A random day from my Life(Love my Job Bartender)

in vlog •  6 months ago

Hi Steemit,

Today I decided to share one day from my daily journey 😅

So my morning usually starts with an awesome Cappucino like this one

All day evening and sometimes till 4 am in the morning we are doing cocktails and serving spirits for our lovely clients 😂

Like a Bartender, you have a chance to meet a lot of people from all world and have a nice conversation if you are curious how are living in another place of our beautiful planet 🌎 maybe you will like to make a map like check list what to visit in world ✈️

Sometimes you have a chance to finish like 5 pm so you still have time to enjoy sunny day's and a cold beer in the park

And when you are so happy that you finish work at night and you are going home 😋

If you will like to see more cocktails or stuff like this let me know in the comments!

By the way Whats Your Favorite Drink>? Let Me Know in the Comments!

So be happy and positive enjoy the life!


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Was waiting for it to happen.


Do you promote good content. I know a lot of authors whose work is unnoticed.


I was expecting a message and an action from you mate! :)


so you did very well! I am pleased to see your nick here! insane amount of money for a post like this!


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It might look like you can do this in total impunity today, but look at the amount of scammers that ended up in jail because of previous internet exploits. You will be one of those if you keep going


I don't normally agree with this guy....but, yeah this is most definitely "ABUSE"
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I imagine that working for you in the bar will not give you so much stress. Meeting happy people who are taking holiday is one of the best job. You are feeling doing the things you love. If we love our job the time passes by so fast that we didnt evem recognize it.


He won't have to work anymore if he stays on the top trending post, nearly 1k dollars...😳 no bartender makes that in a day

Beautiful .. well done
We should be grateful for the opportunities of life .. Thank you for the words
Great post..

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Something needs to be done. This is beyond ridiculous.

lovely post, deserves an upvote

great job! i dreamt of being a bartender before :-D

When I saw the links at the end of the post, I realized that this was most definitely bid bot abuse. Maybe even scams!



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It’s a beautiful bar.

It’s great to see the number of flags landing on this post. I hope @valikos learns from this experience and stays off the trending page from here on.

Sometimes random day make a better opportunity

beautiful photography 😍😍

You have a great job man. And cappuccino is the only thing that i want after waking up. I am kind of a coffee addict.

Amazing Job friend!! Still enjoying so much!

Very beautiful photography

I.m new joining the steemit

Bart ending a a great job you are serving a lot of people with smile and that brings happiness to all of us god bless you

A great happy story!

Lovely day! '-}


just not lovely but so much lovely


Love is the perfect answer!🤗🌼

Nice man, awsome that you are enjoying your time here on Earth. Even if you don't have alot of time because of work, in a few years youa re going to look back and say,: "those were the good ol' days". It's the simple things that count ;)

It's awesome. You are enjoying.

A story of life survival by facing daily life with inspiration :) As long as you love your job and doing it right life is lovely to waking up and motivated. By the way my favorite drink is milktea :)

I love the great enthusiasm and passion you have for your job, I would wish to have such motivation and inspiration on a daily. Thanks for your thoughtful post @valikos.

How fun looks like a great day, epic. 😀

Your smile makes me smile. Greetings know from me @safratyusus from Aceh.

Shots! Shots! Shots!

Awesome stuff my friend, glad you're enjoying your work.

coffee and beer all u Ned :P
am a wheat beer man my self. its som good one out there think my Favorite
most be paulaner. not technical a cocktails but its a so good.

You live a life better than thousands of others. Be grateful

@valikos many thanks to you for sharing you day.

i am also love coffee . thank to you again as because
it seems that you are enjoy your work and love also. on earth all of We should enjoy our lives as we like

they told me that to graduate from Bartender you must make a drink created by you ... what was the name you put on your drink?
Thank you for sharing the images, but above all for the coffee :)

Wow, First of all i really love your photographs and secondly cappuccino : That i love most because i only addicted with it. great start of your day. i love end of your day with full of happiness and crazy. Amazing Post . Thanks for sharing.

hi dear @valikos
well come to your decision from me

There is nothing better than a good coffee, a good drink in a cozy place, good pictures, I congratulate you!

