Steemit Statistics Week 11

This post is a weekly, evolving post, analysing Steem(it) by numbers and deducing trends of interest for this project moving forward. As always, I would also invite anyone with special knowledge of Steem(it) to provide analysis (who, what, how, why, witness updates...) of my findings, and I will add this information where relevant to this post. There has been some very valuable contribution to this post in the past 10 weeks which is much appreciated.

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Steemit Statistics Week 11 Highlights:

  • Summary of Currency Fundamentals
    This represents a continuation of the trend here. This week we have seen Liquid Steem increase by 16.55% as a result of Powering Down activity. With Liquid Steem supply ballooning, the Price of Steem and Market cap have fallen by 18.99% and 14.92% respectively. I would state that, the bleeding in the price of Steem is as a direct result of the increasing supply. Steem Dollars have fallen, which support the Steem Dollar Stability mechanism in place is working. %Steem Dollar to Steem Market Cap (Essential % Debt in the Steem Economic System) has increased to 3.26% this week, which is as a result of the filing Market Cap of Steem, and nothing else.
  • Active User Numbers Down on the Week, still Up on the Fortnight
    Users numbers have been largely flat for sometime now. I personally feel the only way we will see these numbers begin to jump, is with the acquisition of key high profile figures onto the Steemit platform. Essentially, an Edward Snowden or Julian Assange would really propel these numbers forward in my option. There is a reason Twitter and Instagram pay celebrities to use their platforms.
  • Dillution Running at 235.81% for the next 12 months
    This statistic is one which I have published each week, but not dwelled on. Holder of liquid Steem will be getting diluted by 235.81% over the next 12 months. Holders of Steem Power receive 90% of dilution back as rewards, so these holders will be experiencing 23.58% dilution over the following 12 months.
  • Traded Volume Increases Week on Week
    This is a sign that Steem is getting distributed at a reasonable pace this week. I am personally keen to see this number remain high, as it will aid with stability, efficiency and price discovery.
  • Top 100 and Top 10 Accounts Control of Steem Power Continues to Fall
    Whether you include @steemit account in your calculation (-0.50%) or not (-0.74%), the results are the same, another week on week fall in the Top 100 Steem(it) Accounts Control of Steem Power. This is also reflected in the Top 10 accounts control of Steem Power falling 1.01%. Steem Distribution is still ongoing, and I expect to this result recreated next week.


Would be interesting to hear your thoughts...

A Special thanks to @steemitguide for graphics provided to this post


is much work that you take to collect all the information, ecelente work congratulations thank you very much for the information

Thanks @jlufer. I could probably make my life a little easier by automating this process, but I'm old school ;)

Thank you very interesting information

I am wondering if looking at this in a linear method is not the best way to analyze it. The will be ebbs and flows of any new venture like this and once the initial excitement wears off people realize that the initial promises could be harder to achieve then first thought. What I am trying to say is that while your statistics are fantastic, they probably are not pertinent to most of us. That being said I do like knowing total user accounts and % of average users. Thank you for all of your hard work.

Thanks man, i always bring your report as an example to people

Great compilation of stats. Thanks for sharing. Happy to upvote and share this on Twitter✔ for my followers to see what's happening here. Stephen

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