[Blog #40] Steem Abstinence | Interaction | What have you done on your 'Steem Holidays'?

in steem •  7 months ago

Heeeyho Readers! Just passing by to check if you are still alive and to tell that we are back into action.

Dear readers, not a fan of random, rushed and non sense texts. But I must admit that the Steem addiction on this crazy dude whom writes to you is stronger than Chuck Norris.

Yes, we all know that the Steem blockchain is going through some bit of hangover after being updated on the past days, that's the reason for forcing most of us into taking some days off - not good, abstinence struck us all real good.

To make it even worse, it's been raining the whole week, so no cyclig either for me. Fortunatelly though, our Resource Credits have been restored and we can go back into working without worrying about having our account blocked. Weeeehe!

So I though.. what are the other monsters up to? Are they here? Hello? Anyone?

I won't tell you what I have done this week, for that you'll have to ask on the comments. The whole purpose of this post is just to see if I'm here talking to myself today, or if we are slowly coming back into action, or to simply know about YOU (monster).

What have you done on your Steem Holidays?

~Love ya all,

Disclaimer:  The author of this post is a convict broke backpacker, who has travelled more than 10.000 km hitchhiking. Following him may cause severe problems of wanderlust and inquietud. You've been warned.

I'm Arthur. I blog about Adventure Stories, Brazil, Travel, Camping & Life Experiences.

Follow me to stay tuned for more craziness and tips.

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During my steem holiday, I cooked broccoli rice and did my abandoned translation gig :-D so it was actually needed!

How's the video coming along? are you ready to release them?


Yeaaaaah happy to see you here, btw I'm working on the post you tagged me.

Broccoli and rice? Do I see the summer body program in action right there? That's healthy well well done.

Are you a translator too? You shoud apply for the DaVinci/Utopian program, I'll let you know when they open again.

Well, I had started a Patreon page before joining steemit but it fell behind. I almost finished uploading content there.

Bu I also met people in the flesh. Outside. Despite it getting cold here, it was summer one day and what felt like winter next evening.


Heeyho @manoldonchev, so, you have a Patreon? How do you like it? Works good?

I've always asked myself if I should start a Patreon one day to help me with the content creation/traveling, I just don't know what to offer.

Curious to know your experience.

Hey Arthur :) I just published a similar post to find out how many of my friends and followers are back from "the holiday" :D For me, it was very weird to be without Steemit and I am happy things are back to normal. On the other hand, I enjoyed my offline time and made some nice bike trips and hikes, mushroom foraging etc. :) Have a superb weekend my friend!


Hooooooooah, I just commented there, it's awesome to see interaction going back to normal. It was funny to see people rage quiting (luckly they weren't able to delete their accounts hahahaha)

Are you going to write about the bike trips??? if you do ping it under #cyclefeed so I'll curate it wooooho

An epic weekend for you too!

Just wanted to say that i'm not a monster.

And i won't ask you what you've done this week so you don't need to spend any RC for replying and from now on, i'll double check my comments and post for any error, cause editing consumes RC too.


Ok, monster. Hhahahaha

Don't worry, RC is back to normal so as long as we don't spam like maniacs it should be all fine. All we gotta wait now is for the Mana so cast a nice upvote on the contents we like.

How are the tutorials going?


Just started writing down things i want to say. Hopefully it will be finished by Monday.


Awesome, I think dTube is back to normal too

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