Just Delegated to @steem-ua 2500 SP

in steem •  5 months ago
Honestly, It's hard to not be excited about the community coming together like this. It's as if all of the sudden more and more people are forgetting about the drama and the toxic elements that sometimes plague the steemian day for a change.

Of course, if you follow this blog, you are well aware I'm all about being positive, having some fun along the way and building a community around ourselves. But, this does not mean that I don't take a peak here or there into the dramatic scenes happening on the blockchain every single week.

Steem UA comes along and POOF

Everyone is excited and all for it, or it seems to be that way in the very least. In the seven days it has existed, its already broken some records in delegations. The best part is that it's a bunch of little accounts delegating to it, and that to me is a very good sign.

It means, at least in theory that the little accounts, the tiny minnows are having hope, are drinking the much needed hopium, and god knows that is precisely what it takes to change the attitude of the community.

Attitude changes reality, if more and more people believe that things are going to get better, then they do, it's really that simple. It's the power that thousands fail to see, but it's apparent for those who take a minute or two to think about it.

System of Incentives, reworked

What we need my friends is more reasons to power up STEEM, and that is precisely why this experiment might do the trick. I was just reading some comments on the different posts regarding @steem-ua and kept on seeing little accounts excited, hoping to powerup their earnings so that they too could delegate. That is just beautiful.

I think it was @abh12345 (Asher) who said once that if the active plankton on the platform would powerup 20 STEEM, we would see already a huge difference. Think about that number 20 seems like nothing, right? Well... you would be surprised to know how many people take out everything, they would powerdown their username if it was worth 0.001 and I wish I was joking.

Consider checking this project out

There are many posts of the likes of this one floating around at the moment so there is a good chance you've seen one or two. Don't ignore it, give it a good read and make up your mind on this issue. There is a good post written by @cryptoctopus on the subject that if you are a little account, if 50 STEEM sounds like a fortune to you, you would do good by reading.

In any case my friends, hope my delegation blesses a bunch of little accounts too...

Much love

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I'm not really sure that UA is an improvement on reputation.
I don't really see why number and value of followers is a better metric than upvotes.
A follow is not an endorsement and happens once while votes are a constant measure of posting good content.
It seems to me it just depends on how many whales you have following you rather than how much people have voted for you.

Maybe I'm biased because my ranking on UA around 49,000 while on Reputation it is around 29,000. However I haven't used bots to boost my reputation at all and post lots of quality content.


Valid concerns @asphamilton - I came to the conclusion a few months ago that we are idealistically a platform of content, but realistically a platform of socio-network-economy - This means that the value of a user is not measured so much in their shakespearean per say (im being silly to make a point) but in the amount of interaction, their ability to network in simpler terms.

This is what this algorithm is trying to measure. Now, it could very well be that a user is the best content creator in the world, but that he or she is singing to an empty audience. This could be a bad thing, at least idealistically so, but It's also part of the human dynamics.

After all there are countless of extremely talented musicians (for example) singing in bars to audiences comprised of a little more than a bar tender.

But, your point is well taken.


I think my main concern is that Steem was designed so that votes could be bought and sold and voting power (SP) bought sold and delegated. The same is not true for follows so its problematic to use it as a measure. More open to being gamed in a way not in keeping with the economic model of Steem.


Because there conversation seems to be revolving on this possibility, I'm sure its being tackled as we type these comments. today's steem-ua is not it's final revision, it's a work in progress, but the main goal, at least to me, is to rework incentives.

In that department its already working.

Yup it is worth it and moving fast.


i would not be surprised if it gets to 300 before on its second week.


I wouldn't be surprised if it hit 1 + mill in its second week.

You convinced me. I'm in.


good stuff my friend... :)

Power up to the people. We need more liquid steem locked away in accounts as SP and putting SP to good use with projects like these. I'm pretty excited about UA since I thought rep wasn't a great indicator. Really hope we can start rewarding more new people more often since I know myself how hard it was starting out building an audience and attracting rewards

Hmm. I don't get why it needs to have this whole upvote structure rather than just be a reliable reputation service to begin with, but maybe I'm just missing something. I suppose it needs to be funded in some manner... And we'll see how people react to its internals as they try to game the system (presumably).

I did give a little delegation though just to support and see.....

I'm still a little bit skeptical of this approach but I guess it's better than nothing. I would actually prefer to sponsor votes to others


it's early in the game Eon, it could be the ninja move, it could be amazing... it could... but we won't know unless we try. I think of it, like a big, less personal helpie sort of thingy. Sort of...

i have been on the fence since i first learned about it. i personally have no issue with the current reputation model but i get it...it can be gamed.

that being said i love anything that encourages engagement. and anything that does that, deserves support.

reading a few posts helped me see the big picture but your post sir, pushed me over the edge.

nothing huge but i delegated to the project. hope it spreads the wealth a little bit more on steem.

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For what it's worth, this is the community trying to fix STEEM distribution, in that sense I can't help but to be happy about it.. not just complaining, but trying, you know?



absolutely. and if you start getting more minnows and plankton feeling like they have a chance and work towards growth....it’s a great thing.

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I delegated 100, to see what happens. I hope their bot sees the bewbs post, that one's getting a lot of interaction.


People can't seem to get their hands off

more and more people are forgetting about the drama and the toxic elements that sometimes plague the steemian day

That's why I am getting bored...case solved..


dewd bro... but you is part of my tribe... you goods


but the gossip and back biting is oh so entertaining ..

Join the club!

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happy to :)

Wow...that's a nice sized commitment to the UA cause. I'm hoping they're still around accepting SP next month.

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I am kind of happy to see something calculating our engagement in the platform in a different and more natural way, but the upvote system... I'm kind of with @eonwarped on that aspect still, I have still some groups I want to delegate more, I barely got my slider, but we´ll see, if it starts with only 25 sp we can try it shortly.


enter the openmic again and then you'll have enough!! hahahaha



I recorded an outdoors take, nothing fancy but outdoors harping, still I struggled not to caugh and need to check if the sound stands besides the creek gurgling XD... If working I'm reentering open mic with an unedited unambitious candid take.

I read this 5 times now, you deserve our 100% upvote on this post.

Hopium <= that word is... correct

(Cheers, @scipio)


what do I have to do to earn a 100% upvote? check out my bIogs, I have been posting nonstop almost everyday for months and months


that's what we need to be dealing to this platform... that is how we start the better days.

Thanks for your thoughts! I have been reading about the initiative and am interested in supporting. I will look to delegate when I make my next #STEEM purchase some time this week!

Glad to see your name in yellow too!
When people understand how revolutionary this system is they will all run to delegate. I don’t claim that it’s flawless but thise guys doing their best to improve it and implement new functions so that nobody csn game it.


and doing their best is a lot more than more than half the people on this platform, right?


Probably more than 80% I would say...

WOW amigo eres muy generoso, eso seguro hará mucho el bien... Sinceramente (aunque aún) no estoy en ese proyecto me alegra en nombre de tantos steemians que servirás de ayuda.
Gracias en su nombre.


This is great...

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Need 25 sp to delegate but don't have right now. :(