CONTEST! | Operation Mass Adoption | 12,000 Steem in Prizes

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This is a contest for you, the Steemian who has been trying to get their co-worker to join Steem, or maybe convince their partner to start uploading videos to the blockchain, or perhaps make their best friend start blogging about their weekends together but for some reason, they never get around to opening their steem account.

It's time to get all these potential new users to discover the Steem Blockchain

Get your friends to sign-up to Steem and win up to 2,000 Steem in Prizes


Who Can Join This Contest?

Anyone on the Steem Blockchain with a reputation higher than 57 and who created their account before March 2019. Any user joining the contest must be an active member of any Steem community older than one month

This kind of contests may attract people trying to rig them, that is why we are this strict in terms of Who can join.

What does Sign-up to Steem Mean?

The Steem Blockchain has several DApps and frontends. All you have to do is convince your friends and family to open a Steem account, it doesn't matter if they want that account for playing games, count their steps, upload pictures, publish videos or simply just writing their daily thoughts. Sign-up means creating an account on the Steem Blockchain.

How can I explain to them what Steem is about?

Send them to us. We will handle all that explanation for you with...

Tell them to pick their preferred language and to watch the ten videos! It will take them around 20 minutes to understand perfectly the basics of Steem.

How can my friends create an account?

There are several options for your friends to sign up to Steem, the ones that @steemonboarding recommends are:

Blocktrades account creation
Small Fee: Includes Instant account creation, password recovery and password back up

Steem Ninja
Small Fee: Includes Instant account creation and referral rewards system

Steem Monsters (Splinterlands)
Get a Starter set for a small price with a Steem account included!

Steemit Sign up service
Free: Up to 2 weeks for getting the account, includes account recovery

There are several other ways to create a Steem Account, these are just the ones we reccomend but you can invite your friends using any method available in the Blockchain :)

The Contest | Get your Friends to Join Steem

By using the @steemonboarding videos at, get as many people to sign up on Steem. They have to be real people, users who will create content, engage in other people's posts, Steemians who will play one of the various games on Steem or that will be active users in one of the various DApps.

The Steemian who gets more users to sign up, wins the contest. It's that easy.

The Deadline | It's a Time Limited Contest

This contest will run for 21 days: Starting on Wednesday, May the 22th at 00:01 PST, finalizing on Wednesday, June the 12th at 23:59 PST.

When the contest starts, you can start inviting and signing-up your friends to the Steem Blockchain. Any account created outside of this timeline will not count for determining the winners. They will also need to publish their introduction post within the deadline. (more information on that below)

The Prizes | Two Contests In One

@theycallmedan is sponsoring this contest with a 1,000 Steem prize. Thanks in advance for making this happen Dan!

The 5 people who get more new Steemians to join the Blockchain will share the 1,000 Steem prize, divided as follows:

1st place - 300 Steem2nd place - 250 Steem
3rd place - 200 Steem4th place - 150 Steem
5th place - 100 Steem*Prizes may grow

*If you are a stakeholder or top witness and you want to help sponsor this contest, please get in touch with @anomadsoul #8455 on discord or on Slack.

11,000 Steem Power Delegation for the most engaging community

On the beginning of this post we mentioned that any user joining this contest has to be part of a community.

The community that gets more people to sign up on Steem, regardless of the winners of the Liquid prize, will get a 10,000 SP delegation from @yabapmatt and a 1,000 SP delegation @OCD for the next 90 days.

Again, if you are a stakeholder or top witness and you want to help this contest by offering a delegation to the winning community, please get in touch with @anomadsoul #8455 on discord or on Slack.

The Rules

  • The new Steemians invited, must create an account within the time limit of the contest. It doesn't matter what Account creation service they use.
  • Every user you invite has to make a post introducing themselves before the end of the contest. On this introduction post they have to mention your username and why they joined Steem, otherwise said sign-up will not count for winning the contest. For this intro post, they must use the tag "newonsteem".

To make a proper introduction post, please check out the Steemonboarding video talking about this topic:

  • @OCD will be curating the tag "new-on-steem". So please make sure these new Steemians you invited use the tag for their introduction post! Anyone using this tag for anything other than their introduction post WILL BE FLAGGED, so please avoid using the tag if you are not a new user who joined Steem via this contest.

