Honolulu's 100 % Free SBD giveaway #3 - 08/09/2017 - Just upvote to enter !

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Yes it's real...

Just another Giveaway-Post on #Steemit .

As you already might know from alike posts it works like this:

Just push the Upvote Button to take part !

Yes, that`s all ! - quiet simple !

After seven days

all SBD earned by this post

will be equaly shared

between the upvoters.

After the first payout-routine after 7 days this post is no longer active !!!

As not to miss further Giveaways

it might be recommended to Follow.png.

Maybe it will increase everyone`s payout

if this post reaches as many Steemians as possible.

So resteeming might be recommended.

But it's free and not a duty

to enter this Giveaway - just


is enough!

please also check out




for further Giveaways - entering just by upvote.

Get Free Steemit Promotion Giveaway by @honolulu - picture#1 - just by clicking on it!

Get Free Steemit Promotion Giveaway by @honolulu - picture#2 - just by clicking on it !

Kind regards



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added to the list, do your best.


Thank you... which list ?

upvoted and resteemed

Upvoted. @platin01

I really like your posts, maybe I'm interested in your post, I wait for your next posting

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Thank you ;)

feel free to follow, upvote, resteem, comment, wait - whatever you feel to !

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You are awesome!!! Thank you @honolulu. Upvoted & Resteemed!


Thanks - like your work, too ;)

good post my friend


Thank you - check out my blog for more Giveaways ;)