The Unwritten Rules of Steemit

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I would like to invite anybody who’s been here for more than a month to contribute a post that would be helpful to the mass immigration of new users from the past couple days!

Not everybody realises there are many unique qualities to this social media platform. A newbie’s online habits from other websites can lead them to learn lessons the hard way. As the system becomes more complex there is more and more for them to catch up on.

Things get a little hectic around here when our population has a sudden growth spurt.

It is our responsibility to pass on what we have learned and make the newbies welcome!

Here's mine

The Unwritten Rules of Steemit

There is only one real rule to steemit and it’s more of a universal law of nature which is

Do not lose your password, your account cannot be recovered if you do.

There are however some unwritten rules you should know about.

I’d like to break down the core principles of steemit and discuss risky behaviour to help you get the best experience possible from your use of the platform.

For clarification, there is no concensus on the rules of steemit.

The Core Principles are

  • When posting, aim to contribute value
  • Upvote material that contributes value
  • Only flag material that is abusive

You are free to decide how to treat the platform. But of course, freedom doesn’t protect you from consequences.
In the real world, you are theoretically free to sleep with your neighbours wife, post a video of the two of you on a porn website (with her consent) and then email the link to all your neighbours.

This freedom however does not protect you from theoretically being attacked by your neighbours husband, scorned by all your other neighbours and recognised by porn connoisseurs for months afterward.

Reputation to Uphold

Because people are getting rewarded here for their contributions unlike any other social media platform, there are some major positive differences for online etiquette. Exposing yourself to the online world can be daunting. You could face criticism, ridicule and humiliation. With most social media platforms this is due not only to the anonymity of your online account, but mostly the lack of repercussion for having a harmful attitude towards others.

The steemit community is different!

Because of the consequences of nasty behaviour you are much less inclined to abuse your steemit allies. As long as negative behaviour is continuously 'nipped in the bud' nasty comments will likely be hidden by the users low reputation.

Though you might face some constructive criticism and feedback which you might consider, you’re much more likely to be encouraged than trolled!

Nothing that you publish can be deleted from the blockchain. It will be online forevermore even after editing. This is also the case for your commenters on your own posts, so you can easily be exposed for publishing misinformation. Whether you claim to be a doctor or a non-professional, if you make factual claims it is advised to link references from where the information was taken or a source that backs up your claims.

Introduce Yourself

You have the right to remain anonymous, but if you choose to expose your identity on #introduceyourself, you could include a verification video.

It is not at all obligatory, the only reason you might be asked for this is because we want to discourage identity theft.
(Removing the sound from the video does not verify that you are behind the account)

War on Bots

Sockpuppets are multiple accounts controlled by the same user. Sometimes they come in the form of a bot. Different bots have different intentions. Some like to flag material for the sake of trolling, others automatically comment on posts with trivial comments like 'nice post'.
For this reason, you do not want to comment with trivial one-liners.

Don't make yourself look like a bot. There is a war on bots!


The steemit community prefers original content.
For that reason, we have a Robocop in the form of @cheetah. The purpose of Cheetah Bot is to detect plagiarism. If you like something you read on an article for example, unlike Facebook or Twitter, you cannot simply ‘share’ this material with the steemit community. If you choose to copy and paste the article into a steemit post, Cheetah Bot will detect your plagiarism in order to warn the steemit community. Not to mention, you could be subjected to copyright laws!

There are ways around this that most steemians deem appropriate.
For instance if you like something you read on an article and you want to encourage a discussion on it, you could format your post to link the article and outline your own thoughts on it in order to engage with the rest of the community.


Very often your articles can slip through the cracks and on occasion you might feel hard done by.
We’ve all been there! We feel you!

Spamming is not the answer.

If you really want to promote your post, there are ways to do that but you should link with caution.
Don’t think about how other people’s post could help promote yours by linking in their comments. Instead, consider what posts could use yours for their self promotion. Look for posts of the same topics, go about curating quality content as you go, you could even link to theirs in your post before you publish. When you find some articles whose posts are relevant to yours, start a conversation with them. Once you’ve made contact, you can establish an alliance!
You rub my back, I’ll rub yours!
You’re also welcome to spread the steemjoy across other platforms.

