WTF is dMania?

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A couple of months ago I introduced dMania on the Steem blockchain. A lot of things have happened since then. The number of Steem users has grown tremendously the last couple of weeks. A lot of users don't know about dMania or other apps on the Steem blockchain besides Steemit. That's why I think it's a good time to do a recap of what dMania is all about and what the goals of dMania are in 2018.

WTF is dMania?

dMania is an app on the Steem blockchain for posting your favorite memes, funny pictures, gifs and videos. =>
Because dMania is based on the Steem blockchain, you can make money by posting, commenting or upvoting posts. Just like on Steemit.

Steemit is a great platform, but it isn’t the best choice for every kind of content. Steemit is great for blog posts just like on Reddit or Medium. For other kind of content, there is a need for different platforms. That is why there are other apps on Steem like @dtube, @dsound, @dlive and @dmania

Memes and more

For a lot of people (me included) writing blog posts isn't easy. Many aren't talented writers, their native language isn't english or they are just not interested in writing blog posts. dMania provides them an alternative with memes.
dMania is an easier entry point for users to the Steem blockchain. I tried to make posting on dMania as easy as possible. All you need is a picture and a title, that's it.

Blockchains are completely new to most people. They don't know anything about private keys, wallets, tokens, ..... Most people just don't care. What they do care about is when they suddenly get rewarded for their posts, comments and upvotes. Especially when it's as simple as posting memes. That's why I think dMania is perfect to introduce a lot of new users to the Steem blockchain.

The users control the content

At the beginning I told people dMania is about memes and funny stuff. Ultimately people can post anything they like. I don't control the content or censor any posts. Users can flag posts and if a post has received enough flags, it will be filtered.

Some people complained about reposts on dMania. Copying a meme is of course a lot easier than creating one. dMania is mainly a place for sharing content, because it is impossible to know if you are the original creator. For memes it doesn't matter. A meme is basically a joke in form of a picture. For a joke it doesn't matter who the creator is. If you hear a good joke, you share it with your friends and family. It's the same for memes. The most important thing is that they are shared.

I still believe that original content will achieve more upvotes and higher rewards. If people repost, users can still flag that post and it will quickly disappear.

dMania in 2018

In 2018 I want to introduce dMania to the rest of the world. dMania already has the most important features and I think it's awesome. Of course I will make it a lot better in 2018, but the main goal is growth. One reason why I created dMania was because I wanted to show more people what the Steem blockchain can do. The social media industry has to change. Only a few are rewarded and most people get nothing. That's not fair and we as a community have to show them that there is a better way to do it.

I have been working on dMania in my spare time so far. From now on I will be working full time on dMania.
When I focus 100% of my time on dMania it can only get better. Finally I will have time to promote dMania outside of Steem and not only focus on development.

Goals in 2018

  • More users
    dMania has over 1000 unique visitors a day. Not so bad for a website that has lauchned only a few months ago. Most users are still coming from Steemit. That has to change. I already did some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and I am working on the Facebook an Twitter page. I will also run some ads and spread the message of dMania and Steem.
  • dMania app
    An app for dMania would be great. A lot of users have already requested it. There are still some things missing on Steem that are very important for an app, like user friendly log in and sign up. I think those issues will be resolved in 2018. A friend of mine just joined the dMania team and he will be working on an app for dMania.
  • Better usability
    I think one of the most important things for a website is the usability. It should be easy to use. Some small features can make a big difference. I will try to make using dMania as easy and smooth as possible.
  • Notifications
    dMania already has a simple notifications feature. I want to improve it and notify users when they got big uvpotes, a lot of comments or have been selected as Chosen One. I am going to add browser notifications besides the notifications on the website.
  • Tag pages
    I will probably add tag pages on dMania when there is more content. For now I think it is not that important. There are still some technical limitations on Steem that dMania can't have it's own tags. Maybe that will change or I will find a workaround.
  • Follower/Following
    I would be really cool to follow your favorite memes posters on dMania and have your own meme feed. Unfortunately if you follow someone on Steem, you will follow him also on Steemit. Most people don't want to see on their Steemit feed a lot of memes. That's why I couldn't add that feature so far. Maybe the Steem API will allow following user per app at some point.
  • dMania token
    Will dMania get it's own SMT token? I have no idea. I need more details about SMT tokens and how they actually work to decide that. Atm everything works fine without a token, so I don't see the need.

