Are you mainly voting your early friends and/or do you still look out for newer accounts?

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I'm up to date with replies on yesterdays pie requests and hopefully, after a sleep, I'll be ready to produce some charts for whoever would like them.

Today's data-pull is based on a comment I read on @acidyo's post in which he presented his pies (with a few bonus 2017 pies) on votes issued to higher/lower SP accounts, and to which 'class' of account:

...It is natural to vote for friends, the same would happen in the real world. Often those friends have the same account age... @fullcoverbetting on acids post here.

Yep, could be something interesting here, time to get to work...

So, what to expect?

Based on the above comment, I do agree that their are likely to be 'pockets' of accounts that joined around the same time, made friends, and have continued to support each other. This may be more prominent for older accounts, but I think is still the case for newer accounts also (We'll perhaps know a bit more later today when I've done 30/40 of the charts below).

I would also expect more votes to head towards the months where the most new accounts were created. (Not all the accounts that joined in January 2018 were spammers :P )

For reference, the below is the complete history of account creations by month.

I couldn't decide if it would be more informative to look at unique accounts voted on at least once, or to tally up all the votes cast to these accounts. And so I have two charts again today, and they are both grouped by the month of account creation.

  • Only up-votes are considered.

  • Excluded on both charts are votes cast to the same author, commonly known as selfies.

If you have other accounts and suffered from the haejin effect in early 2018, those votes will still be present.

My charts

The first chart looks only for at least one vote to an account created within any given month. E.g. I have voted for 226 accounts that were created in July 2016.

This second chart takes all votes into consideration. E.g. I voted for 226 accounts created in July 2016 (above), and have cast a total of 4819 votes on these 226 accounts.

The red bar is the month in which my account was created. If you want your 'creation month' highlighting then you will need to tell me what it is in the comments - thanks! (This could serve as a good metric to see who is actually reading at this point, yep, I'm gathering data on you :P )

What do they tell me?

Well it looks like I am supporting a pocket of accounts that were created around the same time as mine in August 2016. However, I only wrote one post back then and didn't become active again until May 2017. The charts seem to show that I have another pocket from the summer of 2017, but this was also when there was a decent relative increase in the number of accounts in general.

December 2017 looks like a good month to join for up-votes from my account. I have cast almost 2000 more votes to Dec 2017 accounts than Jan 2018 accounts, even though the new account registrations are more than double in Jan 2018 than December 2017.

In January this year, we have had almost 20000 new accounts created. And I've only voted for 5 of them! This sounds pretty poor, but maybe it's not only me?

Someone else's charts

It's tricky when you only have one set of data and so I have stolen someone else's, who will remain anonymous of course.

Chart 1

Chart 2

They joined in August 2016 like me and have a similar pattern in chart 1 which tends also to follow the overall account creation pattern.

I see a difference in chart 2 though. Clearly the best months to have joined Steem for a vote from this account is the same month, or the one prior. There are other peaks that are in line with the overall account creation numbers also.

My charts are a little skewed because of the gap in activity, and i suspect this chart above represents a more common result, and ties in more closely what @fullcoverbetting stated in his comment.

I'm wondering what a curation outfits charts would look like - a bit flatter across the months? Perhaps I'll add those in tomorrow for @curie and/or @c-squared.

Right, it's 2 am and so it's unlikely you'll get a chart tonight but I promise to get to work, following a coffee when I wake up.

Who wants some charts?

Don't forget to give me the information I have asked for somewhere in the text above :P

Buenas Noches!



Thanks for the nightshift @abh12345
Rarely happens that I am right.
Great analysis.

A great spot and grand idea for another look into the numbers. Are you interested in some charts for your troubles? :)

Show me the magic! Guess it will be pretty random for me :)

Alright let's have a look.

August and September 2016 showing up noticeably compared to the charts of others - that works for me :)

Other than that, the accounts/votes seem to follow the overall account creation figures I think. December 2018/Jan 2019 a bit quiet as far as hunting for new authors, at least I have 5 in the January column! :D


I love how supportive you are @abh12345 :)

Charty bartfast for me please! I know I vote a lot of people that I crewed up with who joined roundabouts the same time. At least I think I do. I am sure the chart will tell!!

