Cheetah Bot Explained.

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[Image by Tambako on flickr. Labeled creative commons.]

    To provide an overview of what the @cheetah bot is, and what it does and does not do on the site, I have created this post to hopefully give users an understanding when they click on her name after a comment.

Content Detection: What Cheetah Bot Does.

[Image by user @dmitlex with permission.]

    If cheetah detects that an article may not be original content, it creates a comment that lets readers know that the article is likely elsewhere on the internet already. This comment is meant to be understood by the author that they should try and avoid copy pasting. It also informs readers of the article that there is a chance the author is not the original one, and have either copy-pasted or plagiarized.

    Even if the submitter is the author, there is nothing wrong with the comment, it simply informs the reader that it is not unique (exclusive) content on Steemit. Voters can choose how to use this information.

What about reposts?
    They can be, and are, called out. If you want to repost material on steemit it is your prerogative to do so, just as it is someones prerogative if they flag you for it. For cheetah, it is my choice to notify readers that the content is not original.

Content Detection: What Cheetah Bot Does NOT Do.

Cheetah bot does not detect all cases of plagiarism.
    Users should still be vigilant with posts that look oddly similar to a news story, and if they find an original source to the article, I encourage you to write a comment, so others are notified that the content is not original. People who do this generally get upvoted and praised, and articles that plagiarize get flagged to oblivion.

Cheetah bot does not flag you.
    That is, when it detects a potential source. This is because it is not perfect, and can't tell if the author is the same as is posting, and there is the odd occasion where the source isn't accurate. Feel free to report mistakes to the steemitabuse-classic channel in

Why is copy-paste "bad"?

[Image source. Labeled creative commons.]

    Steemit is not Reddit. Steemit is not Facebook. Steemit is a place where original content can, and should, be rewarded. If you feel like you are able to curate good news stories, I welcome you to do so, but I first invite you to understand the following property:

    Reddit and Facebook allow you to link to an article, which incites discussion on it. You do not copy and paste an entire article onto Reddit, nor do you copy and paste an entire article into your status in Facebook. What happens instead, is people create a link, then discuss it.

Be the discussion.
    Tell us what you think of the article. Why is it important? Does it affect you? What will happen due to it? There are plenty of avenues for discussion. If the community rewards shit posts, that is all we will see in the future.

    Secondly, copy paste hurts search engine optimization, which hurts our site. When articles have an original source, the original source is placed higher in ranking compared to steemit. When this happens too often, steemit will be considered a haven of plagiarism, and will be pushed off the rankings of searches (e.g. Google rank). This hurts us, as it means people will not naturally stumble upon steemit, and our user-base will not grow.

    Thirdly, upvoting this low-effort content takes away shares of rewards from people who actually do deserve it, who are producing original content. [See this post.]

    Fourth, plagiarism and identity theft are ILLEGAL. Do you want steemit, the company, to recieve DMCA notices? Do you want them to drown in legal fees? I hope not. Let's try and avoid that.


Did you take or make the photo? If not...
Is it copyright protected? -- DO NOT USE IT.
Allowed to use it? -- CITE THE SOURCE.

The Black List.

Oh dear... Welcome to the dark side of Cheetah.

[Image by danirave on deviantart. Labeled creative commons.]

What is the black list?
    It is the place for repeat, unapologetic offenders of plagiarism, scams, spam, or identity theft. This also includes users who attempt to circumvent detection and plagiarize.

    Cheetah will make a comment to warn readers that the person has been manually found guilty by a reputable member of our community to be continuously involved of one or more of the above categories. Cheetah may automatically flag you, especially if it is a spammer, so the content becomes less visible.

Is it possible to get off the black list?
    Yes - when one makes an appeal (e.g. a post saying they understand) and has clear intent to stop plagiarizing or spamming. They should also join, and make their case in the steemitabuse-appeals channel. Identity thieves will never leave the abyss.

