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In this series I will be telling you the story of my life and how I use Law of Attraction to get the things I desire. The upcoming chapters are outlined in the introduction and at the bottom.

Today I will examine the mechanics behind Law of Attraction and in the next part I will give you three simple steps to follow if you wish to put this into practice.

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“To bring anything into your life, imagine that it's already there”

--- Richard Bach

How does Law of Attraction work?

To understand the Law of Attraction it helps to first understand that we live in a 'Vibrational Universe'.

If you look closely enough at any thing you can think of, what it always boils down to is a bunch of vibrating atoms. Inside the atoms are vibrating electrons. And if we had the ability to look within the protons & electrons of the nucleus, I think you can guess what we would find. Vibrating stuff!

So, we've established that everything in our physical world is made up of atoms and these atoms are in a constant state of motion. And it is the speed at which these atoms are vibrating which dictates if the matter is a solid, liquid or gas.


Even light & sound.


The most important vibrational patterns you have control over are your THOUGHTS.

Within the vibrational composition of our Universe, LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE.

Unlike our physical magnets which repel their matching polarity, atoms vibrating at a particular frequency will pull other atoms of a matching frequency towards themselves.

The Law of Attraction is responding to your thought, not to your current reality. When you change the thought, your reality must follow suit. If things are going well for you, then focusing upon what is happening now will cause the well-being to continue, but if there are things happening now that are not pleasing, you must find a way of taking your attention away from those unwanted things.

--- Abraham

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In recent years the apparent barrier between one thing and another has been broken down by quantum physics.

All atoms are in fact connected in a way which simply cannot be explained by traditional physicists. And this is where quantum entanglement comes in...

Quantum entanglement is the shared state of two separate particles—what happens to one happens to the other. Scientists have not yet figured out how this occurs, but they have learned how to create entangled particles on demand, typically by firing a laser through a crystal

--- Bob Yirka

Within the current description of an atom on Wikipedia it is stated that "attempting to predict their behavior using classical physics – as if they were billiard balls, for example – gives noticeably incorrect predictions due to quantum effects"

It would seem that science has hit a brick wall here.

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“Everything in Life is Vibration”

--- Albert Einstein

Einstein understood Law of Attraction

As far back as 1935 Einstein and his co-workers discovered quantum entanglement lurking in the equations of their notebooks.

And this led to something known as the EPR paradox which states that the only way to explain the effects of quantum entanglement is to assume that the universe is non-local and that the true basis of physics are still hidden from us.

Entangled Particles

(a particle is minute portion of matter, made up of lots of atoms)

Events occurring to entangled particles were observed to be instantaneously connected. So what ever happened to one particle would happen to the other, even when great distances were created between them. Poor old Einstein, our most recognised genius couldn't figure this one out and went to his grave without an answer.

Since then however many experiments have been conducted to prove the validity of quantum entanglement. Further asserting that once two atoms have come into contact with each other they are forever entangled. So, no matter if you are a subscriber to the 'big bang theory' or not, all atoms must have at one time already come into contact with one another.

Therefore, everything in this PHYSICAL WORLD is connected!

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It is connected in a non-physical, non-local way which makes very little sense to us in the physical world and trying to understand it within the limitations of our current level of thinking would be a complete waste of time.

Simply know that it exists!

And be clear on this:

  • Think negative thoughts, attract negative experiences.
  • Think positive thoughts, attract positive experiences.

"That which you think, in any moment, attracts unto itself other thoughts that are like it. That is why whenever you are thinking about a subject that is not pleasant, in a very short period of time, most of you, upon any subject that you ponder very long, attract enough supporting data that it does bring forth the essence of the subject of the thought into your experience."

--- Abraham

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Things which appear to be opposites are actually two parts of the same.

Hot and cold for example, even though they are opposite to each other, they are actually on the same continuum and you cannot have one without the potential for the other.

