What I Intend To Do With My Steem in 2018

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January 4th 2018, Trumansburg, NY

This is where I am today, on a semi-vacation, to resource and rethink the year ahead of me. Lots have changed since last year. Last year, I was not even engaged to my wife, I wasn't expecting a child and the price of steem was $0.16/steem.

So I believe it is time to look back and look forward. What does a $5 Steem or more means for me? What kind of responsibility does it bestow on me and what should I do about it...

All things I'm going to try to make clear in this article.

Should I Go Full-Time?

That is a big question I'm having right now. I like my work but the balance between how much I'm making at my job 40h/week versus what I do here with 5h/week is completely ridiculous. I make more in curation in a week than I do at my job in a month.

I am currently taking a great Udemy class called The Web Developer Bootcamp which is so far really good. I think I would like to dig deep into learning how to make beautiful and fun website that runs on top of a blockchain like Steem. I see a great future for those of us who can display the blockchain to the end user...I would like to be positioned ahead of the curve on that one. But I can't fully dig into coding with my current schedule.

Sponsoring a Tag / Community

I would like to patron tags and make them a better representation of quality. I've recently got quite a few photographers on board steem. The feedback I've gathered is that the photography tag quality is kind of sad. That mostly because of the 5 tags features...where posts that may do well in "travel" but do not include great photography is ranking higher than amazing professional photography. I've been waiting forever for communities to be launched and I should stop to assume it will come online any minute now.

This is why I'm working on a project with a friend to make the photography tag better(or start a new one)...and when the community features gets online, to do something with it.

Keep the True Fan Program Running

The goal of my "True Fan Program" is to have create a synergy between you and me. I have a whole lot of great commenters but because I'm not full time and can't spend my time upvoting all the good comments all the time, I figured out a system so that you get an autovote from me in the comment section.

You can learn more about this here:

I will review my list of fans very soon and give you an update list of people who will get an autovote :-)

Develop a Steem Project

My goal is that I am able to launch a project on Steem it that can onboard new users very efficiently and to add tons of value to the little world we are building here.

I have a few ideas in mind and I still have a lot to learn in order to make it into reality.


2018 will be epic regardless of what happens. I will try to do the best use that I can with my SteemPower and to add as much value as possible to the community.

If you have any ideas of what I can do with all that SteemPower, please let me know in the comment box down below :-)


Hey, sounds like 2018 is going to be a great year for you. I can totally recommend learning some code and getting stuck in with steem/blockchain. I have been having a bunch of fun over the past week thinking up(and building) steem based projects.

I am going to be launching my own learn-to-code series on steemit/dtube in the coming weeks (working on a number of lesson projects and roadmap still for now ) that will teaching everything up to working on the blockchain (although that might take a bit of time)

Sounds like you are enjoying the The Web Developer Bootcamp program, if it getss tough or boring just stick at it and keep going, it'll be worth it. have fun .

I'm looking forward to your learn-to-code series. Good luck.

Thank you 👊

I'm definitely following now. Totally looking forward to it. Are you going to use Node.js ?

Yes for sure. Node.js is my backend language of choice most of the time. It will be a little way off before I get to Node.js/backend dev. I'm going to teach from the ground up assuming zero/very little coding knowledge or experience. We're going all in, I hope to bring anyone who wants to learn to code with me and I think steemit is a great place for people to find out about programming.

*frontend/backend/commandline/sourcecontrol/frameworks(express/laravel/rails)/platforms(wordpress/ghost/shopify)/games/mobile + desktop app/hardware(RaspberryPi/Arduino)/who to follow/ what to read/ where to listen. all the things

I'm pretty excited about it. It'll be over on my account @codewithsam for anyone else who might be interested too. Realistically it will be at least one week from now possibly two. It's a lot of commitment and I have a couple projects I want finished before I dive into this adventure. Hope to see you over there but if not just remember to keep coding 👊

Hey i am excited i became your fan finally on Steem-Auto.
The first time when you posted about it,i tried and failed.

I am so happy that i even made a tutorial of how to become your fan on steem auto...!!!
I just posted it on my blog titled" How to become a loyal @cryptoctopus fan and be assured of at least 1$ using Steem-auto .

If you have time you can check it out

My first expectation from 2018 is to be able to finish the university :) And to become a successful engineer afterwards. Apart from this, my close friends are not going to be betrayed by any of them. It's a really bad thing.
The people I love are with me.
And besides that you can get a very sexy racing motorcycle. I have to work hard for this.
Last but not 2018, maybe in 2021 I could expect marriage with my girlfriend. :) @cryptoctopus

i think you need to wait hf20 and smt to see what will change in price of steem and in steemit itself, but there is big chance that fulltime steem is much more profitable and perspective, plus you can diversify and open new projects by selling some profits.

Photographers tag is for sure low quality , so try to research blog,life they are much more interesting :)

For newcomers you can look at sndbox they got something like academy of new steemians . Have a good vacation in Trumansburg;)

you are right...I also have to figure out all the financials before I leave my job. Thanks for being awesome every time you write a comment.