What if I see a post from cheetah saying a user has been blacklisted?
    I won't tell you how to vote here. But remember that these users are only the worst of the offenders; so use your judgement by looking at their post history, or use your trust of the user who put them on the black list. I encourage you to be careful upvoting, at the very least.

The White List.

The friendlier side of Cheetah.

[Image by annemaria48 on deviantart. Labeled creative commons.]

    In contrast to the black list, the white list is for members that have been accredited and found to be original authors of cross-posted materials.

Should you ask to be on the white list?
    Probably not. It is NOT for people who have "verified". It is for people who are posting content in multiple locations at the same time. In addition, these users are ensuring that the other location in which the material is posted, also contains a cross-reference to the steemit article, just as the steemit article contains a link to the secondary location.

I will remove users from the whitelist who do not do this.

Who has Authorization to Control the Black and White Lists?

    The only members who control the lists are myself (@anyx), and a few users whom are witnesses. I trust these individuals for two reasons:

  1. I know them.
  2. Their reputation as a witness makes them careful choosing whom to ban.

As I also am a backup witness, keeping reputation is important to me too, which makes me careful.
Don't forget, you can and should vote for witnesses here.

Attempting to Circumvent Detection.

[Source: quickmeme.]

Attacking Me.

[Image by arvalis on deviantart. Labeled creative commons.]

Flagging me or cheetah because you got caught, shows me your stance on plagiarism. So go ahead, join the ranks of people flagging @cheetah and @anyx all day long.
Good luck.

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P.S. The hot algorithm is still broken, I am able to push my post to trend on hot with sybils.

Im posting articles with the link at the bottom and its saying im not... im getting annoyed?

This happened to me too. I posted with sources and it got all pissy at me. I've been wanting to write about this topic since I joined and its going to tell me I'm a cheater? Kinda lame considering I posted sources and only researched/quoted about 15% of the article.

Yes, had to adapt and make some changes. Im still in that process adjusting to the steemit way of things, be well & Steem on!!

I was doing the same thing smh

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LOL that's a real nice rep you got there.

Really! laughs :D

I've watched @cheetah develop over the past few weeks and I have to say it's brilliant. @anyx is doing a great job in helping to keep the Steemit community honest, open, and above all else accountable. Since there are monetary rewards associated with providing valued content to the community, it's incredibly important that this content be original so as not to enable people to profit off the hard work - and intellectual property - of others.

What does @anyx do?

Although I'm on your side, I must ask: Is it truly right for you to do this? Doesn't this sort of thing manipulate the free market? Even if this isn't quite the same as a government police force going in and manipulating the market, it'd be just as bothersome if a fellow shopkeeper went to an opposing shop and threw the goods on the ground or something, just because they don't like what someone else is selling.

Is it truly right to use a bot to do this? I just want to start some discussion, so don't think I'm some plagiarism-fan.


Since the bot is taking no action other than providing information for the readers, yes, it's truly right for @anyx to do this.
It's the user that decides what action to take based on all of the information available.

I like this answer. Indeed, it is up to the voters to decide what they want, ultimately. Cheetah just helps the voter to have more information readily available.

Even though I agree to some level of content verification, @heretickitten has a point and it is not answered.

@hoopatang says: "Since the bot is taking no action other than providing information for the readers"...
Providing information is an action. And the very action of informing the user about possible (not certain) plagiarism is conditioning the users to be suspicious.

9 out 10 times, the cheetah-bot will be accurate. What happens to the 1 out of 10?

What is less harmful?
9 guilty men free
1 innocent man in jail?

the answer to that depends on the nature of the crime; if the "crime" is for drug use or the failure to pay a fine, it is obvious that Blackstone was right.

If the crime is of a mala in se and ongoing nature that will result in further damage to society, then by utilitarian measure it is better that 1 innocent man be jailed

example; a terror group plots a mass murder spree. if a raid on the group bags 9 terrorists and 1 man who is there by coincidence ( a relative perhaps), the lives saved by the raid are more "valuable" than the one life degraded by loss of freedom.

it would be nice if life were white and black and moral codes were easy to create and abide by.

so in the case of Steemit, you would have to make a judgement on how serious the damage caused by the 9 spammers versus the one innocent poster could be.

someone goes to jail?