Deceptive Tagging

When curators are looking for # steem related content, they do not want to see posts about # food, # memes and # kittens.

You put yourself in a dangerous position if you try to use # tags that are irrelevant to your post. When you entice people to read your post by using popular # tags, the readers expect it to deliver, and you expose yourself to potential flagging if it doesn’t.

Tagging tip!

If you post anything explicit you need to tag it with # nsfw (not safe for work) if you don’t want it flagged.

Whale tagging

Currently (as far as I’m aware) @tagging doesn’t notify the tagged that they’ve been tagged. I expect that will someday change and when it does, I expect whales will be doing a lot of tag flagging (perhaps after a warning, perhaps not).

If you can imagine what it’s like being a whale, getting tagged every minute, I'm sure you'll understand why they might choose to 'hide' you so as to never hear from you again.

Signatures are noisy

While I haven’t yet seen unnecessary flagging of gifs or signatures, I do think I’m not alone in saying too many images make a page noisy.

If the image or gif or video linked is relevant and you’re sure people will enjoy it as part of the thread, then by all means, express yourself. But if everyone were to use a gif or image for self promotion such as a signature everywhere they went, then threads would get messy and people who might otherwise offer valid points to the conversation might not bother sifting through the noise.

Hit & Run

If you’re going to publish a post or two (or three or four) and then go offline without voting for anybody else’s content, it’s quite possible that a whale of significant value could come across your post, consider giving you a nice reward, check how active you’ve been and then choose not to give you a reward because you haven’t been rewarding others.

Research, writing, formatting and all the other things you have to do to put your post together may take time, and seeking out valuable content does too. But in less than five minutes you could easily check your feed or enter an interest of yours into the tag search bar to read a couple articles to give your upvote to.

Curating for profit

It is in the interests of the stakeholders to curate valuable material in order to make this platform valuable for talented writers, bloggers, artists and other forms of contributors. However there is currently some gaming of the curation system going on. It is in the interest of the curating individual to find material that will likely do well, in order to gain curating rewards.

Minnows*, this is not your game!

If you are mindlessly upvoting things that are already trending, without checking the content to see if you like it, you probably think you’re getting better rewards when in fact you’ve completely missed the boat to gain any rewards after the post has been Whale-bombed.


Aside from that, as a minnow you do not have enough Steem Power to profit from playing this game. If you worked really hard, spending all day seeking out 99 “sure shots” you might make a dollar a day if you’re very lucky. This would not be worth your time!
It would be much more beneficial to you and to the platform to just like what you like.

Flagging is for abuse

There are no rules to tell you why you should or shouldn’t flag. There is no consensus and many steemers will deem other steemers reasons as inappropriate. You get to decide for yourself your reasons for flagging.


We steemians like to advise each other on having Flagging Etiquette.

Bad Reasons for Flagging

  • Disagreeing with a post
  • Jealousy of rewards
  • Revenge
  • Anything other than abuse

What can be considered abuse?

  • Plagiarism
  • Irrelevant spamming
  • Verbal abuse
  • Deceptive tagging

Dilution of rewards

If you do choose to flag posts simply because you disagree with them, which is not advised, you should know that you have a soft limit of votes (around 100 per day) and you may be wasting them by using them for negative instead of positive curation. After you reach this limit your curation rewards are diluted. Similarly if you post more than four times a day (apart from comments) you may not get as much reward as you would staying under that limit.

Thanks for reading, I hope it helps!

I welcome your constructive criticism and any additional unwritten rules you may have come across through learning to contribute in harmony with your steemit comrades.


Ok, so I found this much more helpful than any other FAQ.
My 3 key takeaways being a minnow:

  • don't bother upvoting old/trending topics; find your hidden gems
  • reputation is everything: make sure to introduce yourself and keep a consistent profile of giving back
  • definitely, NO signatures!

People now get away with a lot of spam comments due to some changes that made them harder to prevent. Signatures aren't hated on like they used to be for that reason. But the first 2 remain true. Although my most recent post is about making it more profitable to find these hidden gems of newer authors such as yourself to try to discourage all the autovoting.

