Hey Noobs! Don't be SPAM. VIDEO Lesson on how to earn good reputation points.

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How to avoid looking like spam

1. Do NOT use short phrases like "nice post" or "good job".

Make an effort to say something specific about the post that you personally thought was interesting.

2. Do NOT ask for votes or follows or help.

People will vote and follow you if you contribute. Period. So contribute. Period.

3. Do NOT post links to your own material.

The exception would be if it is uniquely related to the actual post, or to a comment left by another user. And even then, link sparingly. When in doubt, just don't do it. It's tacky.

4. Do NOT start talking about subjects that have nothing to do with the post.

This is dumb. And rude. Don't do it.

5. Do NOT use random, irrelevant pictures as your avatar.

Use an avatar or picture that represents you. If you have a silhouette still, or you have chosen a picture of some random item, it will show. Look at users who seem like they have been on here awhile and are doing things for an idea of what's normal and authentic.

6. Have actual posts on your blog. That are not written by bots. :)

If I go to your blog and find nothing, or a lot of the same thing, or bot-written posts, I'll flag you.

7. Do NOT talk about steem or cryptocurrency

...unless you plan to have a lengthy conversation with someone about something specific you want to talk about. Comments like "I hope steem goes to $20" or "steem and bitcoin are on the rise" could get flagged.

8. Do NOT copy and paste or repeat short phrases on the same post

...or on any posts, for that matter. You'll get flagged.

Be sure to read my favoritestupidcomments posts. These are full of great examples of what NOT to do!

favoritestupidcomments #1
favoritestupidcomments #2
favoritestupidcomments #3
favoritestupidcomments #4
favoritestupidcomments #5
favoritestupidcomments $6

I hope this was helpful! Good luck in leaving thoughtful and purposeful comments.

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I am genuinely glad i read this post i have been trying to search on google how to improve reputation on steemit and this post is great help and i Will resteem it for people who follow me specially the ones who always ask for upvote including myself thanks for this information.
I have still sp much to learn from steemit and i guess i can learn alot by following ypu for sure .

Glad to hear you gained something from the video! Yes, please do share. It can only benefit other noobs.

Oh god, 6 links of things for me to read and be entertained with. Hold on, gotta grab a snack, already got my tea. This is gonna be goooooooood. I'm tired of the bad comments enough that even I wrote a bit about it earlier. I went into this experiment I did on YT.

What I did in the experiment, was upload a video titled "Why I hate furries" and it's worth noting that I'm also a furry and went into details in the video about admitting that I'm a furry, been to several conventions like anthrocon, MWFF, RCFM and several meetups and all the comments I got were mostly telling me how I just need to meet furries and I'd learn more about them and see blah blah. Obviously saw the title and went into butthurt commenting mode and left. xD

Watch me make a friend.

Oh God that's rich. xD Build a Bear Workshop, build a friend. Get a fleshlight, and build a lover b.... Ok, I'll stop.

I know, wasn't that THE. BEST? Glad you enjoyed the show. Sounds like you've got some amusing things going as well I'll have to check out....wait, lemme get some snacks...

Hopefully you end up enjoying the content you do pick through. I do write and post semi-regularly, probably more often than the average joe blow. I needed that bit of entertainment from your blog, have a "Dear CryptoDeaf" to answer that made me want to punch this dude so bad that my fists even got boners.

The first time I read the title you made, I asked myself "if I am a noob? I should read this content," then I immediately click on the title and WOW ... All the things I should have avoided were almost done. This content immediately made me realize that steemit is not just an ordinary social media. Steemit has rules and demands its users to provide something of quality even if it is just a comment. Allow me to share this content.

Consider yourself allowed! And thanks for the compliment.

You cover a big area of the spam problem on Steemit and I really loved watching the video you made. Also, you don't seem a big fan of the real Spam food at the end of the video ;)

Hmmmmm. Well, I guess if I were on a deserted island, and there was nothing but spam, I would find a way.

" if there was nothing but spam... Well. Nice knowing you all!" 😂😂😂😂

Hmnnn... was your daughter holding the recorder or something? Was a little shaky.

Yes, she was. How did you guess! I'll tell her you said hi.

p.s. I need a picture of the car! I'm going to do a post...stay tuned.

I liked your video very much. I read/saw it because @countrygirl resteemed it. I think you covered everything. There is one point I pointed out in a post I made about this subject that you didn't mention, and that is the bad English many people use in their comments. I am Dutch, so my English is not perfect, far from it, but I try and use help when I am confused about a word or a sentence. But a lot of people who write a comment use English that is sometimes so bad, you can hardly understand what they are saying. So I gave the tip to try and learn better English or write posts in their own language and build a community of native speakers. But I thank you very much for your post. Because of the humor you use, you were a great help to many and did not condemn in any way.

The fact is, I think there are a handful of non-native English speakers who have commented that I have marked as spam, when they were just trying their best.