  • Abundance is inseparable from financial lack.
  • Love is inseparable from being alone.
  • Success is inseparable from failure.


Every thought (or intention) has two components: content and energy.

The content is your specific desire...

  • I want more money.
  • I want a more enjoyable job.
  • I want to fall in love.

The energy is the power which drives the intention and is very often influenced by your subconscious.

What is your dominant feeling around your desire?

The deep-seated negative beliefs in your subconscious (e.g. that you’re not talented enough to succeed or attractive enough to fall in love) shape the energy of your intentions. So, even if you’re thinking about the content of your intention—such as finding a great partner or earning an amazing job—your emotional energy may not be in tune with this intentional content.
--- Katherine Hurst


Focus on your desire regularly and establish the feeling behind it.

  • Are you seeking money because you FEEL poor?
  • Are you seeking love because you FEEL unloved?

If you feel excited and joyous when you focus on your desire, it is likely that you have a strong intentional current which will help you manifest. However, if that excited feeling isn't there or only there sometimes, you are lacking the right kind of intentional current.

Make a note of the emotions you experience in relation to your intentions, and if your content & energy are not in sync you must look deeper within yourself to establish and let go of your limiting beliefs.

The Law of Polarity is separate from the Law of Attraction but they work together as one.

  • Law of Attraction tells us that we attract the things we are in vibrational harmony with.
  • Law of Polarity tells us everything has a dual nature: two extremes which make up part of a whole.

When you combine these two laws, what you will observe is that you are attracting the whole package of your mental focus: your fears and your desires...

For this is what you are truly in vibrational harmony with.

"Until you can make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate"

--- Carl Jung

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Our thoughts create a vibration and that vibration speaks through space-time to it's matching vibration, calling out to the vibrational core of EVERYTHING which matches it in some kind of beautiful magical way, turning non-physical into physical.

From where I stand

I see a world of evolving minds.

  • People who are 'waking up'.
  • People who are becoming more conscious of their vibrational essence.
  • People who know that when we ask... IT IS GIVEN.

I recommend for anyone new to this that you start reading the words of Abraham on a daily basis. I post them every day with an original photo from my travels. Abraham is the name given to a non-physical collective consciousness which speaks through a woman called Esther Hicks

It has been my great pleasure to share this information with you. Please feel free to ask me any questions if there is anything you don't understand here.

I am at your service 🙏🏻

This is a shot of me, manifesting my way into the future, sitting on the banks of the Lower Zambezi River in Zambia 2012, after being invited on an all expenses paid trip by a wonderful safari guide I became close friends with in rehab.

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The remainder of this series:

Part 2: Putting LOA into practice

  • Start practicing right away!

There are only 3 steps to put this technique into practice, but you must first understand the mechanics described in part 1. With a solid understanding of what it is you are doing you will progress much faster and perhaps by the time you finish reading my story you will already be seeing the results 🌱

Part 3: A brief introduction to my life

  • 1976 - 2001
    Youngest son of ex-corporate giant Harry Stonehill (who was betrayed by the U.S. and lost everything) I was declared as having dyslexia & ADHD at school in the UK. In time I learned to adapt and after falling in love with magic, I won the Young Magician of the Year award in 1989. Finally I fell in love with film and chose this as my life career.

Part 4: Success does not necessarily equal happiness!

  • 2001 - 2007
    I had just finished working on Guy Ritchie's movie 'Snatch' when my father died in 2001, leading me down an unexpected path into the UK porn industry. With my new job came much success and international adventures, but I knew in my heart I was deeply unhappy.

Part 5: Rehab

  • 2009
    Believing my unhappiness to be the result of my many addictions, I checked myself into rehab in South Africa where I learned many things. But most importantly I discovered a book called 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne.

Part 6: Sobriety

  • 2010
    I was sober for a total of 18 months (not even a coffee or cigarette!) yet I ended up directing porn again and despite getting engaged to a beautiful porn star I still didn't feel happy.