Hello, and thanks for the update, would like to inquire something. I guess am not a day old in this platform, about voting for posts, I find myself loving all the trending posts, do I currently have a limit of how many votes I can make or how many times I can post in a day?

There are no hard limits to how much you vote or post HOWEVER there are optimal or soft limits.

For voting you have voting power which gets used at a rate of 2% (of what's left) for every 100% vote. As a minnow you can currently only vote at 100%, but as your power goes up to I think 500 SP you will get a slider allowing you to adjust what % you use. Your voting power recovers at a rate of 10% every 12 hours. This means that the optimal number of votes per day is 10. If you vote more than 10 times, you will find your voting power getting lower which is not something you should worry about as a minnow. It only becomes important when you are big enough to earn curation rewards, but otherwise, don't worry too much.

But knowing that bigger dolphins and whales do have these restrictions, we can now consider the limits for posting. Again, there are no limits, however, if you consider that each large user has 10 votes at 100% (or 20 votes at 50% or 40 votes at 25%) then you might consider how many times in one day any particular user would be willing to vote for you. Personally, I find that I get enough rewards if I only post once per day, however, I do sometimes post more than once, because I am not worrying too much about rewards - it is more important to gather followers and make connections.

So try not to worry about it, I personally don't vote for things that have already made a lot of money such as what is on the trending page. I can earn better curation rewards from seeking undiscovered content. I also believe this is the way to keep people interested so that everybody has the chance to win something.

And on followers, can I follow as many people as I can?

Yes, there are no restrictions to followers. There are no filters though so you might find that you miss posts if you follow too many or people who post or resteem too much.

Hello everyone!, this is my first day on Steemit! I was browsing around and came across this, what an excellent user's guide for this platform. I am now ready to use it and hope everyone enjoy my post in the future. Thanks.

mee too :D "my first day on Steemit! I was browsing around and came across this, what an excellent user's guide for this platform" ... ahahah...
And why can not I resteemit ?

I keep getting cheeta for original content. I copy and paste from my own website's blog and share it to steam. Is there a way around this. I have a lot of content on my blog I want to share to steam.

Yes there is. You need to post something from the blog you copy from referencing your steemit blog as proof that you are the same person, then take this to @steemcleaners or provide the link in a comment reply to @cheetah

Hm interesting as I have links at the bottom of my website and blog with a link to my steemit account and have had it from the beginning.

Then all you need to do is reply telling them that.

This is a good reminder for me as I'll be doing the same! (Sharing content from my site)

The last paragraph is now out of date since hardfork 19. We now have an optimal limit of 10 votes per day instead of 40. You can still vote as much as you like, but remember that Voting Power rejuvenates at a rate of 1.2% per hour, and each 100% upvote uses 2% of your voting power. If you have the voting slider you can adjust it as far as 1% which would use 0.02% for each 1% upvote.

Also since hardfork 18 there is no limit to how many times you can post.

Thanks for the update ☺️

Thanks @beanz. To be honest, this kind of confused me, since I can't see any sliders to adjust my vting power. Is this because I'm new, and I don't have any voting power yet?

Just joined yesterday... liked 5 posts so far... still trying to figure things out... :)

Any help is much appreciated. Thank you!

Hi steemians, I like this post it help me a lot...
I mistaken post the same pictures this time. I am planning to post the same area but different view but I accidentally hit the same pictures...Im sorry for that steemians. My question is, Do I be flag?

I wouldn't flag you for that but I can't speak for everyone. The main thing to remember is it doesn't really matter if you get flagged. You're still making money as long as your posts aren't always getting flagged.

Thank you beanz, you help me and us so much

I was wondering if I could re-use stuff I wrote and repost it here. Not plagiarism but the bot might not know that... Any idea anyone?

That's the difficulty with steem is there is no one person to ask for permission from. Most people will allow it, but it's a lot of people and there are bound to be people who protest. Those people may flag.

Ultimately it is up to you do decide if you think it's OK and if you get flagged, it's not the end of the world. Your choice is to either ignore the protests or listen to them. My advice would be to take all comments into consideration and go with what you think it best after considering them.