Still, I think this video is beneficial for them as well. When I comment in Spanish, my Spanish is not that great, yet I still try to leave a decent comment, even if the grammar sucks. I know a lot of users are using the "google translator" app, and that's a decent go, but it's causing some problems. It often looks like spam. So I generally try to look for more than one indicator before I flag people, for that reason alone. I don't want to discourage a non-native English speaking noob before they get off the ground.

Very nice post dear little scribe

You re very right, when it comes to commenting , the order of short comment is so common though, this re mostly done by newbies in the platform, i used to do same too before if not when i read through most expert blog like you that i got enlightened, so most have not got the right information that could be why?

Yes, some of it is from users being new. But really, these are classic signs of spam. It's pretty easy to spot once you get looking for it. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, though. They have to have more than one of the above indicators for me to tag them. And honestly, if I tag a spammer, it may not do anything to change their behavior, but what it does do is alert others so they do not get rewarded for their behavior. Still, spam bots are commenting and curating and pulling from the reward pool just the same by sheer volume and timing. I guess it's an undertaking I feel is worthwhile. There are enough of us tackling it, hopefully a counterbalance on the ecosystem here will come in play.

Thank you! I definitely don't want to smell like spam and now I'm armed with the knowledge to prevent such an unwanted incident :)

No. Do NOT want to smell like it. It smells like cat food, to be frank. Don't want to smell like cat food.

Hi, @littlescribe, I myself will not say you nice post, but written well, though cover photo is avatar, but in introduction is myself own picture, though I also think that my post is not as good that as it should be in more in upvoting much, it should be in brief, I was looking for like this post where, i upvote I never say that I upvote,but I would say that I have not upvote, because for some other post needs upvotes not for those getting good upvoting,, Imyself want to know that if you upvote the blogger post will notice it in itself voting list, if you say follow and follow back do you think that really work upvotes you, there is like to those they upvotes, I myself don't want to hurt any ones feeling, if someone really think to upvote in myself view let it upvote and if like the post it will be resteem, I also seen many steemtians blog where I found is not itself truth, it means I should blame to itself, you know maybe better can you please explain in more details. [email protected]

I LOVE your avatar! Don't change it. Beautiful. Goes with your username. Now, to answer your questions:

  1. If you upvote someone, you are right. Sometimes your name will NOT show up. However, it is a good habit to get into, it brings good karma, and on top of that, if you happen to upvote someone early enough whose post does really well, it will bring you rewards.

  2. For noobs, it's pretty normal to say "follow me" and "upvote me" to one another. I think that's OK when you're starting out. You need to help each other out. I should have added that caveat. It's not BAD to do. Just don't do it to people who have higher reputation, or who have been here awhile. It will hurt your credit. After awhile, you will get to the point where you don't need to do that anymore. You have a reputation of 61. You should be fine not doing that at this point.

  3. Don't feel bad if you ignore others when they ask it. If they're asking you, they're asking everyone else. They are not going to remember YOU. You will not hurt their feelings. There are so many fish in the sea. You're just another one swimming by.

I'm not sure what you were asking at the end, where "steemians blog where I found is not itself truth, it means I should blame to itself...."

Maybe ask that one a little differently...

The vote won't show up on the post because I think it only shows the top 20 votes (meaning the.highesr paying votes)
But a lot of people just flat out lie.
And you can check to see if they did vote by looking at steemworld.org (among other sites)

I never mind if people don't upvote me! But I don't appreciate the lie! Lol

Thanks,@liitlescribe, but when I like such good content myself never look itself reputation only the post and upvote, it doesn't matter me, those have been also upvote in past on my post I really give thanks by heart, though I could not be in reputation 61, I have never been talk before and also after to those, myself was just doing my work in silence, but somehow, surrounding negativity effect to itself, I m ok with what in it, my karma says to me do your work, don't keep more acceptance, karma results will come to yourself in this life only. Lots of [email protected], Love A J

Thanks @indian-mom! Keep up the great work! I will have to try your puffed rice recipe. I LOVE indian food.

@littlescribe,Thanks for reading the [email protected]

I just drop this angry doctor in the reply.
Ya know....Like I would in real life. :)

Very clever. It's nice to see there are more of us out there! I gather you did your own animation? I know this is probably a dumb detail, but you did a nice job on the gloves in catching the lights and shadow.

No..It's not completely mine. I just touched it up a bit and added spam.

When you were digging your fork into that spam I was yelling at the screen...."don't do it!!!!". I was even going to ask you if you could smell the can sitting there while you were talking!!

I don't know if you recall having to eat this stuff as a child....I do.

Anyhow, back to the video. Awesome. You are engaging and funny and gave some great tips, plus you provided a typed out version. I will definitely resource this post for my friendly spammers.

I like your hair! :)

resteemed btw

Actually, when I was digging my fork into that spam I WAS YELLING AT MYSELF, "Don'd Do it!!!"

Glad you like my hair. I like yours too, even though it's just an avatar.

I know I know...I should have a REAL photo....but ...no buts.