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Of course It is truly right. It doesn't manipulate the free market. It says: "Hey, better watch out, fake products over there!", so other buyers (upvoters) have choice to follow that advice or not. That's because of that freedom, not against it. Besides, I like cats. :-)

Usually the market works better when there is more information available to everybody.

This kind of information about content is public good so @cheetah is making a huge public service for the Steem community.

The bot is just making light of the fact that similar content resides elsewhere. It's not abusively interjecting opinion, it's informing readers of a possibly relevant fact.


Seriously; the internet has needed a police force for a decade, every blog or website has a 'moderator' function. Next you will tell me there is something called the First Amendment in the American Constitution or something.
Free Speech is only for those who can enforce their rights to it...
Good Luck ;)

@anyx I like it when @cheetah gets it right.

But there are times when @cheetah gets it wrong. I consider flagging any bot which is making mistakes as the easiest and presently only way to contact the owner when his/her bot is acting up or running amok.

People can't be expected to track down the owner manually until we have some sort of bot registry. Also the owner will be checking their up and downvotes. So it just makes sense to use the reward system for bot training like this.

It's like training a pet. You reward them by giving them a treat when they do a neat trick, learn something useful and are acting good in generl. But you bop them on the nose with a rolled up newspaper when they misbehave ;)

Glad to see you're improving the content detection algorithms. Fewer missed instances of copyright violations but also fewer false positives as well. Great work!

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You can just type @anyx or @cheetah or DM me in chat instead of flagging it. No sense harming cheetah's rep.

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I agree with @williambanks that someone shouldn't have to track down the owner manually. But I would go farther and say that someone shouldn't have to check a 'bot registery' either. Maybe you should sign onto as @cheetah and monitor those messages for feedback. When Steemit supports private messages right on the platform this will be easier.

Thanks @smooth, I do actually have @cheetah in, and I monitor that as well. :)
Sometimes people use transfer memos too, but I agree a having direct messaging will be much more efficient.

@anyx I don't necessarily disagree. Might want to add a message if you haven't already that at least says who the owner is and how to contact you though. I mean obviously I know who you are. I based the decision to use upvotes and downvotes on cheetah on something you said in a previous post about the community would up or downvote her based on if she was doing a good job or not. However new people might not understand that.
Also we should probably refer to as to emphasize that this is a website. I have the hardest time because people say "I don't see a steemit chat anywhere in the menu!" (yes I know it's there, but people are blind)
Anyways a quick tag like that, and knowing that up/downvotes are not how you want me helping you train your bot would be enough to my mind.

Hey @cheetah, I was wondering if you would be open enough to share any of your bot logic? Specifically, how did you circumvent search query limits on content? My bot quickly hit the limit and I have only found premium solutions that charge per query. My current workaround is to only check low reputation users content, but even that will quickly hit the query limit.

@discombobulated, Cheetah bot isn't free. :)

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@anyx As the saying goes, "Nothing good ever came cheap." LOL

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I am happy that this bot is in place. Good quality, original posts is the way to go! Thanks! UPVOTED and followed!

Thanks for your continued efforts to make steemit a better place @anyx and @cheetah. I remember a while back when you were thinking of shutting @cheetah down, I'm glad you haven't. While it's not perfect it is pointing out questionable materials. It's really not much effort to provide citations to sources everyone. Just add links!

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This must be your... 4th or 5th post explaining this? Sure, it's a good initiative but you're balancing on an edge where one could be inclined to think you're making them solely to milk $$$.

Hi Cheetah I know that you are a bot but I thought to my self this is a good way to let your master AKA your creator know that as a 3D artist. When someone uses are work on the blogs or posts it is the same as if someone copy and past a post or blog that was not theirs. It is hard for me and many others like me to use words, writing,exe... to express the way we feel so we use art and when someone takes are work they have taken our words. Keep this in mind when you take others art work and blindly post and blog it. Now you know that art to me is the same as your words.