  • Every Steemian who joined the contest, must make a post listing all the members they onboarded and linking to their introduction post so we can verify the authenticity of both the competitor and the New Steemians. The tag you should use for this post must be "HelloMassAdoption" and "blocktradescontest"

We want to thank @theycallmedan and @ocd-witness for sponsoring the prizes of this contest and @ocd and @blocktrades for providing Voting Power to curate the new users and the wrap up posts.

As you can see, this contest holds some interest features for everyone on the platform. People who join the contest will benefit, new users will get curated, the communities involved will potentially get some delegation and overall, everyone on Steem will benefit for the tens - or perhaps hundreds - of new users joining the platform thanks to this contest!

@blocktrades and @ocd-witness are witnesses on the Steem Blockchain, you can show them your support by voting for them here or by setting @steemonboarding as your witness proxy here.

Let's reach mass adoption together!

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 7.36.59 PM.png


cool project

This is an excellent idea! Just the motivation to get some friends and family to join Steem.
I think I'll be creating the account for them because people don't like to pay and the Steemit Inc signup is too slow. People forget about it and lose motivation.

its not too slow - a friend of mine just joined up for free and he got access and passwords within 24 hours!! Go STEEMIT!!!

Sometimes it’s reasonably quick. But other times not.

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For real? lol

Your friend was in luck man, most of the time it's too slow, in fact, I got my account after 8 days. The account creation time limit should be decreased to a maximum of 72 hours.

Yeah the queue has not been long lately, but a newcomer joining made me aware that the email still warns that it could take up to 2 weeks which is probably outdated.

This was an excellent idea, when we tried and started this ... 3 years ago ...

Then Steemit Inc (ned) supported a few people with vague promises of some form of trickle down effect. All those sponsored people have left STEEM since.

I've seen a bit of negativity from some of the older Steemians and I don't know what sort of promises they were made, but I'm happy earning between $1-10 for posts and seeing amazing functionality like SteemPeak, Partiko, Steem Engine, Steem Keychain, Nitrous, MIRA, Hivemind, Steem Monsters, Next Colony etc etc.
I see that distribution of Steem is gradually becoming less concentrated and my share is increasing.

Maybe Ned promised too much.

But I'm pretty impressed with what so many groups are achieving, includng Steemit Inc under Eli's direction. What they've achieved since the reorg and cutbacks is nothing short of amazing.

I am glad there are some newer Steemians like yourself, who are still enthusiastic about Steem.
( I am also glad that you are able to grow your stake in times of linear rewards and bid bots )

I have burned through most of my excitement and just could not help but leave this bitter comment.

It’s understandable... it has been hard to watch such amazing potential squandered... but, this reboot has some teeth, and I like the people involved. If only they can get enough autonomy to make this a success.

Self-voters who use their alternative accounts to upvote every comment they publish are the reason some of them grow their stake. New users who come and see this are quickly driven away. But hey, Steem taught me that money is first priority and community is worth nothing if you don't monetize it in sneaky ways.

I agree with you. I think that Weku can do it better. No bots are alowed there. But it just beggining. We will see.

Bots are fine and inevitable.

Bid-bots I don't like.

Wait, have the bid bots left?

Steemit was an amazing decentralized platform for bots for a while there.

I would say that you are an exception. My earn and that of many other users has only decreased despite the fact that we upload quality content. There is no real concern on the part of the whales to reward the quality of what is uploaded, but only motivates them to seek to add many users. So much so that the whales that are dedicated to the curation follow policies such as the distribution of votes depending on the delegation received, cure every five days to users who request it, etc. And all that in an increasingly automated way. The search for quality content, if at any time existed in these groups, no longer exists.

we all have to make some efforts to do this in this competition the winner will get some steem from my side also. I would like to invite you all on my blog

Thanks for the excitement around the contest! I found @sallybeth23's response below to be super interesting and i'm so glad to hear they had a friend get a Steemit account in 24 hours!

Some people I've brought onboard got their account in 24 hours but others it took weeks and they forgot about it.

some people i brought, didn't get accounts at all..

En mi caso obtuve el acceso en menos de 24 horas, no se si deba al país donde vivo.

sometimes steem response actively because i register @angelo.amor to have his own account and it take 1 business day.

You r right it's very good idea !!!