Part 7: The difficult awakening

  • 2011
    I didn't marry the porn star (thank goodness!) and started learning more about the world instead. I felt deeply saddened & betrayed when I discovered the many deceptions going on today and did my best to spread the word. In this period I came across the Law of Attraction again, through the words of Abraham (see my daily Abe quotes here) and this time I took note...

Part 8: The year of change

  • 2012
    I began practicing the described techniques, focusing on a life of total freedom on the open road with a family of my own (I even specifically focused on a beautiful brunette European partner). I became a vegan, stopped wearing shoes, started sun-gazing & meditating. I will be examining sun-gazing in my ongoing series TRUTH SEEKING. Please don't look at the sun till you have done your research first.

Part 9: LOA starts working its magic on me!

  • 2013
    I was unexpectedly invited to the U.S. by a brother I hadn't spoken to since the death of my father, leaving a friend in charge of my rented home for the 5 weeks I was away. Various bizarre events (involving the police and a bunch of harmless plants) led to my eviction and with little money at that time I was left with no choice but to sell what I had and set out on the road.

Part 10: My life-changing Camino

  • 2013
    I walked barefoot a section of the Camino de Santiago (a pilgrimage route across southern France & Northern Spain with all my (mostly film related) possessions on my back. This journey let me to a house in Barcelona where I was able to hone my time-lapse skills in Gaudi's beautiful park Guell.

Part 11: Thailand, land of dreams

  • 2013
    I was invited to live in Thailand for a film job where I met my French partner Sabrina (seen in the main image at the top) when she sat next to me on a bus!

Part 12: Learning to be a father in France

  • 2014
    Moved to South of France to meet Sabrina's family. Esteban was born in Perpignan, not far from the Spanish boarder. I didn't speak much French at that time, so I focused on my love of films and mentally preparing myself for a life on the road, which I could feel coming to me now as a direct result of my new dominant thought patterns.

Part 13: Indonesia & the final piece of the puzzle

  • 2015 - 2017
    After being invited to live in Bali for a film job I discovered Steemit through a crypto developer I met in the jungle! Prior to this I had no knowledge of cryptocurrency so there was much to catch up on! Luna was born in Bali and after 2 years here we are ready now to continue on the road now... living exclusive on Steem and the possibilities created by this, such as trading, mining and investing into ICOs.

Part 14: Conclusion

In the final part of this series I will list out the main points and focus on the best questions which have come up during the series, doing my best to answer them all for you.

What you can see in this timeline is an exact manifestation of my desire established in 2012.

Here you can see my current profile banner & the kind of life I live now.

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 11.58.21.png

I made the film below last year on my 40th birthday during a trip to the Gili Islands. I used time-lapse, drone, underwater, video diary footage & poetry to give you an insight into my life and the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction & the Story of my Life.

ready to be surprised?.jpg

Please resteem this if you believe it will help others. I am very much looking forward to telling my story for the first time here on Steemit.

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Bro indeed thank you for this very positive and very uplifting indeed I really appreciate your poetry and your video and all the good words that you have put out there to help others too change for the better, and be free. @samstonehill

It is my pleasure to strive toward the better good of all by writing about this subject which has helped me so much ;)

The continuation of this series was posted moments ago:

Hope you don't mind me letting you know like this!

Seems the simplest way.

Thanks @samstonehill for leaving me a comment about this, I just completed a post about intuition recently, so here goes. I don't know how that guy read your last post in 4 minutes, because I had to stop and reflect on parts of what you'd written. This was the clearest explanation of Quantum Entanglement combined with The Law of Attraction I've read thus far.

NLP was something I'd read about when trying to learn about IM in-between jobs. I had thought NLP and the law of attraction were somehow combined. Quantum computing is one of my interests and QE has been the subject I've just touched on recently.

Einstein’s quote: "match the frequency of the reality you want..." surprised me as I'd never seen that before. Which makes me wonder. What do they mean? When they say "the universe is non-local" I've been reading about the electric universe recently and feel the two may complement each other.

