How to comment and write better: Techniques for Steemit and the classroom.

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I was reading the following article from @jaynie and think it best to write something to complement the article. Being a second language teacher, I understand that if one's language is not English, it's not as easy to engage other authors or even to write something on Steemit.

Some may just resort to copying. While there are those who do copy because they are not willing to try, I choose to believe that people copy because they find it difficult to write. So for today's article, I want to go through a few essentials on how to do better on Steemit. Specifically, techniques on commenting and article writing.

To all my fellow English teachers on Steemit, these techniques can be used for the second language classroom. The techniques and examples on Steemit can be used for speaking activities and the article writing techniques can be used for short expository or even narrative writing. So, let us take a look:

Techniques to comment

I have found many responses with the following statements:

  • Nice
  • Great
  • Good
  • Awesome

Image source

I appreciate those comments but I think really, there is so much more one can say. I used to train students to speak in their English entrance exam and one consists of an oral component whereby the students have to respond orally is to a particular topic. In this case, one is not allowed to just respond with a word. Normally, two to three sentences is considered acceptable. As such, consider this when responding on Steemit. When you say that someone's article is good, what do you mean by 'good'. Here are three ways :

- Pick one point found in the article :

In this case, you can respond to an article by saying, 'Good, I especially love the point that you brought up on staying focused. I do the same too.'

See, is this not much better than merely just saying 'good'? You can go on to elaborate further on how you may have similar experiences in your life. This brings us to the next point.

- Talk about how the whole article made you feel:

For this, you can respond by saying, 'Good, this article made me feel like I am not alone in this. It is good knowing that someone else is facing the same problem as I.'

If you were to combine it to the point earlier, it will sound like this:
"Good, I like how you elaborated on staying focused. I do the same too. Reading your article made me feel as if I am not alone in this. It is good knowing that someone else is facing the same problem as I."

I hope you are seeing where I am going with this. If you put two of these ideas together, the comment becomes better. Now let us talk about the last way of how one can comment.

Image source

Provide your own view or experience:

I am sure everyone of us have a different and unique experience to bring to any article. With the different people from different countries, I am sure we each would have a different way of seeing things. That is what makes your comment valuable and I for one would love to hear your experience. As such, you can respond to a comment by saying:

Good, I had the same experience not long ago after I have lost someone I love.

Now if you merge this statement with all the other statements mentioned above, it would sound like this:

*"Good, I like how you elaborated on staying focused. I do the same too. Reading your article made me feel as if I am not alone in this. It is good knowing that someone else is facing the same problem as I. I had the same experience not long ago when I lost someone I love."

There you have it a longer and much more elaborated response. If you are in the midst of preparing your students for certain oral tests where they will be required to respond to an examiner or their course mates. In other words, these techniques are useful in preparing your students for tests that assess speaking skills.

Easy articles to write

In the second language classroom, I would normally advice my students to write expository or narrative essays. Both of these are generally easier to score and as such would help ensure that they are less likely to do badly in their writing tests. However, if you are struggling with writing a proper article, perhaps you may want to try something that is more narrative.

Now, if you are writing on Steemit, a good way to 'hack' this is perhaps to write a story that is peppered with pictures. This can consist of a recent place that you have just visited or even a trip that you were on. A good article can just be how you went about the trip, supported with pictures to illustrate your experience.

An example of this can be found below:

Do take the time to write about what you do from start to the end and support how the entire trip made you feel. You can also support this with the methods you use in creating better comments.

However, if you are wondering how to write better, I have a few articles written on how to write quickly. Do feel free to check them out:


I do hope this has been helpful. A lot of these aspects covered are useful in the ESL(English as a second language) classroom. This is because it breaks English into something that is formula-like, making it easier for the students to take into account how to speak or write better.

In addition, if you find anyone whom you think that may need this, do send them a link about this. Also, if you think that I have missed something, do let me know so I can better improve on it. Let us make Steemit a more engaging place through the comments and articles produced. I understand that implementing all the techniques above does not make you a great writer and a person who is great at writing comments. At the very least, this is a step in the right direction.



nice, great post.... just kidding☺️.
This content will help many people who do not dare to comment, like me😉

You're welcome, I was thinking.. Really? Nice, great post? You got me there haha

Thnks for the invo @alvinauh 😄

You're welcome, glad you found it useful

This article is not only beneficial to second language learners but native English speaking as well. People have forgotten how to write complete comments, I think that "texting " and instagram, snapchat and other platforms have contributed to the problem.
It seems like the more society goes forward, the farther it falls back. What I mean by that is, the devices get more advanced but the communication (language)gets worse. Next thing we'll be doing is grunting.
Grunt once if you agree.... grunt twice if you disagree,,,
Until next time,

That's so true! I have noticed this in my students.. People talk less and less these days or should I say elaborate less and less. Makes me wonder.. Are we thinking less?

Another great share.
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I feel so blessed that I learned English since I was 5 years old. I didn't actively learn it but passively.

Without that language. I wouldn't be able to make money online.

It is great to help these users here on Steemit. But the best thing they can really do is to learn English if they want to make any money online.

Of course they can also use their local language but they will be severely limited.

That's right, I do see many trying to post in English and I applaud them. It takes a lot of courage when English is not your main language.

Hopefully one day steemit delegates more voting power to support other languages aside from English.

Doesn't it support all languages? I mean everyone can post here, the main language is just English.

They do, but most of the groups do support English articles first. I see Korean, Mandarin and other main languages being support. But if you are looking at articles that get upvoted more, it's generally English article. However, from a purely posting for fun point of view, any language is supported and you are right on that.

Most people just speak English, that is why learning English means = $$$

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Great post!

Lol.. I see what you did there =p

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Good stuff.. Then too, newcomers to #STEEMIT might get more detailed in their commentary - that is to say, they might 'get more specific'.

What I feel they could do is WRITE OUT a sentence, then come back & Add some adjectives or adverbs IN ORDER to describe things even more incisively (this means = clear-thinking ).

so an example may be :

(In reaction to a lovely, inspiring PHOTO), one could comment not just that they liked the photo... but remark something SPECIFIC about the color/colors in it.

Like how it made them feel ♦♦ Recently (on 10/31 ) I said that I found the orange in a painting to be dramatic, & it was 'appropriate' for the day as it was Halloween

So things along those lines.