Hi @cryptoctopus, I've been your fan for a while now, my turn to ask you a favor <- link to post

I usually do not spam link, but I want to get Steem to trend on Twitter on the 9th of January. If you could talk about this on your blog, I'm sure with so many active followers this project will succeed!

I make more in curation in a week than I do at my job in a month.
This is funny but this is the truth! Yeah I also thinking about to be a full time Steemian! Only problem is I am still new to this platform, so want to learn and earn more!
You got great plans, specially your web development programs, yeah sounds interesting, sometimes in future we can see you are on SMT with ITOs or ICOs. I wish and I hope you will be there!
At last the way you think, it helps the community very well! Specially you rented 168,447.87 SP from @blocktrades and I think you want to pay for a rental for it! So, by sharing your huge vote power with true fans of yours you are giving a great message to the entire community!
Keep it up friend! The year just started and long way to go! I wish you, your family and your angel (the kid will born in this year) a great future ahead!
STEEM will go to moon, with SMT it will be there! Then you might be a member of billionaires club!


It's tempting. But like I have said in my comment, one needs to tread with caution. I'd advise that you give it time, study and learn more. And diversify. It's dangerous to depend on a single source of income. That's why it could be a little more risky to wanna give up one's job and be settled in on a single job. But then, sometimes doing what will bring you fulfilment and joy can unsettle every other factor. So, if you find more fulfilment here than elsewhere, you go get it!!

Great idea with your "True Fan Program" program and as you rightly noticed, this will create a connection between us and will be useful for our ecosystem as a whole. You recently very well support the best comments in your posts and I answer your question about the SteemPower, then you can continue to hold even more, as you create a common process and encourage participants to more qualitative and meaningful comments. Thank you @cryptoctopus

You've got lots of great ambition there, and I hate to be discouraging, but discouraging is what I will be.

The things you want on Steem / steemit will require a huge change to the back end. Every once in a while, I try to talk to the developers... which falls on deaf ears, or talk to the people who are keenly interested, where I get lots of support, but no feedback.

The five tags system isn't even fully supported on steemit.
Such as, you cannot go to someone's blog and then sort by tags.

You cannot search by tags.
You cannot really search at all. That has been outsourced to boogle, which doesn't know a thing at all about searching blogs.

Discovering content on steemit is a pain. I used to scroll through all the new posts looking for things and upvoting. It is way to hard to do that now. I can't even scroll through looking for larger (something to read) posts.

Anyway, the structure of tags, communities and searches really needs to be talked about, and executed. Then, they need a complete overhaul.

Bravo, we support MANY if not ALL of these changes. The search in general is awful, you can't even click on a link and then go back and come back to the same search results, they disappear and you have to do it all over again.

Like you, we could list dozens of needed changes which are pretty obvious, but glad you posted first so we can just upvote your ideas.

your one vote worth thousands $$$, your 10 votes worth ten thousands $$$ for a day. therefore, if you go full time you got a nice back up. you can invest your sp to build a project worthy enough. 2018 is a fantastic year. as a true fan of yours, i wanna see success of your journey in here & real life as well. @cryptoctopus

reteemed & upvoted & commented & followed

Some thought provoking stuff here, man. Especially with your job. Because on one hand, you don't want your family to rely on something that changes so often and is so new. Cryptocurrency is treading on new ground, and while the future looks bright for Steemit, it's kind of scary to fully rely on it. That being said, nearly every big decision has risk involved, and looking at a lot of the "successful" people in the past, they took risks and are where they are now because of that. I've seen the way you handle your "power" here on Steemit, and how you're trying to thoughtfully grow the community here. While I'm not saying you should quit your job, I will say that I think if Steemit does grow to whole new level, it will need people like you working at it to help it get there. Best of luck while you ponder of these questions, and enjoy your vacation! Looks awesome.

@cryptoctopus - Sir first I want to wish you success for all future works... Due to your innovative ideas in last 2 weeks of time we all enjoyed X'mas greeting photography contest & New Year eve photography contest... You also rewarded winners very well Sir...
I already joined your true fan program... I'm also trying to add a valuable comment to your posts too Sir... But I have a complain Sir, I got no chance to upvote your posts :( It automatically happens :) Without clicking the upvote button I feel bad while commenting you Sir...

Finally, you asked what you can do with your SP... Sir you can initiate a contest like photography or something like that... You can reward them with your upvote power & you can earn rewards too Sir... I wish you will start that kind of wonderful contest Sir...
Have a nice day to you & your family...


I think I would like to dig deep into learning how to make beautiful and fun website that runs on top of a blockchain like Steem.

This has been on my mind for some time too, and i have some ideas flowing... But like you, i have no skills os coding (still want to learn, but time is a bitch), but i have project management skills. I Will hit you on discord to talk a bit and see If we can come up with a project. And i think we have utopian to help us with the hard coding part.

Like you, i am also embarking the journey to look for ways to pay my Bills doing something i actually enjoy, and maybe we can work together on this one.

Ill Meet you soon.