Your post made me think: miserable people seem to always receive more misery as they reinforce the feeling that things will never change for them. Successful people seem to believe that they will eventually make it, or in fact: already have, in their minds...

Reading about the thousands of times Thomas Edison tried various filaments to perfect the light bulb makes one wonder where this dogged persistence comes from that would have eluded most normal men. They just seem to know and keep pushing ahead despite the objections of the naysayers.

So if all of this is possible, it suggests some sort of "grand design" from the start and the reemergence of formerly lost knowledge.

If you're a beaten down, hopeless negative person, your situation may not change on the outside until you change on the inside. Something to think about.

Great to see your intuition posts doing so well! What a wonderful subject that is. Can't wait to cover it in detail as part of my 'mega series' Truth Seeking.

Interesting to make the connection between this and the electric universe. Sounds logical enough. I would say non-local in this situation means that the origin of our universe is not here where we perceive it to be. But instead in a time-less non-physical place where our our physical rules no longer apply.

Many things to think about in your comment. Many thanks for that!

The continuation of this series was posted moments ago:

Hope you don't mind me letting you know like this!

Seems the simplest way.

Perfect, I'll be sure and check it out. Just spent 11 hours working on a presentation and need to decompress. Thanks.

This post may be my favorite thing that I've read on the platform to date. I'm still choosing to live a life of fear, but there's purpose to this time, and I'm doing a lot of soul work. I mention that only because I feel like a hypocrite identifying so much with what your wrote & yet not living it. Thank you for the inspiration, it came at the perfect time of course.

Quantum entanglement is mental bubble gum to my brain & one of it's favorite flavors. I could lose myself for hours chewing on the concept, if it didn't blow my mind! To me, quantum entanglement empowers everyone with the ability to be a god. I think my favorite part is that the act of observing alone causes reactions & in small moments infinite probabilities can domino based on our re/actions! Living with that awareness always reminds of the Spiderman quote by Uncle Ben about great responsibility.

You mentioned vibration & I couldn't agree more. I think one of the skills of manifesting a reality is not only finding that harmonious vibration, but creating one that resonates with the whole in a way that creates a symphony. Where even the low points ring true & there's little of the cacophony of dissonance. I believe that resonating with joy helps align with a greater good & that's a path I want to be on.

This is a topic that's fired up my thoughts since I read a book by Bill Bryson on the history of everything while living on a small placer gold mine with no access to more information. I'm so thankful for this reminder of a topic I'm fascinated by.

Quantum entanglement makes me feel so powerful I become frozen in fear! But, I appreciate those opportunities to delve deeper while I have the time & heal my blocks. :)

Thanks for sharing excerpts from your amazing life! I can't wait to read more of the series!

The continuation of this series was posted moments ago:

Hope you don't mind me letting you know like this!

Seems the simplest way.

Thank you for your words here. They feel very powerful to me. And I want you to know that there are few of us, even those who practice LOA successfully who don't still have soul work to do. The funny thing about this journey is that we never actually complete it. There is always something new to discover about ourselves. But as you say, it is very often the darker times which help us find what we are looking for faster. I know I can say that about myself.

Love what I have read so far about Quantum Physics. And yes... powerful is a good description of the feeling I have when I think about the implications. Looking forward to writing more on this subject... when I find a bit of time!

All the best to you and hope you enjoy the remained of the series :)

Awesome. Thank you so much for sharing this!

My mind is still too full of negative thought patterns, old patterns from older unhappy times. But being aware of this helps me focus my thoughts elsewhere, on more positive things. I am not in resistance, but in allowance, and I can change those thoughts and thought patterns. A simple example would be: "I feel guilty for not making enough money." and changing that to: "I am allowed to be where I am on my path and to have abundance to flow into my life. I do not need to apoligise because it is not my fault." From there, I begin to shift my thoughts into creation and motivation and how deserving I am. This is a crude breakdown as an example, but this process has helped unblock some blockages that were preventing me from finding certain freedoms in certain areas of my life.

