... his votes have helped me a lot, but in the same way I keep publishing in different tags, because I have to make myself known ... to not depend on a single person. Currently I have lowered the amount of publications because the PC and the phone are damaged, so I borrow a laptop to publish ... in February the components arrive to repair my PC and there I will activate with more publications a day.

Try writing your posts on paper in a notebook until you get your computer fixed. Then if you have a chance to get to the computer, the typing process is very fast.

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Thanks for your tips!
I will take them into account :)

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I'm dependant on you for my contest prizes. I would be back to doing one contest only if it wasn't for your votes. I can only thank you again for your kindness. I never take it for granted and work week by week.

It's my pleasure to support your contests because it benefits the community of people who like to draw. And I know, it's a lot of work keeping it. I wish there could be some automation for you. Check out steemauto. They allow post scheduling in advance, if I'm not mistaken.

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I would not mind catching the attention of even just one whale but things happen and if one day this whale will pull out his or her delegations or would not upvote or support my cause then that is just fine. I would respect the decision. Being here is about building community. No matter how small that community is someday it will grow and some of its members upgraded to dolphins or orcas.

Yes and last year I became dolphin and later orca so people who stuck with me from the beginning are very happy they did.

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