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You can't spell 'blog-article' without writing: idiotic edits! right?

blank randy.jpg

Nonetheless, here is another 'Less amazing replies to amazing content'

Make sure to check out the articles and comments, as always many thanks for to the authors for their great display of sportmanship, I wouldn't be able to do this if all articles where only pictures of flowers and bugs

  1. A random day from my Life(Love my Job Bartender) from @valikos
  2. UnBoxing My World Cup Tickets Paid for by Steem. from @steemcafe
  3. Dave in Four Pictures from @yumyumseth
  4. Wild Facts - Which Animal Has Paws Like Sledgehammers from @awesomenyl
  5. Irfan Mehsood; an IDP, M.Phil student, Now Guinness World Record holder from @hashmieali77
  6. ALONE !! from @red-rose
  7. PartyTime from @dobartim
  8. Greetings From A Historical Festival In Germany from @achimmertens
  9. Recorded Live Weather Update 6/9/18 from @weathermanap
  10. "Sun Kiss" - original wedding photography from @shomophoto

I feel blessed

I thank all my followers, that: upvote, resteem, comment and wash their hands after going to the bathroom (seriously mate you're touching stuff other people touch, no one wants to have leftovers from your willy on their hands)

Further I would like to thank my family, my friends, the dude that makes my 5 euro smoothie but I still suspect of spitting in it and the guy in the park that is always watching me from the bushes (you make me feel wanted <3 )

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Hi Foreveraverage,

these are really cool art pictures!
Thank you for your nice work!

Regards, Achim


Hey @achimmertens, I wouldn't explicitly classify them as art but thanks nonetheless :D