"Last year, I was not even engaged to my wife, I wasn't expecting a child..." O how blissful things must've been ;) (just kididng, haha). You never know what the future of Steem beholds, it could very easily go back down to 2$. I think we'll find out this year though, where it really stands. Btw, how long has it been since this community feature was mentioned? It seems like as long as I been around here it has been continuously discussed. Should be about time for it to arrive by now...

that's good news for me, I'm planning to release loads of photos into the steemit community instead of stock image websites.
I hope a good album platform comes along while I'm snapping a collection, right now steemit isn't that suitable for releasing images to be used as stock.

Great listing of goals. Interested to hear more in terms of your ideas for improving quality and tagging. While I've continued to gain interest in Steemit, some of the quality and bot postings have made it difficult (along with the need for a great mobile app).

Happy new year!

That's so exciting that you can even consider going full-time! I love that you're thinking carefully about how to stay ahead of the curve and how use your influence positively. Keep up the good work!

@cryptoctopus i really like the way you do things and think about others. I currently getting votes from you which has a great impact on me.

Currently i am planning to get more steem power to get more people of my country involved with steem and also planning to get an fanbase autovote system for thoso minnows.

You really inspired me and its such rare that people these day not only here for the money alone but also for the money to share with others that don't have that much of money.

Please keep doing what you are doing right now!

Kind regards, (your best fan, IMO ;) )

Shawn van der veer

Sounds like you know it's time to go full time. Working from home would be a real blessing for you with the new bride and when your child comes. If you really like the work you do, maybe you can do it from home too, but in less time? Or ditch it entirely of course, but I get that you have to be completely mentally in the game to do that. It's a hard habit for some to break.

I don't have ideas for your steem power use, but maybe some questions will make you come up with an idea. Is there a way to use your SP to help get the communities function implemented? Combining your SP question with your photography quality concern, could you create a site that is an art gallery of sorts?

I don't know how people create all these outside sites that are linked to steemit, but using that concept, and creating something like steemgallery.com where the goal is for quality work to be presented, whether it's photography, painting, or drawing etc. Does that make sense?

Hey :D Awesome to see more and more people becoming interested in development and blockchain technologies! It's a ton of fun developing stuff and it's a great way to become more creative when it comes to problem solving.

I started with web development in primary school and stuck with it as a hobby until I turned 19 when I got a job as an web developer / consultant. I think the blockchain technology is still in it's infant state and a lot of cool projects will be developed with it from here on out :)

I have followed you and hope you will be posting about your "journey" to becoming a web developer :D If you have any questions about or get stuck in your code, I'll be lurking in your post comments ready to give you assistance with HTML/CSS/JS/PHP, if needed :D

I have also followed you on SteemAuto now :)

@cryptoctopus good luck man for the projects you are planing to work on. If you love your job that you are doing then you should keep doing it cause your doing what you love to do and if you don't love it then you should go full time in steemit if you want. Waiting for your true fan list.

You want innovation and that is something I like on your post. Maybe same here, I also want some innovation and your ideas, that is amazing :) I am looking forward on how your ideas will make into reality. Keep on inspiring!

you are already a millionaire on Steemit... So if you quit your job then you will be able to give it more time and turn this $1 million to $10 million by the end of 2018.. you will get thousands of new followers as well.
imagine if you give this 45 hours a week you work in your job instead of 5 hours to Steemit then I can just see you on top.

Interestingly, imo, the tags concept on Steemit is floored. The fact anyone can make their own tag out of any combination of letters means that a lot of the content is not easily and readily available. Tags such as #photography #travel #sport are obviously easily discoverable although searching those does not always produce full results. For a lot of the other content that's produced people have little idea how to tag it properly anyway. Ideally, I'd like to see a fixed Category system adopted where stories can be submitted after selecting a category from a dropdown list. Should be fairly trivial to implement although housekeeping what's gone before would be a nightmare. :-D

Wow looking at your wallet you are a millionaire. All in the span of less than 2 years. Congrats! I know it would be great to just go full time on this because you like doing this rather than your day job. Yet be realistic about your opportunities and plan in advance for a stable transition of you do intend to quit. The reality is there are bills to be paid and decent job is difficult to come by.

I personally would just continue working and keep running your steemit as usual because what you have do not seem to be bad at all. Oh man just think if you do not take out any of your steems and continue to reinvest while your day job pays the bills look maybe next year you will reach 10 million? Pretty sweet being in your position.

This is wisdom....
I totally buy into the idea of maintaining his job, while investing on steemit

Man I really hope this is the case for me at the end of 2018. I'd love to spend my time learning about the Steem blockchain and start thinking/working on ideas to become a first to something.

Talked to my brother a couple of years ago about developing our own game. I don't have any of the skill sets to make this happen, but if I can put in the time and effort to make this full time that would be something I'd love to make happen.

Congratulations in whatever you decided to do going forward and love all the hard work and community support you provide.

Wow, that's incredibly inspiring. I like your idea to give new life to the photography tag as well, there's plenty of posts and I get the feeling sometimes that the really good posts are lost in the masses. There are too many hidden gems here on Steemit.

