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Steem Needs More Stakeholders!

More demand for Steem means a higher price for investors and a better more vibrant community. There are two ways to increase demand, we could get more users or have each user want more Steem. A combination of the two is best. Since I started with an account on Steemit, I have wanted more and more Steem. There are many reasons why and I'll share some below.

SPUD: Steem Power Up Day

The idea of powering up Steem is a great idea, SPUD was started by @streetstyle and supported by many other notable Steem accounts. I supported the move and powered up about 1700 Steem at the start of May. Although it was a good idea, I have two problems with this initiative:

  1. SPUD should be every day. On May 1st 2019 or the first SPUD, the price of Steem actually went down, so more people sold Steem than bought it. This was not the intention and was pathetic come to think about it. Although more Steem was powered up then powered down on that day, we all know powering down Steem is a 13-week process and cannot be judged over one day. Larger holders of Steem and investors know that the best time to sell Steem is during a SPUD as there could be more demand on exchanges. Savvy traders will take advantage of SPUD.

  2. SPUD doesn't have targets. Instead of saying just power up one Steem, we need to say power up a lot of Steem. Steem is worth about $0.39 each right now and most people can afford to power up at least 10 Steem. I can understand not everyone has $3.90 available so don't call me an elitist. You can't even buy stock in any company with that little money as most discount brokerages have higher trading fees. I know Cryptocurrency is seen as something for the people, but let's be realistic here 1 Steem per active account on Steem once a month will never get us anywhere. Investing less than the hourly wage in many countries will not get you anywhere fast either unless you do it very regularly. Many of Steem's users come from countries where finding $20 is not an issue so let's set a minimum target of 50 Steem for SPUD. It's only once a month!

I've powered up 500 steem in the past 24 hours and it's not SPUD
Screenshot 2019-05-21 at 21.52.21.png

Onboarding New Users

This is a much better idea than SPUD. If even 1/20 new users become an active member or better yet an investor it will have a much better effect than any other initiative to increase the price. @steemonboarding says it better than I ever could. They even made a website to help introduce new users to Steem. and below is a contest they are holding to onboard new users.

I can't stress this enough if you tell your friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances about Steem it's by far the best thing you can do to support its price and long-term success. Interacting with Steem is fun, it's much more than just blogging and could one day even be a great investment. You don't even need much Steem to interact with the blockchain, for $20 you can buy 50 Steem which is enough to post, vote, play with DApps, interact and do most things here except being a whale. $20 is less than a cheap night out in most places and you will still have some of that left over the next morning. I see it as a hobby, spending a hundred dollars or so a month could one day really pay off and even if it doesn't I've wasted far more money on much stupider things in the past.

I Want More Steem!

I'm not suggesting that you should invest in Steem but I will tell you why I do. It is because of Utility; you can do so much with Steem. Bitcoin is boring in comparison, it's not very useful for anything other than as a cryptocurrency which is slower than most and expensive to transact in. Dollars are more useful than Bitcoin but they are not more useful than Steem. You can trade dollars for almost anything but you can't make smart contracts with it. You can't power up dollars, quickly move them around, vote with them, delegate them safely, store them without cost, use them in a trusted yet decentralized way, etc. Although there are many systems such as VISA designed to help you use or move your dollars electronically, Steem is much easier, cheaper and requires no approval process or physical exchange. You can also exchange your Steem for something else inexpensively including dollars. Exchanging foreign exchange electronically is typically more expensive than exchanging cryptocurrencies, especially ones like XLM. I just hope that one day I will be able to exchange my Steem for more than what I paid for it. Steem also attracts more Steem and that return can be quite lucrative even if the price isn't moving-something I can discuss later.

Please feel free to share your thoughts about my Steem rant. If you haven't powered down Steem in 2019, have powered up more than 50 Steem this week and write something thoughtful below, I'll buy you a Steem Basic Income Share and curate you back.

Thank you for reading!

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Hello my friend @crypticat

It is a pleasure for me to read your amazing publication..!! Everything you said is tremendously right..!!

I always tell to myself how to promote Steem in a correct way.. And you my friend opened my eyes showing a lot of ways why we should promote Steem..

You are showing us all the future.. I’m only trying to help some people to grow the SP but a lot of people need help. New steemians are the future in this project...

The more people and investors, the must higher price of Steem and the more better future for more people ..!!!

Thank you so much for your amazing work and publication..!!

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One day they will figure it out. We just need to keep positive and make it easier for newcomers to use it. Thanks for your comments 🐱

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I've only ever powered up. I'm doing my thing organically. I've only ever had more than 50 steem to power up one time when I got a random vote from a mighty whale. Otherwise it's 10% growth and on the decline no matter what I do here. That's led to apathy and indifference which is difficult to overcome.

I keep hoping for some engagement or more followers but it's just not a reality as the social aspect of this place is not very sociable.

It's not that I'm not a well known account, the difference between me and a dolphin is since I haven't invested nobody cares to invest in me as there's no roi...

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Large stakeholders are definitely more respected here as are developers and investors. There are also a few terrific content creators who get just as much respect. You should look into more communities for engagement, fringe tags are better to find friends in as opposed to basic ones like #steem or #life. You could also join discords, it often works as a more social extension to many communities. Time is also important, you don't make friends in just a few months. Keep at it!

Screenshot 2019-05-22 at 00.44.34.png

Discord I would say is essential. I’ve seen success for niche content creators that specifically create for a dedicated tag such as homesteading.

The friends I’ve made here are like me, not to be pigeon holed and not to be taken seriously at all times.