I'm signing people up for free. So if you have someone wanting an account (please don't game it) send me a memo (encrypt it if you'd like) with the desired username (make sure to check on that it is available) and I will reply to you with an encrypted memo containing the username and a temporary password.

That's great @matt-a! Thanks so much for offering and dropping this comment!

You're welcome, please put it to use!

Great idea @matt-a, I sincerelyhope no one tries to game this move.

I have roughly 330 account creation credits, so yeah, spread the word!

Hasta donde entiendo el concurso no ha iniciado, esto es lo que dice el concurso
"Este concurso tendrá una duración de 21 días: a partir del miércoles 22 de mayo a las 00:01 PST, finalizando el miércoles 12 de junio a las 23:59 PST.

Cuando comience el concurso, puedes comenzar a invitar y registrar a tus amigos en la cadena de bloques Steem. Cualquier cuenta creada fuera de esta línea de tiempo no contará para determinar los ganadores. También deberán publicar su publicación de introducción dentro de la fecha límite. "

No entiendo de qué estás hablando. Sin embargo, estoy haciendo cuentas para cualquiera de forma gratuita siempre y cuando sea una persona real. Si conoce a alguien que pueda usar una cuenta, hágamelo saber y crearé una cuenta de forma gratuita.

Hola @matt-a estoy por traer muchas personas, puedo hablarte por discord? dónde te ubico?

I do not use discord much :'(

Pero si hoy es 22 de mayo...

Possible to dm you on discord??

You can message me on there, but I'm hardly ever on there anymore. You'd have better luck talking to me on here or sending me an encrypted memo as a message. What's up?

Nice one brother. I will reach out to you for account creation then! Thanks for your support.

Just send me a memo, encrypted or unencrypted with any amount of Steem or SBD along with the desired username and I'll respond to you with the same amount that you sent me along with an encrypted memo with your username and temporary password. Go onboard so folks! Good luck.

How do we see the encrypted memo? I just this week spoke to someone about joining but warned them about the delay in getting an account, don’t want them to get discouraged. I’d love to get a couple people in. Also do they need a phone number like we did?

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To send an encrypted memo, just send me 0.001 Steem or SBD and in the memo field, begin it with a #

For example, in the memo field (without quotations) write "# this is the message that you want to send me that will be encrypted"

To read an encrypted memo, log into with your master passphrase and it will allow you to read any memos sent to you that are encrypted.

Also nope these are totally anonymous :-). No need for personal information at all.

I will be putting some work these days to convince more skaters from my town joining the fun.
We will be in touch bro.

Nice! Well once you find someone, you know what to do.

Hey man, I got all your accounts names. I just want to double check one account name you sent me. It is funkymonkflims or funkymonkfilms? I noticed that the account you sent me was FLIMS.

funkymonkfilms.My bad bro.
Sent you a thank you gift also.
Cheers and thank you for your help man.The waiting period is frustrating to new people who want to join.

Nice! I'm glad that I caught that in time. Credentials have been sent to you.

Thanks a lot for the SBD tip! Greatly appreciated! But I have a better idea for it. I'm going to trade it for Steem on the internal market and then send it back to you. If any of the people that you are onboarding stick around and try, you can power it up to them so that they can have some breathing room with resource credits. How does that sound?

Sounds great dude but you have already done so much for all us #Steemskaters.
This is a thank you gift with love.It's not much but I will be powerering up some Steem to every account you created so I can't send much more bro.

We will be in touch in case more skaters want to join man.

I converted the SBD to Steem and that totaled to 5.64 Steem. I sent it to you, so either power it up to yourself or to the new accounts. Thanks for the kind gesture, man! Much appreciated!

Allright man, thanks for the support.
Gonna sent them to these accs.
Cheers bro ✌✌

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I already sent you the first of many accounts :D

Credentials sent.

Top 3 spots will get 100% OD upvotes each!

download (2).jpg

Good to know that @oracle-d is for this. Thanks

Wow, that’s amazing!! Thanks for your support of this initiative @oracle-d!

Also this meme is hilarious!

Please, people, forget the fee. It doesn't work like that, people will think it's a scam.

Have you ever seen that any company has such a model?
Join Facebook, Instagram, Uber, Yahoo Mail, G-mail... with a small fee?

No! It's Free! Because they know how to "cache out" their users. You need to learn that. It's not bad.

