Steemit Statistics Week 10

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This post is a weekly, evolving post, analysing Steem(it) by numbers and deducing trends of interest for this project moving forward. As always, I would also invite anyone with special knowledge of Steem(it) to provide analysis (who, what, how, why, witness updates...) of my findings, and I will add this information where relevant to this post. There has been some very valuable contribution to this post in the past 7 weeks which is much appreciated.

Past Editions: Week 9 / Week 8 / Week7 / Week 6 / Week 5 / Week 4 / Week 3 / Week 2 / Week 1

Steemit Statistics Week 10 Highlights

  • Liquid Steem Up, Steem Dollars Down:
    After last weeks decline in Liquid Steem triggered by @steemit Creating (and Powering Down) 3 Whales Accounts, we have seen a resumption of the increasing Liquid Steem trend. This has increased 14.89% Week on Week. This has been met with a decrease in Steem Dollar Circulation. This to me shows that the Steem Dollar Stability mechanism is doing it's job nicely, and we have seen % Steem Dollar to Steem Market Cap fall this week.
  • Active Users Up Week on Week:
    After 3 weeks of declines, the most accurate measure of users on the Steemit platform increased this week, by around 30%. These numbers are still largely unchanged Month on Month, so it would be nice to see another weekly increase posted next week..
  • 24hr Traded Volume Falls
    An interesting fact to consider. Steem is the 8th Largest Cryptocurrency in the world, however it is roughly number 18 by traded volume. We have seen a significant fall in traded volume this week which is a concern. I believe these numbers are a key barometer to Steemit's success, and I would be very interested to see if we can buck the trend in the coming weeks and post a weekly gain..
  • Top 100 and Top 10 Accounts Control of Steem Power Continues to Fall:
    Whether you include @steemit account in your calculation (-0.16%) or not (-0.14%), the results are the same, another week on week fall in the Top 100 Steem(it) Accounts Control of Steem Power. This is also reflected in the Top 10 accounts control of Steem Power falling 0.98%. Steem Distribution is still ongoing, and I expect to this result recreated next week.
  • Steem Market Cap First Weekly Gain in 10 Weeks/Since I have been recording:
    Although we experienced a very small 3.97% fall in the price of Steem this week, Steem creation is running at ~5% per week, which meant that the Steem Market Cap increased this week by 1.1%. This is a positive sign, in light of the constant pressure the price of Steem has been under for the past 3 months... Might we post the first weekly increase in Steem prices next week...?


Would be interesting to hear your thoughts...

A Special thanks to @steemitguide for graphics provided to this post


Thanks again for your weekly stats. There were 2 new accounts investing a big amount into Steemit. I assume to see more of it. I guess more and more bigger investors see here an opportunity. Not sure if dollarvigilante is attracting some of these investors.


We just got the wedge breakout, so you could be right that we will see a weekly increase in Steem price next week.


We already had a weekly price increase in Steem two weeks ago.

My data is Saturday to Saturday. We haven't had a weekly increase by that measure in 10 weeks. Granted, by other measures, that is not the case.

Funny how one day can make such a difference.

Glad to see the activity of users is increasing! The lul had me a bit worried.

Thanks for the detailed information!

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