The girl kisses ...

in spanish •  last year

The girl kisses the salamander. Park Guell, Barcelona.

Снимок экрана 2018-04-25 в 21.53.00.png

For those of you interested: Camera is NIKON P900 (zoom 83x).
As always, these are my original photos, and I maintain the copyright.
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Beautiful picture :)


@michalx2008x thank u very much!!!


Thank a lot!

I thought it was a real salamander when looking of the thumbnail of your post. So, I thought, what a brave girl! Then I visit here and see that it was a statue of salamander. Hahaha


Aha, instead of me she kissed a salamander)))

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nice and interesting photos, I love it

Nice picture, well played colors and motive!


thank you!