I personally have nothing against reposting. I know cheetah does but I don't think he has much power here anymore. Could be wrong.

If it originated from you, I see no problem. Not sure if the system can differentiate though so in the end it has to be your call.

I'm a fairly new user on Steemit. (Actually opened the account a long time ago but this is my first time of using it).
Good post.
I'm going to follow you and keep reading. Hopefully, I'll be able to create good contents soon.
Great job!

Thanks for making this post, it's helpful for beginners. Should've read this before I made an extra post with my 'verification' pic... I forgot my dad mentioned that posts can't be deleted. :x

Thanks for the enlightenment, this post just showed how important it is to look before you leap. Am barely 24 hour old in Steemit and was only thinking of being part of the conversations, making posts and getting rewards. Now I understand there is more to that. Looking forward to add value to this platform.

Good clear explanation. Thanks!

As someone who just joined Steemit, I found this post extremely helpful and would like to thank you for taking the time to inform newbies on the do's and don'ts of Steeming. Does anyone know if a post with proper citations will be flagged as plagiarism by @cheetah?

@cheetah doesn't auto flag. He just leaves a comment to say "we found similar content at this address". But if you've already cited the source then he can see that and shouldn't comment. So citing sources is a good idea.

Good to know for future posts.. don't think I'll be posting for a while though until I get the hang of this platform lol

Thank you for your useful information and comprehensive suggestions. I am not only a "newbie" but a retired newbie, so struggling with absorbing information, jargon and using the computer, but with tips such as yours "getting there".

Thank you so much for this post! I'm sooo a newbie and finally after 1 week I am figuring this community out.
Not what I am used to but love this "challange". So again thank you for this information, Appriciate it a lot!

Thanks this is useful, I've just started setting up my account and this is the third article I have read in Steemit, ever. Definitely deserves to be on the Helpful Posts from Steemit Users list. So much to digest, I just have to chew on one bite at a time. I guess I just started eating an elephant!

Really great article! I enjoyed reading this! <3

Thank you beanz I found this very useful and wished I'd read it in the beginning, I'm now in my fourth happy steeming month. I abide by the rules, yet feel free to express my views and feel creative. I am earning little by little, don't understand a lot of it, know how it works for what I'm doing, putting up as good a post as I can daily and curating as well as I can daily. That's easy because I find things I like all the time! This is a wonderful place and I sincerely hope nobody mucks it up! Thanks again. JV

Thank you for clear, concise information. You wrote: "A newbie’s online habits from other websites can lead them to learn lessons the hard way. As the system becomes more complex there is more and more for them to catch up on." I've been on this site only a few days (but not from YouTube), and I already made a small misstep through not understanding something. I'm putting in the time to learn, but jeez, I keep wanting easy-to-access FAQs and a user's manual in plain English. Did I miss those things? I'm not a programmer and I don't have experience with cryptocurrency, so the vocabulary alone is daunting. I can offer Steemit broad general knowledge; experience on other social media sites (but not Reddit); deep experience with writing, editing, and photography; and my informed opinion. I hope that's enough for me to be welcome on the site, and I hope that I can master the platform before I decide it's not worth it.

Of course you are welcome on the site!! :)

And as long as you want to contribute you will find the community very welcoming as I have :)

Just remember not to feel hard done by if your posts don't make much. You can look at how much mine make and I put a lot of work into them. It is like a lottery that you don't have to pay for and your post is your lucky ticket.

I'll be following you and I look forward to seeing your future posts :)

Because the community is new and we're talking about rules, LaconicFlow would encourage everyone to upvote replies they think are good. All the time LaconicFlow comes across good replies with zero votes.

Wow, Beanz, your awesome ! Nice to meet you.

Good post @beanz. We cannot expect good etiquette if we are not willing to share what that is.

Thanks so much for the information. I am truly enjoying the platform but am overcautious about making mistakes. Guess I'll just get on with it and dip a toe in.

Just don't worry too much about the mistakes. We all make em

Super! Thanks so much.

Glad I found this post, IMO every forum or BBS, etc. should have an "unwritten rules" list such as this :D Even the written rules sometimes are vague and hard to apply in practice, then you will have the human elements of interpretation and intent as wildcards.

