What do you think about traditional media financial outlets trashing crypto?

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Just yesterday I was watching CNBC, I don't even remember the show it was on, but one second they are talking about a big time investor (I am paraphrasing then when they) called BTC "...unsafe, dirty, and worthless." Then in the next breath there was an analyst talking about how the newer tech companies are using the cloud, the importance of it over the last few years and the future, and other mass storage online services needing help solving this is in a cost efficient way (Hello...hello? Blockchain). Maybe I misunderstood the context but it was very comical to hear someone who cheerleads daily for massive dinosaur corporate structure, then tells us the wave of the future is worthless or dirty? Seems like they are behind the times, or maybe a little bit intellectually dishonest. Go back to reading your papyrus, everyone is a freaking genius in a bull market like this, let's see how smart everyone is in six months for those who aren't cash heavy. Again, my opinion is a free opinion based (heavily) on comic value, so take it for what it's worth.

"Mark me down as laugh my ass off and my opinion of them whenever they open their mouth about crypto as irrevelant."

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I will say this... I have watched CNBC for over 30 years... I have witnessed many many stories on it... I can say with absolutely certainty that it is nothing more than a propaganda machine for the elites. It is the place where the sheep go to get slaughtered and all the hosts are either in on it or too stupid to understand they are being played. That's my thought ;)


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They hate BTC, because they never thought about this. so they insult BTC. BTC has grown rapidly now.
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