[BeyondBitcoin] Whaletank Hangout - Co-Founder of Bitshares interviews TheAnxiousStoner 🔥

in #whaletank7 years ago

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In this Whaletank session, Co-Founder of Bitshares, @officialfuzzy, Interviews TheAnxiousStoner about the SMOKE.NETWORK and SMOKE cryptocurrency.

Still don't know what Whaletank is?


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Fantastic post on your Whaletank interview with @officialfuzzy and the Whaleshares community. I look forward to updates as your project progresses.

Wow very good ideas! I join to airdrop and ICO.
Good luck!

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Excellent first appearance (of hopefully many to come) on the beyondbitcoin/whaletank hangouts, I'm glad that I invested in the smoke network - this is going to be huge! :)

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