Steemit Statistics Week 5

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This post is a weekly, evolving post, analysing Steem(it) by numbers and deducing trends of interest for this project moving forward. Apologise for the late post, I was in Austria over the weekend at the Red Bull 400, more information here. However all the figures are from Saturday afternoon as usual.

As always, I would also invite anyone with special knowledge of Steem(it) to provide analysis (who, what, how, why, witness updates...) of my findings, and I will add this information where relevant to this post. There has been some very valuable contribution to this post in the past few weeks which is much appreciated.

Steemit Statistics Week 5 Highlights:

  • Top 100 Accounts Control of Steem Power Continues to Fall;
    Whether you include @steemit account in your calculation (-0.53%) or not (-0.77%), the results are the same, another week on week fall in the Top 100 Steem(it) Accounts Control of Steem Power. Steem Distribution is still ongoing, and I expect to this result recreated next week.
  • Price of Steem Falls 42.51% Week on Week:
    Large losses incurred in the price of Steem have been discussed at length over the past few weeks. You can see my thoughts on this here and further to this here. Overall, my belief is that Liquid Steem increasing is the main culprit to this outcome
  • Liquid Steem increases by only 4.11% Week on Week:
    This represents a far smaller increase to last weeks +16% and might signify a slowing down of Steem Dollar conversion and Powering Down... If we see this metric settle down to these lower levels, it is one step forward towards the price of Steem Stabilising.
  • Active User Numbers Fall Significantly Week on Week:
    Not sure what the trigger is for this. Everything seems to be moving forward on the surface, however these numbers have gone the other way this week. I will be monitoring these numbers over the coming weeks with the hope we see a significant move the other way. Last week was flat, so this is a 2 week period of less than growth in active user numbers.
  • Activity Metrics; Votes, Posts, Replies all fall Week on Week
    These numbers seem to be in line with a diminished user base this week. Obviously too early to make any kind of deductions based on a single weeks data, however we will all be hoping to see these numbers increasing over the coming weeks, to support the value we all see in this platform.
  • Internal Market Volume Dries Up:
    This was something that I mentioned last week, and the numbers have only fallen since (to pretty much zero). It will be very interesting to see whether any measures are taken by the @founders to increase liquidity in this market. I will be posting on this topic tomorrow..

The Statistics Table:

I've had a few questions regarding where I get my data from over the past few weeks. All the sources are at the bottom of this spreadsheet. I have a manual spreadsheet I input each data point into, and from this, the following screenshots are taken.


Would be interesting to hear your thoughts...

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This is interesting in terms of active users.
My guess would be, that Steemit loses many users, as early adopters did lure their friends in with the wrong message "i made 5000$ with a single post".

I am now myself telling people, if you are blogging at least get paid a couple of cents. If you are lucky, once in a while you hit the jackpot and can get a bigger payout...


The proposition of making 2 cents per post does not really excite new users.


Yes, but everyone needs to realise, they need to work to achieve rewards. This is a meritocracy. You need to prove yourself to be a fully functioning member of the Steemit society before you can become successful.

Longevity I believe will be rewarded here.

This post has a lot more value than many posts that have received much bigger payout.

I'll keep supporting you @hisnameisollie.

I'm pretty sure every whale is studying the numbers your providing yet for some reasons won't vote and that's totally part of the game.

What is the p.a. under total rewards?

Do you see any particular reason for the jump from 67% to 85% control of Steem Power for the top 10 Steem Power holder any other than they have been powering down less than the rest or did they powered up?


Hello @teamsteem

Thank you for your kind words. The p.a. stands for per annum. This area of my analysis assume many constants that don't exists in the Steem ecosystem, however is designed to illustrate rough rewards moving forward.

On you second point, I am going to double check my spreadsheet. It's doesn't seem right based on other results I had from this week.

I will get back to you in the next hour

New users ( like me ) are struggling to take of from bottom . There is a lot frustrating posts around witch are pointing to this . Everybody is trying but with little or no success . I personally have tried ( do i have few posts nothing major ) to place few blogs on a different places just to see what will happen . Lol , you are just sinking back to the bottom . Now i have decided just to comment on a themes that relate to me , nothing more , nothing less . But i will not give up . Keep up , cheers



But i will not give up

This is the key. Rome wasn't built in a day. It takes a while to build up a follow base, and start seeing results. You keep working hard, find your niche, and you will do just fine.


Yes , correct . Now i know that . I mean i never give up at anything to the last drop of my sweat . That is my nature . As for steemit , it is difficult to make intelligent conversation via keyboard with another person . You need to be really good at writhing so that your thoughts not go in to vain . Escuse mio, my eng gramma is not so good but i beleive you know what i wanna say here


4 seconds from now Transfer 5.000 STEEM POWER to iggy


if you want to know why I am sending you SP check :


That was great! Thanks for sharing the wealth! Now how do I get steemed? ;)


Wow man , i really appreciate that . Thanks :)


How can it be that steem power can be so easily transferred? I thought that only steem and steem dollars could be transferred easily and that steem power had to be held for many weeks after a power down requests.


Go to power up some Steem, and advanced options. You can Power Up Steem, and send it to another account in the same action. Steem Power cannot be transferred once Powered Up.

I think a potential reason for the drop in active users is that school has started in the USA in the last week or two. So a lot of the high school and college aged Steemians may be a little distracted right now. Especially since they are not getting the payouts they may have been expecting.


Thanks for that information @gregory-f I live in the UK, so would not have thought of that..

As usual very interesting stats. Thanks Olllie!


Is there a link where I can track steem to usd in realtime?

Let's see if Steemit can sustain some of the initial momentum. People may come here full of enthusiasm and then run out of steam (ha!). Didn't the Steem price recover a bit in the last day or so? I know my account value is dropping, but then the 7 day average will not be great for a while even if the price goes up.


My numbers are based on Saturday to Saturday. There has been a consolidation period the last few days. Be interesting to see where we go from here..

Is the Active User number denoting new user signups, or activity of current users?


Active Users was considering the fall in Weekly and Daily Active Users, both down roughly ~20%. Sign up numbers included a lot of miner and inactive accounts, so I tend to discount this method of measuring user numbers.

From my opinion the less income for posts results in less enthusiastic Users and less substantial articles. The income of an professional is tremendously higher and time is money...

This is great thanks!
I do research and statistics too, but these are really good :D

Thank You For Sharing This
Very Interesting Post

As it is constructed now, steemit seems to lever a lot on greed rather than positive values like friendship or sharing.

Man... please include "Steem" in the dictionary of you spreadsheet program.


Steem is included under the header Liquid Steem. Apologise for the confusion. I will make this more clear from now on...

I think people get pretty discouraged... They spend hours crafting a post only to see no or little reward. Or worse they see it get downvoted and disappear... They also see the small rewards they do get drop in value substantially day after day... Tough thing for a lot of new comers to handle.


@jrcornel Here's the problem. Reddit has 85 million active users,none of those people are posting with the expectation of getting paid, they are doing it for pleasure. People on steemit are posting WITH the expectation of getting paid, and when they don't get paid they leave because the user base of the platform is not large enough to give them pleasure on its own. Its a catch-22. For steemit to hit a tipping point it needs higher user growth, but in order to get higher user growth the trending page of Steemit needs to look enticing to new users who have no clue wtf it is.


Nice post. I think Steemit needs to market it's privacy and censorship free qualities alongside the 'Get Paid to Blog', this might help attract a different type of user, to the average users we are attacking at the moment..


Good thought!


Good points. Like Ollie mentioned below, a lack of censorship might be a selling point to some who are thinking about joining...