Sounds like a great system to me! You are on the right path for sure.

Thank you for sharing your experience fearlessly. If only more people could do this as you have done.

The continuation of this series was posted moments ago:

Hope you don't mind me letting you know like this!

Seems the simplest way.

Oh cool. Thanks :)

pretty good explanation on Law of attraction :-)

It's not an easy one to explain, but I gave it my best shot.

And very much enjoyed the experience :)

All is well 🌱

Basics are fine!!
I have some followers who also know about LOA so I resteemed your post this afternoon.
I hope you write some more on LOA.
Good Job :-)

Thanks! Yes, the next part will explain exactly how to do it ;)

The continuation of this series was posted moments ago:

Hope you don't mind me letting you know like this!

Seems the simplest way.

It's so interesting, you are the second person to reference The Secret that has wandered through my life In the last 48 hours. Gonna ponder that a bit😊

I love your story, it just drips authenticity. Thank you so much for sharing all your observations about the LOA and all that you do for Steemit, it's appreciated!!

Sounds like a sign to me ;)

Thanks so much for your lovely words. Am pleased you are enjoying this series as much as I am enjoying writing it.

You are most welcome for the words:o). Your voice comes through in your writing, I'm glad you enjoy word-smithing for us all to enjoy!

Don't wait for a third reference 😁 That's the universe talking to you already, giving you signs. Follow the signs. They're the breadcrumbs leading you to an amazing life.

On it!

Hope you are having a magnificent day!

The continuation of this series was posted moments ago:

Hope you don't mind me letting you know like this!

Seems the simplest way.

I mind not at all, thank you so much for letting me know!

@samstonehill - EVERYTHING in life is INDEED a vibration... and you sir are a seriously good one ;) Hats off to you!!!

Absolutely LOVE this concept... it is SO EXCITING to discover people of like mind.... hence all the CAPS!!!!!! lol ;) I began living my life like this a long time ago and I too, shall testify to its enormous AWESOMENESS!!! :)

And just a stones throw away from the article I posted a few min ago...

So looking forward to this series :)

YAY!!! :)

Excellent! Now I know who I shall upvote from your group today ;)

Love your system by the way. Tried to implement something like this with my FB group a year ago but didn't like the bit where I had to punish people and didn't continue as planned. It seems like your group is a bit more responsive than my own.

ALL is PERFECT 🎉 happy I found steemit bloggers 😃

The continuation of this series was posted moments ago:

Hope you don't mind me letting you know like this!

Seems the simplest way.

I prefer this way for some reasons.

I have given witness votes to @blocktrades @good-karma @thecryptodrive @teamsteem @blueorgy @arcanage @ausbitbank @pfunk at the behest of @samstonehill

Excellent recommendations!
Thanks and praise. 🙏

My pleasure. I have communicated with most of these people directly and it seems to me they are good choices.

The continuation of this series was posted moments ago:

Hope you don't mind me letting you know like this!

Seems the simplest way.

your post is so nice.I love your post

Story of my life very interesting Always be grateful to have someone to cherish you and the wife look great in one of your picture always cherish the love you have for one another God bless

Thanks Manny. Wise words there :)

You are an inspiration..your post is like an awakening sign! interested in this subject and a seeker, I'll come back here and enjoy more information from you>:D<
Thank you!

It is a massively interesting subject. If only we were taught this stuff in school!

Society does not want us to know these things, because there's a need of depending an fear to keep us in chains...

You know it. Yet still we are breaking free ;)

Verryyy cool dude, I always said "he's good at this Law of Attraction stuff, Sam is!" ...coz you have a healthy imagination & ability to visualise. I'd really appreciate some @VTeam attraction on this post which woke me up at 4am - 8am refining it, Im sure it'll be worth more than $1..?! :D ....I imagine! ;)

Did my best to boost your post. It's a bit hit and miss this subject. I assume you post promoted it on & discord?

