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RE: WTF is dMania?

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Sorry for your loss and congratulation!

You have been victim of a @GrumpyCat flag because you or someone else sent money to buy votes from a non-GrupyCompliant service.

@allaz are still selling votes to people on their last hours posts.

GrumpyCat selects the best and most deserving posts to flag for greater impact. Congrats! Your post also earned a resteem by @GrumpyCat.

To know what voting bot to use, refer to and use those that have 3.5 day or less in the "Max Age" column.

To learn more:


I understand your position but why you downvote a fresh post, your rule to not allow post older than 3.5 days is okay every stakeholder can choose to do what you want with their stake.
Flag posts upvoted in last days, not this fresh posts ...
I'm in transition to change the max age for posts, not because of you but to prevent spam at all.
Follow your position and not downvote fresh posts or you are just hypocrite and twist the situation to justify your worst actions.


you sir, got my upvote :)

This is getting ridiculous. I am using upvote bots maybe every 2 weeks to promote 1 post. @GrumpyCat your bot sucks and is useless. You downvote people who don't deserve it. Create a useful bot next time.

You clearly didn't read anything I wrote.

Really you give yourself a $180 upvote on your comment and hijack my post?
Really? And you want to preserve the reward pool and make Steem a fair platform? You are the worst hypocrite I have ever seen.

I haven't read your posts? Why should I? Is that suddenly mandatory to read your posts? Because of your useless shitty bot people are scared to even post and promote their posts. This downvote/flagging war doesn't help at all and only scares new users away.

I am trying to build a great app on Steem. I want to bring new users to Steem. How many new users have your bot brought to Steem? Hmm? Zero? Probably even scared some people away. Please create something useful. Everyone can create a shitty spamming downvote bot.

You flagged my comment to 0 without reading it?

I have read it. Have you read my post before flagging it? I don't think so.
Flagging my posts is one thing, but giving your comments $200 upvotes is another. I hate hypocrites. Stop saying your are trying to save the reward pool while you actually raping it.

I'm with 100% zombee on this one. This kind of behaviour is ruining the platform.

Oh man that sucks. I love your project well more of my friends.not a meem person but i do look at memes occasionally but I also kinda support grumpycat. I am so split right now :( anyway @zombee
These bots follow @grumpcat rules
While @Booster will be soon must be updating for

Basically check for bot using a 3.5 day metric here:

Why would you support @grumpycat? He gives his comments $200 upvotes. He even uses the upvote bots that he forbids:

Check the upvotes from the post... OMG @grumpycat, how do you even sleep at night

Well the upvote for his comment are to push it to the top so everyone can see it. He does mention "From now on Bid-bots that are not GumpyCompliant are to be used exclusively to profit from the reward pool (not post promotion). That's already about 95% of what they are being used for so it shouldn't make much of a difference to them!"
While his method are do see harsh he following an radical way of change.
The best way to hurt a company is to hurt its customer. @GrumpyCat "enemy" is bots that help people abuse the reward pool.
With people stop using their service the bots/companies will be forced to change.
The best nope. But it one of the fastest ways to force bots to do change.
booster and jerry banfield changed its policy bc of grumpy cat.

grumpy is abusing his power on steemit, so I am on zombees side

@grumpycat doesn't even follow @grumpycat rules. @grumpycat bid for votes from 6th day voting bots in the last 11 days. It's a con. You're being extorted.

I'll bet you anything @grumpycat is a secondary account for a voting bot to get you to use certain voting bots more.

Hope you liked my meme @zombie. If you did please give it an upvote, I would have put your tag in there but I learned about it too late to do so.

he follow and upvote I follow and upvote back

Hey @grumpycat, I hope you fight whales who auto upvote shitty people with shitty posts! I really like what you're doing in the platform. Please clean those garbages!

LOL. @grumpycat is proliferating the garbage. @grumpycat bids for votes from 6th day voting bots while downvoting everyone else that does. Why? There can be only one at the top, that's why.

Sorry for language :)

I see... 👀