🐏 Golden Goat, Purple Haze 🦄 & The State Of The Cannabis Naming System 🔬

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What is in a Name?

My phone lights up with a text from the weed man... "I got some Purple Haze Fam"

Nice. I was a little wary, as last week my cuz was like "Hey fam, I got some Purps." but when I arrived it was not even Purple. In fact it didn't even taste purple and it looked a lot like that Lemon bish I scored a few days prior.

Once I eventually hooked up with my plug, my suspicions where confirmed. The 'Purple Haze' was more like the orangey color of that Golden Goat I smashed yesterday and definitely nothing like the Purple Haze I once had at a Snoop Dogg Concert.

What is going on?

Well here comes the problem... Genetics.

Not everyone may be aware but breeding cannabis plants is a lot like breeding humans or animals. If you make a clone, you will end up with a copy of the genetics... But if you breed two seeds you end up with a completely different variety.

In other words, if you get a seed labelled "Blueberry Glue" there is no way it is the same plant as its parent. Not even close.

Think about it for a second.. Imagine, if you will, a pair of human clones made a baby. Would that baby be the same as its parents genetically? No ways. . . Therefore the baby deserves a new name.

The Future Classifications Have To Change!

From an Industry standpoint, just as fine wine and whiskey has evolved, so the naming classification of cannabis strains must evolve past a garbage in, garbage out system. A Blueberry grown from seed in Cali may be a completely different plant than one grown in Denver.

This is where genetic testing comes in.

Genetic testing not only allows for a perfect standardized naming classification and phylotree, but will standardize the medical aspect allowing medicinal trials, and mainly allowing growers and breeders to register the intellectual property rights of each of these strains.

A company trying to achieve just that is KannaPedia.

Click here for a interactive version of this graphic.

The graphic above displays each of the strains that have been genetically sequenced using the StrainSEEK™ Strain Identification and Registration Service. The placement of each strain on the graphic is determined by its genetic distance to the others. Genetic distance is a measure of the genetic divergence between cannabis strains. Strains with many similar alleles have small genetic distances, indicating they are closely related and have a recent common ancestor.

The best part is.. They are already etching all of this onto a blockchain!

We believe Genetic naming systems will take over the industry and allow growers better access to the knowledge and tools they need. Will you join us?

Next Steps.

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This is really well written. Solid info, too. Followed for more.

I manage a dispensary in CO, and to most consumers, strain names have just become a joke. They think that some stoner sits in a room somewhere getting high and just decided what to name what.

I'm excited about everything the future holds for cannabis. We're going to learn so much more about genetics, terpenes, cannabinoids, etc once prohibition is over.

I started a series called High On Dispensaries. Feel free to check it out. Here's the most recent issue.

Thanks, @smokenetwork! Keep up the good work!


Nice! Yeah it about time to start taking Cannabis naming seriously.

Your posts make us jelly. Especially those Watermelon blasts and that tasty looking sugar wax!

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Very interesting. But it all those genetics get a bit complicated for this organic home grower....must be getting old :)


Hehe. Of course, just like small batch whiskey and wine, there is a place for all types of cannabis grows.

So the best way to create the same breed is to make ents, right? Interesting stuff, I don't smoke marihuana though, but I would love to grow a plant. They look so nifty...


If by 'ents' you mean 'clones', then yes. That is the only way to get the exact same genetics.

A lot of growers will grow one or more mother plant/s and keep it in a vegetative state so that they can make hundred or even thousands of clones from it.

Nice Post.i like very much and thanks for sharing post.


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I never seen the purple haze like this in the Netherlands


I like the involvement, enjoyable post.

Good work! Upvoted and RESTEEMED :]

Very informative and an interesting post.although i don't have much knowledge about genetics,clones etc..thanks for sharing.

Wow! You've got a pretty bud there brotha! Pass it up!

That looks amazing, I actually created a purple strain through crossing my self but that is PURPLE. Upvoted dude and followed

Nice post, yes I agree we def need a better classification... we already have on the market thousand different names its so confuse, and the same name not always means same genetic.. this causes a lot of confusion


Indeed. It is also needed to protect growers intellectual property rights as once it is legal we are pretty sure large companies will step in and start copyrighting many strains DNA sequence, allowing them to sue growers that grow the same strains.

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Peace in Blunts Fam

great post thank's for share it with us , I ve followed you thank's again !

Looks amazing!

I don't know if there's any bud anywhere that's THAT purple.


Photoshopped. ;) You got us. hah.

That phylogenetic tree on Kannapedia is pretty awesome. The medical industry is barely getting off the ground here. Im starting to look at more cannabis knowledge resources now that it will be available on the medical level. Great post. Following.


Thank you for the follow. Agreed, Kannapedia and medical genomics are doing a great job so far introducing what could become an industry standard naming structure. They are also using the Bitcoin Blockchain to make sure their is a immutable record of each strain. The future is bright for medical cannabis.

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Kannapedia.net: Blockchains & Cannabis Genomes

Wow, what a great speaker!


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