Rings a bell when you say it fast, or with a bulldog chewing a wasp face, hmm. Alright, fartchartblasts it is....

Ohhh I say @meesterboom, have you even visited the New tab since the first month you arrived? Tut tut!

This looks like a good case towards fullcoverbetting's hypothesis with a bit of mine tacked on the end to show the older accounts forming some decent 'bonds' during the earlier days. As FCB says, it's natural, and there just weren't that many of you around at that point so i'm thinking the bonds are stronger than those created during a 2 month, 300k account boom.

Thanks for throwing your name into the mix, I suspect you might be the oldest account to do so!

I fear no data!!!

Maybe I should though cos that's bloody shocking. Still. It's when you see things like this that it gives you the opportunity to think of changing things up!!

2018, lol!

There has to be a finite amount to the amount of content you can wade through each day. If your feed is already busy with creators from 2016, I'm guessing you are less likely to go looking for new stuff. A year and a half Steeming prior to the boom of Jan 2018 gave you plenty of time to build up a network.

I am chuckling though, but there are likely much 'worse' charts hiding out there!

I bloody hope there are worse! I have been working on timing my feed as I take try to read everything that's in it. Which had gotten a lot easier since the price tanked. Could be about to get difficult again though! :0D

There are for sure some 'worse' cases. They just won't be visiting this post!

Here's to it be coming more difficult to get through your feed each day!

Interesting! Sure, give me some charts after you’ve had some sleep :-)

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Well I had to do one before bed :)

The charts will open much bigger into a new window.

Your top month is the busiest account creation month on record, and as you appeared the month before, I guess that makes sense.

A little spike for the August 2016 crew there too ;)

That's about the extent of my analysis this evening/early morning (hey, shouldn't you be sleeping also!?)

Damn yes I should sleep! And I’m going to find me some newbies tomorrow, I basically stopped finding new accounts after 6 months on here :D

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No newbies after 6 months :O There must be some new talent of interest, good luck!

My CreationMonth is December 2017 - a good month for getting upvotes from you :P

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A nice Bar Chart to accompany the Pie chart, so yes, and August 2017 would be a good starting point for me.

OK let's have a look...

Seemingly no real ties to the month you arrived and your votes/unique accounts voted for and generally the graphs follow the overall account creation pattern. Makes sense if one were spreading their vote around to old and new folks, cheers!

interesting, and thinking about it i think i do vote a lot of people that are around my creation period. or maybe i just pay more attention to them. i registered in worst period for your vote, and am not a bot 😁
it is my birthday today so a chart would be a nice gift 😁

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I see you joined during a peak - could be worth comparing to other Jan 2018 joiners.

I don't think any of the Jan 2018 joiners have 'escaped' Jan 2018 as their top account/votes month, but you have a fair distribution going on, particularly to the 5/6 months prior to arrival. Seems legit :)

i think that that were the acc that were welcoming :D but it looks like i am decent with new people, but i could do more

I would love to see this. My guess is I will be a little more distributed than the average user but I dunno, maybe that is just me blowing smoke up my own butt. Which is actually trickier than it sounds like, let me tell you ;) My Steembirthmonth is July 2017.

heh :)

I suspect the same due to your curie/c-squared involvements, but we shall see..

I see more distribution than the average, and would find it tricky to guess your join month. Feel free to attempt the smoke-butt blowing challenge :)

Very interesting stats @abh12345! I'd be interested in seeing my chart; I started in January 2017... curious what it will look like, since I am a "niche" type of poster (psychology and personal); will the stats be any different?

Perhaps not, although I have this sense that content was more "technical" in the earlier going, and has gotten more "personal" since @surpassinggoogle started the "ulog" movement. But we'll see...

I hadn't really thought about the percieved change in content changing voting style, but I guess it could have an impact.

Well either the content used to be better, or the ULOG movement hasn't really captured you yet :) You supported 283 different accounts in 2018, 3268 in 2017. Just wondering if it could be time for a fresh look around? Or not, entirely up to you!

So much for that theory, I guess...

I recognize, though, that I fall into a pattern of first trying to just keep up with the people in my feed, and then responding to people who commented on one of my posts. And most of the time... there's no time left over after that.

Clearly, I need to change my approach.