Please, do the math:

  • number of new users, 1.000 x fee
  • number of new users without the fee: 5.000 x 0 but... The price could rise up from 0.3 to 0.5 $ everybody win

Also, 300 Steem is nice, but it's 100 $, it's not all that much. It's one day salary.

It would be waaaaaaaaaay more efficient to organize the contest for something, the best photo. Or to sponsor the contest on some other platform *(GuruShots or DpReview or....) and give at least 500 $ to the winner.

Or find someone promising on Patreon and make a contract:

  • we will upvote you 30 x 50 $ = 1.500 $ per month
  • if you promote us with the goal of attracting XXXX new users
  • if you succeed, we will continue the collaboration

Growth must be natural, effortless. There must be a content to bond the users.
How do you expect us (amateurs) to bring people to something to write about something and to pay a small fee to join in?! so they can earn 0.01 $ per post (median value).

And, if they join, why do you expect them to stay?
The ecosystem was the same for 2 years, what will be different this time, and why do we expect a different result?

Facebook isn't like Steem. Steem is freedom software. Facebook isn't. users should value their freedom and invest into it.

Just dream about it...

That's the main problem with "crypto people".
You don't understand the world. You simply don't get it why Coca Cola is great, why McDonalds is great, why Facebook is great.

Once you realize that, Steemit will maybe move forwards.
I honestly believe that it will simply vanish before it happens.

Steemits a fucking cult asking them to look at this as an outsider is impossible.

No one is going to join a site you have to pay for. And later you will find somewhere around your 2nd post that you need to buy steempower or buy votes or no one will vote for you, but its totally not a scam though. Oh you can only post like once a day with a free account, buy more steem buy buy buy.

No one is going to join a site you have to pay for

100% true. Hell, it's not even possible to sell porn there days :D

you will find somewhere around your 2nd post that you need to buy steempower

True again...

This is why I'm repeating like a parrot: don't call amateur producers, because there is not enough producers. You need a hundred or less professionals and a lot of consumers.

I suppose that you know that 1:10(0) rule?

Nothing in life is free. "Free" social media means you are the product. Steem isn't steemit. Steem is decentralized. It's got backups upon backups and is freedom software. Freedom software enables you to talk freely like you are doing now. Free as in the cost social media will only last so long. Blockchains like steem can last for Decades when the users care. (bitcoin is 10 years old) And we will continue hosting the chain and IPFS content for decades because it's the best place to put my data. I feel secure having my data with Steem. You don't need to buy any Steem and many users never bought a single cent. So that reality you call it, you have to pay money for steem use is false. Accounts are made for free all the time and SP is given from friend to friend. :)

Steem is decentralized

Good... How is it different for me if there is a single server. If there are multiple servers controlled by a single company and if there are witnesses. From the perspective of my experience - it's the same.

means you are the product.

Value of crypto is correlated with the number of users. This formula was proven every time. That means - you are a product

Blockchains like steem can last for Decades when the users care

True... But you don't want it to last, because every love is fading away. You need some influx.

> And we will continue hosting the chain and IPFS content for decades because it's the best place to put my data.

Bingo! That could be THE PRODUCT

That could/should be the selling point for Steem(it), not previously mentioned. But this one

My math say 300 Steem is 3,000 usd in 2 years :) you just need a holding and stacking mentality.

Thanks for the feedback, we will definitely consider this for future contests.

I would be more than happy in that case, because I would have enough for a Ferrari

My question is: what do you see as the positive trend to back up such a claim?

Here is the problem that I see:

  • Steem is worth 0.3 $ at this moment, target is 10 $
  • roughly speaking, it's x30
  • if it follows the rest of the cryptos, market cap will be about 250 x 30 = 7.500 billion $
  • Microsoft's revenue per year is 100 billion
  • Apple, Amazon and Microsoft are in 800 b$ range = 2.500 b$
  • Facebook and Alibaba are in 500 b$ range = 1.000 b$
  • Exxon, Johnson and Samsung are in 300 b$ range = 1.000 b$

Why do you think that crypto could be worth more than all of the listed companies?