Support dMania

dMania has a supporter system similar to @utopian-io. dMania supporters receive 15% of the rewards on dMania. The dMania bot uses the collected Steem Power from supporters to upvote posts on dMania. Memes usually don't receive high rewards from most users. That's why the supporter system is very important to dMania. Most rewards on dMania are generated by dMania supporters. High rewards are important to attract new users. To get more users to dMania and Steem we need more supporters.

To become a dMania supporter, you have to delegate some Steem Power to dMania. The minimum is only 5 Steem Power. The more Steem Power you delegate, the higher your rewards. By delegating Steem Power, you are lending your Steem Power to dMania. The Steem Power still belongs to you.


There are already over 100 dMania supporters.

and many more...

If you have any questions join our Discord server

Please upvote, post and comment on dMania to support this project. Every single upvote counts. You can contact me on or discord if you find any bugs or if you have ideas for new features. Please resteem and upvote this post and tell everyone you know who likes memes about dMania. Follow @dmania and @zombee to get the latest updates about this project. 


You have really put hard work. It is informative and must have post for the beginners like me who joined only two weeks ago.
Definitely I am going to use it.

This looks like an awesome idea for an app. I’m going to check it out right now!

That's such an awesome niche for Steem and what a funny url with the lol ending. :D

Is the website open source and if not do you plan to make it so? We could support dMania then sponsored by Utopian. That would be awesome!

I have just posted my first self-made meme via the platform but it doesn't appear in my profile there. Did I do anything wrong?

dMania is not open source atm. I am still not sure if I want to make it open source. I have to think about it.
I know there would be a lot of benefits when I open source it, but it kinda feels like giving my baby up for adoption 😆

If you edit your post on Steemit, it becomes a Steemit post. Steemit posts aren't visible on dMania.

If you edit your post on Steemit, it becomes a Steemit post. Steemit posts aren't visible on dMania.
Why? When I edit my Steepshot, Utopian or DTube post they don't become Steemit posts either. And I assume I still have to pay beneficiary rewards to dMania. So it is kind of rubbing me from what I have signed on to the moment I created the post.

If Steemit posts where visible on dMania, people could avoid paying beneficiaries like everyone else. They could create posts without pictures which would cause problems.
You can edit your title and tags on dMania, but you can't add a description. The first author comment is always sticky at the top and replaces more or less a description.

I don't see any reason why dMania should show posts from other apps. Apps on Steem should be more separated in my opinion.

I never said dMania should show posts from any other platform. That would be just wrong.

But why does dMania kicks out posts posted on dMania, which are inevetible logged in the dmania beneficiary rewards system but are not even displayed on dMania any more?

DTube, Utopian and Steepshot do allow a manual edit after the release and don't exclude the post if it was properly posted via their platforms.

They probably also show posts from Steemit when you tag them with dtube, utopian, steepshot as category. I don't know any way around that.

Steemit changes the app in the metadata if you edit the post. That isn't my fault.

No, they don't show other posts no matter what tags they use. That would be a catastrophe if that would be the case since we get hundreds of Utopian-io tags from Steemit posts every day but luckily we don't have to deal with them because they were not submitted via the platform. And vice versa they don't drop out of their platforms either when edited on Steemit either.

I am not a developer so I have no clue what you have to change but I am 100% certain that it is possible since it works there. :)

Ok I changed it and you can now edit your dMania posts on Steemit. You were probably right, it was too restrictive and other users had the same problem.
Your post is now visible on your dMania profile again.

I upvoted this post because Grumpycat flagged it. Congratulations.

Thank you for giving us the Dmania project.

I hope 2018 brings luck to everyone @zombee

Yes I hope this also

All the best with developing this project and taking it further dude!

I was in a very good mood when reading your post and then all this flagging drama kind of ruined that. That idiot flagging stuff is massively annoying.
Anyway... I am super excited about the level of development planned for dMania. I really hope you will add a feature when you can pre-upload and then schedule your memes being made public. It would certainly save time when I have a very busy day.
Also I've been posting almost daily with my meme posting account @cmmemes ( only original memes btw) and haven't received any "love" from the autobot in a long time and it's a bit discouraging ( I'm hitting the trending page consistently). Any tips? :)
Keep up the good work man!