LOL! i love your content! Im not much of a drinking person, what do you suggest for a lady?Anything besides mojito?

p.s: I have to be honest I do click how ppl get so much votes as part of my learning process *wink


I used to work as a bartender. t was actually still one of my favourite jobs ever. It can get exhausting, but meeting people form all over the globe is refreshing. Where is this bar that you serve at @valikos?

Nice story and cool pictures ;) Wish you enoy your job as long as possible ;)
P.S. My favorite drink is glass of whisky with some ice :)

You got an amazing job.

Being a bartender at such an awesome place is just wonderful.

Keep working and keep living,
and also in the middle of that
Stay Happy

cappucino milk shake^^

@valikos my fav drink is kenyacane its liquor from our great country kenya ...i also like changaa a brew stronger than liquor if it was liquor it would be at 60%

Hello @valikos
Making your job part of your daily source of happiness is a great way to live.

You look like a handsome man^^

What a good day you had and if you are working on what you like much more, I have always wanted to learn how to make drinks like this, once I tasted one called Mojito Cubano very tasty and another called Piña Colada that I loved but there was one that caught my attention They called it La Cucaracha something like that was the glory I would like to know how those cocktails are prepared to see if I encourage them to do it later in my house and share those drinks with friends, and of course entertain a little with my violin would not be a bad idea hahaha

Es grandioso viajar y ver lugares que uno nunca ha conocido y ver las culturas y tradiciones diferentes y despejar mucho la mente éxitos amigo en tu viaje

Lucky you when you have a great job. Honestly, Cappucino makes me difficult to sleep, so I like Cocktail more

Hi, nice to meet you, that's look awesome :)

Awesome Bro. Thanks for nice post.

Then you are a lucky man. Loving your job is important

wow... looks like a 'dream life'

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you love and enjoy your job. thats good.

Hey man i have a question? are you available?

hope you can enjoy your life

Wow happy man

hey this is a really nice post... i would like to see more corktails and recipe, would like to try some for my friends later during the weekends

received_1498968450232361.gif That's Hilarious :)

good post friend continues like this


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बहुत अच्छे

Everything is great :)

to your last picture, I remember myself when I was still having my hospital duties and my shift ends.... going home is my most awaited moment!

बहुत अच्छे

100% posibole

cute boy

good for you, it seems happy life, keep going in buddy ;)

Anda memiliki pekerja yang hebat. Dan cappuccino adalah satu-satunya hal yang saya inginkan setelah bangun tidur. Saya seorang pecandu kopi.

nice day nice moments of food

This post has received a 21.93 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @valikos.

Nice one

Very good your presentation @valikos

You made a great journey.
I also like traveling.
I think You enjoy your day with coffee and bear.
Have a great day bro.

You should read the Manga "Bartender" at some point.

I am pretty sure that you might like it.

Cappuchino is my best ;) Inside photos have orjinal nature soo Congratulations :)@valikos

Hey @valikos, sorry for the small edit I posted here after the bot mentions that where flying in here. Nonetheless to thank you for being cool about it I was sure to mention you in this article

I will definitely love to see more of your cocktail ...

Do you really, seriously believe few pictures of yourself and a cappuccino deserves to stick at the top of the Trending with 1K attached from the reward pool? I mean where is decency people...where?


Maybe we should let people like what they wish to :) It is his day. Be happy for him.


I doubt anyone likes this so much to place 1k from the reward pool. Rewards are coming from the "smart" bidbots and their trails.


Well, I'm new here and don't know everything about how things work. Perhaps, it is too good to be true and somehow I preferred believing the good. I thought people here really value simplicity. Like voting for a simple day journey of a bartender. Maybe the world isn't actually that nice 😁


You've been duped and mislead by false advertising. You're one of thousands. This member paid for this slot on the trending page. Most new members do not realize that is the case and end up wasting their votes on this trending page rather than each other, then can't figure out why they struggle to get noticed. A minnow will not earn anything by voting for a post with this many votes.

