Smoke.Network - Last Chance to get SMOKE on bitshares

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Last chance to get SMOKE for 0.042 bitshares each today or giveaways in a week by leaving your bitshares user name!

Less than 24 hours get SOME tokens on bitshares!

Check out the website and whitepaper for more information!

You may also leave your bitshares user name in a comment to get your share of some SMOKE tokens around or after September 22nd. If you don't already have a bitshares account for you signup for one HERE.

Check out @smokenetwork for more information on steemit along with some of the links below.

Smoke.Network Is Partnering With DopeCoin's SMOKEEXCHANGE... 🌬 💨

After a successful meeting today with Dopey (Founder of DopeCoin) we are happy to announce the official partnership of our two exciting cannabis projects.


With only 24 hours left before we burn any un distributed SMOKE from this phase, we would like to take the opportunity to explain the protocol.

🔥 MARKET LISTINGS UPDATE 👉👉👉 Less than 48 HOURS ⏲ Until The Big Burn 🔥

With less than 48 hours to contribute to the project we are excited.
We have a few things in the works that we believe, will add value to stoners everywhere. . .

⏲ 4 Days left! Got SMOKE?? 🔥 Pick up a few $ worth with SBD 👉👉👉 Blocktrades Makes It Easy.

Keep hearing about these SMOKE tokens but not sure how to grab a few $ worth...?

⏲ 5 Days Until The Big Burn 🔥 UPDATES 👉👉👉 SMOKE.NETWORK

After coming out of Ninja Stealth Mode, Smoke.Network and the SMOKE cryptocurrency ( Bitshares UIA ) hit the scene running last month by opening the pre-distribution phase held on the bitshares decentralized exchange.

Moving Our Video 🎥 Content To DTube - Smoke Network Trailer 🔥

We are moving our video content over to Dtube!
Starting with our Smoke.Network trailer. . .

🐏 Golden Goat, Purple Haze 🦄 & The State Of The Cannabis Naming System 🔬

How Someone TRIED To Hack the SMOKE.NETWORK 🔥

This morning we got a surprise knock on the door from the mailman, earlier than we would all like at the Smoke.Network HQ, with a small package. This time from Dollar High Club supplying us with our monthly package of glass, papers and smoking gear. :) Thanks bros!

Kicking Off Week 2 Of SMOKE 🔥 SMOKE Ether Contributions Now Open, Escrow with TokenLot!

After coming out of Ninja Stealth Mode, Smoke.Network and the SMOKE cryptocurrency ( Bitshares UIA ) hit the scene last week with its pre-distribution phase open to anyone on the bitshares decentralized exchange.

[BeyondBitcoin] Whaletank Hangout - Co-Founder of Bitshares interviews TheAnxiousStoner 🔥

In this Whaletank session, Co-Founder of Bitshares, @officialfuzzy, Interviews TheAnxiousStoner about the SMOKE.NETWORK and SMOKE cryptocurrency.

How to Contribute to the SMOKE Distribution = Smoke.Network = Cannabis Review Network 🔥

It is an exciting time over at Smoke.Network HQ...

[PRE-ICO] SMOKE = Smoke.Network = Cannabis Review Network 🔥

Why A Decentralized Cannabis Network You May Ask?

A Cannabis DAPP Is Coming To EOS [PART 2 - Blockchain Principles]

Taking a look at the fundamentals.
To understand more about our company and the reasons we chose to issue our own token, one should understand a few basic principles.

A Cannabis Dapp Is Coming To EOS [PART 1]

We started on a journey into the cannabis niche a little more than 2 years ago...

The Smoke.Network Is Here: Decentralized Forever.

The Smoke.Network by is the first cannabis community to combine blockchain technology with social networking to build a platform that rewards users for posting and curating strain reviews as well as rewards commitment to the network.



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Sounds like something i need to get in on! kenny-crane on Bitshares, thanks!

Yeah, great that you are promoting it, I bought some of it a few weeks ago just for fun and then I saw +1000% over Night... Then I bought more yesterday and Im prepared for the next 1000% Wave! Go SMOKE Coin! If someone is doing a SMOKE Giveaway, my account name is: future24 And if you have whale-friends, tell them about SMOKE on OpenLedger guys. 😊 💹

Upvoted by our Cannabis Curation Team, the transientflowers cannabis curation project

Do you want more rewards on original cannabis content?

Helping to build a strong cannabis community on Steemit!

Last Update: Logo/Signature contest WINNERS

I'll take some smoke. My bitshares is lusterdoom123.

It's all about the SmokeNetwork and the SmokeExchange baby!

Smokey Smoke!! meesterboom1

well, I quit smoking, but who knows...

You can send some SMOKE my way. My account's name is heroic15397.

I grabbed a bunch of them! Bitshares acct: bright-guy

NUT3L4 is my bitshares username.

SMOKE for 0.042 bitshares? I'll get some Smokes then!


Yes, go get some quick! :)


Bought them at 0.05 because I had just a few BTS (135)


Smoke tokens!! BS username: new-mew

Good stuff! Acc: scievr25

Thank you for this opportunity! jube-74 is my bitshare acc name.🤗 Upvoted,resteemed and following!

Smokeybear, my bts : libert-y

I already place my order and my BTS account name is vrbts

It's all about the SmokeNetwork and the SmokeExchange baby!!!!!!

Need Smokes
Bitshares name: the-man-who-solved-the-world

Hey VG! My BTS address is sala-zar.
Thank you for some smokes! :)

m0nui (zero as 0)

its cool to smoke. my bts account: hardinero007

Great ur post information
Good luckkkkk @virtualgrowth👍👍👍

This is a pretty cool project. Thanks for sharing.

If there are any Smoke tokens left please send them my way. Username is kimchi-king

@virtualgrowth This is supercool! Thanks! Followed

Acc: dipe-crypt

keeen as on some SMOKE!!! username: tajnost

would love to get some smoke ! jznsamuel-23
thanks @virtualgrowth...