Option 2:

  • Steem goes up x10 vs BTC
  • BTC goes up to 20-25k

This is more realistic.
Now... Is there enough energy remained on Steem(it), because other 30+ cryptos surpassed Steem during the last year

Well things are looking better now more than ever with the new leaders and cost cutting, which has been major factor since Steemit funded itself only from selling Steem and they had running costs above 200k/month

Steemit funded itself only from selling Steem

What a lovely perpetuum mobile :D

Well, there's really no problem in that activity other than Ned seemed okay spending over 200k/month for servers... for years causing a huge downward pressure on price. You can also see all the little changes that are happening under the new lead. If only we'd had such leadership from the beginning, makes an investor a bit sad.

We'll see if Steem recovers, hopefully we sort out our content discovery first so people won't just come due to spike in price and leave right after seeing that trending is just reserved for advertising and manual curation is minimal.

In that case, Ned can't do math / doesn't have a product / business plan.

200 k/month x 12 months = 2.5 M/year

FB is making 50... 50.000 M/year

Complaining about spending 2.5 M per year is childish.

Reason No.2 to support my first sentence is the fact that Ned started with several million.

5.000.000 Steem x 0.3 $/Steem = 1.5 Million $ = servers are expensive

If the product *(Steemit) were good, Steem/BTC ratio would remain the same

5.000.000 Steem x 3 $/Steeem = 15.000.000 $ = he can run his servers from a mention. For years. Even if not profitable

Yes, considering the current userbase Steemit has, just spending few millions to run servers alone was insane and resulted in a huge, constant, negative pressure on Steem prices since that was the ONLY revenue source for Steemit inc for a long time. No matter how good the product is, that kind of activity from the founders themselves will drive the price down, especially if they aren't making people feel confident about the future of the system through their own actions. If there would be enough demand to support high Steem prices, then sure, few millions in expenses wouldn't be bad for Steemit Inc, but in these early days, it's crucial to have some upward momentum in price discovery, as that will attract big investors and more users. Currently we're ranked at #63 coinmarketcap, that's very bad spot to be in and it'll get even worse if we manage to fall out of top 100 since what we need is exposure.

I don't think Ned had any previous experience of being CEO, nor did he himself build Steem, Dan did and he left to build EOS. It took a lot of time and effort from community to convince him to just hire professional and save this sinking ship. And the difference has been like night and day ever since. We're actually seeing some sensible additions to Steemit, we're seeing improved communications and that means a lot in a ecosystem like Steem.

I have been trying to get several friends who do or could post interesting content and so far only got one in. It's like pulling teeth. The paying to join is a huge deterrent, but also people are skeptical. I hope steemit does not fail, but part of me thinks it may be to soon for this. However, Facebook is dying and now is this best time for onboarding, however the growth I see here is nil or abysmal.

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That's the part not understood by Steemit Inc...

You have a wrong product!

There is only one format - white, blank screen and people should blog

People can't blog!

90% simply read, 90% of them like, 90% of them comment and so on

If FB has 2.000 Million users, Steemit can't have more than 2 million.

Product should be: implementation of Steem into any website
Product should be: something like WP, practical blog, with all those widgets

it's is real

Welcome, new steemian!

0,05 $ from me, for a fresh start :)

This is a direction we need. If you are interested in mass-adoption and you have some influence on the plattform maybe you should think about the following option:

most people are not aware but on Steemit we already had some Youtubers: Crypto Daily, Boxmining and even bigger accounts like the Hodgetwins (2,1 Million subscribers on their main channel) ...but unfortunately what we did was ignoring them

Why wasnt there a quality tagg like steemstem for youtubers and why wasnt using its main accounts to reward those according to their reach? They came voluntarily, this was a huge opportunity. Imagine they would still be here with their followers onboard and using SMT...anyways we cant go back in time but maybe this can be repeated. I wish the others best luck to convince their friends, with my best friend I tried but they are still on facebook lel.

Lots of big youtubers came here, made 2 cents on a few posts and left.

I just saw BoxMining, I'm going to throw him in my voter!

saving this to share with newcomers, great resource thanks for putting this together👍👍

Thank you! Let's try to spread this post as much as we can so more people join in the effort :)

This a great contest. Please come let's join this movement for mass adoption of steem.
And other #seven77 steem mass adoption of should plsease endorse this contest.

Thanks for the shout-out to all these great people!