Great idea though. Re-work that which has been done before.

Thanks Sam. I think the subject is too challenging for most people, as we've already found/discussed. Im re-working , and adding more parts/chapters to help newbies transition (inspired by @dannyshine :)

I've been avoiding SteemitChat/Discord for over 1 month now, jussssst to see what happens/ what difference it really makes. Now I will spend 1month promoting; and compare ;)

So much of it is about luck. Catch the right person at the right time and that one big vote comes in. And it has always been my thinking that post promotion increases the chance of this happening.

Seb's Researchy Report Experience: it seems Steemit Chat makes noooooo difference what-so-everrrr, just as my FB group made no difference either, a few pennies, that's all. When compared to the time-wasting-pasting, it's absolutely not worth it. Maybe about as valuable/worthwhile as your Thumb Image "artwork" ;)

"Eliminate before you delegate" is Tim Ferris 4 hour work week moto. Try it. Test it. For one month. Then you have a comparison. Spend the spare time that becomes available with your children ; ) I have eliminated the painful process of "Chat" copy-paste repetition entirely now. It feels liberating. Just sayin......

Had I not played the game the way I played it I would not now have my magic five who combined have the power to take my post to $250. Though they rarely do! Have you noticed how chron & jockey are doing so well? That is because I introduced them to the magic five and they (sometimes) write posts which perfectly fit their agenda: vaccines, banking system, medical system, conspiracy kinda stuff.

The problems with child protection services will get you big support at the moment. If you decide to go this route please let me know and I will make sure they see you.

New LOA out today :)

And Steem looks to be on the up again. At $1.45 currently. People are saying it has capacity to rise to $6 now. That will multiply our payouts by x5. Happy days :)

"(sometimes)".... haaaa... ALLLLL i see is talk about vaccines. Seems Steemit likes to waffle on about negativity of problems, and does not reward the solutions. Im pretty tired of playing the game to be honest. Im not an office worker with a deskjob, for a reason.

Magic 5 Power Rangers!


Sam, I got it! Ping! What you display is that you are naturally gifted in Clairvoyance -- "the faculty of perceiving things or events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact."

Haha! Esteban is much more tuned in this art than myself. Many stories yet to tell about his growing abilities.

What I appear to be good at is attracting the right people at the right time to help me get to where I need to be. And sometimes I don't even know I need to be there... until I'm there.

What you're describing is Celestine Prophecy, 12th Insight stuff....

(easy to buy it cheap, and re-read it : )

"Until you can make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate"
--- Carl Jung

Yes. This is an excellent piece man. I really enjoyed it. I like the depth with which you dealt with the topic. There are two approaches to visualizing your intent. One is needy, desperate. The other is happy, vibrant.

This is a three-dimensional presentiation of a tough topic that’s often only dealt with and discussed as: “JUST THINK POSITIVE.”

This is meaningless until we have true happiness inside and face our shadows.

Cheers, my friend.

~ KafkA

Great to get your feedback! Written with a happy vibrant intention for all steemians willing to give it a try ;)

Turned 71 today... now for the post that must come with it. Hoping it doesn't get flagged into oblivion for speaking out about the excessive flagging I have seen going on recently. If only these flaggers spent a bit more time focused on finding the posts they enjoy rather than finding the posts they don't!

All the best to you 🏄🏻

The continuation of this series was posted moments ago:

Hope you don't mind me letting you know like this!

Seems the simplest way.

Super pause! Great info and I appreciate the upliftment of the Steemit community! Upvoted, followed. And...Resteemed. Ujjayi breath... @dakini5d

Very Nice post...👌 Hi friend
👏💲💲💲 Please please please... I'm Following you. & You Follow Me Please Vote...📲✌
📝Thank you👍👬☺

Another awesome post! Resteemed and UPvoted my bruv! =)

The continuation of this series was posted moments ago:

Hope you don't mind me letting you know like this!

