Let's Make Steem Trend on Twitter on the 9th of January - Join the Steem Twitter Thunderclap!!

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By participating in a Twitter Thunderclap you will allow Thunderclap to send out 1 specific tweet at an exact time. This very first time in 2018 we will Thunderclap on the 9th of January, letting the world know that Steem has a very fast transaction time, thanks to this amazing GIF from @kyriacos:

still waiting.gif

Sign up for the Steem Twitter Thunderclap right here, it's very easy:


Let's get Steem to trend on Twitter. Let's let the world know about the amazing qualities of the Steem blockchain. Join today, it's time that the world starts realizing the power and potential of the Steem community!!


fuck it. I'm in !

Fuck it all, I'm in too!

I'm in too!!!

Me four!!! Social clout added. 999 mostly real people...I assume?

Mee too Check out Iqbal Muhammad (@Iqbal_Mhd): https://twitter.com/Iqbal_Mhd?s=09

do I need a twitter account for this?

yes, or a facebook account, that works too!

(even a tumblr account would work btw)

I don't use neither, is there any point to make one for this if I'm not going to have any follower on them?

I think so, you would be helping in making Steem trend.

Nice idea - 2713 social reach just added!

Steem was rising like crazy!!

Brilliant idea! Respect...

I'm in. Thanks for suggesting this!

Any promotion is good! I'm in!

I'm in. Great idea!

check ;-)

This is a really cool initiative! I signed up, despite now having many followers, but at least it's a few.

Much appreciated, we need at least 100 participants for this to go live, regardless of how big the social reach is. So THANK YOU!!

Oh, I really hope we are able to get enough people then! We still need another 29 people before it's safe to assume that it goes live.

Yes, but we already got 71 in 2 days, we have 5 days left so we will be successfull. I'm 100% committed to this.

That's good! I also think we will make at least 100, especially if you are spending your time to get more people to join :) I hope this will bring some new people to the blockchain once we all tweet on the 9th!

Awesome man, on it! Gave you roughly 5k ;)

@1intheEther #thealliance

Added my Facebook & Twitter, great initiative @fitzgibbon! :)

I am in. Will give it a Resteem 2. Hope it helps

Great! Yes, it helps

oh hell!
i am also in

Great! Thank you so much!!

I am student and Steemit has solved my financial problem.
so, its my duty to share steemit platform and let the the world know about it.

Added a reminder in my phone. Do we all just have to tweet about it? It shouldn't be much for us to pull something together then..

well, actually is much easier, you can just sign up at


the rest is automatic. Thunderclap will send out 1 Twitter tweet or Facebook Post on your account at that exact time. It's easy and safe.

I'm in! Thanks for doing this!

Thank you for participating!

Hi, I joined Thunderclap for this campaign too. Congratulations for the initiative! Talking with @lpessin in the post he translated your call to portuguese came up an idea to continue these mobs. I was think if the recent 2018 personal challenge post from Facebook creator could be another opportunity.

I wrote a post about it in #FollowMark - Are you still on Facebook? What about promoting Steem blockchain with Zuckerberg's own arguments. I hope it could help, everyone who like feel free to use any image or phrase whenever you want. Thanks, congratulations and good luck again!!

Love this initiative! I'm in! :)


Daaaammmmmmm all in!👍❤

I authorized my support through twitter :)

I'd like to participate but it has been my personal choice not to incorporate my traditional social signals to my Steem account. Good initiative by the way!

Any suggestion how do I get a secondary Steem account for free?

Im soo in on this! When will this happen! Expect 20 tweets from me. You can follow me on Twitter.

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This is beautiful, I already resteemed and upvoted, my head, my shoulder, my knees, my toes are all in, lets rock twitter with steem

This is extraordinary what steem You can run me one to the only voice in twiter

Great work... Let get the world aware

well writing..... i like it

Why not?!

I will join

That is gr8 initiative

Fools gon' learn!

I'm in..........

Happy New Year, lets make steemit great!
I have just logged in with thunderclap and am getting ready to share and support but I have done 2 small alterations in the message, added # hashtag to steem and block chain!
Glad to support any actions regarding steemit :)
Twitter > katerinaramm1

p.s. I only recently discovered the promo-steem tag!!! Great initiatives guys!

Such an awesome initiative!

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thanks for the information , it is great and amazaing

Join the Thunderclap, that's greater and more amazing than placeholder comments!

I´ll do it

can I join how to do it...I just made my account

voted witnesses!

I like pancakes!

OK I'm in, just joined.
It's gonna be a massive thunder clap.
Think development, think steemit.

Increased steam is extraordinary, hopefully it can be a digital currency that dominates the world of blockchain technology

Steem breaks Twitter Jan 9! I can see the headline now!

I'm game, count me in!

That's the most brilliant idea in 2018. Am crazy about that gif, so true

@fitzgibbon Just came to know about this via @mikepm74 post. This is uber cool and let's proud that we are steemians. Joined and shared on my twitter, facebook, and Tumblr account. Let's stand all together to promote steemit everywhere. Right after I came to know about this initiative, I kept all my other works pending and thought to publish a post about this great initiative on my blog without no delay as we have only 2 days left. I am proud and I have done published it on my blog.

I'm in too! Let's grow higher than clouds! Together we're power, together we're force!

Did you know that there were around 900 posts in the past few days all sincerely talking about steemit (straight from the heart type post) and has around 5000 plus generated on these posts. I did a contest to this effect that till now there is still turn out. I though of getting #steemit trending on twitter as well but perhaps, i didnt organize it so that the time of the tweet is around the same period. I have joined in with thunderclap movements many times. I think i will apply it cos these posts are so touching etc. This was the contest post:



I am Much surprising, how a single human can do all this and manage, i think GOD's hand of Blessing is on your head. and you doing all imposibilities with sucessful results. your passion is admireable.

Just joined in and thunderclapped it to my 1700+ followers on twitter! Let's get steemit trending. Would be stingy of me to enjoy these amazing benefits alone. Nice initiative @fitzgibbon

Yes. A thousand times yes. Upvoted & Resteemed

All in with my 1000+ followers (hope they see and follow)

Used 33k+ of my friends twitter followers, all from the tech niche!! STEEM is going UP

good thing! and so true!
full support for this!

Special introduction to @fitzgibbon from me @suhadi-gayo, hopefully you can also see and give input by opening the material space for discussion on post in my account. thank you