Thanks for the heads up, beanz! I think it will be very helpful in the near future.

You're welcome and welcome!!!

@beanz Great post! But the #introduceyourself stuff is problematic. Please don't encourage the posting of pics saying hi steemit. It's not verifying anything and no one should need to verify unless they are making some claim about being a well known persona. Those people can verify on their existing social media accounts simply by posting a link to steemit in their profile.

Your advice is how we got catfish. Let's not start that again. People shouldn't have to trade on their looks, which is exactly what happens with those photos.

Otherwise, great post! Upvoted and following!

Thanks again for your vote.

After reading up on the concerns of the steemit community in relation to catfish accounts (mostly from @dan's post but others as well) and after careful consideration I have decided to Edit the Introduce Yourself paragraph from this post to encourage video verification instead of easily edited photo verification.

In no way, am I saying that users should have to reveal their identity. This is completely optional and I do not encourage the interrogation of users to prove their identity.

Thank you, @williambanks for your constructive feedback.

Thanks for the advice. I haven't been aware of a catfish problem. I'll start reading up on it and consider editing that out before the payout.

The list is cool. Thank you. This is a huge help especially like us minnows. Learning more everyday!

nice post although its old

Thanks for this. I am a minnow and very new to crypto. I didn't know there were no real rules here. I have been looking for some guidance and have found some good and some not so good. I am stuck using only my phone on this so far as I have just moved and my desktop is in storage and my laptop is at the pawn shop.
Is there any help for using just your phone? So far my posts have been a mess. I can upload photo and video (I thought, but this morning, I tried to post a picture and it kept coming out upside down. So I figured I would upload it upside down and it still came out upside down) I can wait to get my laptop, but I am exited about sharing.

I can totally understand that lol. Although I did take my time scoping the place out before I started posting, it is very exciting (and addictive lol)

I sometimes post from my phone but the same way I would from the laptop. I upload my images onto imgur first and use the image URL from there, so on the phone I'm lucky there's an imgur app. Getting the URL has to be done differently I just copped on the extra i. in and the extra .jpg at the end so basically I enter it in manually.

But it can be very frustrating to work from the phone. I'm so glad they made it so mobile friendly from the very beginning.

Great! This was extremely useful! I've just started setting up my account and this is the Fourth guide I have read in Steemit. Definitely deserves to be upvoted.

Super in depth post! I actually almost had a breakdown after I forgot where I Saved my password the first week lol.

I would love to see more of these articles to be honest. While the community is likely to encourage you more than troll you as you said -- it can be a little daunting when you first arrive.

I also agree with going easy on images etc... They obviously can be helpful at times but too much makes it difficult to navigate.

Hope this post gains some traction cause it was top notch IMHO. Keep up the good work.

Great post! It really helped me being a minnow, and I hope to be swimming strong soon :)

This is a great post. I wish I'd seen this before my post from last night for new people ran out. I would have included this as something for them to read.

Well thank you just for writing one :)

"This freedom however does not protect you from theoretically being attacked by your neighbours husband" hahahah XD
This was really on point explanation !

Great post, too bad the "explore" listing only shows shitposts all over the place. I just joined the community and already believe a botnet would totally own the place (As I'm already sure there's, considering the posts quality/payouts of some authors).

Too bad, the general website idea is good!

The website is still in beta. And so much of this is still experimental. The guys only started working on this 6 months ago and it's exploded so fast that they haven't been able to keep up.

Things will get better. Just read some of @dantheman's posts, they give me confidence in the future.

Looking forward to the Steemit version of Youtube with out Google and censorship and cooperate scum deleting posts and demonetizing content creators etc etc The time is now!!!

It's all blockchain though so how would someone control the content?

I love your enthusiasm!! Steem really needs that, don't let any trolls break it.

With people like you around? Not likely dear one! Shine on!

This is a great post. I was going to do a post on good Steemit etiquette but looks like it might not be necessary anymore. I hope people read this:)

I would just add one thing that it is OK to tag people when you are posting in comments or responding to another post so that people know who you are talking about and which post.