P.S My Art work is a port of my solo and mind.

Im not sure if anyones made an app or anything to track images back to there source but i sure wish i knew one. Shareing is careing xD it must be awesome to be everywhere!

For all those who think cheetah bot should not be allowed to do this then it indicates that you have been on the plagiarism path or side if that is th right way to put it.Also he has done it to me,i was new here on steemit and was unsure how to get my post out there for people to read so I reposted it 2 more times and then cheetah bot came along and said and i quote this as the exact words(Hi! I am a content-detection robot. This post is to help manual curators; I have NOT flagged you.
Here is similar content: it helped me who is new so i agree with cheetah bot being allowed to do theses things as he or she could help newbies like myself and others who are new to SteemIt or do not understand totally yet.

I am definitely a fan of cheetah bot! This will hopefully help those that create original content get recognized for their original content. My question is, does cheetah bot catch all the post where people just post a link to some article on the Internet and don't add any original content of their own to the post? That too should be managed I think

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Wow, I just now got the pun of the "cheetah" username. Clever!

Thank you for explaining this! My patience for plagiarism has worn thin. We are here for original content, people.

I believe in Steemit, I believe in You!
Good afternoon, I want to invite you to support my post dedicated to my dream and development and good advertizing of community of Steemit! I want to make the balloon on which I am going to visit many large cities and to place the logo and the slogan Steemit on it.
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I read your post - I am new on steemit ( AUGUST 17 ) Then where are all the rules kept Because there is not a mention anywhere to be clicked on on my home page and it is not for the want of looking. I could not find any till I stumbled on this page now 25 September 17 - This Looks Like a Way to scam money from steemit I have followed the trail of who is doing the blacklisting, all the names of the people that are paying to black list other people,

Also see the Video I made!/v/super-grand-ad/uwhmmvow

names are free to be see in the wallet of -

All the money paid and all the money withdrawn Days Dates Times

So please explain why there is no youtube or DTUBE
How to be a good steemit ?
The information for steemit is so scarce for the normal person to find and don't go saying you need to read, in this day and age make a video. I do - and it would make life so much easier for all concerned,
you have over complicated it with all these bots and making everything so hard for the layman to plough through. and then to charge them for a crap experience when thing go wrong , when it's your fault for not explaining your rules and regs in a video - If you want happy customers get your act together before you walk on stage. not half way through a performance. because people will walk out and leave you flat.
And yes I have upvoted myself as I can and was taught everything I Know by Jerry Banfield.

I posted an original video talking about what is happening in my life and some news updates in the cryptocurrency markets and was marked for spamming, don't understand how that can be.

Thank you so much for creating this shining example of a pro-social bot. I have founded a company for ethical ai ( and will shortly be trying to create an ethical-ai (and pro-social bot) sub-community here (I'm waiting until I can power up with bitcoin arriving Monday and get a few people to commit to helping me). I'm really high on SteemIt because it is the first cryptocurrency that can serve as a platform for AI (micro-payments) and the fact that it is community-based means that ethics will be easier to implement. Could I count on your help for creating the sub-community (and, maybe, creating some additional pro-social bots)? Thanks again! -- Mark

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I confess I discovered Cheeta by... well you know. I appreciate the hand slap and not any penalty. Now I know for future posts. Thank you Cheeta bot.

Interesting, I guess the whole algorithm etc is completely unfathomable? I mean, has there been any mistakes made? How does this "sit" within the freedom of a public forum; such as steem?

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Come on man, the bot is only there to make you money. If you look at your profile the automated posts are making money for you. Lets not pretend you're doing a service here.

Making, running & updating the bot cost time and effort $$$. I don´t see a problem if people are willing to pay for the service by upvoting it´s comments

we on the steemit world accept original content not some copied and pasted version... thanks cheetah bot for informing about the originality of the content.. i never upvote non original content...