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Majority of the posts on trending are advertisements/paid programming. The things we skip when we want to watch a Youtube video.

Now you know.


Guess I do.


Many here an opinion that and they state like it is a fact. My advice is to watch a bit before deciding how you view it.

One issue is that we all have different visions and everyone thinks theirs is the best one. (of course, if not they would change it)

Don't let anyone else tell you how to view the platform.
There is no central authority on how it works or what it should be.


All you have to do is read the context and you'll see how that new member was misled by false advertising. That's fact, not opinion. It's right there in front of you.

Why are you attempting to discredit what I said?

Screenshot (343).png

And here's a post explaining how the use of bots is advertising/marketing/paid programming; whatever you want to call it:


You're in that post cheering on this terminology and supporting it. Why not stand by your words?


I agree 100% bro, i wish everybody nothing but the best, but this content is not in relation to the worth! Mr. Bartender delivering this density of quality could be very happy with 50 bucks.
Looks like Bot Abuse.


Completamente de acuerdo contigo


Nem todos podemos gostar do mesmo Elear.. :-)


Maybe you should start posting more pictures of your coffee and blogging ;)


agreed mate! I was thinking the same


Is there a possibility that jealousy is guiding you somewhere unhealthy?
Or....you are the gold among thousand of sands.. Could be this too.


@annieliu my community holds almost 4M SP. I couldn't be jealous even if I wanted to. I am against where this platform is going. A platform driven by bidbots.


Had to google what is bitbots, newbies here, not really, but haven't been active since last year.


I have to ask.... If we, our selves are allowed to decide if our content should, or should not take the front page, the actual top spot, in front of all other posts, above all other creators, of a social media site then who are the rest to complain about it?
You can neither complain nor can you do anything. You arent really fighting him, nor can you do much, youre fighting millions of delegated SP.
Lets see what happens when bots get a hand of more delegation... 80%-90% etc..
Youll be throwing pebbles at tanks.

....we need a separate Trending page....

Wow!! I hope for go to this place !!

Very lovely post

Very lovely post

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Great job as a bartender, i love the fun part of it not to mention the opportunity to meet and make new friends. A friend once had the opportunity and is now doing great outside the bar.


please follow me :)

I think your day will be very good @valikos

I love it, I find it an excellent job, which requires dedication, creativity and enthusiasm! These photos are beautiful, and in this opportunity you deserve a compliment, you look good beautiful hehe greetings! successes

Wow love cappucino too 😍

Hello, excellent photos, I love your day, it's great that in your work you can meet other people from all over the world, and the most essential of all every day should start with a good cup of coffee. Greetings from Venezuela :)

I like the people happy. Congrats

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Looks like you have a job you enjoy.

Hi @valikos. I think your day starts in a great way and ends in a fantastic way, hahaha. I think the Bartenders are great friends, you can tell them and talk about everything because they will always be willing to listen to you. I learned it from the movies, hahaha.

Here in Venezuela I used to drink a delicious pina colada or a mojito on beach days, although there is a drink called Orgasm that is coconut based and I love it too.

Hola. Creo que tu día comienza de una manera excelente y termina de una manera fantástica, jajaja. Creo que los Bartenders son grandes amigos, puedes contarles y hablar de todo porque siempre estarán dispuestos a escucharte. Lo aprendí de las películas, jajaja.

Aquí en Venezuela solía tomar una deliciosa piña colada o un mojito en días de playa, aunque hay una bebida llamada orgasmo que está basada en coco y también me encanta.

Are you kidding me? $930 for a couple lines of text and a bunch of pictures?. Flagged and muted.

Enjoy it! the best thing in the world is to do what you love. Greetings from Venezuela.

hi @valikos. it's very nice to see and drink cappuccino in the morning and cocktails and beer in the night... i wish i can drink that someday...nice pics!!

You are looking so good brother. I like coffee during post something in steemit

you have a great job brother

Uff really I like your life style. Especially cold beer I want to eat really cool life cool job really enjoyed the article and up voted you . Thanks a lot for share the awesome life style story .

you have a great job brother