UnBoxing My World Cup Tickets Paid for by Steem.

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Hi everyone. It's @steemcafe. In the mail today came in my World Cup Tickets which will be in Russia this year. This is the largest sporting event in the world. Bigger than the super bowl. Bigger than the Olympics. This happens once every 4 years.

My game tickets, my airline tickets, & my hotel were all paid for from Steem. Thank you everyone for all your support. You made this possible. I am so HAPPY!

So very thankful for all the support these last few months. Thank you for all the followers, comments, upvotes, & resteems.

I am also meeting other Steem users in Moscow, Rostov on Don, & in Sochi Russia. Crazy right? I'm living the my Steem Dream.

Big shout out to @larrymorrison @ogc & @joepate47. Could not have done it with out my team mates. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Steem Creators Conference North & SMT Summit September 5-8, 2018. Tickets only $149.00. It is going to be bananas. You don't want to miss this one. Going to be a heck of a time.


Wow! It's great :D It will be awesome if we can see you in TV at galary :P

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Congrats! In Russia there are beautiful prostitutes.

Hahahahhhahahhaahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhaaahhahhahahaahaha @Johnkramer but why are you like this?? 🤣🤣

Wow steem is really helping us.

Enjoy your steemed tickets. I'd really love to be there too but....

Well done my friend .. beautiful
Look great experience, good for you .. Great information from you
Thanks for sharing..

lol that`s great buying tickets with steem

So happy to see your Steemit success materialize into something so tangible and great. Enjoy the world cup. That must of been a hefty bill for the airfare and hotel! Moscow is beautiful. Thanks for including the Steem Creators conference. It is in the Bahamas? Where can we register? I've been dying to go to a Steem conference!

Congratulations! Have fun! :)
It's only every 4 years? lol
Can you go Live on Dlive at the event?

Yeah good idea to have a Dlive worldcup

oh! it looks like dream comes true. I had also plan to watch worldcup in Russia. Unfortunately, Balance does not cover my expense. all the best

UnBoxing My World Cup Tickets Paid for by Steem, Nice.

Oh wow. Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!!
This is super amazing. Very proud of ya. You truly deserve it for all y the many ppl you motivate. I'm gonna need a miracle to make it with you guys lmao.


Seriously, Elsie? You are a fast rising star. It will take much less than a miracle.

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I am luck

Are you going
If going then please send me yours whatsapp number
Wishing you all the best

I hope you have fun :D


You are right.

Hello there!!!!
congratulations!!!!! thanks cryptocurrencies all our dreams can become true.
good luck!!!!
have a great day!!!!

I think the way your eyes are bugging out of your head in the thumbnail pic says it all. I’m so happy for you, #myPIC!!

wow that news is incredible many congratulations @steemcafe without a doubt you will spend it great will be a dream month, the world cup is where we would all like to be in these day, we will be very tuned with your updates 👏👋

This time world cup would be great. All the team have great player. most of them are in form. Which team are you supporting?

Thank you for commenting. Have a wonderful day. Germany, Spain, and Russia. I like your picks.

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Have fun in Russia, I can teach you some words that will help you out there, for example:
Hi = Preeviet (Привет)

I gave you an upvote,please do well to give me in return, thanks

Nice trip....

This is incredible @steemcafe. The World Cup in Russia will be an unforgettable event. Steem truly is a game-changer and I am happy that you used it for this experience.


feeling same as getting selected in Quarkchain lottery!!

World Cup football is held every four years.It's also bigger than the Olympics.Football is a popular sport that is not what it loves.In my opinion football game all have.I favorite game football football.Finally, thank you, the command of the end I.

Go for joy, I congratulate you! Enjoy it!

which team do you think will win the Title this year?

This is wonderful @steemcafe.this is really the largest event to be witnessed.will work hard and get my ticket as well .👍

Te felicito amiguito @steemcafe tienes una fan por aca te apoyo, saludos!

Woow well done!! Congratulations and Have fun..!! we hope you to have the best moments there..!!! :D

congratulate for your dream come true.i happy for you.

Oh, my, is it really already time for another world cup again? I swear, it happens every four years and yet I always find myself being suprised by how sudden it just starts.

Great that you paid your ticket with Steem, I always love to see such things being paid with cryptocurrencies. Makes this whole thing feel as real as it actually is.

What team are you rooting for?

Payment using Steem! Great!

Congratulations @steemcafe for getting one of the most overrated tickets this year! Only 13 days to go!!! Have fun brother.

Congratulation ! It,s really great .

Wow that's such a great news. You know I am a die hard football fan and this news has left my mouth wide open. Steel paying for some tickets for its users. That's best job steem has ever done. Thanks steem. I hope I have a ticket in th unbox in of tickets. Lottery needs destiny.