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I like this bot not only because it fights plagiarism, it also encourages fresh content. Even if an author is amazing and has older articles to share on Steemit, it still isn't exactly fresh. Steemit, in a way, is alive and new content exclusive to it adds to that concept.

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Just checked your blog- great info! I just followed you.
Im into alt energy, and scaling it up so it's not so alt any more.

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Unrelated but funny: "I cheetah all the time!" Lol!

Hello @anyx, you mentioned that we should vote for witness and I just knew that through this post. What is it with voting witnesses? Please let me know. Thanks

I'm glad you explained that as long as we post it on our site and link to Steemit and then do link back to the site it is ok. Please verify @cheetah that I read this right. Not like i'm going to do it all the time but occasionally I think it's a good article for my site and Steemit..

It is fine to put a system in place like this, but please skip posts that use "Lorem Ipsum". That is just dummy text, no harm done to anyone.

Thank you i read this you gave me informations regarding posting. Thank you very much.

I've seen a lot of posts commented by cheetah bot.
That is shocking success!

Based on this description and my sightings of cheetah in the wild, I think this is a pretty good bot, but I would be concerned if we stated seeing copycat bots and less well-behaved bots polluting the conversation. Perhaps the rep system will keep them at bay.

I just did a recent blog about "bloggers". I dont think they know the difference between dislike and flag. Unfortunately, there is no dislike button.

I've just received another @cheetah comment, this time for linking to my own earlier post. The last 4 visits to my blog from your bot have been uncalled for as I had already in each case clearly linked to the things @cheetah suggested.

Perhaps you do not like me from back when I first started on Steemit and knew nothing of the way things were done. I was excited to share something that I'd found on the date it occurred, only years later. I even typed the whole damn thing in is the biggest joke, I didn't even copy/paste.

Can you please stop visiting my work?

Full steem ahead @cheetah. For those who do not get the big picture read the post again and when you get there, think about what she said: "plagiarism and identity theft are ILLEGAL. Do you want steemit, the company, to recieve DMCA notices? Do you want them to drown in legal fees? I hope not. Let's try and avoid that."

I have a question.

I debated whether to post the following:

Free Training

because I don't feel like I created the content. But free training manuals are a nice thing to have and I wanted to share with the Steemians. I chose tags that were related to the content, but wouldn't spam everyone.

Is this considered acceptable by the curators? Or should I only discuss in chat?

In my opinion I find it acceptable. You wrote your own intro and provided a link. The only thing questionable is the image. It may be copyrighted since it doesn't have information on reuse and doesn't show up in a search of google as "free to use".

Thanks for sharing.

Not according to this bot.

wtf is this nazi shit..

Is it truly right to use the image of a cheetah? My beef is that people use images of animals and then cast the animals aside completely - just recently the Jaguar that represents Brazil was used to open the Olympics. They took all the photographs and then promptly shot the Juguar. This is just to open discussion on this topic if anyone is interested. I might write a whole article on it later, but it is just something I have noticed. You got me to open this article with your adorable cheetah kitten - but what did you do for the cheetah? How is not plagiarism to use someone else's image of a cheetah or the cheetah's image itself? Natural Law transgressions- murder, rape, theft, and trespass - all boiling down to theft - are we not, just one more time, stealing the image of a sentient being and using it for our own purposes?

Good point.. it's ok for the picture to be plagiarized..

Perfect, Amaziing !

and then to be good! XD

querido amigos, no intento polemizar sobre este articulo,pero creo que esta bien lo que se ha publicado y que cada uno saque sus propias conclusiones espero no lo tomen a mal las personas con el cual discrepo saludos a todos

soy original pero no copio y pego y disculpe

Very nice! I've been watching Steemit for quite some time now, but just recently joined up. The very first thing I noticed was the abundance of SPAM and low-grade content. Anything we can do to improve the content and curb the spam is a top priority in my opinion. The spammers aren't just filling Steemit with junk, they're robbing the good content posters of their share of the reward pool.