Doesn't spam taste a little like dog food smells?

don't you dare change your avatar cuz your cartoon hair is so cute hehehehe
and i can't see the video right now because i can't listen to sound....
but... i'm ashamed to say.... ummmm i love crispy spam. wahhhhhhh i said it - i'm shamed! i'm shamed!!!!!

it tastes like turkey bacon to me hahahahahaa

and.... still working on the Golden O award - and i think the three of us (@littlescribe and @countrygirl) should get started using it.... pronto. and even better.... hehehehe oh this is mean. LOLOLOL but i'm cackling right now.

we should put the Golden O award down and then have a reference to some special token that they can get... hehehee and i bet that will make them start put REAL meaningful and engaging comments down hahahahahahahaha

the T. Bowl token. hahahahahahahaha

this is funny that we all found one another now. i think this is the start of a beautiful thing. cuz we have all been talking separately - but now.... worlds collide. wipes a single tear hehehe

I'll have to go to the drawing board to create something for said contest. Then we could all collude (like that word? I haven't heard it in like 5 minutes).

But you're right....this is a job for laughter. We don't want to hurt anyone just bc they don't understand things. The last comment here? huh?

yes mam... you're kind ;)

Yah. Let's collude. You wanna meet up on steemit.chat? Or....is there a way to meet, the three of us? I've never done it. I know they have rooms you can do that in. I think we could make a reward pool between the three of us to encourage people to tag spammers, and bring funny ones, like with my "favoritestupidcomments" post.

I'm sure we could come up with something doable. And we can morph it if we need to.

I totally want to do something.... But I was thinking.... Maybe best "redeemed" comment hahahahaa

Like they don't get rewarded for just making a stupid comment.

Maybe the Golden O award could be that the comment was initially dumb.... And then we give them an opportunity to read and edit it???

So we can turn it into a rewards for good content kind of thing hahahhaa

Like " here's your second chance at this comment! Go back and read the post... Edit your comment to be meaningful engagement and have a chance to win the Golden O award!" Lolol

And I'm on discord (same name) so we can chat there I'd you want! I dont think @countrygirl is.on discord but we can talk in comments too! :)

No, I like the avatar. Very cool.

Ha ha. You know, I can't say--never eaten dog food. Maybe I'll have to try it and let you know.

Crispy spam tastes just like turkey bacon! Lol I promise hahahhaa

No it does not!! It looks, smells, and tastes like it smells. NAS TEE.

hahahahaha nope! turkey bacon! LOLOL i'm laughing so hard

Okay. Do a blog on it. Just don't eat the dog food that has euthanasia drugs in it. I forget what brand - Smuckers makes it. It was on the news. Scary.

Hey @littlescribe, have you ever had the comment "Nice post!" literally seconds after the point you submitted a post? Talk about speed reading :) Oh and regarding your article, "nice post!".

Ha ha ha. Yes, those are bots. Fortunately, curation rewards from voting do not come until after the post has been published for 30 minutes. So they get NADA from their vote. Although, that rule may be changing to 5 minutes soon. But for now, it's 30 minutes....last time I checked.

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Those are really good points you have noted down !
Anyone who sees the real potential of Steemit as a social media than a money making machine would quickly understand your points!
Steemit is unique, we should not try to kill it by means of spamming and doing irrelevant stuff!

Nah, it's a money-making machine. No question. But when you add the social component, combined with the authenticity of the user, it makes things more meaningful in the transactions. Somehow, giving to a bot just doesn't seem right. I think the social component is what makes this place work. Otherwise, we'd all be bots. Just mining. Like in bitcoin.

Hinn.... well, I don't know. Nice post. Good job. Very creative. Please follow me. Please. I'll vote for you if you do. Oh, and heres a link to a bunch of stuff I copied from someone else. LINK> LINK> Thats ok right?Oh, and thank you. I'll follow you forever and resteem too.

Ha ha ha. Nice comment. Please follow me. I follow you. Don't forget me when you are a whale!

I've noticed that posts that have are about how to use steemit effectively, or how one can make money, or how steemit is doing (in a variety of ways) seem to always get good comments and make money. Even my little astrology thing about steemit worked. Might be a good thing to capitalize on this and by so doing create a good following.

Yes, posts about steemit usually trend fairly well, if they catch the right set of eyes. And they are written well.

I was a noob once and although I am not a newbie after being here for 6 months, I am a plankton so I get the desperation that forces a newbie to say 'good post' or 'follow me.' Fortunately, I never did that myself but I have seen far too many people do that. I believe people are afraid of working hard and they feel asking for upvotes or follows can help them get what they want- more money. Sadly, this isn't true. You need to put in effort. You need to work hard. You need to be genuine and you need to build connections with people here to actually grow. And this is true for all the other areas of life too. :)

Could NOT have said it better myself.

  1. work hard
  2. put the time in
  3. be genuine
  4. create good posts
  5. comment, comment, comment.

Very nice and informative post. :) Lets not forget putting some effort in the content offer. Steem on.