Thank you guys for doing this and taking your time to develop this project.

I have found my new 9gag place to hang out! Thanks from my heart!

You are welcome 😊

Nice work, but I really miss the categorisation present on every old-school centralised meme-aggregation site... How about implementing dMania tag pages by allowing contributors to choose a tag "extension" for their post?

On Steemit, it would look something like this:

dmania:[page name]

The "dmania:" part should help keep Steemit tidy and separate meme-tags from blog-posts. Who knows: if dMania really takes off, this might be needed someday.

Let's say I want to make a post about cats. While submitting my image, I would be presented with an input box that allows me to choose the dMania page I want to post on (I suggest limiting the number of extension-tags on a single dMania post to one). When I type in "cats", my post gets tagged with "dmania" and "dmania:cats" upon submission, and appears on both dMania's homepage page and its "cats" page, the latter displaying all posts tagged with both "dmania" and "dmania:cats" (and use the post ranking from the "dmania:cats" tag) while the homepage would still list every post with a tagline starting with "dmania" (like it does now, presumably).

But why wouldn't the "cats" page simply display all posts tagged with "dmania:cats"? This way, posts submitted with the category-tag as their primary tag (lacking the "dmania" primary tag) would not be displayed on the tag pages. If it were otherwise, dMania's home page might fall apart: because Steemit categories prioritise posts that list the category first, posts with a tagline starting with "dmania:cats" would get a preferential treatment on the "cats" page and skip the homepage altogether. This would make dMania kinda broken, if you asked me.

Lastly, while this system would also work with a limited number of categories chosen through a drop-down menu, free input seems like a more efficient and decentralised solution. Like Steemit, dMania would display the most popular tags in a sidebar, that would work like the one on Steemit but only display tags starting with "dmania:": another good reason for using a prefix.

Thanks for your great feedback. Atm dMania is still tied to Steemit and most users want the visibility and upvotes from Steemit. That's why users can choose their own tags.
It probably won't stay like that. There are still some technical limitations why dMania can't have it's own tags. For example I can only query the most popular Steem tags. I probably would have to track dMania tags myself or create predefined tags.

For the moment I think dMania is fine like it is. 9GAG for example had millions of users before they added tag pages. I will work on it when there are more users and posts.

wow, memes = money (-:

What a great idea dmania is,perfect for beginners

dmania is really great projectoject.
Great work dmania.
Very informative post.
I appreciate to read your post @dmania

dmania is really great project.
Great work dmania.
Very informative post.
I appreciate to read your post @dmania

he follow and upvote I follow and upvote back

Why do I need the Active Key to Login? Just asking.
That seems a bit fishy to me.

I think dmania is one of the world's biggest "laughter" companies, they are able to produce laughter in every face of their users with very funny memes, this is amazing. I will join and share laughter with you all.

I will have to check out dmania and piss on that cat.....

I have been using your site for a while and got even some of my friends on it. Its really nice to use and i have actually been getting new people checking out my DANK MEMES! Thank you for your hard work!

I really like your site, its a great idea and a great project. But I think what needs some improvement is the performance. It takes pretty long to post or upvote something. Steemit runs smoother.

Awesome man, but the discord link is not working anymore, please fix it

After reading about delegation finally delegated all my sp to @dmania 😍 whatever I earn from steem I will reinvest in dmania 🤗😇😇

actually I m new to steemit .. so I was not sure what delegation means .. but thanks @zombee for good platform for some funny stuffs 👍👍

thanks for sharing alternative of instagram

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Thank you for pointing out that memes are jokes, and made to be shared. People getting all upset about memes being reposted don't get it.

That said, one way of being respectful to originators of meme content is to embed attribution in the image.

Please how do i join @dmaina i want to be part this great community. Thanks @dmaina @zombee

Imagine if all of 9gag users moved to

I have used a Esteem App for accessing steemit. This app was terribly slow. Now make sure that with this app it is actually fast to load the block.

How is dmania going to work?
Will we have separate steem power for dmania or same steem power will be used for all apps.

i love dmania , i delegate 5sp!!! 2018 dmania year!!

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Thanks for this post bro, i used to be here for the money but now im more concerned with people reading my blog and knowing more about domestic violence

I really like the idea but for some reason it works extremely slowly for me when I try to upload anything. Was just about to test this but it seems like it is not going through :|

There was a problem with the Steem API. Should work fine now.