I haven't made my first post yet, but plan to in the next couple days, and I pledge to only post well-thought-out content, no copy-pasta, and no spam. So anyone please feel free to follow me if you're seeking out good content and I will follow you back!

I <3 cheetah bot...but mostly because he's so darn cute. :)

Wait , so last time I post a repost my own post and I get warn from cheetah bot .
Can you skip own author post for reposting their own post , I mean repost for second time is good after the third time then you give them a warning . No doubt cheetah bot is the greatest thing being created I'm have nothing to against it. My suggestion only about what I point above . Thanks cheetah !

I have witnessed many image plagiarism on Steemit. Can @cheetah do something about this?

now I know thanks

Hey, it's fascinating the speed!
I wrote one article somewhere, than, in 5 hours I wrote the same /copy/ article here and @cheetah make me notice...good one...but, I ussually post here short posts and link them to my articles...cheetah didn't find that...ha...anyway, good work :)

I'm fairly new and I've received several comments from cheetah-bot as I've posted content from my own blog. I love that steemit supports original content but it's a tad annoying. Of course many writers and bloggers will have their own websites, youtube channels, etc. where there are also posting this content. Isn't there a way to get the guy to lay off once you've proven your identity?

👍nice explained

Thanks for the info, all good stuff, still learning.

please forgive me i do not spam anymore i write my own

Just finished reading this post and now understand not only more about @cheetah but more about proper usage of referencing the content of others and creating original content as an author. This is an article that all new steemit users should read to help them understand the responsibilities and opportunities using steemit.

@cheetah, I like you. You are one great cat.

greast cheetah

My apologies.

What if the content that i posted on steemit was already posted by me on another blog?
Is it wrong for me to copy paste my own work?

When we see steemit advertising, they do not tell us about the rules, just that it's new and good to make money !!!!!!!!!!!

Just read this.
Good article!
And a reminder that is easy to fall into the trap.

I have tried to follow the link to report a member for copying my own work but the link isn't working.


The member in question is uceph and the story is Union of the Wolf.

Allow me to introduce myself.

I'm Sotek, author of the story Union of the Wolf (Known as UotW) .
I've been writing this story since December the 3rd 2012 when my wife had a major cancer operation. While she was undergoing a twelve hour operation, I began writing a few words about my Argonian to read to her when she was in Intensive care at the hospital recovering from the op.

I had only written a page and a half. (Just to stop me from going crazy during the wait). When my wife was able to listen, I read it to her at her bedside. What surprised me was when she said "What happens next?"

Since then I have written over 360 chapters to my story Union of the Wolf and I have posted over 200 of these on the Tamriel Vault.

Now I find over 25 of my chapters taken and posted here without my knowledge or my agreement by Uceph. This story was never about making any money. It was about helping my wife through several years of cancer.

nice to know the rules~ need this info more to
avoid making mistakes。thanks

On the subject of rewarding good content and discouraging bad content- I ran an experiment a few days ago. I posted a very articulate, well written article about a serious subject that is essential to everyone (our dependency upon the power grid and how to become independent.) Got $0 for it.

The next day, I posted a sensational headline with a attention grabbing picture, about 3 lines of content and a question- hoping to start some discussion, similar to a FB post where people are commenting on the link. I got $0.4 for it.

That indicates that on Steemit, a crappy post that I put up in a few minutes is worth 4 times as much as the serious one that took me several hours to write.

Of course, if I was a whale with a big following on Youtube and I posted a total crap post on Steemit, I would still make hundreds.

Steemit is a great concept, but it's not quite there yet. Is there any work being done to address this type of thing?

Oh by the way @cheetah, the bot didn't detect any problem with the crap post. It was, technically, original content.

Nice post

I flagged @cheetah because, for the third time in recent days, I have seen it flag something as plagiarism which clearly had a link, and was clearly using a small portion of the article in the write-up, which is not illegal in most places that Steemit is used.