In my early days, I would often sit on the "new" feed and just read random posts for hours on end... hence the huge number of different accounts in 2017.

Thanks for running the numbers @abh12345... a lot to think about here.

It's tough to keep a fresh view when you've been here a while, I'm the same and at present I rarely visit 'New'. I guess 1/2 comments out to new writers a day would be doing better than most.

A pleasure :)

Could it be that older accounts are having trouble finding newer authors they might be interested in, so they just stick to the community they have already built up?

'Trouble', perhaps. Lack of desire/see no value in rewarding people who can only offer dust/lazy. Could be a few reasons :)

I trail c-cubed and check c-squared resteems from time to time as the finding has been done - i just have to select the content that stands out to me (from 10 posts not 5000).

Yes I would like to see mine. February 1 is when I became active

Sure :)

Quite a strong bar on the month you arrived and the months either side, but this was also during a new account boom so it is perhaps inconclusive.

Lots of votes, although not unique accounts, for January 2017. I suspect you have a regular vote heading to an account or two created during that month.

Thanks for the request!

I don’t quit understand the charts LOL
My account might have started on the 31 or 30 of January. I was under the impression that I started posting on 1 February

Pie charts, now bar graphs, what's next, @abh12345?!

Since there always seems to be a need to guess or predict what's going to happen with a request like this, I'd like to say that there really isn't much of a core group I've voted for or in since I started (I was approved near the end of December, 2017, but didn't do much until the beginning of January, 2018), but it's bound to show otherwise, so that's what I'm expecting. Following the crowd like a sheep to be sheared!

Bring it on! (If you don't mind, of course. :)

I do appreciate a little guesswork prior to the results, it at least tells me that the post has been read and understood :) Let's have a look...

Well, what you'd like to have said seems not to be the case and it looks like you are right with it being the opposite :)

You arrived during the new user boom and so there is some 'safety' in that, but it does seem that your core group of accounts/votes are for the folks that joined when you did.

My theory, which I didn't mention and could also be the reason for a 'spike' in December 2017 for me also, is the fulltimegeek/friendsofgondor/engagement league initiatives. Around that time, the stewards were in full flow, and the League really shot up in numbers. Those that stuck with it and seemed to engage the most this past year seemed to come from accounts created around the same time as yours. And so with a community of sorts forming around the above, and plenty of comments to vote in the League posts alone, I'm thinking this is why there is such a strong correlation.

Thoughts and opposing views welcome :)

Well, I don't have an opposing thought or view to offer, @abh12345. Your assumptions about what's taking place here sounds good and reasonable to me.

That said, I have tried to get to as many other people's posts as I can. I also don't tend to upvote all everyone within my date range produces, too, simply because I can't and upvote others, and, because I can't read all of it. If I don't read, I've not been upvoting it.

So, while my information tends to say otherwise, I've not been trying to upvote content based on being friends. So, regardless, I guess, of intent, the results are pretty much the same, which maybe is for the best, even though I'd much rather it be known that it's the content of the folks that is driving me, rather than the relationships I've made.

And it could be, that to some extent, the two go hand in hand. If I'm connecting with the content, I'm connecting with the creator. I suppose it then holds true for the other way around.

So, anyway, I've been trying to do what I think I'm supposed to be doing—curate good content, rather than just distributing funds from the reward pool to people I've met here.

I'd much rather it be known that it's the content of the folks that is driving me, rather than the relationships I've made.

I think many would like this to be the case. I've been on record more than once saying I support people and/or content. E.g., When i vote for @votovzla, I vote for the people - some of the content I can't even read (as my Spanish is not at that level)

It is in the end, your stake, you've earned/paid for it.

We thank you for your great support, we can apply the upvote flow theories, which sometimes is not the value of the upvote that you give to a quality content, but what the person values for the intention you have to support it.

Greetings friend from all the Venezuelan community.

As you say, it is our stake, to do what we ultimately feel is best.

That said, I really do enjoy the pie charts and the bar graphs, as I hopefully have said more than once. I think it's great to have them personalized, as I know I've also said. So, hopefully, none of my "rather this" or "wish it were that" ends up feeling like a deterrent, or "why did I do this." My issues and wants and desires are mine to own, too, just like my stake, and won't be even a remote reflection of what you think, feel, want, or accomplish.