"I make more in curation in a week than I do at my job in a month"

That's amazing. Curation is the one thing that I don't fully grasp yet, you basically just upvote good articles? Do you get more rewards in ratio to your Steem Power?

I think that you shouldn't quit your job but definitely continue to improve steemit. You are one of the most valuable steemit members . Maybe start some tag to promote new users since its hard to get our posts seen :)

When we start going mainstream, a lot of spams also will start coming in. We need to find a way to filter them out so that we're able to find good content to vote on. When I explore posts, most of them are sub-par so it kinda takes a lot of time to find good content. Because of this many good authors miss getting an exposure.

Nice post mate. I want to grow my id more in 2018. I will buy some sp and also invest some on Steem. I will also arrange a get together around our country by steem users. I will also raise a charity by steem.. These are my plan for 2018... You can do charity with those steem powers mate.. thanks..

Hey dear @cryptoctopus! :)
You know what I really like about you? You don't just post very good and helpful content but you are also a very good person! You try to be as close to your fans as possible and always try your best to be fair and improve the community! Thank you very much for that! Your idea about helping newbies is just amazing! What about a series with all the basics you wish someone told you when you were a newbie yourself? :)
Or maybe kind of a challenge where everyone can post his or her knowledge about the platform and community to exchange knowledge and grow together and become wiser? :)
Like a guide for a good and quick start here on Steemit :)
I wish you the very best and a wonderful time with your wife and the baby you guys expect 💖

How are you imagining communities to work? Is this part of the dev plan? And is it a change to the blockchain or just a client-side feature?

I have an only half-baked idea that a Steem browser that allows you to look at all the posts tagged with A and B and maybe C, etc would form some kind of communities automatically. Maybe I want to read about goats but only from the homesteaders so I look at the posts with those two tags and if other people are doing the same, a community forms. I've seen this happening around the #steemitironchef tag, so it's not like multiple tags are needed, but it seems like narrowing things down would help. Also, a group of friends could make new tags for their use as a throwaway just to help filter other subjects -- like your #photography example, maybe.

Here is the repo that is being worked on... https://github.com/steemit/hivemind
was expecting it to be online almost 5 months ago

Wow, this is great @cryptoctopus, I registered on the steemit network in september and got active 14 days ago, I have come to learn recently that ICT has taken over the financial power of the world and there is nothing like working for yourself, being your own boss, with working for yourself and not just on a job you would be creating jobs for others, by so doing you will he helping lives and families indirectly, so I may advise you to go full time.

I remember what @surpassinggoogle said the other day, that we should be human, we are here because of people, if there are no people on steemit it would not be a community, neither will it have made its progress which you are already benefiting from, so apart from upvoting, you can delegate steempower to others or donate to other who will actively use it to better others, you can also in order to make people more active you can organize a contest and donate some steem power to the winners and the participants, let us also not forget the less privileged, those who do not have access to a mobile phone, a laptop or an android phone, those to who life is not fair, I have decided to give a particular percent of my SBD earned to the orphanage and less privileged, I will soon start a campaign to generate funds here for them and I will tag it save a life, am studying on how to go about it, but if you can help me you can pm me on discord @keban or on steemit chat @skj.

thank you, I know 2018 is a better year. we are a family.

It is a difficult choice that you are taking into consideration, but if it is as you say that in 5 hours in steem you earn more than in your 40 hours a week of work I think you should risk it and take that leap once, you just have to give the First step with faith and you think that the other steps will be presented as you walk.

2018 will be epic regardless! That's the attitude man! Every new feature, every new tool is a resource to be used to make your experience that much better!

The concept of going in Steem full time is amazing and amazingly scary at the same time. My plan, which is by no means a perfect solution for everyone, is to build up my crypto capital to the point where I am debt free. Mortgage, cars, credit cards all paid off. Then I can go full time in on this stuff.

My wife loves working, loves her job, and will work until she dies. So If the debts are all paid, then her salary would easily keep our bills paid if all of my crypto crashed. At that point it is a near zero risk game.

I'd love to see that happen in 2018, but I am allowing myself to be of the mindset that it is going to take longer than that. If it doesn't, then I will be over the moon happy. But if it does, I won't allow myself to be overly disappointed.

Would love to see Communities finally hit the street for us to play with and get some content discovery tools that actually work! The filth is hard to wade through!

I have to admit not having read the suggestions you have had for how to best utilize your Steem Power, but I know finding people you trust to curate on your behalf and delegating even 5000 SP to 10 different people would make a huge difference for those you choose as well as the people they are able to vote for who you might never see. Being the recipient of a delegation from @fulltimegeek and @stellabelle has been a total game changer for me! It's just a matter of finding the right people who will utilize the power for good and not evil!

on a side note.... I signed up for steemauto and joined your fan thingie, but it is not auto voting your posts. I think all the auto vote services are having a rough go of it, but I guess I ought to see if it is something on my end that I screwed up. I'm missing out on some curation rewards when I don't get my vote in until your post is already at $300.... LOL

Here's to 2018 man! May it be the best year yet!