Please do as that was the whole point of this post :)

As there seems to be an accellerating number of new users climbing aboard
I think it would be great to fill out the #steem-help tag with content written by people with even more experience that I.

OK will do. Just waiting for someone to get back to me on doing some funny illustrations for it.

I'm tempted to move some of my "selling" activity to steemit and D-tube, leaving ebay and youtube behind. Do you think hocking art and goods here is ok?

I not only know people using steem to do that already but I also know there are better applications being built on steem to specifically cater to that market. So yeah, I highly recommend you get started on it. Check out @steembay for a nifty service (could use some improvement but it's a working product)

Awesome post beanz! Im still learning stuff after a month, and im sure always will be, as steemit grows! Thanks so much for the easy to understand "unwritten game rules"!

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Upvote if you want the bot to continue posting linkbacks for your posts. Flag if otherwise. Built by @ontofractal

I just started this about 3 days ago. Im still trying to figured out this works. I cant even up load a photo. The links wont work. But ill get around to it. Great info though

Mastering-Markdown -
Upload image use imgur -
and you can post your issue on #steemit-help

Thanks for the reply. I will start using this.

Hello and welcome ! Take your time to learn . I am reading since 2 weeks and my first posts pretty messy as well . You will get it very quickly . You must upload photos somewhere else first . I use or
enjoy !!!

Hey thanks for the help. Much appreciated. Keep up the great work!

Here is a free markup editor you can use to format your posts easily, with a visual preview, then copy and paste the markup into the submit a story editor. here's the editor
And for images, you need to upload them onto a picture server, then open them, copy the link and paste it into the article you formatted, using the "image" feature at the top. Voila! Here is a super easy image poster.

Thanks so much on that. Its way easier then what ive seen from others. Greatly appreciated

Great article @beanz - we have shared this in our Best Of Steem Edition - upvote from us!

Thanks, I wish I had seen this post a couple of days back. HA, I figured out most of it on my own, but it is a confusing space to be in.

Very well done! Very clear and easy to understand. I was completely confused when I first joined steemit, posts like this make learning your way around a lot easier. Up-voted and followed Cheers!

hola de verdad muchas gracias, me acabo de registrar y voy muy despacio leyendo todo lo que debo y lo que no para no cometer estos errores, este post en partucular me ayudo mucho, siento que ahora estoy mas preparada para empezar a expresarme de manera respetuosa...

Thank you for posting! Makes things clearer for a minnow like me =)

Thanks @beanz! I'm new to Steemit and posted my first post on Sunday night. Since then I've had many questions pop up about how Steem works and what good etiquette is. This post cleared up a lot for me!

That was very useful! Thank you. I am looking forward to exploring this new world and info like this makes a smooth transition.

This is indeed a fantastic post @beanz. You've really explain an in dept rules of steemit that even I did not know. Now I do. This will help us in putting out valuable contents that many would love to read without stepping on toes. Bang on.

well imho 99% of this post is just common sense, but then again people sometimes need to be reminded of the most simple things so they know where they stand and how things work. Great post!! haha, hope they figure i`m not a bot.

Thanks so much beanz. Very helpful for newbies like me. I'm still learning the do's and don'ts, and some of that definitely helped me along.

Good read, thanks for the heads up, still wondering along thinking what should I do here...

This is a very good and detailed compilation of things I have learnt past 2 weeks . Thanks for your great work . Probably many hours

Very useful post

Thank you, this is extremly helpful!

Just signed up right now and this was really helpful - thanks for posting it!

Great post! It is different here on Steemit for sure!

Thanks for putting this post together. I do hope that many of the newbies read this informative post too.

Steem on,

I don't suppose you read the advice on one-liners ;) lol

Hi, I am new around here and I have to say, thank you for that blog it was very helpful to read it. :)​

Thank you for the great list for consideration! I am brand new to this community, just joined today and learning more about participating here after a rough intro on the

Thank you very much for your help ! Those tips are really useful for the minnow I am !

See you on the steemitsphere.

