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As many of you know I am a big proponent for manual curation. Although I have to admit I haven't read everything I vote on, considering the curators of @ocd have helped me with that in the past and will do so again as soon as we get started. It is fun to look back at some stats of past curations. This post was inspired after @tarazkp posted about his curation stats in a recent post so I bugged @abh12345 as well to check for my stats, here they are!

This is one I think is quite important considering how many curators have completely given up on curating new users and others just for the sake of content and effort. Unfortunately many started either selling their votes early or votetrading to make up for the ROI they were losing out by not selling. I'm not saying I'm a complete angel and there may have been times I have voted on some bigger users hoping they would send me a vote back, but I have tried to not do that too often. Usually if it's an important post I kinda wanted to get more trending time back when I was very against buying bid bot votes. :)

An interesting comparison between these stats from 2018 and the next ones from 2017.

Some interesting differences are a bigger % of votes on Redfish or smaller in 2018 but less vote amount than in 2017, this could probably be due to the longer breaks @ocd has had in 2018 so I am hoping that will change back this year. I am happy about a bigger percentage last year for Redfish or smaller at 46% compared to 2017's 42%

Minnow's are around the same percentage but a much smaller amount in 2017, maybe I was networking more in 2017 or more dolphins and up were active that deserved the votes. :)

3% less Dolphins in 2018 which is weird considering there are a lot more dolphins in existence than the previous year.

The whale % has remained the same but 3x less of the amount of votes in 2017, this was probably due to more whales in general being active in 2018, maybe many didn't feel the need to anymore when bid bots and similar started existing in early 2018.

I'd say in general my activity on the blockchain in 2017 was a lot bigger considering the amount of votes but if I remember correctly we had 4x more votes to give out for a while in 2017 so that could be a reason too. You easily give bigger vote percentages nowadays especially with prices being what they have been lately. Hopefully I will find more time to curate wider soon again to help the distribution of stake on this platform. :)

Thanks for reading!

In case you are interested in similar stats of your accounts, you can maybe ask @abh12345 nicely and give him an incentive to manually check yours. ;) Thanks for the stats!


Interesting pies. The pies would look completely different for my. For sure the ones with more or less SP :) Wonder how that would come.
I try to do both, automated votes to support some users, regardless if they do the same for me. And manual curation. Here the most votes are given to ones on my feed, but occasionally also outside my feed.
It is natural to vote for friends, the same would happen in the real world. Often those friends have the same account age, because for some or other reason people tend to group. This grouping happens on account age, same amount of SP and of course shared interests!

I think I can work another post from this :)

What also makes it difficult it that lower accounts don't want to give the idea that they are hunting for bigger ocean mammal upvotes. At least that is what I do find tricky!
Just like it is harder to write a comment on a post of a bigger account, than one within the closer friends group!
Within the latter it is easier to comment with a one liner or even a smiley. If you are commenting on a post by one not known or not so good know, than it would require a decent and funded comment. Otherwise it would like hunting for upvotes!
And while I don't mind upvote on comments or even being on the autovote of a bigger account, that is never my intention.
I am now running around for more than a year now on Steemit. And the things above I still find hard to do and balance.
Strange isn't?

At the same time, minnows and smaller are very heavily reliant on upvotes from orcas and above to be able to grow their own accounts. Without that support, their posts get less attention, they lose interest, and fall off the chain.

Actually, that's one of the reasons why I want to reach that whale status. To help build up others that make good content and deserve a boost.

ǝɹǝɥ sɐʍ ɹoʇɐɹnƆ pɐW ǝɥ┴

It is really interesting to look at the stats for various things (as a gamer you know) and I think there is a potential model in it. Post coming later :)

I asked @abh12345 for my pie too yeaterday, as I was really curious and had no clue how would it be like. I was pretty amazed to see that I had casted almost 18K votes in my first year being around.

Hopefully I will find more time to curate wider soon again to help the distribution of stake on this platform. :)

I think you are doing a great job even if you aren’t as active as back in 2017. Distribution is a must if we want strong middle and lower classes and the price of steem is definitely an ally to that at the moment.

I read all the post. I am agree with you. Even I still have some automated vote.
Thanks to your post I'll do a check and change something.

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From this pies.. I could see that how nice you are towards the communities and smaller fishes with less SP😊 glad that there're many gorgeous and nice account holders on steemit😍

You earned my respect with your honesty on this one:

I have voted on some bigger users hoping they would send me a vote back,

Hi @acidyo!

Your post was upvoted by @steem-ua, new Steem dApp, using UserAuthority for algorithmic post curation!
Your UA account score is currently 7.974 which ranks you at #31 across all Steem accounts.
Your rank has not changed in the last three days.

In our last Algorithmic Curation Round, consisting of 249 contributions, your post is ranked at #1. Congratulations!

Evaluation of your UA score:
  • Your follower network is great!
  • The readers appreciate your great work!
  • Good user engagement!

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Good job supporting all of us minnows with the ocbd community man.
But the dolphin vote stats from 2018 are indeed weird lol.
Keepup the good work man.
Hope I can get whitelisted too one day.

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Hey acid. It is quite funny to hear you chasing big votes. For most of us any vote coming back is a big vote compared to what we have. It is good to see how we are operating though and Asher's pies do help.

Interesting facts but not surprising as whales and orcas are less in numbers and also most of them likes to vote automatically. I love manual curating because it's the thing which makes this platform a place of proof of brain.

My pie was interesting to see how my votes going from minnows to dolphins as they became a much larger class on the platform given the low prices and the opportunity it presented to do so! However, most of my daily engagement in my own posts as well as my focus on introduction posts are also showing with the redfish! Encouraged that we are taking this into perspective as we try to balance helping great posts with motivating smaller accounts to remain active and engagement by helping then increase their resource credits!

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Since I came to steemit, and I had the opportunity to meet @acidyo is a good person, is always doing a good job in the blockchain and as many people speak very well of him, you like them to do a good job as you also do, giving food to all those publications interesting, quality, and very good written.

I do all manual curation as well and I have never used a bitbot ever! That said, it was much easier to curate more when the steem price was higher as one could throttle down the VP used in each vote. Now it is hard to make a decent vote and not deplete voting power completely :(

I have only ever done Manual voting.

What a great community job! You would be amazed in how a vote to a redfish/new user encourages them to continue participating in the community.

You allways making good curation for the steem community keep going with your good work!

You got a 36.55% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @acidyo!

@ocdb is a non-profit bidbot for whitelisted Steemians, current max bid is 15 SBD and the respective amount in Steem.
Check our website for the whitelist, queue and delegation info. Join our Discord channel for more information.

If you like what @ocd does, consider voting for ocd-witness through SteemConnect or on the Steemit Witnesses page. :)

I´m also an apologist of manual curation, but as you mentioned, it is impossible to read every single post we decide to upvote, which doesn´t mean I ignore the post, but I take the most captivating paragraphs and move onto the next one. Otherwise, it would be impossible to do.

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I love seeing statistics and graphs! Thank you for this

I can tell you I'm not surprised by these stats. I figured maybe it was just because I am a curator in OCD, but it seems you have always been one of the more active "whales" on the platform and always finding great content even outside of OCD.

Hoping more whales become active in curating again during the next bull market so we can see some articles make it to trending outside of being able to buy the most votes from bots.

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