I'm new to Steemit and reading posts like this one is really amazing and I'm so grateful to have found this site so early. However, in your specific case I would definitely keep some sort of part time job just in case. Don't get me wrong, I don't think steemit will not work out, but the one thing that I find so odd about all of this is that steemit/dtube etc are way too good to be long-lasting. But by all means follow your passion to be a web developer. I code a little myself so if you have any questions that are not answered in your course feel free to ask me. Anyways, great post and good luck!

The best way to use ur SteemPower is to help others to grow in the community
Yeah ppl come here for the value of the place and I can tell it's way respectful and informative than fb

But part of it is that they gain something from spending time Sharing their experiences and life

So when someone write something really good and find no interest in his/her content , that disappoints them

So upvoting them is a good way to spend ur sp in my opinion

Hello @cryptoctopus I think you can delegate some of your steem power to some great steemians who are promoting community projects. This wil help spread your support.

Making more on curation per week than from your monthly pay can be thought of as double income considering the tight schedle, i think its best you lay more emphazes on curation and if the job dispite its little pay arent giving enough time as you desire, you can lay it off and go full on steemit thereby gainning more concentaction to archieve more on the plateform. Also, on the web development class you can now havethe opportunity to dig deep as believe its of great benefit to the community and also you. And by this, the goal to loung a project will also be archieved. Thanks.

If you can spare the $ and the time, you might want to consider one of those 12 week coding bootcamps. They are good for getting up to speed.

Aside from that, crypto/blockchain is VERY HOT right now. So you literally can't go wrong. Just keep doing what you're doing and be thankful that you were in the right place at the right time!

very true. I'm considering a bootcamp.

steem power is really the core of steem account because it produces steem and sbd which is otherwise the daily wage of a steemian for his engagement in this community.

If you have enough steem power then the following things you can do here in steemit.

(1) You can start a contest weekly or monthly and let people participate in the contest.

(2) You can also encourage developers by putting their inputs in the form of article and in this way not only you get them engaged in this community but also there will learning and value addition.

(3) You can start a new channel and let people post in that channel and let yourself be the curator of all the posts posted in the channel.

(4) You have good amount of SP now and considering the steem price as of now, its really huge, so I think 2018 is huge opportunity for you to leverage it in a much better way.

Thank you @cryptoctopus...steem on and stay blissful...

Steem Power creates a lot of opportunities indeed!

Yes....that's very correct

You plan is very very specific and it sounds like you are so determined to bring it to the table in 2018. I like this passion about you.

While steem is above 6 usd now, it should be an encouraging factor for all steemian including you me and evenryone in this community.

When you say you are looking to delevelope yourself along with helping other and also by sponsoring a tag in this community, that really gives me a ray of hope and I would continue to be your regular reader now on wards.

It great to meet you here, because you are so organized in your work.

Thank you so much @cryptoctopus and Have a great day.

Should I Go Full-Time?

To me it is not a question, but a decision made. In a previous calculation, I figured I could be making USD 80 per month with 1 hour of my work. And when I compared that to the USD 100 that I charge for a full Job Search Project which takes me months to execute, 1 hour, Tuesday to Friday, every week, then I kind of got deeply shock to the point of start thinking about not taking more Job Seekers from outside Steeemit. That week I moved my consulting services to FULL without discount: USD 180 per local job search projects.

Now, one week later, I was making on Steemet about $200 per week. And once again, the problem of what to do came about.

My final decision, was: If you want my services, go to steemit.com an open an account. No fees at all, except if you want private sessions with me. Hence, In fact I am becoming a Full Time Steemer.

So far I am injecting 6 hours a day, Monday through Saturday, and the time investing is paying a lot. I split that time into studying Steemit, reading some of the Leaders, Learning Theory and Practicing a Lot.

I must confess this year 2018, I will reinvent myself at 65 years of age. I am tired of mutations, but I will mutate & evolve once more. In fact Steemit promises me of an old Dream: Making Money as I learned. Of course, at my age, I need the feel to also Lead. Behind me I have at least 14 years experience as Manager so I have Skills, Resources and Knowledge that can help a l0t of people. Currently I am defining myself as:

Locutus of Steem

Learning fast to become a Steem Jedi, at least within the Emerging Minnows Community. I feel Steemit & its Currencies has a great Future & Potential.

Since steemit will probably grow a lot maybe you could create a new community of curators like @curie or @ocd . What do you think of that?

Great plans. Regarding going full-time, I believe everyone should do, what they are most inspired and passionate about and this comes from your heart and you feel it, not because it makes logical sense to do it. Whit SteemPower you can support users on Steemit, who wants to change the world in positive way and yes, this year is going to be amazing.

What a pleasure it is to see how you always think of improving the community of Steemit and make the best decisions in your project count on my support in what can help unconditionally

2018 already started up great and one truly need to look back to determine his/her next action, the crypto world is really good and you making a lot from steemit when compared to your physical is great also but the idea of going full-time....