Hi Steemians, This is my first day here and am glad I found this guide, this is really amazing as it's thought me everything I need to know here, how ever I can also see that a lot has been put in place to make this platform the best ever introduced. I'm glad am here. follow me @attakye as I will like to write more about internet opportunities and everyday life motivations, I believe motivating people keeps them moving and contributing here to keep others going will help me follow the trend as well.

very nice presentation on the article, we share the same style. very easy to read
good luck @beanz in the future.

Thanks so much for this post, I have literally just logged in. I'm a total n00b to the posting on platforms besides FB (and even then I usually share cute stuff that's intended to brighten my friends' day.) So before I post my own content I'm searching for any more helpful tips for total n00bs so I don't make quite as many mistakes as I otherwise no doubt would. Obviously i've read the quick start too, I'm also going to take a look at that flagging etiquette linked in this post and at the 'helpful posts by uses' section. If anyone knows of some very helpful posts that are maybe hidden away i'd really appreciate it. (also constructive criticism on this comment if there is anything too). like should I really pay attention to capitalization on comments too much?
Thanks Steemians. x x x

i got amazed of the rules when compared to other social media. But bit like Quora. Both are legits. Eliminating Plagiarism and spreading true knowledge is key of both sites. Unlike Quora some one can use steem for social awareness like a goal. It's like combined of Youtube, Quora and Reddit .

Great advice.. It's good to see motivational posts that help the community!

Thank you for the info, us newbies need all the help we can get .

Great article indeed, thanks @beanz. Looking forward to diving deeper into this and see where it leads... intriduceyourself post to follow in a week or two, when I know a little more about what's going on here... :)

Really good article. Thanks! Xx, Kay

I have been around for a little while, yet I learned a lot from this post. Worthy of being resteemed.

Thank you, I just joined today and found this very informative. Still learning how to properly navigate and practice etiquette on here and this article really helped clear it up :) Thank you for taking the time to make it!

To paraphrase a famous quote: “Do what you love to add value should be the main focus and the reward is just the by-product”. The more I’m in the platform, the more I learn and become a better Steemian :D

How about posting photos i get off of pinterest or google???

This was super informative. Thank you! This is my first day and I have been trying to get the lay of the land and figure out the do's and don'ts before I post. I think I have some more research and learning to do first. I'm also glad I read through the comments as I see some things have changed since this was written.

Obliged to use such a wonderful platform in this lost generation, @beanz thank you, this post is a best takeaway for newbies like me

very good content, lot of work - Congrats

this really helps and I want to address further to this If you choose to copy and paste the article into a steemit post, Cheetah Bot will detect your plagiarism in order to warn the steemit community. Not to mention, you could be subjected to copyright laws!...what if quoted? please explain it to me thanks

As a new user, THANK YOU! This post really helped me.
It also provides some really good tips.

Have a nice day :)

This is the first post I'm reading on Steemit. It's very helpful and I wanted to thank you for the info.It's an insight into the caliber of people that are available to interact with and already the space "feels" good. I will gladly remain a minnow for as long as it takes.

This was actually pretty helpful! Good to know the rules written between the lines :)

Thanks! This post made so many things much more clear than before. You dive deep and show the soul of this platform, which I love so much. Not every rule has to be official in order to make this such a great place. It's my first day as an active user and I am so glad I came across this article! Keep writing you clearly understand the concept very well and want to promote honest and best practices. I hope I will add some value soon too.

Thanks for putting this together.

Ahhh I am quite unsure about it.... trying hard to understand.... im focus in writing and sharing it. Not bothering much on how to earn the rewards as I believe i must do the first right thing first is to blog.
But then..... it seems there are rules and some special rules on upvote it at right time or not.... which is so different from what I thought!! It is not that simple and straightforward..... so unfair for the ppl writing blog seriously.
When we make friends and being flag as spam... what?? Is my content looks like a spammer? Is there a standard way to make friends?! So much restriction.... yet some ppl just know how to take advantage first rather than we writing and makes friends seriously.
I'm very confused about the rules....

Is like a real spammers know how to twist turn within the rules and not being flag.
While the ppl putting real effort just can't beat them, and sometimes even being notified as spammers because we just happily sharing own posts with others.
If the other author not happy with it, may voice it rather than flag it. This is call social.
But it seems like makes friends follow the rules... very not natural.
So is like a game that we must play with the rules. It's not a social platform and the bonus is rewards...
Hmmmm I must learn again to understand better perhaps.... ahhh not that straightforward kinda thing

Great! You're so understand Steem's under table rule, LOL

What's the under table rule?

minfon is just responding to the theme of your post... "unwritten rules"!
"Under the table" is actually an expression that is used to mean something secret.