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Dmania is great i use it to, but i noticed that only one computer from a Ip can only post on Dmania. Is there not a way to go around this @zombee?

That's because me and my woman work on two computers at home, and she also want to use Dmania as well, but she cant connect to Dmania.
Is there a option that my woman can use it to?

Never heard about a problem like that. Could be an issue with SteemConnect. Does your wife get logged in with your account or can't she get logged in at all?

Sneaky Ninja Attack! You have been defended with a 12.73% vote... I was summoned by @zombee! I have done their bidding and now I will vanish...Whoosh

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This is pretty cool a site just for the lolz. Thanks for sharing!

Hello bro your post very nice I like it and thank you for sharing Carry on so please my VP is done please vote later👆

I do not know exactly what is this... I vote you and i will follow you, i expect same... Follow me and vote me, business are business...

I congratulate you for the achievements, that each of the goals of this year materialize. I agree with you although I like to write there are moments that I do not feel inspired and what better way to represent what you feel through an image.

i delegated all my steem power to dmania should i expect earnings every day or what?

dMania uses the Chosen Ones System. The details are on If you have been selected as a Chosen One for one post you will receive your rewards like the author after 1 week.

i just joined dMania looks good to me and i already posted a meme on there

Impressive to see how use the steemit blockchain! I'll most def try dMania!

Really nice work

@zombee, I congratulate you for to create a so useful application... Humor is something very necesary in the live and memes are the homoristic posts by exellence.. I'm very new in Steemit but I will support you in mesure of my possiblilities, I will following you, I will sharing your posts and using the app.

good information,
Amazing......!!! DANCE SAMAN ACEH Winner 1 in POLANDIA

Well, this is one heck of a knowledge, how well you have written the blog is just a person can know by reading it all, thanks for this lovely info mate, thumbs up for you...

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For new steemit member like me, it seems encouraging and a great deal, i truly appreciate this review...i'll get started immediately

woow is excellent I am very interested ... it is a valuable information that you are giving @zombee ..... thank you very much for that...

Not undermining your efforts but mostly copied memes from other websites, not even a new one but a year or so old (million years in meme time) occupy hot and trending. Hopefully you guys are doing something about it. Good job apart from that. Thank you.

The best way to everyone who doesn't have good enough skill in writing #post- meme -upvote -money

Wow, fantastic initiative.

dMania .. what it is

wow this is awesome. Really look forward to spending some time there.

this very worth for me,,,,I do like funny moment @zombee ,thanks so much for your creation

good job master !

Gratz for that platform.

This is my first time hearing about Dmania

WTF @zombee this might be useful for @shifu

will check this out!

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i dont get it and after 3 paragraphs of nothingness i scrolled to the bottom.

Still no clue, starting to think its another mafia style "community" but im prolly wrong as i wasent willing to read a book to find out.

You say its on steemit but its not?
Get paid to post gifs and memes so you can post them on steemit and take a cut?
IDK... i give up as no one can give a simple answer its all drawn out self contradicting dribble never actually answering any of my questions.

Another get paid for being part of a collective scam?
Get paid a cut for your work because dmainia gets upvotes from the other mob communitys?

I think the idea that your someone newer then me saying memes arent sutible on steemit when the people making memes are doing just that because it is the only thing the whales will let us post if we dont want to have our accounts killed again.

rant over but i dont get this scam............

Please enlighten me on how Dmania actually calculates its rewards

Steemit is 75% to author, 25% to curators

Dmania is what. 50% to authors, 25% to curators, 15% to "chosen", 10% to Dmania?

That's what i'm getting off the FAQ description which seems to be intentionally vague

Yep 15% to dMania supporters and 10% to dMania.
Did not try to write the FAQ intentionally vague, it's just a little bit complicated.
Curators rewards are not really 25% for example, they are something between 0-25%. On average they are 15% on Steem.
The calculation is like that for author rewards: Total rewards - curation rewards (0-25%) - dMania supporter rewards(15%) - dMania rewards(10%)

Yeah the reason I felt like it sounded intentionally vague is due to that verbiage "75% goes to authors and curators" which is not specific

It probably needs to be made specific, otherwise you're going to be butting heads against this question again and again in the future

Thanks for the reply!

