Steemit Statistics Week 9 - Interesting Event to Highlight...

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This is the FIRST time in 8 Editions of this post, we have seen real divergence from key trends which could have an impact on the Steem Economic System moving forward. There has been a single trigger for this divergence, which is interesting to say the least...

Without further ado, let’s get down to the Highlights;

Steemit Statistics Week 9 Highlights

Liquid Steem DECREASES 17.48% Week on Week:
This is a very interesting finding. This is the first time since monitoring Steemit Statistics that Liquid Steem has fallen. To put this in perspective, Liquid Steem has been increasing by over 10% Week on Week for some time now, which has been the main driver of the falling price of Steem.

This has been driven by significant levels of Powering Up this week. You can see that, Steem Power had been
increasing by roughly 5m per week, however this week we almost hit an 8m increase. Looking through the Top 100 Accounts (which can be found here), there has been 3 new entries

14: @databass
22: @created
28: @safari

When you follow the money, it appears these accounts have all been created/funded by the @steemit account, controlled by @dan and @ned (The Steemit development fund). @steemit has sent Powered Down Steem to these accounts (for those who didn't know this is possible, you can simultaneously Power Down Steem and send it to another user, look at advanced options under Power Down in your wallet). It will be interesting to see how these accounts operate over the coming weeks/months…

Addition: None of these 3 account have made an independent action on the Steem Blockchain thus far...

Active Users Continue Decline
As previously discussed, it’s hard to get a true handle on these numbers due to various Steem Protocol changes affecting bot activity over the past 6 weeks. This being said, it’s appears at the very least that User Numbers are not increasing, and have been increasing for a few weeks.

Top 100 Accounts Continue to Lose Control of Steem Power:
Continuation of the trend identified over the past 6 weeks has seen the Top 100 Steem Power Control fall by either 0.55% or 0.45% depending on which calculation you prefer. Steem Distribution continues…

Trading Volume Falls
Trading Volume across Steem, Steem Dollars, Internal and External Exchanges fell this weeks. This is quiet a volatile metric, however is one which I would like to see high moving forward. This aids in distribution and price discovered which overall stabilises the Steem Economic System. Nothing to be deduced from a 1 week fall, however I will be monitoring this closely moving forward.

I am currently in Muscat, Oman. This post was put together on the flight over. Your likely to not hear too much from myself for the next week, however I will be sure to make up for it when I get back to London next weekend.


Would be interesting to hear your thoughts...

A Special thanks to @steemitguide for graphics provided to this post


Wow. That's a ton of information. It took me a while to look at all of it. It's weird how the price of STEEM is dropping so quickly. I was hoping it would drop like 1% per week. What happens if the market cap drops to a million? Is Steemit even viable at that point?

What happens if the market cap drops to a million? Is Steemit even viable at that point?

You should read Down Down We Go – And why that might not be a bad thing. It covers that scenario :)

The thing is, Steem went right up to $4 after the first payout. That was a huge spike on great news. But that sort of spike is always going to trail down afterwards. That isn't any indication of a failure, it's just natural market activity, at least for a small and volatile asset. It happened to Bitcoin many times.

It seems like the Steem price might have stabilised in the last few days though. It looks like it might even rise further.


If the market cap did drop to a million, I wouldn't say that Steem was finished. But it would probably mean that Dan and Ned would have to do a lot to change the direction, to get more people interested.

i actually believe you would simply see a spike in buying steem and powering up if it went that low...which would only make the price recover.

@ned stated that those power ups were for contractors/employees when he went on Steem speak yesterday.

What is this Steem speak that you mention? I'm getting more and more addicted to Steemit and trying to learn as much as I can. Insights like that are definitely helpful.

Thank you @wingz ! Much appreciated. :)

Isn't the decrease in liquid STEEM related to the fact that a part of the post rewards is now given in STEEM?

That would have the opposite impact. It is purely down to the @steemit account powering up large amounts of Steem.

It has to do with the amount of SBD in circulation compared to the total market-cap of Steem. I am pretty sure that the rule is if there is more than 10% debt (SBD) compared to the total market-cap, then the system will start paying in Steem to keep the debt ratio down. If the price of Steem goes up, or people convert more SBD into Steem (to the point that it drops back below 10%) then it will go back to paying people in all SBD.

This rule starts to kick in at 2%, but phases in gradually up to I think 10%.

@timcliff @hisnameisolllie thanks a lot for correcting my naive guess :)

There was/is a single person powering up huge amounts. Overall more accounts power down vs powering up. What I noticed is that the number of upvotes and posts fell yesterday. I will keep on monitoring these metrics every day. Have a successful stay in Oman.

Thanks @steempowerwhale there are certainly more account Powering Up than Down, but in Gross Terms, Vests increased this week, so @steemit behaviour lead net Steem Powering Down this week.

Next week is another matter ;)

please contact me on bro. my name on there is fuzzy and i would really love to chat with you and maybe work with u on something.

Thank you for so much information ! I stopped posting and observe more these days.

@hisnameisollie - firstly - safe travels!
Secondly, I don't have a handle on how distribution all works - or how it affects me in the short or long term, but I have noticed that the market seems to finally be adjusting to be a bit more consistent. Thanks for your work...on a plane no less!

I think active users will stay low and even decline further because of the low payouts which are caused by the low Steem price. As soon as it goes up I think we will see an increase in activity.

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