Great post by the way. Am so new to site like this. Reading your post is so enlightening.

Thank you, this has been on my mind for 11 months XD

Thanks so much for the information. have a nice day! :)

Such a great post!

very great post! Thank you for that! (y)

Sweet Article! I'm very new to this whole Steemit thing, and while a lot of what you said is "common sense"... a lot of it wasn't! Thanks for the article!

Very informative post! As a minnow I've realised there is so much more I need to learn about Steemit compared to other platforms and it can get a bit overwhelming. So your post is greatly appreciated!

I joined Steemit for content, the money is just a very nice bonus, but my focus is definitely on content. I must say I find the vote 4 vote and follow 4 follow mentality displayed by some people to be quite unnerving and off-putting and something I would never engage in. But I have made a few newbie mistakes, like when I flagged a comment on another steemian's post that I found inappropriate. The person who had written the comment actually commented on it and I realised my mistake, removed the flag and commented instead.

Anyway your post has taught me several important things. Thank you so much!

Cuanta informacion util para los que nos iniciamos en esta gran aventura de Steemit.........gracias.

I liked the post, but I find it difficult to read it because I do not fluent English but generally helped me quite

Well maybe I should have somebody translate it. What is your first language?

Currently I use the integrated translator of Google Chrome and I had no problem reading your post I speak Spanish and the translation Spanish-English translator is quite correct and makes the post quite easy to read in Spanish :D

Yes, this post gave me a lot of information, on things I should be careful of doing, thank you!

Found this really helpful, glad I read it before fully diving into Steemit

Very helpful post. Thank you. I am taking a few of your points into consideration and putting them into practice.

Thanks so much for this information! About the 4 posts per day, though, does resteeming count as one of the 4 posts?or should you resteem more often? Thanks! -serena

The 4 post rule no longer exists. There is no soft limit to posting only a soft limit to voting. You can resteem as much as you want but keep in mind that steemit lacks filtering features that your followers might prefer, so flooding your followers with resteems can cause them to unfollow. Welcome to steemit

Got it, thanks for replying!

Just found this on a pinned message on the VOTU Discord channel. Wish i had seen it earlier.
Thanks for the info.

Its good to put this out there and help the new comers understand the ethos of this site !! Up voted ! ; - )

I'm really hoping to encourage others who have been here a while to write their own versions. Newbies are making mistakes they were never forewarned not to make so I'd love to see the #steem-help tag trending higher!

Yes, this post is valuable for me... as minnow :) anyway thank you

I've been searching all week long about rules here in steemit and finally I have found something that answer most of questions. Thank you your hard work just to post this. I just want to asked as a minnow , what are the reasons why the upvotes that I received keeps on dissapearing? Your answer will be deeply appreciated! And more power to you @beanz!

Thanks for this - "entering" a new platform is always exciting and confusing, so getting some tips from the inside in so so helpful!

Thansks for sharing! Helped me a lot finding a start here on Steemit :)

I am new to steemit.thank you for this i got the guidelines of how to write title,tag etc.

I would probably add more unwritten rules as soon as I come across those rules but for now I am still learning how and why steemit should be part of my everyday. BTW thanks for this unselfish article.

Hi @beanz

Is there a rule to flag someone who used @introduceyourself tag? If so where is it written?

Hi Minnow Cofo here. I enjoyed this article its always good to get a chat with a local. Just one thing, Ive learnt this new term 'whale' - completely lost with that and what they are... looking around for online info and just finding oceanography related links ... please enlighten moi. Gracias

My understanding is that a whale here is a user with more voting power. They have accumulated earnings through using the site and have invested in more Steem Power so that their vote is worth more to others.

Hey thanks for that. Since I've been navigating steemit I have come to that conclusion also. I still feel like i'm stumbling around in here a bit appreciate the comment cheers cofo.

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