There is great value in this, since most of us don't have direct access, the ability or the wherewithal to access it. So, if you're so inclined, keep them coming. :)

Who doesn't love a bit of Asher-Chart-Action??

I think folks are missing out if they don't take me up on this one - i'm quite proud over here today!

Your unique accounts voted for and vote count generally tie in with the overall account creation data which I think makes sense for someone on the lookout for content across the board.

Interesting support to the month of September 2017, not in unique accounts but vote count which suggests constant support for an account or two registered then. This has appeared in other charts, but not for September 2017. qurator, make-a-whale, or steembasicincome, and the like are my guesses.

Thanks for the request :)

Thanks. I think you're probably onto something regarding Sept 2017. I do cast a few votes to SteemBasicIncome.

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Interesting, I'll take a hit! One these days I need go back and get all the data you have given me :)

I've ran into a lot of June 2017ers in my time here. Just felt like we where more of an active bunch. Perhaps since we all joined around the same time we where just in our own little bubble as well learning the platform, finding new friends and such. It also just stood out more when you notice someone joined around the same time you did so that could be it as well.

Guess I'll see in the charts!

Collating all the pies and charts could produce and interesting post - even better if the data were up to date :)

I've ran into a lot of June 2017ers in my time here....Guess I'll see in the charts!

Well I don't think you really need my analysis on these charts, and you've already given your defense :)

I'm liking the bump for August 2016 ;)

Good morning (hopefully for you)! I will love to have them as well! I think my efforts to curate introduction posts will help me distribute the votes! Thanks!

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A restless sleep, perhaps too excited to get some of these charts out :)

Probably the best charts thus far as far as account/votes spread. Peaks during the major account creation months, and peak for August 2017 in votes (likely for a single account doing the daily vote thing?).

Some excellent looking support for the more recent months when compared to the charts of others, kudos for that!

You've got a good chart here.

Interesting stuff! I’m down for some charts. I’m primarily interested in if there is a particular pocket for me during the time I was active with Curie, as that was probably my biggest time of adding follows. Create date August 2017 for me.

This may have already been done somewhere, but your first graph above made me curious about the SP held by accounts created in a given month. I.e. how much SP do those accounts in the tiny speck of March 2016 compare with the amount of SP held by accounts created in January of 18 during that hugely busy on boarding month.

Just something to fiddle with when you run out of other ideas. Hahaha

Cool, you'll have to let me know if they match up to what you are thinking with regards to curie.

I'd say your charts generally follow the overall account creation numbers, which I think is a good sign relating to spreading vote around. And following on from that, I think it would be quite tough to guess your join month.

Total SP by Account creation month - Nope, I don't think I've checked that one before. It shouldn't be too hard to pull and I may have a look today. I'm guessing the chart will look a bit farcical, with the March 2016 'speck' holding massively more than the January 2018 boom. Probably slightly better if the Steemit Inc accounts were removed, but I still think the early accounts hold the vast majority of SP. You would hope that in time there would be some distribution, that's the goal apparently, although owned stake = more stake incoming, sooo... :)

Oh and Mike, what happened to the last 3 months? :D :D :D

Yup.. you get a general bell curve from when I started with Curie until I had to put on the brakes due to my changed job position in early 2018. That all looks very much like expected.

Once I took my promotion in January of 2018 I didn't have time to goof off on STEEM during the work day anymore. More responsibilities, less time to curate.

As my travel schedule has ramped up, I have barely had time to go through my feed, let alone curate any new users.

Eventually I hope to find some time to curate again, but probably not to the level of being a Curie Curator. Not unless I win the lottery, or STEEM hits $1000 and makes me enough to quit my job.

For now it is just hanging on and trying to interact where I can.

Thanks for the effort Asher!!

Hello.. how's your nightand your beach

Because 24th will be my first steemitversary... I need the bars @abh12345 😉 need more than pies now 😊 ... please, show me mine. I need to do a little check on my old friends too

Thank you very much

Early congratulations for reaching one year on Steem! Some birthday bars for you then!

Your join month certainly stands out on both charts, but it is the busiest account registration month in the history of Steem and so I think it makes sense. And there are some peaks in line with other busy times, August 2016, and the following summer.