I appreciate your zeal and advice. For me someone that came here for entertainment first, edification second, and a willingness to be a control in an experiment third I’m only expressing that I’m not like any other steemians currently active.

If the economics are fixed and can support more typical social media users such as myself in the future my account will see a different kind of reward and attention than the usual cheerleading for steem stuff, no offense.

I can’t think of a single friend or family member that has the time or energy to devote to this platform. Out of a thousand fb followers perhaps 2 would last here, that’s an issue that internal pep talks won’t soon alleviate.

I would also add respect is earned not bought, but that’s not true here. I however don’t respect anyone just because they’re a big fish in a little pond.

You're so right with that last point. It does take a lot of effort here for the average person. Partiko makes it easier. Let's hope some front end evolves to be more like Facebook where simple posts are welcomed and the complexity of Steem is buried.

Absolutely, it will come or we are all just going to be forever passing around a coin to each other in a stake weighted ecosystem that doesn’t reward “good behavior”

Ahh dude!
You just gotta find your group/community.

When the price of steem goes up a dime.... You will see more engagement.
Times are slow when the price is down.

I appreciate the follow and I've definitely noticed fluctuations in the overall vibes of the place contingent on a price point.

The price has been well below a half USD since I signed up after the last HF at .80 USD it then plummeted and has yet to recover.

I get the find a community aspect as well but i am feeling positive the dynamics of how the ecosystem works is to blame. Look no further than discord being the place where all important conversations take place. That's a major problem for a "social media content discovery" blockchain.

Posts dying economically speaking after 7 days is also a waste, there should also be things built in such as reminders options such as (haven't replied to blank in blank days). Haven't upvoted blank in blank weeks, things that I'd think would be easy to develop. But, they aren't profitable. Basically, the etiquette here is focused on a what's in it for me mentality, this is not attractive to the millions or billions of social media users outside of this nuanced circle jerk.

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Larger holders of Steem and investors know that the best time to sell Steem is during a SPUD

Honestly i don't think that's the case. I'm not saying you are wrong but powering up doesen't mean price will go up, it generally means that more liquid steem will be vested in the platform.

There is obviously some selling point that is still stronger than buying one. Guess we will need more marketing efforts in order to brake that mental barrier.

Not worried about steem at all, just keep on the hustle :)

You're right I shouldn't have told everyone the secret. Not many people have significant amounts of liquid Steem to power up, they may have other Cryptos to convert for Steem or money to buy something to convert to Steem. It's true, less liquid Steem means higher prices.
This is mostly a hobby for me and it may be better to tone it down a notch, do less cheerleading and have more fun. I just felt like hustling a little today. My last couple of posts have been about animals.

Thanks a lot for contributing in #spud .

You'r right, we need more stakeholders. I wish people will power up everyday to make steem great again. I completely agree with you, powering up only 1 steem is not enough, we need much more.

I believe that we still in the building stage and the price of steem is really interesting to buy now. I'm almost sure that steem will moon and our investment in it now will give big results.

Let's keep promoting this awesome blockchain and keep creating the best content on it.

Indeed we need more people who will power up instead of powering down.

yes you are right

The engagement and community is what keeps me here and the innovation gets me comming back. Promoting it even internally is needed: no one wants to join a community where all they see is complaints.

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Most people on steem toot their own horns or circle jerk themselves to exhaustion. However, facebook and other social media is similar.

They say there is financial incentive with steem. But it's really difficult to say that when the value is 3 steem for a buck. An investor doesnt focus on one chain unless they are a bad investor.

From an investors perspective it is insanely volatile and there are other cryptos with less inflation and less work where freeloaders and conartists can't just gobble up the reward pool.

From an honest bloggers perspective unless you are an orca (or a gifted blogger who should probably devote more time to a more profitable platform for gifted bloggers) you need to be a superior circle jerker and squeeze the block chain to make a decent roi. Ur fiancially better off flipping burgers for the clown, my friend. Oh and as for unrealized roi, Why do you think steem will exceed BTC?

That leave the developers/community builders, hobbyists, addicts, people who've been duped / are lost, and dishonest actors/ leeches. Welcome to Steem. I am a hobbyist, investor, and perhaps a boarderline addict, I think.

It's easy to become frustrated as an investor but you have only been here 18 months. Most of my best investments have taken considerably longer than that. Getting in during a bubble and complaining about volatility is disingenuous. Now is a great time if you believe in the long term value. You're not wasting your time here more than anywhere else on the internet and you do get something for it.

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Fair points. I'm not selling out yet and I didn't buy in when I first joined. The bubble did inspire me to join, though.

Right now I'm on 110% reinvest mode (its possible amd mine is likely higher). It's certainlybnot a good time to be selling.

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I like where your mind is at.
More people need to be on steem.
It's time to power up!

Glad you agree with me now put your money where your mouth is!
Screenshot 2019-05-21 at 23.58.05.png

Umm. I wish I had more money.
I powered up $100 worth of steem 3 weeks ago.
That's all I got right now.

The rest was earned through posting and commenting on our wonderful steem blockchain :)

$100 is pretty good and that Steem will go a long way. It's the fraction of a Steem Power Ups then submitting it to a contest or bragging about it that irks me a little. You can't even ride a bus for that money. Imagine buying your colleagues a single teabag to share and a cup of hot water, then boasting about how great you are for it.

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Great you're getting the word out for SPUD2, I toll will be powering up to support Steemit and SPUD on the 1st

I've pledged to power up at least 50 steem on SPUD2

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I hope to power up 250 or perhaps a little more ;) every bit helps :)

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