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In the age of the global economy, placing my graphic design work on Etsy seemed a smart decision. For those of you with businesses, you need to make similar decisions. In my case, Etsy extended my reach around the world!

Early on I designed this work for a lady in France.

Thou O Lord_8x10_Psalm3_4_French_wbkgd.jpg

Such a great feeling!

And yet, I never heard from her again. I didn’t know one thing about her. We had a brief transaction, and the moment of connection was done.

But, here on Steemit?

I experienced the joy of doing business with @frugallady. My first official Steemit customer. She reached out to me after seeing some digital work I already completed. Normally, I wouldn’t begin working without a signed contract, but there is built in accountability with Steemit. Why would anyone with a decent reputation risk all of that to stiff a fellow Steemian?

The whole experience was entirely smooth. And payment in Steem was a snap.

And, as an added bonus, @frugallady dedicated a post to unveil the logo to her followers. I got to read about the process from her perspective and all of the encouraging comments that followed. This is truly a blessing as a graphic designer!

Without further ado, here are the two logo formats I made for @frugallady’s business Busy Hands Quiet Hearts.

Busy Hands Quiet Hearts_logo final_round.jpg

Busy Hands Quiet Hearts_logo final_long.jpg

For any and all of you out there with businesses that can be conducted online, consider reaching out to your Steemit community. From my perspective, it’s a great resource!

Thankful for all of you! @allforthegood


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It was an absolute pleasure to work with you - I'd recommend you to everyone here! I'm tickled pink with the way the logo came out.

Awesome that’s great work.I may have business for you as well. Trying to get something designed for our @beatitudes8 logo.
I remember talking to @frugallady along with @daddykirbs trying to come up with the beautiful name busy hands quite hearts


Yes, you were so much help coming up with that name. My business has so much to thank steemit and the people I've connect with here for.


Oh no I'm not saying that I just remember the brain storming process. You came up with it.
You picked a great name!


You can say it because it's true. I'm thankful for the help I had from you and others. :)


Thanks. Well keep me posted!

That's something I didn't even think of. You not only have a relationship with your customer after the sale, but likely a relationship before the sale.

Wow: it's like being a shopkeeper in a small town. Homey.


Yeah! I didn't really think about that either. That is really cool! I'd imagine repeat business is very likely too at that point.

I know I've heard it said before from people talking about building relationships with your customers, "if all things are equal between two sellers, I'd do business with my friend." I think that mindset will apply a great deal here on Steemit.


Yes, very approachable. Having discord to discuss live is great as well. I definitely prefer doing business with someone with their background recorded here, interactions following each other is great too. I have actually been stiffed money working elsewhere online. Not a great feeling knowing it's more trouble than it's worth to hunt them down and get courts involved.


Reading your post really excites me! I’m not sure what business I could conduct on Steemit yet, but I know I want to eventually. I have sold things like stock music, stock video, and guitar lesson video courses before but I’m not really sure how that would translate on this platform. I’m sure it could work though!


I'm sure too! There's so many associated steemit sites out there, I'm sure there are tools along the way to help, not to mention discord groups. It's certainly exciting to consider this new realm of possibilities.

Hello @allforthegood, I do like the logo you have created for @frugallady

Do you have a portfolio online anywhere we more examples of the type of work you do? Feel free to message me on Discord if that is easier.


Thank you! I have my Etsy portfolio for my inspirational art. If you are looking for a logo or graphic design portfolio, I'll have to get something together. Is there a Steemit related site I should do that on?

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Congratulations! I hope you continue to get more work from other customers all over the world. Isn't that fun to get paid in Steem? No middleman, no payment fees, instant transaction. Nice post on the topic from a personal perspective.


Thank you! Have you made art sales in Steem yet?

Super cool! @allforthegood is quite good; just look at her past posts and you can see the abundance of creativity and skill. Congrats on a successful transaction and an excellent end result! :)


Why, thank you! That means a lot coming from a fellow creative spirit.