Submit Posts About Science & Education - Week 2

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As we just concluded our very first week of curation for the theme "Science & Education", we are excited as we get to use @sndbox-alpha curation to find and reward amazing contents. We are so amazed by the response of so many awesome posts under our comment section and we are certainly looking forward to more!

We wish that you continue to support us by posting your posts related to "Science & Education" under our comment section below and our lovely curators would gladly curate them.

@sndbox-alpha have managed to curate about 86 awesome posts related to "Science & Education" over the past 7 days and we are truly grateful for all those who've made this possible for us. All these posts have been upvoted by @sndbox-alpha.

The Criteria

  • The post is not more than three days at the time of submission. This will give us ample time to review the content and reach out to other Sndbox cohorts on language limitations.

  • The post is descriptive enough. We are looking for at least 300++ words and 3 images. A detailed video documentation of the event can be considered in place of the length of the post and count of photos.

  • For Education post, we are looking for education which benefits the community and also individuals and we encourage photos or videos showing what's being taught.

  • For posts about Science, relevant graphics is key into getting upvotes and we look forward into learning more based on this topic. All articles which quotes other site / authors needs to be clearly sited and usage of graphics also requires to have its source. Reviews and opinions are acceptable however plagiarism is clearly not allowed.

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We are looking forward to your submissions for this week.

Final Curation Team for SndBox Alpha
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Thank you snbox for this great platform . done following the trail as well. This is my entry for Education category today. This is about informing the community on the idea of Child-friendly school policy

hello @sndbox-alpha thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity, a great opportunity for steemian who often post about science, and this time I will try to share kink to the @sndbox-alpha and hopefully lucky I just try and determine it is from the #sndbox-alpha party. this is my link :

Hello @sndbox-alpha
Sorry for mentioning your name.
Initial is a post I write about about science and education

Please judged according to the opinion, Here's link:

Thanks, Nice to meet you.

This is my post about Science and education, here is link:

Thanks you so much brother @sndbox-alpha

hi sandbox-alpha, please read our learning activities to improve the quality and also understanding about steem and about Cryptocurrency in our community. thanks.

Receive my congratulations for your generous contribution to Education.
I join the recognition of all and of all. I just have to tell him.

God bless you and your family always. @jeffbernst , @bitrocker2020 , @jrswab and @teachblogger


I love your post sir

Thank you very much for the initiative, this is motivating. I leave my publication, which talks about how important it is to strive to achieve the objectives.

This is my hard work. I've launched an ''Introduction to Cartography''Series and the ninth part just came out. Please check this out.

I've found a post about education do by volunteers in Earthquake Area in Aceh, Indonesia. Here the post

Hello @sndbox-alpha, my post is about how to make the yodel in music, and also few other music hacks for a complete beginner on the blockchain hoping to get started. Hoping you make this a series so am quite excited.

Here is my post

My entry on Education: Sex education. One of the most heated topic right now . The community has different opinions on this

Awesome guys! Joining in on this one. Education for people looking to move abroad! Enjoy!

Hello @sndbox-alpha, check out my post about toxoplasmosis in cats. Are they really dangerous?

I hope you like it!

I love this initiative. Thank you for doing these kind of tasks.
I keep reading you, guys.

Great work guys and gals.
Thought I would submit my latest post because I wanted to share this experience/awareness in regards to the health of our eyes. I didn't realise how important it was until my recent visits to the optometrist. It prompted me to research more on it to understand it a bit more. I just hope to spread the awareness because we can help prevent the chance of losing our eyesight when we get older.

Many Thanks

Hi @sndbox-alpha :) this is my post about science and education. Hoping for your appreciation. More Power! This is all about the truth behind the Mining industry and the people needs to be informed about this :) Thank You!

Hi @sndbox-alpha :) here is another entry for Science and Education. I hope you find this informative and very vital.

Good evening here is entry for education today: Education is Evolving-The nature of Home schooling

Hi sndbox I don't know what happened with this, you commented that you have upvoted this one but it was not reflecting 😭😭

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