You can't convince anyone to do anything for a prolonged period of time without incentives. They will need to convince themselves, so gotta make them realize they need STEEM to be as good as everybody else. Nobody likes to be the last to switch over! As long as we appear to be making money, and too busy for them, they will convince themselves to do the same! With steem reverse psychology may work better. Never tell anyone they should post, tell them they shouldn't without saying it, and see what happens. LOL heres my post, I'll try the reverse psychology today!

Screen Shot 2019-05-18 at 10.27.30 AM.png

Apparently they have a list of dissidents and i'm on it. So everything I share is toasted upon entry.

Great initiative! But I am out of the game I guess since I have already brought here those of my friends and family members who let me fully explain how cool our community and the blockchain is :) Yet, out of those 10+ people I have recruited, just a few remain active :(

Totally get it @phortun, I've had similar experiences with some friends sticking around, and others dropping off. I'm planning to reach out to a few "casual friends" that maybe I used to work with or something that could be a good member of the community. An example is a girl I know that just left in an Air Stream to live the "van life" for a while and wants to monetize her travels and is posting on Insta., but isn't really sure how... so i don't know if you know people like that - but thought i'd mention that example in case it sparks anything!

Hey @coruscate! Thanks for your feedback. Yeah, I have been also trying to recruit people that are somehow creative or that I just feel they might be doing well here for some reason but still, the drop off rate is quite high :( But yeah, travelers, digital nomads, photographers etc. are perfect candidates for (full-time?) Steemians :) I am sure once the price goes up, it will be easier to make our community bigger. Anyway, thanks for your effort, keep it up! :)

Another strong sale to users about steem has nothing to do with content. We have a savings account that people can put steem into and it locks it for only 3 days. No other crypto coins have such a secure and easy way to #buildsteemsavings.

That is my experience as well. They've all gone dormant.

so true and great cause, and when people are here and get lost again snet them over to the steemterminal discord and we Will help them get further and stay with us, for Free,

Is the Steemit sign up really under two weeks now? Because it would suck if someone signed up but couldn't post within the time frame because they were held up waiting for approval.

I am new and had to wait for 8 days.

I just heard someone say they got a Steemit Inc. account made in 24 hours! It sounds like the que has been short these days. We made the contest 3 weeks to hopefully help give some buffer time.

Awesome! Thanks. :)

Weedcash steemit accounts are free and only take 24 hours!

I have two friends waiting over a week now. :( Next time will make friends accounts with RC's saved up.

Great effort for mass adoption. Until now I have reffered so many of my friends to steem. If I count them it will be near about 5 people now I will try that I can bring more friends to this platform.

Nice work @sumit1998! Best of luck with bringing on a few more friends for the contest!

My bad luck! I'm late to know this post and I don't have enough karma. I'll enjoy convincing people without participating in the game. Anyways it's a great way to reach more real people and bring them to blockchain technology, which is the key to a better decentralized, trustless, fair world.

Yesterday I convinced one of my friends to signup, and he applied for an account. Mostly, he will publish his artwork, which is not popular in steemit, but I told him that you can steel gain fame and probably earn some extra coins for real works.

So cool to hear about your friend that is joining the platform! Sounds like he'll be a great member of the community.

The 57 rep requirement was something we really debated about. We know this will be frustrating for those who can't participate - but there are just so many people that try to scam contests like this, that we decided to put a few parameters in place to help limit that. Thanks for understanding and we appreciate you taking the time to give us feedback and to continue onboarding new users! 💪🏻

Wow that's a lot of prices. Will try to convince the whole University joining steem blockchain. Talk to school president.

This is a really nice idea, at least "on paper."

I think that for this to work, at least in terms of bringing in people who can add lasting value to the community, we need to come up with a primary "pitch" OTHER THAN 'we have free money for posting.'

The rewards thing is like offering "free stuff" when you open a store... you certainly "attract a crowd" in a hurry, but that that crowd is made up almost exclusively of people looking for free stuff, not people who will become lasting customers of your business.

So, what do we offer "OF VALUE" to people that sets us aside? Well, no YouTube, Facebook, twitter bans for "saying the wrong thing" or supporting the "wrong" political party. We are also a one-stop-shop in the sense that one account can access video, gaming, blogging, crowdfunding, photosharing and more... across platforms with unique identities, but sharing a common core. You don't need 5 accounts here.

What else?