March/April 2016 not present :D

Thank you so much @abhh12345 😂 you made this complicated things for me seems nice and fun to check on 😊 I love it when your pies and bars appear on steemit😍

Hey Asher...... Jan 18 was when I got in (a hanger-on to the spammy army :). I'd be interested to see my bumpy spread puhleeze 🔆

Good day @barge, I've just done a Jan 2018 account in cicisaja so something to compare the below...

Your bars not too dissimilar to hers but you've gone for December 2017 as the peak vote month.

Happy to see August 2016 quite prominent in the votes, but they can't all just be for me as the unique accounts stands out too.


Thanks Asher. Interesting that there are more unique a/cs created in Jan than Dec that I've voted on, yet I've voted more on Dec-created a/cs! I see that cicisaja has Jan as peak for both charts.

BTW, I read Taraz's post based on your charts and proposing integrating them into UIs.......but I'm sure it won't put you out of business as you can keep creatively producing new ones :)

Hello @barge.. I think I know the reason 😉 when I first joined steemit on january, I spent my bandwidth till 0 everyday 😂😂😂 i vote any posts I like without any consideration ... my stupid euphoria

my stupid euphoria

....more like 'your Big Heart' I think @cicisaja 🔆 🔆 🔆

Charts are always welcome.
Unfortunately, I simply don't have enough hours in a day to go out and search for promising newcomers, although I would if a day would have 72 hours...:0)

Indeed :) I've not been doing well at finding newbies these past few months either

Results are in common with other Dec 2017/Jan 2018 arrivals. Hard to get away from the huge influx of new accounts, and thus votes heading that way.

Nice support for August 2016 :D

Hey, I'd like to see the results for my account.

OK then :)

I think it would be hard to spot the month your account arrived from the charts. Lots of support for the huge influx arriving at the beginning of last year :)

Thanks, this is really interesting, especially the peak in January.

Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks :)

This was the peak month in Steem's history for account creations, and so it makes some sense that it is high on peoples charts.

I find a lot of small peaks for August 2016, and that looks like a good month for content creatiors still active from the earlier days.

Now that I read your post, I do realize that I mainly vote for "friends" or the steemians who welcomed me to the platform.
Although I think it is a normal thing to do, I kinda want to start engaging with more people, which thinking better I'm already doing since the end of last year when I created my contest free to play (focusing mainly on smaller accounts and newcomers).

I don´t know if you can create a correlation with the votes attributed to accounts created on the same month.

It's common I think, and nothing bad.

December 2017 and January 2018 were busy months, and so like others you have a good amount of votes in this area. A big spike at August 2016, the month my account was created. Looks like lots of votes for a few accounts, lucky them :)

It seems I missed the post for the pies. I'll have to go back and look. It's interesting that the oldest member you've charted for does seen to follow that pattern that FCB mentioned, but the newer ones not so much. Likely because there was so much more choice by that point.

I'm a July 2017 starter. Will be interesting to see where most of my votes sit. I have to admit that most of my votes probably go to the Adelaide lot, but there is a variety of join up times for them. Many of the people I started with and befriended have dropped off.

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Yes I agree, FCB's statement tends to suit the older accounts more. Let's have a look..

Another couple of charts in which you would have trouble guessing the creation date of the account I think.

Support during the busier creation months, and an interesting spike for January 2017 which I can't account for. Perhaps a daily vote going to a community account created at that time.


I know exactly who that spike is, Taraz! Not quite an Adelaidian, but an honorary one. He's also in the teamaustralia community.

It's interesting that it's the previous month to me that has the biggest spike. Maybe it's some of those slightly less newbies who took me under their wing. Taraz's big bro is from that month, but that doesn't explain the unique accounts spike.

Posted using Partiko Android

I know exactly who that spike is, Taraz! Not quite an Adelaidian, but an honorary one. He's also in the teamaustralia community.

It's interesting that it's the previous month to me that has the biggest spike. Maybe it's some of those slightly less newbies who took me under their wing. Taraz's big bro is from that month, but that doesn't explain the unique accounts spike.