Seems the simplest way.

Thank you very much for this, @samstonehill! Just what I need. I try to stay positive despite things happening that seems to be out of my control. My heart is still always heavy. I believe in the Law of Attraction, but still have to learn more about it. How to hone those positivity from within.

Looking forward to more from you!

Cheers, @arrliinn

Great to hear you know about this already. I will be explaining more about how to practice it in the next part :)

The continuation of this series was posted moments ago:

Hope you don't mind me letting you know like this!

Seems the simplest way.

Discovered Abraham teachings while backpacking in Guatemala. Immersed myself in it for a year straight. It really clicked all the spiritual teachings I've been learning prior-to (Hinduism, Zen, Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity, etc). In addition to a solid meditation practice, I now live my life grounded in the present, always mindful of the vibration I'm giving out in at every given moment. Truly changed my life. What an amazing life we live, right? Really glad you're out there spreading the good word. You gained a follower. Thanks man!

Thank you brother. It's great to meet you here through Law of Attraction!

What an amazing life indeed :)

Our vibe attracts our tribe. We definitely did attract each other. And it's really cool seeing the other commenters really taking in the message. I'm excited that they're excited haha. See ya 'round.

The continuation of this series was posted moments ago:

Hope you don't mind me letting you know like this!

Seems the simplest way.

Thank you! I really enjoyed that post!

It gives me great pleasure to hear you say this. Thank you!

The continuation of this series was posted moments ago:

Hope you don't mind me letting you know like this!

Seems the simplest way.

HI @samstonehill! I loved your post first because you did a very good job describing your perspective but also because it reminded me of my story. I am Greek and after 10 years of working in IT I decided to change my life and profession so I traveled to India to study Yoga. Long story short I met my future husband during one of my adventures and right now,4 years later, I live in Seattle where I work as a yoga instructor :-) Thank you for that post. Upvoted, resteemed and followed. Have a wonderful night :-)

Another beautiful journey it sounds like :)

Thank you for sharing that with me.

Hope to meet you one day on this great road of life...

The continuation of this series was posted moments ago:

Hope you don't mind me letting you know like this!

Seems the simplest way.

No problem, it was a good read :-) Have a wonderful day.

So much truth and wisdom in your words thank-you. Our world is a beautiful mess and we need to spread the word of the magnificence of the Universe which is so much more than we are encouraged to believe/know. I admire your lifestyle having been self employed myself since 1989.I staunchly refuse to be a slave to the system and for the last 3 years have been working on self awareness and development. Until, out of the blue, the spiritual realm made itself known to me and today I am charged with spreading light. I feel sure that my work as an artist/author/lightworker will be of interest to you and having followed you invite you to reciprocate. Meanwhile I wish you well on your journey - and what a blast it is! xox

Thanks for this! I have followed you and interested to learn more about your life.

The continuation of this series was posted moments ago:

Big hugs to you from Bali :)

When I had my worst blow Fromm life these books of rhonda Byron and conversations with Abraham together with other books help e through following you as I lersonally went to many life storms too. That's low reason I signed up for steem I want to sharey struggles and my joy great lost @samstonehill

Great to see more motivational content on steemit👍

It would be great to create some kind of network of content creators who are creating positive messages for steemit to help boost each other and get this type of stuff trending 😍

keep up the good work, feel free to check out my blog for a range of topics all with a motivational vibe from psychedelics to mind hacks and daily sunshine☀️

Much Peace,Love and Infinite Bliss


WOW! Unbelievable article. Thank you for all of the information. Thank you for being honest about your life.

My question for you is, how did you not let negative thoughts control you? Such a ridiculous question. I often overthink and while I recognize that my thoughts may not be positive, I have had trouble moving past the negative.

Thank you for being so inspiring!

It is an interesting read this one.

Enjoy ;)