I want to make memes on dmania one of my niches!! But I am really worried about one thing, I have read that people who follow you, their feeds will be filled with my memes. Do you think that is a good idea? And, how is it going to look in the long run?

Yep your dMania posts will be visible on your Steemit blog too. The only way too avoid that atm is to use another account. It's the same for all apps on Steem.

Thanks zombee.

can u earn money if you dlegate your steem power to dmania ?

hi, i cant login on dmania for the first time, is there anyone who can help me? thanx

I am new to demania. I have problem not understand it: when I am on my steem account here and find demania post, I click on ( view post in demania) , I am transferred to main demania app /page .. I am asked to authorize demania to ( take my voting role) before I can continue! Which I don’t understand. Is it a must I authorize demania taking my posting and voting role??
I appreciate your help to make me start !

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How do I login with my existing Steemit account?

nvm, got it. Earlier it did not connect me using steemconnect.

Sorry for your loss and congratulation!

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I understand your position but why you downvote a fresh post, your rule to not allow post older than 3.5 days is okay every stakeholder can choose to do what you want with their stake.
Flag posts upvoted in last days, not this fresh posts ...
I'm in transition to change the max age for posts, not because of you but to prevent spam at all.
Follow your position and not downvote fresh posts or you are just hypocrite and twist the situation to justify your worst actions.


you sir, got my upvote :)

This is getting ridiculous. I am using upvote bots maybe every 2 weeks to promote 1 post. @GrumpyCat your bot sucks and is useless. You downvote people who don't deserve it. Create a useful bot next time.

You clearly didn't read anything I wrote.

Really you give yourself a $180 upvote on your comment and hijack my post?
Really? And you want to preserve the reward pool and make Steem a fair platform? You are the worst hypocrite I have ever seen.

I haven't read your posts? Why should I? Is that suddenly mandatory to read your posts? Because of your useless shitty bot people are scared to even post and promote their posts. This downvote/flagging war doesn't help at all and only scares new users away.

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You flagged my comment to 0 without reading it?

I have read it. Have you read my post before flagging it? I don't think so.
Flagging my posts is one thing, but giving your comments $200 upvotes is another. I hate hypocrites. Stop saying your are trying to save the reward pool while you actually raping it.

I'm with 100% zombee on this one. This kind of behaviour is ruining the platform.

Oh man that sucks. I love your project well more of my friends.not a meem person but i do look at memes occasionally but I also kinda support grumpycat. I am so split right now :( anyway @zombee
These bots follow @grumpcat rules
While @Booster will be soon must be updating for

Basically check for bot using a 3.5 day metric here:

Why would you support @grumpycat? He gives his comments $200 upvotes. He even uses the upvote bots that he forbids:

Check the upvotes from the post... OMG @grumpycat, how do you even sleep at night

Well the upvote for his comment are to push it to the top so everyone can see it. He does mention "From now on Bid-bots that are not GumpyCompliant are to be used exclusively to profit from the reward pool (not post promotion). That's already about 95% of what they are being used for so it shouldn't make much of a difference to them!"
While his method are do see harsh he following an radical way of change.
The best way to hurt a company is to hurt its customer. @GrumpyCat "enemy" is bots that help people abuse the reward pool.
With people stop using their service the bots/companies will be forced to change.
The best nope. But it one of the fastest ways to force bots to do change.
booster and jerry banfield changed its policy bc of grumpy cat.

grumpy is abusing his power on steemit, so I am on zombees side

@grumpycat doesn't even follow @grumpycat rules. @grumpycat bid for votes from 6th day voting bots in the last 11 days. It's a con. You're being extorted.

I'll bet you anything @grumpycat is a secondary account for a voting bot to get you to use certain voting bots more.

Hope you liked my meme @zombie. If you did please give it an upvote, I would have put your tag in there but I learned about it too late to do so.

he follow and upvote I follow and upvote back

Hey @grumpycat, I hope you fight whales who auto upvote shitty people with shitty posts! I really like what you're doing in the platform. Please clean those garbages!

LOL. @grumpycat is proliferating the garbage. @grumpycat bids for votes from 6th day voting bots while downvoting everyone else that does. Why? There can be only one at the top, that's why.

Sorry for language :)

I see... 👀