UnBoxing My World Cup Tickets Paid for by Steem.

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Hi everyone. It's @steemcafe. In the mail today came in my World Cup Tickets which will be in Russia this year. This is the largest sporting event in the world. Bigger than the super bowl. Bigger than the Olympics. This happens once every 4 years.

My game tickets, my airline tickets, & my hotel were all paid for from Steem. Thank you everyone for all your support. You made this possible. I am so HAPPY!

So very thankful for all the support these last few months. Thank you for all the followers, comments, upvotes, & resteems.

I am also meeting other Steem users in Moscow, Rostov on Don, & in Sochi Russia. Crazy right? I'm living the my Steem Dream.

Big shout out to @larrymorrison @ogc & @joepate47. Could not have done it with out my team mates. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Steem Creators Conference North & SMT Summit September 5-8, 2018. Tickets only $149.00. It is going to be bananas. You don't want to miss this one. Going to be a heck of a time.


Wow! It's great :D It will be awesome if we can see you in TV at galary :P

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Congrats! In Russia there are beautiful prostitutes.

Hahahahhhahahhaahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhaaahhahhahahaahaha @Johnkramer but why are you like this?? 🤣🤣

Wow steem is really helping us.

Enjoy your steemed tickets. I'd really love to be there too but....

Well done my friend .. beautiful
Look great experience, good for you .. Great information from you
Thanks for sharing..

lol that`s great buying tickets with steem

So happy to see your Steemit success materialize into something so tangible and great. Enjoy the world cup. That must of been a hefty bill for the airfare and hotel! Moscow is beautiful. Thanks for including the Steem Creators conference. It is in the Bahamas? Where can we register? I've been dying to go to a Steem conference!

Congratulations! Have fun! :)
It's only every 4 years? lol
Can you go Live on Dlive at the event?

Yeah good idea to have a Dlive worldcup

oh! it looks like dream comes true. I had also plan to watch worldcup in Russia. Unfortunately, Balance does not cover my expense. all the best

UnBoxing My World Cup Tickets Paid for by Steem, Nice.

Oh wow. Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!!
This is super amazing. Very proud of ya. You truly deserve it for all y the many ppl you motivate. I'm gonna need a miracle to make it with you guys lmao.


Seriously, Elsie? You are a fast rising star. It will take much less than a miracle.

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I am luck

Are you going
If going then please send me yours whatsapp number
Wishing you all the best

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