Great points @reddragonfly. I think one of the best benefits is finding an audience for their work. We are a pretty tight knit crew around here and by joining Steem, they will be finding community and getting access to an entire network of people that they never would have found otherwise.

Ultimately though, I think it depends on what the person is looking for. If they have previously been censored by YT or Facebook - then that talking point will be hella important to them. To someone who just wants to share their music and can't seem to get anywhere on Youtube - finding out about the Open Mic community and learning they can post their videos on Dtube as well may be a more captivating angle to discuss with them.

Awesome initiative! I look forward to seeing some of the new users introducing themselves here as it is a great way to get them going on the ecosystem!

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Thanks as always for the support @newageinv!!

A great technique to on-board new users on Steem platform. I hope no one games this initiative though.

Thanks for the enthusiasm! We put a few parameters in place to help reduce the likelhood of scamming the system. First of all, people need to be at least 57 rep to participate, and the new user has to mention them in their intro post to count. I'm sure we'll still see scammers - but hopefully this will lessen it.

That's great @coruscate! I also like the 57 rep idea. Once again, great thinking ;)

good initiative but I am not too sure how popular this will get.
maybe simpler terms would have helped.

Hello! Thank you for your feedback!
Unfortunately, simpler terms make the contest subject to rigging and automatic bot account creation with no added value to the blockchain.

It's the first contest we are doing, so thanks for the feedback, we'll keep it in mind for the next one.

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Regards need more of this for steem if it’s going to take off

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It's a great idea to let people get on board in steem blockchain. We need a huge community to become a big family. It is a real massive call to all people to join us here. I hope we can invite more and more. Thank you @steemboarding, @theycallmedan and @ocd.

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Dear #steemonboarding , I understand that all is well. The extent of your coverage without promotion can be a matter of understanding of the Blockchain community members. Thanks everyone concerned .

Everything is okay but I am sorry that I can't participate this contest for your reputation limit. I am using steem for about 1 year and my reputation is less than 57 because I never used any bid bot or upvote service.

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Participate anyway and I hope you will surpass 57 by the time this contest concludes.

Thanks for the feedback! We really struggled with this point and maybe we should have landed on 55, but we in general wanted to avoid scammers flooding the contest. I hope you can understand.

@coruscate, your intentions are good, but it leaves new Steemians, such as myself, out of the running! And, I was already thinking of recruiting some folks before the contest was announced! I am totally ruled out of the contest because I just joined this past April! Did you not discuss referral bonuses as an option? Maybe - multiple membership drive campaigns can happen?

This sounds great to me because i do not just see it as a contest, i aslo see it as an opportunity to help young people be responsible in life and i also see it as a platform to bring the young youths into relevance and financial freedom.

Thumbs up to @theycallmedan and happy married life.
God bless everyone and every community that has staked in their resources to sponsor this contest.

Great contest i must confess...
I wish i had created my account before March. All the same thumbs up to the future winner of this contest....

I know @evegrace, @uyobong, @prettyglo, @you34 and @liltom will like to join this contest.

@Coruscate, @Anomadsoul, this contest sounds cool. I virtually help people onboard steem on daily basis and do really love to be a part of this. I have some questions:

  • You only recommended three sources of sign-up, if one chooses to use any other signup platform apart from the ones you listed, is such still acceptable in the contest?
  • How does the "inviter" keep a track of those he has invited to steem, do we need to make a post listing and referring to the introduction posts??
  • I hope that whether blog or video is an acceptable way of making the introduction post of the invitee?
  • Is a community effort acceptable?

I hope you respond soonest.

Am glad @Steemonboarding was able to get this through with @theycallmedan. Good days ahead for steem.

Great questions @uyobong and for all of your work onboarding new users!

  • Any way the account is created is totally fine! We just gave a couple examples so people had the information they needed on a few options. However the steemian gets here is great.

  • Yes - Part of the contest rules is to make a post at the end detailing all the people you onboarded and linking to their intro posts. Make sure they know about this contest and follow the rules detailed above too. They have to mention you in their intro post to count so we can make sure no one scamming the contest.

  • Great question! A video would be totally fine if they prefer to make video content. :)

  • There are two components to the contest - individual and community efforts? There are prizes for both individual people who onboard the most ... and then the communities that onboard the most. So make sure to list the community you are mainly part of in your post.

Thank you for the detailed reply.

