Smoke.Network Is Partnering With DopeCoin's SMOKEEXCHANGE... 🌬 💨

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After a successful meeting today with Dopey (Founder of DopeCoin) we are happy to announce the official partnership of our two exciting cannabis projects.

DopeCoin has had this in the works for some time and have finally revealed SmokeExchange.


The Smoke Exchange is the worlds first self-serve advertising platform for the marijuana industry. This digital marketplace will enable advertisers and publishers to buy and sell advertising space on a real-time auction based bidding platform.


The Smoke Exchange will be partnering up with the Smoke Network and will work together to display advertising on the Smoke.Network platform. Seeing the Synergy yet between cannabis projects?

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What Is The Smoke.Network?

The Smoke.Network by is the first cannabis community to combine blockchain technology with social networking to build a platform that rewards users for posting and curating strain reviews as well as rewards commitment to the network.

More Whitepaper

After coming out of Ninja Stealth Mode, Smoke.Network and the SMOKE cryptocurrency ( Bitshares UIA ) hit the scene running last month by opening the pre-distribution phase held on the Bitshares decentralized exchange.

There is now less than 20 hours left to contribute!

Once this phase is over all remaining tokens from this round will burnt in the big burn happening on the 15 September, right after closing bell ( 1 PM UTC )

The second, and final phase, will only be held after a test net release and price will be determined by the fair market rate (TBD). Any unsold tokens in the final round will also be burnt.

Our website, roadmap and whitepaper is available to all and clear instructions on how to get a Bitshares wallet, convert any crypto into BTS and get SMOKE securely and in a decentralized manner is available on the site.

Next Steps.

Missed yesterdays news about the merged pull request to the Bitshares UI? This means that SMOKE will be listed on the Bitshares DEX market and index list and available to anyone that implements the Bitshares UI by default. (Such as in the Bitshares Light Client).. Check it out here.

The Smoke.Network pre-contribution period is almost over!.
If you want to grab some SMOKE before it ends go to our website.

Follow us on steemit @smokentwork to find out what comes next... (Treats not on the current Roadmap)

Join our Community.

Reach out directly by entering our Discord channel.

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This is so dope for DopeCoin I am as a holder of DopeCoin are very happy for this step!

DOPE to the moon and legal DOPE for everybody!!!




Nice one! DopeCoin is looking very promising, I hope you get many great returns in the future mate!


Thank you very much but lets not hope but lets believe ;)

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Thank you so much!

We appreciate the love.

Keep on building that whale fam! 🐳

Looking forward to this! wow!

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I love it, smoke on yall

@smokenetwork Terrific write-up. Certainly This is often truth in each individual state. Upvoted.

Follow me and i follow you too)

That's cool!! Great opportunity indeed...

@smokenetwork Masses of knowledge. Many thanks..

Ya no hayan que inventar para poder vender drogas

@worstdevever got you a $6.92 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice!
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like it

It's rare to see this kind of collaboration. Great news for dopecoin!

This is definitely getting to be a big coin on the maretcap, especially for cannabis legalization advocates! I hope more people start realizing how the drug war is absolute, bullshit!

i wish we had a real darknet solution liek companies working on darknet solutions, companies that make an ICO for dealing drugs LOL and dont wanna ever be publicly known and just imagine people who create a new ICO for a darknet system that lets local drug dealers receive cryptocurrency and then deliver the drugs in a special GPS tagged area, so when they use this decentralized Dapp it lets the drug dealer hide the dope somewhere after recieving the money like Monero over the internet, and teh customer then gets a message like 20 kins after the dealer leaves the area, telling the custoe,mr where the drugs have been stashes, maybe in some public bathroom or in soooo many cutty spotys it could be ANYWHERE so the dealers can then send the GPS coordinates AND a picture of the drugs location like maybe it's inside a bathroom of a wholefoods etc, spots like that, and the dealers can then deal drugs without EVER revealing their locations and never having to meet with people! they just accept crypto currency and drop off dope

now of course a cop could pretend to be a drug DEALER and then leave drugs and then arrest users so we just need a way to make sure the cops to try using the system to bust people which would be REALLY hard though, because if u put drugs in a bathroom u could then tell the customer to ait 10 minutes 20 minutes 30 minutes an hour the bathroom could have all sorts of people using it! so ANYONE could be the person who is picking the drugs up! u would have to hide a camera in the bathroom too or something i dunno its crazy i do see that vulnerability but i can see this as a way drug dealers can just anonymously get paid and drop drugs off, drug users would LOVE this system! it could revolutionize capitalism and allow ANY item to be bought and sold online without using the postal system, allowing people to get the items like instantly MAYBE even using drones to deliver them, see untill we have teleportation it is nice that we can send money anywhere around teh world almost instantly with bitcoin but would be really cool to be able to send drugs XD


Interesting idea @ackza , in this scenario

"ICO for dealing drugs LOL and dont wanna ever be publicly known"

How would you trust the anon devs not to run away with the ICO funds? Some sort of smart contract that releases the funds to the devs over time when the token holders vote on it perhaps?


there would be no ICO funds
u just build the system and it doesnt need funds just like any darknet market it doesn't need no ico funds psh most ICOs are just scams for people to party with the money hahaha there's some good projects sure but i think yeah most are dumb and shitcoins but theres only a need for the system to protect the anonymous buyers...the sellers are fine but the buyers need a way to make sure they arent arrested by cops posing as dealers SO the rules are u have to put the drugs in public places like bathrooms in grocery stores for example where you can just walk through and hide them and ANYONE can go in so u never know who is actually opicking the drugs up , the buyrer stays anonymous,

I don't know much about the "pot-crypto" options. I know there is DopeCoin, Potcoin, and Cannacoin at least. Why is dope coin better than the other options that we have? What are they doing differently?


Potcoin are building an ad network to compete with Mantis.

I believe Potcoin is trying to be a payment solution and building point of sales.

great post

If you like cannabis you should see this!

How we can sale and purchase marijuana ?
i have tons of This Plant grown in my town .

Holy cow this is big! I was wonder if I played a part in this ? I'm all in now. Great job guys!


👍 Thank you for the support.

hey great to see you guys doing some work :)