Personally, to me the cryptoworld is truly amazing and one can easily get intoxicated in it but same time we should try to ensure that doing this sweet wave we should also think of alternatives.

Never put all your eggs in one basket so I was told when growing up

and you looking out for the poorly but exceptional tag is really good, if no tag is formed then you create one and with time it become more noticed.

After all, if Muhammad does not go to the mountain, the mountain will come to Muhammad.

Wish you success in what ever decision you take later on.

Good stuff! I am photographer my self. Shooting skateboarders is my thing. Keep us up to date with the photography project, I am ready to jump in if needed. All the best in 2018!

I've been thinking the same thing basically. I'm living in a somewhat cheap country (would say poor). And basically getting 100 Steem is 2x more than a high paying job here. So 50 steem per month is the equivalent of a normal wage. This gives you the ability to skip work and enjoy spare time.

All my life I've been used to grinding and struggling to make a somewhat descent living. I managed to save up 270 steem which I withdrew. And now I'm actually scared. This is so much money that I don't know how to feel. I feel as if I'm a criminal or something.

Hopefully if you can dodge that feeling and know your own way around crypto I'm sure you can have a life worth dreaming about.

Can't really give you advice, but as tow hat I see you are doing great and the community loves you. I guess you gotta think about it and see how it feels deep down.

I wish you all the best and hope you can manage this ! Cheers and much love bro !

yes it is also a good tool that we also follow u in autoupvote
you say that u spent the 40 hours in a week on your job and the earnign is less that from your 5 hours here its mean you preffer the steemit from job, if this will work always in future
also the best of luck for ur work on programwith your friend and the new tag or the more work on photography tag, are you think the photography tag not used proper from steemians in this good quality of image from some one
it will more good that you complete your goal and able to launch a project on steemit wish u best for this goal
its more wonder you are there on vacation enjoy your best moments of life thier

MY IDEA; if you dont mind,
i only say you to earn with your steem power and with your some power make a charity account and give some upvote that account and all the earning of that acount will for the help of poor person , speciall for asian and african blog @cryptoctopus

Since you are about to create a new tag, I think you should use your steempower to curate quality and unique content atttached to the tag.

Also, since new users are coming into the community everyday and some quality contents are not seen due to numerous post, you can also create a curation team like curie and ocd to help encourage the new users.

I think the idea of a curator community to improve the photography tag is great, though I myself have never tried my hand at photography.

Stories like this one inspire me quite a bit. Here you are ultra successful on this platform and instead of pulling a take the money and run, you are thinking of ways you can improve the Steem experience for everyone. This is awesome!

Image Source

I would be out of the J.O.B. grind in a hurry if I was in your position. But of course I don't really know all the factors in your life.

For me it is simple. I'm 40. I've done this long enough. Once I get to the point where I can, I'll fire my boss.

Thanks for the post.
Keep Steeming!

Nice. Sounds like a great plan. Good luck.

Glad to have a classmate in the Web Developer Bootcamp. :D
Thanks to Steemit, i could participate on this course. Pls do update me on how are your developments on the bootcamp. :)

Wow, if had even a teeny little bit of that steempower, i would definitely be curating a lot more. As of now, i do also upvote my posts because any extra profit would help me on my daily living.

Before you even decide on what to do with you steempower, first pray for it. All will be clear after praying on any matter you may have. Keep up the awesome work @cryptoctopus, a fruitful 2018 to you, and God bless! :)

Depending on when you purchased steem, it could be a good time to take some profits.
but not me, holding a little longer..

Hey, these thoughts at the beginning of the year shows how how you feel for the platform, back from the vacations with a boost. If we say about the planning, you have 5 hrs, if you can't manage more time no issues, work life balance comes first. But , i would like to suggest one thing. Hope you are aware of sndbox project, i think they are doing smartwork. They recognise few people who are doing awesome and give a small part of responsibility on their shoulders, they suggest good posts and when the new posts are selected then their authors are analyzed for a month or 2 and if it appears good to them , they inherit him/her in the team and work as a team. Its my analysis about how they work, might be bit different. But its my perspective, hope it helps you. Feel free if you need furthur explanation on my idea

First, the image with the wooden room looks absolutely amazing. Would love to stay there!

To your question: It depends what your intentions are. Do you want to make more money with the project? Do you want to support a social project? Do you want to support minnows and new users? What are your core values? In what do you believe in general? How do you want to make a difference?

Hey @cryptooctopus ! I would kindly like to ask for your participation in a non-profit research project driven by the European Blockchain Center in Copenhagen. We want to interview STEEM users and developers in order to explore emerging behavioral patterns, forms of organizing, and business models enabled by blockchain-enabled creative social networks, such as STEEM. Hopefully we can get you on board :) for more info, please see: https://steemit.com/steem/@raci/exploring-blockchain-enabled-creative-social-networks-participate-in-the-first-research-project-on-steem

Well you're inspiring lot through your blog and enabling them to make a clear list for 2018. Yes i do agree same goes with me as you said.