I finally broke down and flagged @cheetah today because this time it was on one of my posts, which clearly had the link to the original. I had copied merely two paragraphs, and the content I authored was greater than the content I had copied, in that post.

I properly quoted those two paragraphs, and I provided a link to the article they had come from.

So my question to you @anyx is: how can one make a post like the following, without getting flagged by @cheetah?

By the way, this does not at all "show my stance on plagiarism" as you said near the end of this post -- it shows my stance on being annoyed by a not-quite-100% algorithm; I validly provided attribution. A teacher would not term this plagiarism.

So, I took action at being annoyed and flagged it -- then learned about the @seraph as it had voted up after my flag -- and now, I'm having a (hopefully) productive discussion with the bot's author.

Thank you for your consideration for my issue. Apologies for the "get bent" directed at your software. :)

i posted a short vlog i did and i was dinged by cheetah. that sucks. i don't poach.

I'm newish here, and just found this. I think the idea is fantastic!
Added my lowly upvote here, and hope that you keep your bot alive and well. :)

Hi cheetah bot. I am truly sorry for my offence on plagiarism, and it will not happen again.
I also wanted to know have I been blacklisted or downgraded ???

This product is scam.

great job!

I end in Steemit because of you. Very good job! Referral link is not a spam.

if someone continues the plagiarism then what is the result, its account can disable also.

At first I was scared for the bot ( Shivers and snorts) But when I started to think about it more the more I could see the green lights showing up. As an Author it really sucks massive balls when someone steals your work and tries to make money from it when you have put so much time and effort into it. So I am all for this! Yes, I might be cross posting because I share my work on other platforms as well but I mostly try to post original content at every platform. Meaning I write different for lets say Facebook than I do here.

thnks very much for information and sharing

Postingan yang harus di baca oleh pengguna steemit
Terima kasih atas infonya

Good lucky

Greetings can someone tell me why I mark them as a copy and paste the articles that I share with the original source? if someone knows a solution to share articles from other sites with your source and avoid the bot you tell me please

what is mean that?

Reference : ''''

wyh ? I'm in black list?..

hello iam sorry brother... i edited my comments already. Actually iam new steemit user.. so i don't have any proper idea how do use it.. i saw to many peoples comments option.. most of people requesting others to upvote, follow and resteems him. Thats's why i have done this mistake after seen them.. Again iam extremely sorry for that.. I will never do it again.. Please brother take off flag from my comments and give me chance to continue my steemit account smoothly..... If u withdraw flag then i will be pleased to you.... my steemit id is--,, please help me to get back my id in previous position... iam really upseta for that...


hello iam sorry friend... i edited my comments already. Actually iam new steemit user.. so i don't have any proper idea how do use it.. i saw to many peoples comments option.. most of people requesting others to upvote, follow and resteems him. Thats's why i have done this mistake after seen them.. Again iam extremely sorry for that.. I will never do it again.. Please brother take off flag from my comments and give me chance to continue my steemit account smoothly..... If u withdraw flag then i will be pleased to you....

Your bot has saved me from upvoting copy-paste articles during my curation binges, thanks for your contributions in keeping steemit burning clean!

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Hi, my post was hidden due to low rating. Not sure why it went out that way. Any suggestions? I will read the post you shared though.

Warning! This user is on my black list, likely as a known plagiarist, spammer or ID thief. Please be cautious with this post!
To get off this list, please chat with us in the #steemitabuse-appeals channel in

This bot is biased. It's even worse than google penguin. A bot should not have this much power.

You are right on. If I can not link info that backs up my argument and quote from it then my argument has less meaning and is less valuable. This bot needs to go! If people flag the post then that is another matter.

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I am the original author of all my steemit published post. In my first 10 posts I didn't mention that I am the original author because I was unaware of rules. Now cheetah bot always sends message after each article I publish. and decrease my ratings. Kindly solve this issue. Is there anybody to help?