@steemhunt creates account with zero charge instantly
Why not on the list?

Great suggestion @camzy!! We didn't want to confuse people with an exhaustive list - and so just gave a few options. I actually didn't realize @steemhunt had free, instant accounts - that's great to know.

Awesome idea guys!
Wish you the best of luck!

Thanks for the support!

This post has been resteemed!

Thanks for the resteem!

Thanks for organizing and hosting this contest, @steemonboarding: will be my great pleasure participate!

I belong to more than one community that potentially would like to participate in the contest: may I play for more than one community at the same time?



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Thanks for joining the contest! To make it more just and fair for the other communities, you can only count your sign-ups for one community.

Thanks for the reply

I watched all your videos with pleasure on and I liked them a lot!
Didn't find anyone to create the Italian version?

Very interesting publication .. this is an incredible idea ..!!

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Let’s bring more Noobs onto the chain!

If we all are so keen to mass adoption of steem chain, then why to offer such a contest like this. I am not trying to de-mean your effort, rather trying to submit my points.

A registration fee(no matter how small is), be it in cents always perceived as a turn down for newcomers. It is considered as a barrier to entry. You may say that you have the other options also, which is free registration but has a waiting time like 2 weeks which is another turn down. The point is that- if we are so serious about lowering the barrier to entry then why not offer a 1 month free registration window by @blocktrades or Steem-ninja(@oracle-d) to on-board newcomers to steem chain. You may offer this, with a robust verification and introductory post(with some matching code to verify the authenticity of the new users) which can prevent spam & multiple accounts. This way, you can get more natural and organic users to join Steem chain.

Account Registration and transaction through blockchain should be instant and free, if you are keen to on-board.

While we have Steem chain as a great blockchain in which the transaction cost free, but we have a very poor registration process. This is a fact. If we can accept this fact unanimously, we can have a solution.

With this contest, you are trying to reaching out to the influencers or even the regular steem users to make a whisper to their peers in their social circle who have not joined steem chain yet and in return, you are offering a lucrative reward in this contest. So let's take this for granted and have a fair analogy then.

You can save more or on-board more if you offer a 21-day free registration window and I am sure that can yield a better objective for you as the later may bring more natural or organic users.

This contest would have been justified only if you had a specific purpose to invite the celebrity/social influencers from other established community. In general terms, I don't see this contest fulfilling your objective.

Note- I am really sorry if I have, in any way, hurt your sentiment. I have just tried to put forth my apprehension.

I am really sorry if I have, in any way, hurt your sentiment.

Because hurt sentiment is literally the worst thing that can happen to someone nowadays XD

Nooooooooooo, how dare you to use math :D and reason and some business logic.

Steemit is all about feelings. Community leaders feel that every amateur can write scientific posts, they feel that there will be no plagiarism *(several hundred people blacklisted), they feel that the whole world will support us. They feel their genders. They feel that equity is the way to go.

The result of all these feelings is that Steem dropped from the top 30 coins to below the 60th position.
That not a single serious content creator joined and that after about 200.000 $ invested *(given in the form of rewards) in some dApps, those dApps can't get 20 Likes.

Take it was just a decentralized opinion.

A very good initiative. But how will you authenticate the posts? I am a little curious.

If you check the video there are some suggestions on how to authenticate an account or an identifity. We realize there is a way to go around this and the contest could be rigged, which is exactly why we ask for a reputation minimum and for them to be an active part of a community. Any user who ends up in the top 5, will go through a more thorough research, both the user and the accounts he invited to join.

Nice Idea, help to get good new Steemians, is a Normaly for Me. :-)

Right on!! Best of luck in the contest.

I do not be a part of the Contest. That place, is save for other ones. I am just a Steemian. :-)But thank you very much, for your wishes.^^

What a fascinating and awesome project!!!

Awesome! Best of luck and we can't wait to see who you bring to the community.

Not a bad one, hoping to see the 'mass-adoption' support to the newbies in general too. They'll not loose the morale soon after they realizes support is guaranteed.

Great point @murathe. That's why we partnered with @ocd in this contest and they have agreed to curate many of these new users! This should help give them an exciting boost on their first post.

Not a bad one. Hopeful on the other end it won't end up sending a wrong signal.

It seems that steemit will soon be back in action! :)

well see how many i could bring to my friends on facebook 🤗🤗