I make more in curation in a week than I do at my job in a month.

So for you i have suggestion:
Please! also guide as you often do to the new comers and those who are joining the Steemit, I know you often do it already :)
Also do some charity work secretly at your end.
Make your life more better through steem and love your wife and family more @cryptoctopus

Stay Blessed, Steem On!

I would hold off going full time till you have one year's expenses in fiat put aside.

Steem has had these surges before, and then dropped back. It's hard to tell whether this is just a pump or if the price will be sustained.

I look forward to seeing your work with the photography tag, there are so many photos uploaded that a lot of top work gets missed out and as you said pushed down the pecking order by travel posts with mediocre photos in! Maybe people should use less tags? It could possibly despam some of the categories? I know I always try to use all the tags, but are they all always relevant, possibly not! Anyhow I will be keen to see the plans you have in action, I have been following some of your favoured photographers and they have some top work!

A person is always looking for where better, leave your job and create the program completely. I think it will bring you much more income. Meanwhile, the new year promises to be very interesting :)

At your value, I honestly believe it’s time to quit anything that isn’t necessary and schedule your time on the things that matter most: family and your aspirations in life. You’ve got what others on Steemit dream of and the only thing I can say is that it only goes up from there.

Congratulations to you!

The best thing to do is to use everything right in time,excellent post.
Resteem and upvote you always.

Dear @cryptoctopus everyone is helping,you are very generous
Our grateful to you ;)

Truly don't stop your normal everyday employment except truly put additional time into steem. ...😉😉

Do what needs to be done for a couple of months and you'r going to see genuine additions. You'll be propelling yourself more and it will be hard at first yet you will in the long run get into it. You will be that significantly nearer towards resigning also!

Additionally you can genuinely steem about work, your everyday living and so on like you simply did here making it a fairly easy...😯😯😯😁😁😁

Such a nice words! Although my upvote is low value and some followers i have but for appreciation the post I am Following, upvote and Resteemed @cryptoctopus

good luck..
keep it up with steemit...


nice your post.

Honestly don't quit your day job but seriously invest more time into steem. Just do it for a few months and you'r going to see serious gains. You'll be pushing yourself a bit more and it will be hard at first but you will eventually get into it. You will be that much closer towards retiring as well! Plus you can honestly steem about work, your day to day living etc like you just did here making it a rather effortless "job" lol

Hey @bitcoinflood can you give me any idea about steem power

woooow seriously It is a hard choice for you.
I dont have any Idea actually to tell you, because I believe you are the best at what you doing, and your success in Steemit proves that.
But I could say you can leave your job once you feel that you are psychologically much more attached to Steemit, and If you love Steemit more than you job, why not being on Steemit full time.
I can see this 8k followers you have turn to 20k very soon.
just keep up the good work you are the best

I really like your enthusiast towards the progress of steemit. Till now you are giving attention towards good commenters, I think you should should start a program to promote the good content providers on this platform. I think it's time for the steem to lead. I am curious about the project and your ideas behind the future of steemit.

Steemit has really elevated you from your previous position.... More grace and more steem power

On Steempower:
We think you should use it to either/all-of
a) actually get MORE specific with who you upvote. Takes too much time to upvote everyone simply bc they comment on your post? Plus, it kinda violates the spirit of the site, no?
b) use steempower as power, as in, go into the witness thing and attempt to change Steemit for the better, using your best judgement.
c) Read more posts, and curate articles rather than comments. Let's face it, when they know they are going to get paid, people will OVER-comment your articles. But what about those who write or take great photographs unseen? Time is better spent, in the spirit of Steemit, on curating articles/blogposts than comments, no? For instance, we feel slightly ashamed to post a link to our article, but right now it's really the ONLY way to promote something you're proud to have written. steemers simply commenting on this article with a sentence have made 10x more steem than our article which we took days to research and hours to write.

Remember, Steemit will eventually die or be end-arounded unless witnesses and those in power make it ACTUALLY better, in the spirit of creating good creators and writers.

For instance, we think we wrote a REALLY cool piece on Nick Szabo and how his denial may not stand up to the virtual timestamped "blockchain" of human events. Yet we got almost zero readers, altho those who read it carefully liked it. It's a bummer. We wish guys like you were able to find our content, and the system is supposed to make that happen but somehow it really doesn't work that way. How can it improve?

and for reference, bc we mentioned it above
Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

Cabin is a beauty btw, b sure to find out who did that woodwork inside.

Hey man, congratulations! Your general question to yourself is a great idea, and would add a few things to think about or really consider when making your decision.

  1. This too shall pass.... It's an old saying, and the earlier in life you learn this the better off you will be to not caught off guard and adapt as well as not get to low in the valleys. No matter how great something is or how bad something is, remember "this to shall pass". Consider this in the need to diversify, you don't want to be a one tricky pony. That doesn't mean don't quit your job, but i'd be leery to put all your eggs in one basket.