Posted using Partiko Android

I don't go looking for new accounts ... but when my friends (i.e. folks who started around the same time as me) resteem a post, I will almost always give it a read. If I like the post, I'll start following that individual. This will then propagate my votes to newer folks.

This sounds like a 'trustworthy' way to have new content arrive in your feed without seeking it out.

Would you like some charts? Give me your account creation date/month if so. Cheers!

Sure, I'd enjoy some charts for July 2016.

OK let's see...

Certainly a strong case here for what was suggested by fullcoverbetting!

It looks like you've cast as many votes for your month of joining as you have for all the other months combined :)

That's the beauty of Steem - everyone can choose the path they wish to take :)

@abh12345, Charts and numbers are showcasing the journey for sure. Your efforts are appreciated brother. Stay blessed. 🙂

Posted using Partiko Android

Thank you :) I have created yours..

Most support is for accounts around the age of your account and a couple of months previous. Also a nice focus on the latter months of 2016 :)

Thank you so much for these charts brother. Have a great time ahead. 🙂

Mine would be June 17. You have been busy!

Yes I'm happy you have noticed! :)

Well it does look like you have supported a fair few of the accounts that joined around the same time as you, and this fits with fullcoverbetting's theory. The first 3/4 months you seemed to collect many of your virtual circle, does that agree with what you expected?

It is what I would have expected. I really didn't have a clue what I should have been doing here during most of that time!

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I will have to admit that my posting and networking have slowed a little while I recharge.....and so does crypto. That being the case, I pop in and support the folks I have been following a while and look forward to a renewed networking effort and search for new folks.

Never stopped following and reading @abh12345 posts though.

Hopefully you are feeling recharged now, good luck with your Steem journey :)

To me, I will say I checked new accounts now as my from friends back then have left steemit due to the downfall In price back then. But I still checked their accounts

That's good to hear :) Would you like some charts?

Still taking those English classes?

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Interesting choice of topic @abh12345

Just yesterday friend of mine recommended checking out your profile and I must admit that I'm really enjoying your content and your work so far.

I believe that sticking only to small community of close friends is a very short term thinking. Personally Im engaging with those who I found most active,supportive and interesting.

thx for all those charts. Very useful info.

Thank you :)

I suspect that friend is fitinfun who visited me recently for some data based on one of your initiatives.

I believe that sticking only to small community of close friends is a very short term thinking. Personally Im engaging with those who I found most active,supportive and interesting.

Perhaps, yes. It could also turn out that the ' most active,supportive and interesting' do become a 'small community of close friends' :)

Would you like some charts? Give me your sign-up month if so. Cheers!

Dear @abh12345

Thank you for your kind comment.

It seem that Steemit world is smaller than we expected. I know finandfun but it wans't her who recommended visiting your profile.

That was some male, but I cant remember who. Never mind. I guess you're popular :)

It could also turn out that the ' most active,supportive and interesting' do become a 'small community of close friends' :)

hahaha good point :)

ps. where do you get all those charts from? do you know how to program bots which would collect data from steem blockchain and analize it?


Ahh, surprising - I was confident I had the answer as to who :)

The data is gathered from a copy of the blockchain, which is stored in a SQL database - @steemsql

Have a nice evening :)

Wow. I would love to have your knowledge @abh12345

Would it be difficult to collect data of user names of those who posted anything related to blockchain/crypto within last several weeks?

I've been wondering if you could perhaps help me and I will surely do my best to show my support to you as well. :)


thanks for those informative information

Posted using Partiko iOS

oh yeahhhhh
lets make steemit efficient at least

Hey mate. I wonder if I could...:)

I suppose so :P

Much the same as many Jan 2018 joiners - tough to escape votes for friends arriving then.

Is it me or my bar charts suck bad? :0

I have the impression my pies looked way better 😂

Thanks Asher

better than others

Alrighty, Ash. Hit me! :-)


Quite a nice distribution, and it would be tricky to guess your sign-up month.

I borrowed Bruce Wayne's car :-)
Let's be honest, my chart sucks. :-p lol... But it can and WILL be better!
Thanks for the discouraging encouragement to do more.

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To complete it All please can I have these charts too?

Nope, too late :P

You have done really well on continuing to find new authors to support :D

Yesssss someone found me once too , so paying it forward 😉💃

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