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hope you to have the best moments there

its the football season, if you feel the passion brimming you know what i'm talking about it will be a passionate extravaganza.. Nigeria will win the world cup mark my words.

Cryptocurrency and especially steem is great, they make life easier and they change world to a better place.

Have fun😊

Wow Congratulations!

Wow! Congratulations...Have great fun :D

I have also a dream to watching live world cup with a stadium sit. Hope oneday i will fulfil my dream. Congrates for you bro...

Have fun! :)

steem summit!

**Congratulations, **Enjoy it!

duuude I've got soccer in my blood. so disappointed to see the US squander their bid. Tragedy.
My favorite squads are
And whatever team from Africa comes out on fire

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Congratulations boss

Its really a great achievement for you.also for this platform. You are great and congrats again to you. Please share your experience with us. BE [email protected]

Go and kick butt out there bro! Don't forget to stretch before you play! ;) you deserve it brotha! Keep at it! #hustle

oh god, congratulations, enjoy your travel and the game

great congratulations to achieve it

@steemcafe am happy for you go and have fun...hope to get th opportunity to go someday... because i love football..very much

OMG...........................great and lucky you are....congrats for the world cup ticket paid by steem

This is truely inspiring....thanks for sharing your experience with us...really motivating.Enjoy your trip and experience...well deserved 👍💚

congratulations! Enjoy your trip to Mudda Russia.

Hi, thank you for contributing to Steemit!

I upvoted and followed you; follow back and we can help each other succeed :)

P.S.: My Recent Post

Awesome 👏🏾 congratulations 🍾🎉🎈. I have a goal to get passports this year so we can be world travelers too.

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**Congratulations, **Enjoy it!

congratulations man

Congratulations.... Good luck and am sure you are still going to highlight your experience in Russia to us when you are back

good to hear that you have successful steemians. Thanks

I wish i also be there in worldcup but not enough mony to be there.
I wishing all the teams and those people who are there there to watch the games😄😄😂

Wow! What a great opportunity! Congrats, more to come from this awesome avenue "STEEM" soonest. I dont envisage I can ever regret any minutes spent or be spending here

**Congratulations, **Enjoy it!

Which games you will watch? I support Chile and Argentina, since my country is not in the finals

Congratulations! Well done my friend!!

Oh my gosh.... I cant say it enough. I'm so proud. well, this is a cause for celebration. If you guys go out on the town this evening, let me know where, I know I said I don't drink, But this is in need of celebrating!

Congratulation Bro ! im happy for you !!

Hey @steemcafe hope you are getting ready to see some quality football. To thank you for being cool about the edit I made I was sure to mention you in this article. Have fun there in Russia!

"Bigger than the Olympics. This happens once every 4 years" You're right dud thanks for sharing;)

wow! That's great, hopefully next time I get like you

Wow! This is great news. Viva @steemcafe

I congratulate you and wish you the best ever

wow!Its great This is super amazing.Football is a popular sport that is not what it loves.

So happy for you!!! You will have so much fun!!

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awesome, lucky you, hope you enjoy it and maybe I will see you on the TV 😁

Congratulations, I would like to have been you. LOL

so happy for you,wish you luck on your travels

My gongratulations @steemcafe! It's Great! Do you planning to visitt other cities in Russia excepting cities which hosts football matches?
When do arrive to Russia? Lets meet meet in Moscow!

@steemcafe, congratulations! Have fun! I wish I can be in your shoes too one day. :)

so this is nice post

Well congratulation for the job well done! @steemcafe/ Enjoy and relax/

Wow! Watching live World cup is my Dream! You will get more fun there! Hope next time I will be there :P

wow! you must take a good photo to share!

me unboxing steem World Cup Tickets Paid fun

All the best to you

Congratulations .Have fun in Russia and stay safe there. You are very lucky I think.

It doesn't get better than this!!! Wow @steemcafe, you're super duper BLESSED!!!I'm so happy for you stunnerman!!

I just won the World Cup, as soon as the final whistle blew I was booted out the game... then it said there was too much traffic and when I got back in I got a dnf... this happen to anyone else??

What a fun Yahoo! The football world cup is coming. I'll watch the game with a lot of fun. Yes yeah

you should totally give them away to Steam Users like me :). Either way good for you, enjoy Russia while you're there

Awesome man. It's nice to see you.

Wow, that's look amazing. Congrats bung! :)

i am fond of world cup football going to be held in russia. i am thinking of going to be there.but, i cannot afford all those things what you are.really you have done a great job to fulfill your dreams.i appreciate your thoughts ,plans and job whatever you have done for this russia world cup. thank you

i am fond of world cup football going to be held in russia. i am thinking of going to be there.but, i cannot afford all those things what you are.really you have done a great job to fulfill your dreams.i appreciate your thoughts ,plans and job whatever you have done for this russia world cup. thank you

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