Best of luck to you, and Godspeed!

thanks for sharing this post i learn some steemit information

Hi @cryptoctopus. I am a your true fans. I follow you in fan base. I have to website and I would like to use it for a steem project.

may be i reasteam your post because your post is great post and you is a great

Wonderful one, I would prefer to travel to mexico, I love the country

wow!! Its so beautifull picture I have seen and your post is very good, I enjoing reading your article
And Can your give me Idea for increas steem power??

this is excellent for people who are old

Just go full time on Steemit. You will vacate a spot for a work for other people and you will have more time for what is more beneficial for you. Also the Steemit community needs as much involvement of any individual as it can get to grow. win - win.

Go full Steem!

You have great influence on this platform and with great power comes great responsibility. Use your Steem power to upvote undervalued, unnoticed content and help in improving Steemit.

As I’m still learning the platform and perfecting my blogging skills. I notice a lot of developments with steemit in 2018. I really love this community. I’ve actually seen people change their lives around. I’m trying to attain 1000 Steem delegated power as my main goal.

In early 2018 I plan to release an music/visual project EP via dsound and dtube.

By summer I should be able to bring at least 20 power players from my scene.

And I really just want to network with like minds and creators and developers with world changing ideas ✌🏾💯

Great post thanx for sharing... resteemed 🧙🏾‍♂️

Good prospects for the new year. It seems like you knew my mind. I am planning for the new year too, and I am thinking of making Steemit my everyday website.

This year, I will visit any rural area and provide at least one basic amenity that could be in lack in the community.

With time, I will possibly improve to other communities. This is my new year resolution, and I am looking forward to it.

good post, I really like it
hallo @cryptoctopus
i am new member on this steemit platform, i have upvote and follow you, if you have free time please visit my blog, i will be very happy, and please Upvote and follow me @adamazzi
Thank you

Go for Steem but also supplement with other forms of crypto acquisition maybe? Try not to put all your eggs in one basket. Sounds super exciting but beware not having a rope if the floor falls out.

I am currently taking a great Udemy class called The Web Developer Bootcamp which is so far really good.

Doing the same, learned HTML and CSS and made a small website by taking up a Udemy course. Working on Javascript nowadays and looking to do something for Steemit platform, like making an application for this platform! Though a lot have already been created but still, it's the best platform where I can practice my learning.

If you have any ideas of what I can do with all that SteemPower, please let me know in the comment box down below :-)

Give new users (25-30 reputation score) some great upvotes to motivate them and let them know to do it consistently.

I have quit my job as I am moving to Australia in a few days. Will need to find a new job when I get there, but its awesome that I can make a little money in the in between time. If Steem keeps rocketing up like it has been I might not need a job when I arrive, I am half kidding because I am new so not earning much YET! Good luck with your decision.

It's your choice dear,

Cozy retreat. Shame the snowstorm has to fall during your vacation. Best part though, you might be snowed in and given the time to think of the future. Best of luck! It’s great that you are thinking of your fans and trying to make Steemit better.

Hey there! If blogging is what you really think is most fun and you can earn enough with it to make a living then why not just go for it? Then you also have time to have some side projects wich maybe now are hard to accomplish with your regular job. I think its important to use your SP to help newbies with quality content to grow over time and stay motivated. Keep up the good work and Im looking forward to see some nice interesting new project of you :)

To enrich steem with value which will translate to higher prices for Steem and user growth we can promote value adding initiatives.

I think the next phase that will spur on good content will be a concerted effort by whales dolphins and anyone with voting power to maximise the impact of their stake by promoting content. Promoting initiatives and people that are genuinely adding value. This will get easier as apps are developed to pick out content that you want to see from the stream of data that is there at the moment.

I think the next few months are going to be very interesting. 😀

I think the tags could benefit as you mentioned, maybe one for original content as I see many posting things they copy from the internet. Happy Thursday and enjoy you vacation!

I love your idea to launch a project for new users. I wish you success in 2018!

It's very interesting to see your goals for 2810, @cryptoctopus! I wish you good luck with deciding if you should go full-time or not; right now it might seem like the obvious choice considering the high value of Steem, but I'm sure it's scary nonetheless.

Steem is indeed going over the moon,soon it will be 20$.

My goal is that I am able to launch a project on Steem it that can onboard new users very efficiently and to add tons of value to the little world we are building here.

I will be glad to participate in this project because i am the lead Steemit Promoter in Uganda.

I tried to join your follower list last time but failed,let me do it again now.

If you have lots of power and money but still you want to ask what should you the single apple, my suggestion is that devide the apple among three people who are very hungry and eat your self only the single piece, you will find the taste very sweet. Thanks for sharing such a valuable lesson from your journey of success. Wish you good luck and good health friend happy steeming.

Personally i like your way to do things and i want carry on your life, Thank you very much

I am so jealous!! It looks so inviting.

Hi @cryptoctopus I recently subscribed to you and follow you, but now I see what potential you are carrying for us all, your contests, your ideas and many other things inspire many newcomers and me as well ... I have participated in 2 contests, but I managed to win, but for me it's not the main thing, and most importantly what you do and give the chance to earn many users who really need it
Thank you for what you are doing