⏲ 4 Days left! Got SMOKE?? 🔥 Pick up a few $ worth with SBD 👉👉👉 Blocktrades Makes It Easy.

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Keep hearing about these SMOKE tokens but not sure how to grab a few $ worth...?

You do not need to throw your life savings at this one to get some decent stake in the network, the best way to get in on SMOKE is simply to grab a few dollars worth with some spare Steem or SBD.

How do you do that?

Pretty simple. . . The first step is to go sign up for a Bitshares account (If you do not have one already) on Bitshares.org , Openledger or Rudex.

Once you have a Bitshares account the second step is to head over to Blocktrades.us.

Simply choose your 'Send' currency, in this case STEEM or SBD, and choose Bitshares as the 'Receive' currency. Type in your Bitshares account name as the receive address and click 'get deposit' address.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 12.03.59 PM.png

Third step is to send your STEEM or SBD (depending which you have and which you chose on blocktrades) to blocktrades on steemit with the memo that you have been given.

A few minutes later you will notice you now have BTS (Bitshares) on your Bitshares account.

The Final Step is to go to the SMOKE/BTS market on either Bitshares, Openledger or Rudex and picking up some SMOKE before the wall disappears on Friday at 1 UTC and we burn any left overs....


After coming out of Ninja Stealth Mode, Smoke.Network and the SMOKE cryptocurrency ( Bitshares UIA ) hit the scene running last month by opening the pre-distribution phase held on the bitshares decentralized exchange.

There is now only 4 days left to contribute at round 1 price!

Once this phase is over all remaining tokens from this round will burnt in the big burn happening on the 15 September, right after closing bell ( 1 PM UTC )

The second, and final phase, will only be held after a test net release and price will be determined by the fair market rate (TBD). Any unsold tokens in the final round will also be burnt.

Our website, roadmap and whitepaper is available to all and clear instructions on how to get a Bitshares wallet, convert any crypto into BTS and get SMOKE securely and in a decentralized manner is available on the site.

Next Steps.

The Smoke.Network pre-contribution period is almost over!.
If you want to grab some SMOKE before it ends go to our website.

Join our Community.

Reach out directly by entering our Discord channel.

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Incredible Very nice ,, I salute to see your post ,, so very great you ,, and also I really like you because you are a very great can help many people out there, I beg you can also help me like everyone else @smokenetwork

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Interesting, thank you @smokenetwork for sharing with us and for the great guide step by step, i'll try to get some as soon as i get home.


Thank you for supporting us.

A good idea

What's the market cap for Smoke Token?

I am not sure if this is a good investment. Are you part of the team?


The current market cap would be: 10,847,817 SMOKE Distributed and in circulation x $0.004546 = ~ $49,300.

Yes, this is the official Smoke.Network account on Steem.

Will it hit the exchanges after the ICO?


We have been in talks with various exchanges. I am not sure you are aware but not many of the regular exchanges accept a Bitshares UIA at this time (Yobit, Nova, etc) and Livecoin wants to charge 4 BTC which is about 20% of what we have raised in total so far, though we are positive we will be able to negotiate at least one centralized exchange to pick up SMOKE in the future at a better rate than Livecoin, it will most likely not hit a centralized exchange directly after the ICO.

It is however already on the Bitshares Decentralized Exchange and we will be burning any coins not distributed in this round. At this point you will be able to trade it their against multiple pairs such as BitUSD or Open.BTC.


That makes sense! How many SMOKE has been sold so far?


10,847,817 SMOKE Distributed so far at 0.042 BTS per SMOKE.

Good post



You guys should have a referral program. I think referral programs work quite well.


Once the app has launched we will be using the founders tokens to provide free SMOKE on sign up. We believe this will be the fastest and most efficient way to convert users from our current social media platforms. We will consider adding a referral program to the beta. Thanks.

Am so investing in this..


Thank you for supporting us.

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Smoking is bad for your health. You teeth will fall out.


And the Nazis are still behind the moon right?


Exactly but without teeth.

I just put a bunch in my bitshares! Thanks for the helpful tutorial.